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#Javax.rad.model.datatype Classes and Interfaces - 9 results found.
BigDecimalDataTypeA BigDecimalDataType is the data type class for a It stores type specific informations like precision and scale.Classjavax.rad.model.datatypeJVXjavadoc
BinaryDataTypeA BinaryDataType is the data type class of a binary ColumnDefinition.Classjavax.rad.model.datatypeJVXjavadoc
BooleanDataTypeA BooleanDataType is the data type class of a Boolean ColumnDefinition.Classjavax.rad.model.datatypeJVXjavadoc
DataTypeA DataType is the abstract base class of all ColumnDefinition data types.Classjavax.rad.model.datatypeJVXjavadoc
IDataTypeA IDataType is the data type of the ColumnDefinition.Interfacejavax.rad.model.datatypeJVXjavadoc
LongDataTypeA LongDataType is the data type class for a See Also:Serialized FormClassjavax.rad.model.datatypeJVXjavadoc
ObjectDataTypeA ObjectDataType is the data type class of a Java Object as ColumnDefinition.Classjavax.rad.model.datatypeJVXjavadoc
StringDataTypeA StringDataType is the data type class of a String ColumnDefinition.Classjavax.rad.model.datatypeJVXjavadoc
TimestampDataTypeA TimestampDataType is the data type class of a Timestamp ColumnDefinition.Classjavax.rad.model.datatypeJVXjavadoc

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