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Canopy Tax


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Library Management System has always been the favorite question. This questions is asked irrespective of level.
 Q1. Write data models and service end points for Library Management System ?Architecture2018-06-30 13:43:10

Ans. Following could be the business sub domains or database schemas in such a system

1. Users / Members
2. Sourcing
3. Inventory Management
4. Operations

Following services end points could be there

1. Users - addNewUser ( put ), removeUser ( post )
2. Sourcing - addSupplier ( put ), removeSupplier ( post )
3. Inventory Management - getInventory ( get )
4. Operations - checkIn ( post ), checkout ( post )

There could be following Tables in Database

1. Users / Members - MEMBER, MEMBERSHIP_TYPE
3. Inventory Management - INVENTORY,PRODUCTS
4. Operations - TRANSACTION

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