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Very frequently asked. Favorite question in Walk in Drive of many Indian service companies.
  Q1. Difference between TreeMap and HashMap ?Core Java
Ans. They are different the way their elements are stored in memory. TreeMap stores the Keys in order whereas HashMap stores the key value pairs randomly.

  Sample Code for treemap

  Sample Code for hashmap

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 Q2. If a company comes to you with a problem statement, how would you help provide a solution for it ?General2017-03-09 11:32:12

 This question was recently asked at 'UST Global'.This question is still unanswered. Can you please provide an answer.

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 Q3. What happens when you assign a pre initialized reference some other object ?Core Java2017-05-22 08:31:02

Ans. Now the reference points to a new object in memory. If that was the only reference for the previous object , it will be marked for garbage collection.

Foe example -

Object obj = new Object();
obj = new Object();

object created in first line will be eligible for garbage collection after line 2 as it looses all it's handlers.

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 Q4. What is the order in which triggers gets fired ?Database2017-05-24 20:38:35

Ans. There is no specific order in which database fires the triggers if they are for the same operation. If we need to have a specific order for their execution, we should have them all in a stored procedure and the procedure should get executed upon the event.

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