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 Q1. How to write an iterator for an iterator of iterators?Core Java
Ans. CustomArrayList myarrayList = new CustomArrayList();
      myarrayList.add("Value 1");
      myarrayList.add("Value 2");
      myarrayList.add("Value 3");
      for (String string : myarrayList) {

package sample.utils;

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.Iterator;
import java.util.List;

public class CustomArrayList implements Iterable {

   private ArrayList mylist = new ArrayList();

   public void add(T t) {

   public Iterator iterator() {
      return new CustomIterator(mylist);

   class CustomIterator implements Iterator {

      private int indexPosition = 0;
      private List internalList;

      public CustomIterator(List internalList) {
         this.internalList = internalList;

      public boolean hasNext() {
         if (internalList.size() >= indexPosition 1) {
            return true;
         return false;

      public E next() {
         E val = internalList.get(indexPosition);
         indexPosition ;
         return val;



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 Q2. How to find the median number in an array of integers ?Core Java

double median;
if (numArray.length % 2 == 0)
   median = ((double)numArray[numArray.length/2] (double)numArray[numArray.length/2 - 1])/2;
   median = (double) numArray[numArray.length-1/2];

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