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 Q1. What are few of the Annotations pre defined by Java?
Ans. @Deprecated annotation indicates that the marked element is deprecated and should no longer be used. The compiler generates a warning whenever a program uses a method, class, or field with the @Deprecated annotation.

@Override annotation informs the compiler that the element is meant to override an element declared in a superclass.

@SuppressWarnings annotation tells the compiler to suppress specific warnings that it would otherwise generate.

@SafeVarargs annotation, when applied to a method or constructor, asserts that the code does not perform potentially unsafe operations on its varargsparameter. When this annotation type is used, unchecked warnings relating to varargs usage are suppressed.

@FunctionalInterface annotation, introduced in Java SE 8, indicates that the type declaration is intended to be a functional interface, as defined by the Java Language Specification.

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