Does default methods introduce multiple inheritance and the Diamond problem in Java 8 ?

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 Q1. Does default methods introduce multiple inheritance and the Diamond problem in Java 8 ?Core Java
Ans. Default methods results in multiple inheritance of behavior and not of state. In case we try to implement multiple interfaces with default method having same name and signature, and don't override it in implementation class, it will throw an error.

For example -

interface MyInterface {
public void default myMethod(){

interface MyInterface2 {
public void default myMethod(){

class MyClass implements MyInterface,MyInterface2 {

This code will compilation error "Duplicate Default Method"

if we specify the definition of myMethod() in myClass, compiler won't complain and there is no conflict and MyClass can use overridden definition. But if we don't override myMethod() in MyClass, Java would be in conflict as to what definition should be carried to MyClass and hence throws compilation error.

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