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Which access specifiers can be used with top level class ?Core Java
public or default
public or private
public or protected
protected or default

  access specifier  oops  java  class

Which of the following is false ?Core Java
HashMap came before HashTable.
HashMap allows null values whereas Hashtable doesn’t allow null values.
HashTable and HashMap allow Key-Value pairs.
Hashtable is synchronized whereas HashMap is not.

  map  hashmap  hashtable  collection  java

Which of the collections allows null as the key ?Core Java

  java  collections  map

Which of the following is not possible ?Core Java
try block followed by catch
try block followed by finally
try block followed by catch block and then finally
try block without catch or finally block

  exceptions  java  try-catch  finally

Which of the following is wrong for final instance variables ?Core Java
They cannot be changed after initialization
They can be initialized directly within static method
They can be declared and initialized together at the same place
They can be initialized within constructor

  java  final  final variable  java keywords

Which of the following is false for final ?Core Java
Final methods cannot be overriden
Final methods cannot be overloaded
Final classes cannot be subclassed
Final class cannot be abstract

  java  final  java keyword

What will be the output of exceuting main method ?

public static void main(String[] args){
      List list = new ArrayList();
Core Java
Order cannot be determined
compilation error

  collections  list  arraylist

Which of the following methods are used by Java Garbage Collection Mechanism ?Core Java
All of the above

  garbage collection  finalize

Static Polymorphic in Java is achieved through .. Core Java
Method Overloading
Method Overriding
Variable Overloading
Variable Overriding

  polymorphism  static polymorphism

Runtime Polymorphism in Java is achieved through ..Core Java
Method Overloading
Method Overriding
Variable Overloading
Variable Overriding

  runtime polymorphism  polymorphism

Which of the following can be overridden ?Core Java
final instance methods
final static methods
non final instance methods
non final static methods


Which of the following collections stores its elements in natural sorting order ?Core Java

  map  collections

In which case finally won't get executed ?Core Java
in case of exception
in case of normal execution
in case of return statement before end of try block
in case of force program termination


Which of following class types in MVC holds Business logic ?Java EE


In Case a method is declared to throw an exception , We can only use a call to that method if ...Core Java
We use the call within try block and catch the exception
We declare that the method is expected to throw the exception using throws
Both 1 and 2
Either 1 or 2

  exception handling  throws

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