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  private String mm(int majorVersion, int minorVersion) {

return majorVersion + "." + minorVersion;


@Test public void testMetaDataColumns()

throws ClassNotFoundException, SQLException {

Connection connection = CalciteAssert


DatabaseMetaData metaData = connection.getMetaData();

ResultSet resultSet = metaData.getColumns(null, null, null, null);

assertTrue(; // there's something

String name = resultSet.getString(4);

int type = resultSet.getInt(5);

String typeName = resultSet.getString(6);

int columnSize = resultSet.getInt(7);

int decimalDigits = resultSet.getInt(9);

int numPrecRadix = resultSet.getInt(10);

int charOctetLength = resultSet.getInt(16);

String isNullable = resultSet.getString(18);




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