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 Sample 1. Check if a string contains a substring.

String text = "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore";

if(text.indexOf("Kansas") != -1){
System.out.println("Yes, the dialog contains Kansas");

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 Sample 2. Remove Alien characters i.e removing everything except characters , numbers and special characters.

String removeAlienCharacters(String str){
   String newString = new String();
   String returnString = "";
      String[] str2 = str.split("<");
      str = str2[0];
   for(char x: str.toCharArray()){
      if((x >= 48 && x <= 57) || (x>=65 && x <= 90) || (x >= 97 && x<= 122) || x=='.'){
         returnString += x;
   return returnString.trim();

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 Sample 3. Method to get a map of words and their count by passing in the string

Map<String,Integer> wordCountMap = new TreeMap();
String[] words = text.split(" ");
Set<Integer> countSet;
for(String word: words) {
wordCountMap.put(word.toLowerCase(), wordCountMap.get(word.toLowerCase()).intValue() + 1);
} else {
wordCountMap.put(word.toLowerCase(), 1);

countSet = new TreeSet(Collections.reverseOrder());

for(Integer inte: countSet) {
for(Entry<String,Integer> entry: wordCountMap.entrySet()){
if(entry.getValue() == inte) {

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 Sample 4. Check if the String contains specified characters using CharSetUtils (Apache Commons)

System.out.println(CharSetUtils.containsAny("Whats Up ?", "W")); // Prints true as the String contains character W  System.out.println(CharSetUtils.containsAny("Whats Up ?", "YZ")); // Prints false as the String doesn't contain character Y or Z

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