Why HashTable has been deprecated ?

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Java - Interview Questions and Answers

 Q1. Why HashTable has been deprecated ?Core Java2016-07-08 10:01:58

Ans. HashTable has been Deprecated as an alternative ConcurrentHashMap has been provided which uses multiple buckets to store data and hence much better performance than hashtable. Moreover there is already a raw type hashmap. The only difference between the HashTable and HashMap is that Hashtable is synchronized whereas HashMap is not. Most of the synchronized collections have been deprecated and their raw alternative have been presented as preferred.

Synchronization has a cost. Using synchronized collection at a place where there is hardly any need of it would means useless utilization of resources. As these collections are rarely used in static context or shared among threads, Java might have thought it better to just provide the raw collection and let developer implement synchronization if he feels the need to do so.

As HashMap has been presented as default and preferred way of using Map with read optimized hashing, and ConcurrentHashMap has been provided for synchronized access which provides better performance than HashTable, Java thought it right to deprecate the use of HashTable.

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