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# Classes and Interfaces in #Android Lint - 121 results found.
AccessibilityDetectorCheck which looks for accessibility problems like missing content descriptions TODO: Resolve styles and don't warn where styles are defining the content Lint
AddJavascriptInterfaceDetectorEnsures that addJavascriptInterface is not called for API levels below Lint
AlwaysShowActionDetectorCheck which looks for usage of showAsAction="always" in menus (or Lint Lint
ApiMain entry point for API Lint
ApiClassRepresents a class and its methods/ Lint
ApiDetectorLooks for usages of APIs that are not supported in all the versions targeted by this application (according to its minimum API requirement in the manifest) Lint
ApiLookupDatabase for API checking: Allows quick lookup of a given class, method or field to see which API level it was introduced Lint
ApiParserParser for the simplified XML API format version Lint
AppCompatCallDetectorNested Class SummaryNested classes/interfaces inherited from class Lint
AppCompatResourceDetectorCheck that the right namespace is used for app compat menu items Using app:showAsAction instead of android:showAsAction leads to problems, Lint Lint
AssertDetectorLooks for assertion Lint
BuiltinIssueRegistryRegistry which provides a list of checks to be performed on an Android projectFields inherited from class Lint
ButtonDetectorCheck which looks at the order of buttons in dialogs and makes sure that "the dismissive action of a dialog is always on the left whereas the affirmative Lint Lint
CallSuperDetectorMakes sure that methods call super when overriding Lint
CheckPermissionDetectorEnsures that calls to check permission use the result (otherwise they probably meant to call the enforce permission methods instead) Lint
ChildCountDetectorCheck which makes sure that views have the expected number of declared children ( Lint
CipherGetInstanceDetectorEnsures that Lint
CleanupDetectorChecks for missing recycle calls on resources that encourage it, and for missing commit calls on FragmentTransactions, Lint
ClickableViewAccessibilityDetectorChecks that views that override View#onTouchEvent also implement View#performClick and call performClick when click detection Lint
ColorUsageDetectorLooks for cases where the code attempts to set a resource id, rather than a resolved color, as the RGB Lint Lint
ControlFlowGraphA ControlFlowGraph is a graph containing a node for each instruction in a method, and an edge for each possible control flow; Lint
CustomViewDetectorMakes sure that custom views use a declare styleable that matches the name of the custom Lint Lint Lint
DeprecationDetectorCheck which looks for usage of deprecated tags, attributes, Lint
DetectMissingPrefixDetects layout attributes on builtin Android widgets that do not specify a prefix but probably Lint Lint Lint
DuplicateResourceDetectorThis detector identifies cases where a resource is defined multiple times in the same resource Lint
ExtraTextDetectorCheck which looks for invalid Lint
FieldGetterDetectorLooks for getter calls within the same class that could be replaced by direct field references Lint
FragmentDetectorChecks that Fragment subclasses can be instantiated via {link Lint
GetSignaturesDetectorNested Class SummaryNested classes/interfaces inherited from class Lint Lint
GridLayoutDetectorCheck which looks for potential errors in declarations of GridLayouts, such as specifying row/column numbers outside the declared dimensions of the Lint
HandlerDetectorChecks that Handler implementations are top level classes or Lint Lint
HardcodedValuesDetectorCheck which looks at the children of ScrollViews and ensures that they fill/match the parent width instead of setting Lint
IconDetectorChecks for common icon problems, such as wrong icon sizes, placing icons in the density independent drawable folder, Lint
IncludeDetectorChecks for problems with include tags, such as providing layout parameters without specifying both layout_width and Lint
InefficientWeightDetectorChecks whether a layout_weight is declared Lint
InvalidPackageDetectorLooks for usages of Java packages that are not included in Lint
JavaPerformanceDetectorLooks for performance issues in Java files, such as memory allocations during drawing operations and using HashMap instead of Lint
