Tell me about thread pool?

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 Q1. Tell me about thread pool?Design
Ans. Java provides its own implementations of the thread pool pattern, through objects called executors. These can be used through executor interfaces or directly through thread pool implementations which does allow for finer-grained control. The java.util.concurrent package contains the following interfaces:

Executor : a simple interface for executing tasks.ExecutorService a more complex interface which contains additional methods for managing the tasks and the executor itself.

ScheduledExecutorService: extends ExecutorService with methods for scheduling the execution of a task.Alongside these interfaces, the package also provides the Executors helper class for obtaining executor instances, as well as implementations for these interfaces.

Generally, a Java thread pool is composed of:

The pool of worker threads, responsible for managing the threads.
A thread factory that is responsible for creating new threads.
A queue of tasks waiting to be executed.

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