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 Q1. What is the difference between for and foreach loop in java ? Which one should be used in which cases ?

Core Java
Ans. 1. for loop in java is used with a counter as following

for(int counter=0;counter < 50;counter++){

for iterating and printing the contents of a collection

whereas foreach loop can be specified directly without the use of counter

for(String str:list){

2. for Each loop syntax is more clean if we have to iterate over the elements of a collection and we need not keep track of the record count

3. For is preferred when we need loops without the usage of collections or Array of objects and entirely primitives are being used

4. for loop is preferred if we need to keep track of record count and have to perform some action of the basis of that. For example - If we have to print something after every 5 records, With for each loop in such case, we will have to keep a separate counter.

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