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AbstractMonitoringStrategyAbstract base class for the MonitoringStrategy WebServicejavadoc
ImapIdleMonitoringStrategyNote that this implementation is only suitable for use with IMAP servers which support the IDLE WebServicejavadoc
MailMessageReceiverServer-side component for receiving email messages using WebServicejavadoc
MailMessageSenderWebServiceMessageSender implementation that uses Mail WebServicejavadoc
MailReceiverConnectionrequest and response WebServicejavadoc
MailSenderConnectionrequest and response WebServicejavadoc
MailTransportConstantsDeclares Mail-specific transport WebServicejavadoc
MailTransportExceptionException that is thrown when an error occurs in the Mail WebServicejavadoc
MailTransportUtilsCollection of utility methods to work with Mail WebServicejavadoc
MonitoringStrategyDefines the contract for objects that monitor a given folder for new WebServicejavadoc
PollingMonitoringStrategyNote that this implementation is not suitable for use with POP3 WebServicejavadoc WebServicejavadoc

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