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Which of the following is false ?Core Java
A Class cannot override both hashcode and equals method.
A class can override both hashcode and equals method.
A Class must override hashCode method if its overridding equal method.
A Class can override hashCode even if its not overridding equals method.

  hascode  equals method  overridding hashcode and equals method

What is Lazy Initialization in Hibernate ?Hibernate
Feature to load the dependencies from Cache
Feature to load all objects and relationships in advance before they can be used
Feature to not load dependencies and relationship in advance and load when required
Feature to not load the dependencies and relationships at all

  Lazy Initialization

Which of the following is not the benefit of Lazy Initialization in Hibernate ?Hibernate
Laod When required provides better performance
Object stays lighter
Less number of Database calls
Less load on Database

  Lazy Initialization  Lazy Fetching

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