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#Org.apache.cocoon.bean Classes and Interfaces - 16 results found.
AntDelegateDelegate class for use by the Cocoon Ant task.Classorg.apache.cocoon.bean.helpersApache Cocoonjavadoc
BeanConfiguratorStatic class for configuring a CocoonBean from a DOM Document objectVersion:CVS $Id: BeanConfigurator.Classorg.apache.cocoon.bean.helpersApache Cocoonjavadoc
BeanListenerInterface allowing caller to install a listener so that it can be informed as the bean makes progress through the links to be called.Interfaceorg.apache.cocoon.beanApache Cocoonjavadoc
CocoonBeanThe Cocoon Bean simplifies usage of the Cocoon object.Classorg.apache.cocoon.beanApache Cocoonjavadoc
CocoonWrapperThe Cocoon Wrapper simplifies usage of the Cocoon object.Classorg.apache.cocoon.beanApache Cocoonjavadoc
ContextAccessA component to help you get the Avalon Context.Classorg.apache.cocoon.bean.queryApache Cocoonjavadoc
CrawlerA simple Cocoon crawlerVersion:CVS $Id: Crawler.Classorg.apache.cocoon.bean.helpersApache Cocoonjavadoc
Crawler .CrawlingIteratorConstructor SummaryCrawler.Classorg.apache.cocoon.bean.helpers.CrawlerApache Cocoonjavadoc
DelayedOutputStreamA output stream writing to a ByteArrayOutputStream, until an OutputStream target is defined.Classorg.apache.cocoon.bean.helpersApache Cocoonjavadoc
OutputStreamListenerCommand line entry point.Classorg.apache.cocoon.bean.helpersApache Cocoonjavadoc
SimpleLuceneCriterionThe interface of a criterion bean.Interfaceorg.apache.cocoon.bean.queryApache Cocoonjavadoc
SimpleLuceneCriterionBean This object defines a Bean for holding a query criterion.Classorg.apache.cocoon.bean.queryApache Cocoonjavadoc
SimpleLuceneQueryThe interface of a query bean.Interfaceorg.apache.cocoon.bean.queryApache Cocoonjavadoc
SimpleLuceneQueryBean This object defines a Bean for searching.Classorg.apache.cocoon.bean.queryApache Cocoonjavadoc
TargetA Target is a single page for generation.Classorg.apache.cocoon.beanApache Cocoonjavadoc
XSPPrecompileWrapperThis is simple Wrapper like CocoonWrapper and can only precompile all XSP in the context-directory.Classorg.apache.cocoon.beanApache Cocoonjavadoc

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