Write a Program to check number of occurrences of one string within another ?

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 Q1. Write a Program to check number of occurrences of one string within another ? Core Java
Ans. public class Class{
   public static void main(String[] args){
      String string1 = "Hello I am Jack. I live in United States. I live in california state.";

      String string2 = "I live in";

      int startIndex = 0;
      int endIndex = string1.length()-1;

      int countNoOfOccurences = 0;

      String remainingString = string1;

      while(startIndex < endIndex){
         if(remainingString.indexOf(string2) != -1){
            startIndex = remainingString.indexOf(string2) + string2.length();
            remainingString = remainingString.substring(startIndex);
         } else {


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