JavaScriptInterfaceDetectorLooks for addJavascriptInterface calls on interfaces have been properly annotated with Lint Lint Lint Lint Lint Lint
LogDetectorDetector for finding inefficiencies and errors in logging Lint Lint Lint
MathDetectorLooks for usages of Math methods which can be replaced with Lint
MergeRootFrameLayoutDetectorChecks whether a root FrameLayout can be replaced with a Lint Lint Lint Lint
NegativeMarginDetectorChecks for negative margins in the following scenarios: In direct layout attribute usages, Lint
NestedScrollingWidgetDetectorChecks whether a root FrameLayout can be replaced with a Lint
NfcTechListDetectorCheck which makes sure NFC tech lists do not include spaces around values since that's not handled correctly by the Lint
NonInternationalizedSmsDetectorDetector looking for text messages sent to an unlocalized phone Lint
ObsoleteLayoutParamsDetectorLooks for layout params on views that are "obsolete" - may have made sense when the view was added but there is a different layout parent now which Lint Lint
OverdrawDetectorCheck which looks for overdraw problems where view areas are painted and then painted over, meaning that the bottom paint operation is a waste of Lint
OverrideConcreteDetectorChecks that subclasses of certain APIs are overriding all methods that were abstract in one or more earlier API levels that are still targeted by the Lint Lint Lint
PluralsDatabaseDatabase used by the PluralsDetector to get information about plural forms for a given Lint
PluralsDetectorChecks for issues with quantity strings Lint
PreferenceActivityDetectorEnsures that PreferenceActivity and its subclasses are never Lint
PrivateKeyDetectorLooks for packaged private key Lint
PrivateResourceDetectorCheck which looks for access of private Lint
ProguardDetectorCheck which looks for errors in Proguard Lint
PropertyFileDetectorCheck for errors in Lint
PxUsageDetectorCheck for px dimensions instead of dp Lint
RegistrationDetectorChecks for missing manifest registrations for activities, services etc and also makes sure that they are registered with the correct Lint
RelativeOverlapDetectorCheck for potential item overlaps in a RelativeLayout when left- and right-aligned text items are Lint Lint Lint
ResourcePrefixDetectorEnsure that resources in Gradle projects which specify a resource prefix conform to the given Lint Lint
ScrollViewChildDetectorCheck which looks at the children of ScrollViews and ensures that they fill/match the parent width instead of setting Lint
SdCardDetectorLooks for hardcoded references to /sdcard/ Lint
SecureRandomDetectorChecks for hardcoded seeds with random Lint Lint
SecurityDetectorChecks that exported services request a Lint
ServiceCastDetectorDetector looking for casts on th result of Lint
SetJavaScriptEnabledDetectorLooks for invocations of Lint
SharedPrefsDetectorDetector looking for Lint
SignatureOrSystemDetectorChecks if signatureOrSystem level permissions are Lint Lint
StringFormatDetectorCheck which looks for problems with formatting strings such as inconsistencies between translations or between string declaration and string usage in Lint
SystemPermissionsDetectorChecks if an application wants to use permissions that can only be used by system Lint
TextFieldDetectorChecks for usability problems in text fields: omitting inputType, or omitting a Lint Lint Lint
ToastDetectorDetector looking for Lint
TooManyViewsDetectorChecks whether a root FrameLayout can be replaced with a Lint
TranslationDetectorChecks for incomplete translations - Lint
TypoDetectorCheck which looks for likely typos in Lint
TypographyDetectorChecks for various typographical issues in string Lint
TypoLookupDatabase of common typos / Lint
UnusedResourceDetectorFinds unused Lint Lint
UselessViewDetectorChecks whether the current node can be removed without affecting the Lint
Utf8DetectorChecks that the encoding used in resource files is always UTF-8 TODO: Add a check which looks at files which do not specify the Lint Lint Lint Lint
ViewTypeDetectorDetector for finding inconsistent usage of views and casts TODO: Check Lint
WakelockDetectorChecks for problems with wakelocks (such as failing to release them) which can lead to unnecessary battery Lint
WebViewDetectorNested Class SummaryNested classes/interfaces inherited from class Lint Lint
WrongCaseDetectorCheck which looks for missing wrong case usage for certain layout Lint Lint
WrongImportDetectorChecks for "import Lint Lint