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 Q1. Java doesn't provide exclusive access to memory like C/C++ and other lower level languages ? What are the advantanges and disadvantages ?Core Java
Ans. Yes, doesn't provide exclusive access as we cannot allocate and deallocate memory exclusively as Java internally manages it. The advantage of this is that it relieves the coder for such tasks and helps protect from many bugs that may get introduced with imperfect coding. Moreover as java garbage collector collects all unclaimed memory or objects, it helps the application from memory leaks.

On the flip side , as coder doesn't have extensive excess to memory , it is upto java to decide on the state for programming construct and data storage and hence may introduce some security risks. For example - Java keeps string literals in string pool and there is no exclusive way to remove it and hence may stay and sensitive data in string pool may introduce security issues. Moreover when we overwrite a value or object for a variable / reference, it is upto java to purge those values and hence it may stay in memory for a while till java decide that it is no longer referenced and hence should be removed and hence makes it vulnerable for inappropriate access.

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