What is the difference between following two segments of code<br /> <br /> Code 1<br /> <br /> int x = 4 * 3;<br /> int y = x * 5;<br /> <br /> Code 2<br /> <br /> int y = 4 * 3 * 5;<br /> <br />

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Java - Interview Questions and Answers

 Q1. What is the difference between following two segments of code

Code 1

int x = 4 * 3;
int y = x * 5;

Code 2

int y = 4 * 3 * 5;

Core Java2017-05-12 09:26:49

Ans. Both will produce the same output but 1st will consume more resources in terms of memory ( for maintaining intermediate value ) and computing power ( as single mathematical calculation with more operands is more effective than multiple calculations with broken down operands )

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