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#Org.apache.cocoon.woody.util Classes and Interfaces - 6 results found.
DomHelperHelper class to create and retrieve information from DOM-trees.Classorg.apache.cocoon.woody.utilApache Cocoonjavadoc
DomHelper .LocationTrackingDOMParserAn extension of the Xerces DOM parser that puts the location of each node in that node's UserData.Classorg.apache.cocoon.woody.util.DomHelperApache Cocoonjavadoc
I18nMessageA XMLizable implementation that will produce SAX events for the I18nTransformer in its toSAX method, based on the informationClassorg.apache.cocoon.woody.utilApache Cocoonjavadoc
JavaScriptHelperHelper methods to use JavaScript in various locations of the Woody configuration files such as event listeners and bindings.Classorg.apache.cocoon.woody.utilApache Cocoonjavadoc
SimpleServiceSelectorA very simple ServiceSelector for ThreadSafe services.Classorg.apache.cocoon.woody.utilApache Cocoonjavadoc
StringMessageA string in an XMLizable form.Classorg.apache.cocoon.woody.utilApache Cocoonjavadoc

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