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 Q1. Can we override the overloaded methods too ?Core Java
Ans. Yes. Both concepts are independent of each other. Overriding depends on the methods with same name and signature whereas Overloading on same name but with different signatures. All definitions of an overloaded method can be individually overridden in the derived class.

For example -

Class A has overloaded methods "public void myMethod(String str)" and "public void myMethod(int x)"

We can have derived class ClassB extends ClassA and hence can override both methods myMethod(String str) and myMethod(int x) in ClassB

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Frequently asked question for intermediate developers. Frequently asked in HCL Technologies and EPAM.
  Q2. What is Volatile keyword used for ?Core Java
Ans. Volatile is a declaration that a variable can be accessed by multiple threads and hence shouldnt be cached.

  Sample Code for volatile

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 Q3. What is the difference between int[] x; and int x[]; ?Core Java
Ans. No Difference. Both are the acceptable ways to declare an array.

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String[] strArray = new String[];

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