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 Q1. How Java is different than C/C++ in terms of memory allocation and de-allocation ?Core Java2016-11-29 14:21:49

Ans. Java provides a faster allocation mechanism but at the cost of expensive deallocation. Deallocation in java is done by mechanism called garbage collection that runs periodically to free up unclaimed memory space , which actually slows down the application. Hence Java is usually faster if memory is not of concern and sufficiently large memory can be allocated to an application.

C/C++ on other hand have equal cost of allocation and de-allocation.

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 Q2. Explain some of the http status codes you know ?Java EE2016-12-18 18:09:07

Ans. 500 is Internal Server Error

404 is resource not found

400 is Bad Request

403 is Forbidden

401 is Unauthorized

200 is OK

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