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# Classes and Interfaces in #Apache Samza - 52 results found.
ApplicationStatusenum ApplicationStatusStatus of a StreamJob during and after its run.Classorg.apache.samza.jobApache Samza
BaseMessageChooserAn abstract MessageChooser that implements start/stop/register for choosers that don't use them.Classorg.apache.samza.system.chooserApache Samza
BlockingEnvelopeMap BlockingEnvelopeMap is a helper class for SystemConsumer implementations.Classorg.apache.samza.utilApache Samza
CheckpointA checkpoint is a mapping of all the streams a job is consuming and the most recent current offset for each.Classorg.apache.samza.checkpointApache Samza
CheckpointManagerCheckpointManagers read and write Checkpoint to some implementation-specific location.Interfaceorg.apache.samza.checkpointApache Samza
CheckpointManagerFactoryBuild a CheckpointManager.Interfaceorg.apache.samza.checkpointApache Samza
ClosableTaskA ClosableTask augments StreamTask, allowing the method implementer to specify code that will be called when the StreamTask is being shut down by the framework, providing to emit final metrics,Interfaceorg.apache.samza.taskApache Samza
CommandBuilderCommandBuilders are used to customize the command necessary to launch a Samza Job for a particular framework, such as YARN or the LocalJobRunner.Classorg.apache.samza.jobApache Samza
ConfigStore and retrieve named, typed values as configuration for classes implementing this interface.Classorg.apache.samza.configApache Samza
ConfigExceptionSpecific SamzaExceptions thrown from ConfigSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.apache.samza.configApache Samza
ConfigFactoryInterfaceorg.apache.samza.configApache Samza
ConfigRewriterA ConfigRewriter receives the job's config during job startup and may re-write it to provide new configs, remove existing configs or audit and verify the config is correct or permitted.Interfaceorg.apache.samza.configApache Samza
CounterA counter is a Metric that represents a cumulative value.Classorg.apache.samza.metricsApache Samza
DeserializerInterfaceorg.apache.samza.serializersApache Samza
GaugeA Gauge is a Metric that wraps some instance of T in a thread-safe reference and allows it to be set or retrieved.Classorg.apache.samza.metricsApache Samza
IncomingMessageEnvelopeThis class represents a message envelope that is received by a StreamTask for each message that is received from a partition of a specific input stream.Classorg.apache.samza.systemApache Samza
InitableTaskUsed as an interface for user processing StreamTasks that need to have specific functionality performed as their StreamTasks are instantiated by TaskRunner.Interfaceorg.apache.samza.taskApache Samza
MapConfigClassorg.apache.samza.configApache Samza
MessageChooserMessageChooser is an interface for programmatic fine-grain control over stream consumption.Interfaceorg.apache.samza.system.chooserApache Samza
MessageChooserFactoryInterfaceorg.apache.samza.system.chooserApache Samza
MessageCollectorUsed as an interface for the means of sending message envelopes to an output stream.Interfaceorg.apache.samza.taskApache Samza
MetricsRegistryA MetricsRegistry allows its users to create new Metrics and have those metrics wired to specific metrics systems, such as JMX, provided by MetricsReporters.Interfaceorg.apache.samza.metricsApache Samza
MetricsReporterA MetricsReporter is the interface that different metrics sinks, such as JMX, implement to receive metrics from the Samza framework and Samza jobs.Interfaceorg.apache.samza.metricsApache Samza
MetricsReporterFactoryInterfaceorg.apache.samza.metricsApache Samza
MetricsVisitorA MetricsVisitor can be used to process each metric in a ReadableMetricsRegistry, encapsulating the logic of what to be done with each metric in the counter and gauge methods.Classorg.apache.samza.metricsApache Samza
NoOpMetricsRegistryMetricsRegistry implementation for when no actual metrics need to be recorded but a registry is still required.Classorg.apache.samza.utilApache Samza
