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 Sample 1. Mocking a method call within Junit Test

public void test(){
   Employee employee = new Employee();
   DBAccess dbAccess = Mockito.mock(DBAccess.class);

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 Sample 2. Code Sample / Example / Snippet of static org.easymock.EasyMock.expect

    public void testAuthenticateKnownUserWithExpiredCertificateYieldsNull() {

X509Certificate[] certificateChain = createExpiredCertificateChain("bob");

PublicKey publickey = certificateChain[0].getPublicKey();


User user = mock(User.class);


when(user.hasCredential(eq("publickey"), eq(publickey.getEncoded()))).thenReturn(Boolean.TRUE);

when(m_userAdmin.getUser(eq("username"), eq("bob"))).thenReturn(user);

User result = createAuthorizationProcessor().authenticate(m_userAdmin, m_servletRequest);

assert result == null : "Did not expect a valid user to be returned!";


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 Sample 3. Code Sample / Example / Snippet of static org.mockito.Mockito.mock

    public void setUp() throws Exception {

String range = "1-100000";

Repository mock = new MockDeploymentRepository(range, generateHugeTestXml(), null);

m_backend = new RepositoryBasedProvider();

TestUtils.configureObject(m_backend, Repository.class, mock);

TestUtils.configureObject(m_backend, LogService.class);


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