What is the difference between following two if blocks ?<br /> <br /> if(x < 10) <br /> do this;<br /> <br /> else if(x > 10)<br /> do that;<br /> <br /> else<br /> do this and that;<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> if(x < 10)<br /> do this;<br /> <br /> if(x > 10)<br /> do that;<br /> <br /> if(x == 10)<br /> do this and that;

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 Q1. What is the difference between following two if blocks ?

if(x < 10)
do this;

else if(x > 10)
do that;

do this and that;

if(x < 10)
do this;

if(x > 10)
do that;

if(x == 10)
do this and that;
Ans. Though Logically both code segments are same, but first one is more efficient as the 3 checks are mutually exclusive. In second code segment, all conditions will be evaluated no matter what and will never result in short circuit. In first segment , max 2 conditions will be checked if x >= 10.

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