OutgoingMessageEnvelopeAn OutgoingMessageEnvelope is sent to a specified SystemStream via the appropriate SystemProducer from the user's StreamTask.Classorg.apache.samza.systemApache Samza
PartitionA numbered, ordered partition of a stream.Classorg.apache.samzaApache Samza
ReadableMetricsRegistryA ReadableMetricsRegistry is a MetricsRegistry that also allows read access to the metrics for which it is responsible.Interfaceorg.apache.samza.metricsApache Samza
ReadableMetricsRegistryListenerInterfaceorg.apache.samza.metricsApache Samza
SamzaContainerContextA SamzaContainerContext maintains per-container information for the tasks it executes.Classorg.apache.samza.containerApache Samza
SamzaExceptionUnchecked exception that Samza throws when something goes wrong.Classorg.apache.samzaApache Samza
SerdeA Serde is a convenience type that implements both the Serializer and Deserializer interfaces, allowing it to both read and write dataInterfaceorg.apache.samza.serializersApache Samza
SerializerA standard interface for Samza compatible serializers, used for serializing objects to bytes.Interfaceorg.apache.samza.serializersApache Samza
SinglePartitionWithoutOffsetsSystemAdminA simple helper admin class that defines a single partition (partition 0) for a given system.Classorg.apache.samza.utilApache Samza
StorageEngineA storage engine for managing state maintained by a stream processor.Interfaceorg.apache.samza.storageApache Samza
StorageEngineFactoryAn object provided by the storage engine implementation to create instances of the given storage engine type.Interfaceorg.apache.samza.storageApache Samza
StreamJobA StreamJob runs Samza StreamTasks in its specific environment.Interfaceorg.apache.samza.jobApache Samza
StreamTaskA StreamTask is the basic class on which Samza jobs are implemented.Interfaceorg.apache.samza.taskApache Samza
SystemAdminHelper interface attached to an underlying system to fetch information about streams, partitions, offsets, etc.Interfaceorg.apache.samza.systemApache Samza
SystemConsumer SystemConsumer is the interface that must be implemented by any system that wishes to integrate with Samza.Interfaceorg.apache.samza.systemApache Samza
SystemFactoryBuild the SystemConsumer and SystemProducer for a particular system, as well as the accompanying SystemAdmin.Interfaceorg.apache.samza.systemApache Samza
SystemProducerSystemProducers are how Samza writes messages from StreamTasks to outside systems, such as messaging systems like Kafka, or file systems.Interfaceorg.apache.samza.systemApache Samza
SystemStreamStreams in Samza consist of both the stream name and the system to which the stream belongs.Classorg.apache.samza.systemApache Samza
SystemStreamMetadataSystemAdmins use this class to return useful metadata about a stream's offset and partition information.Classorg.apache.samza.systemApache Samza
SystemStreamPartitionAggregate object representing a both the SystemStream and Partition.Classorg.apache.samza.systemApache Samza
SystemStreamPartitionIteratorIterator that wraps a SystemConsumer to iterate over the messages the consumer provides for the specified SystemStreamPartition.Classorg.apache.samza.systemApache Samza
TaskContextA TaskContext provides resources about the StreamTask, particularly during initialization in an InitableTask and during calls to TaskLifecycleListeners.Interfaceorg.apache.samza.taskApache Samza
TaskCoordinatorTaskCoordinators are provided to the process methods of StreamTask implementations to allow the user code to request actions from the Samza framework, including committing the current checkpointsInterfaceorg.apache.samza.taskApache Samza
TaskLifecycleListenerUsed to get before/after notifications before initializing/closing all tasks in a given container (JVM/process).Interfaceorg.apache.samza.taskApache Samza
TaskLifecycleListenerFactoryInterfaceorg.apache.samza.taskApache Samza
WindowableTaskAdd-on interface to StreamTask implementations to add code which will be run on a specified time interval (via configuration).Interfaceorg.apache.samza.taskApache Samza