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Which of the following is not possible ?Core Java
try block followed by catch
try block followed by finally
try block followed by catch block and then finally
try block without catch or finally block

  exceptions  java  try-catch  finally

Which of the following class creates mutable objects ?Core Java

  java  immutable

Which of the following is false for final ?Core Java
Final methods cannot be overriden
Final methods cannot be overloaded
Final classes cannot be subclassed
Final class cannot be abstract

  java  final  java keyword

When String literals are compared using ==, they always returns true if the string values are same because .. Core Java
of overridden compareTo method
of overridden compare method
of String Pool
== means that the object contents are equal


Which of the following class creates immutable objects ?Core Java
None of these create immutable objects.

  String  StringBuffer  StringBuilder  Immutable

What is Lazy Initialization in Hibernate ?Hibernate
Feature to load the dependencies from Cache
Feature to load all objects and relationships in advance before they can be used
Feature to not load dependencies and relationship in advance and load when required
Feature to not load the dependencies and relationships at all

  Lazy Initialization

Which of the following is not the benefit of Lazy Initialization in Hibernate ?Hibernate
Laod When required provides better performance
Object stays lighter
Less number of Database calls
Less load on Database

  Lazy Initialization  Lazy Fetching

Binary Search requires that the collection should beAlgorithm
Sorted in Ascending Order
Sorted in Descending Order
Sorted in any Order

  Binary Search  Search  Algorithm

Which Database feature assist in ACID capabilities ?Core Java
Stored Procedures


Which of the following is a Marker Interface ?Core Java
Both Serializable and Cloneable

  marker interface  interfaces

In which case finally won't get executed ?Core Java
in case of exception
in case of normal execution
in case of return statement before end of try block
in case of force program termination


Which memory segment holds String Pool ?Core Java
Code Segment
Class Segment

  memory management  string pool

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