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# Classes and Interfaces in #Apache Sling - 200 results found.
AbstractAccessPostServletBase class for all the POST servlets for the AccessManager operationsSee Also:Serialized Sling
AbstractAuthorizablePostServletBase class for all the POST servlets for the UserManager operationsSee Also:Serialized Sling
AbstractGroupPostServletBase class for servlets manipulating groupsSee Also:Serialized Sling
AbstractMappedObjectThe AbstractMappedObject is a simple helper class which may be extended to off-load handling of the path of mapped Sling
AbstractNodeDescriptorThe AbstractNodeDescriptor is the base class for mostly node based descriptors (bean, collection) Sling
AbstractServiceReferenceConfigThe AbstractServiceReferenceConfig may be used as a base class to define ServletConfig and Sling Sling
AbstractSlingRepositoryThe AbstractSlingRepository is an abstract implementation of the SlingRepository interface which provides core support for Sling
AbstractUserPostServletBase class for servlets manipulating usersSee Also:Serialized Sling
AccessControlUtilA simple utility class providing utilities with respect to access control over Sling
AccessManagerPluginA simplified AccessManager Sling
AccessManagerPluginFactory will be used by Sling
AdaptableadaptTo( Sling
AdapterFactoryThe AdapterFactory interface defines the API for helpers which may be provided to enhance the adaptability of adaptable Sling
AdapterManagerThe AdapterManager defines the service interface for a manager for object Sling
AuthenticationHandlerThe AuthenticationHandler interface defines the service API used by the authentication implementation to support plugin various ways Sling
AuthenticationInfoThe AuthenticationInfo defines the data returned from the Sling
AuthenticationPluginProvide some of the functionality of the Sling
AuthenticatorThe Authenticator interface defines the service interface of the authenticator used by the Sling Sling
AuthorizableResourceResource implementation for AuthorizableFields inherited from interface Sling
AuthorizableResourceProviderResource Provider implementation for jackrabbit UserManager Sling Sling
BeanDescriptorThe BeanDescriptor class provides support for the bean-descriptor element of a class mapping, which has the following Sling
BundleDeployFileMojoDeploy a JAR representing an OSGi Sling
BundleDeployMojoDeploy a JAR representing an OSGi Sling
BundleInstallFileMojoInstall an OSGi bundle to a running Sling Sling
BundleInstallMojoInstall an OSGi bundle to a running Sling Sling
BundleUninstallMojoUninstall an OSGi bundle from a running Sling Sling
CDLThis provides static methods to convert comma delimited text into a JSONArray, and to covert a JSONArray into comma delimited Sling
ChangeUserPasswordServletSling Post Operation implementation for updating the password of a user in the jackrabbit Sling
ClassDescriptorThe ClassDescriptor class provides support for the class-descriptor element of a class mapping, which has the Sling
CollectionDescriptorThe CollectionDescriptor class provides support for the collection-descriptor element of a class mapping, which has the Sling
CookieConvert a web browser cookie specification to a JSONObject and Sling
CookieListConvert a web browser cookie list string to a JSONObject and Sling
CreateGroupServletSling Post Servlet implementation for creating a group in the jackrabbitSee Also:Serialized Sling
CreateUserServletSling Post Servlet implementation for creating a user in the jackrabbitSee Also:Serialized Sling
DefaultMappedObjectThe DefaultMappedObject is used by the JCR based resource manager implemented by this bundle as a default to map JCR Sling
DeleteAcesServletSling Post Servlet implementation for deleting the ACE for a set of principals onSee Also:Serialized Sling
DeleteAuthorizableServletSling Post Operation implementation for deleting one or more users and/or groups from the jackrabbit Sling
EngineConstantsThe CoreConstants interface provides some symbolic constants for well known constant strings in Sling
ErrorHandlerThe ErrorHandler defines the interface of the service used by the Sling to handle calls to Sling
EspReaderThe EspReader is a FilterReader which takes JSP like input and produces plain ECMA script Sling
EventPropertiesMapAn implementation of a map that helps in dealing with properties This map implements both, the map and the dictionary Sling
EventUtilThe EventUtil class is an utility class for clustered Sling
ExtensionServletExample/test Sling Servlet registered with two extensionsSee Also:Serialized Sling
FieldDescriptorThe FieldDescriptor class provides support for the field-descriptor element of a class mapping, which has the Sling
GetAclServletSling GET servlet implementation for dumping the declared ACL of a resourceSee Also:Serialized Sling
HtmlResponseGenerator for a HTML status response that displays the changes made in a post Sling
HTTPConvert an HTTP header to a JSONObject and Sling
HttpAnyMethodAllows any HTTP method for HtttpClientFields inherited from class Sling Sling Sling Sling
HTTPTokenerThe HTTPTokener extends the JSONTokener to provide additional methods for the parsing of HTTP Sling
InvalidServiceFilterSyntaxExceptionThrown when an invalid service filter is usedSee Also:Serialized Sling
JcrModifiablePropertyMapThis implementation of the value map allows to change the properies and save them later Sling
JcrOcmMojoThe JcrOcmMojo implements the (default) ocm goal of the Sling
JcrPropertyMapNested Class SummaryNested classes/interfaces inherited from interface Sling
JcrResourceConstantsThe JcrResourceConstants interface provides constant Sling
JcrResourceResolverFactoryThe JcrResourceResolverFactory interface defines the service interface to have JCR-based ResourceResolver instances Sling
JcrResourceTypeProviderProvide a resource type for repository nodes which do not have a sling:resourceType Sling
JcrResourceUtilThe JcrResourceUtil class provides helper methods used throughout this Sling
JobA job is executed by the Scheduler Sling
JobContextThe context for a Sling
JobProcessorA job processor processes a job in the Sling
JobStatusProviderThis service provides the current job processing Sling
JSONArrayA JSONArray is an ordered sequence of Sling
JSONExceptionThe JSONException is thrown by the Sling
JsonItemWriterDumps JCR Items as JSON Sling
JsonJcrNodeThis class makes it easy to create a JSON object out of a JCR Sling
JSONObjectA JSONObject is an unordered collection of name/value Sling
JSONStringThe JSONString interface allows a toJSONString() method so that a class can change the behavior Sling
JSONStringerJSONStringer provides a quick and convenient way of producing JSON Sling
JSONTokenerA JSONTokener takes a source string and extracts characters and tokens from Sling
JSONWriterJSONWriter provides a quick and convenient way of producing JSON Sling
LauncherThe Launcher interface is implemented by the delegate classes inside the Launcher JAR and are used by the actual Main class or servlet Sling
LauncherClassLoaderThe LauncherClassLoader extends the standard Java VM URLClassLoader such, that classes and resources which Sling
LoaderThe Loader class provides utility methods for the actual launchers to help launching the Sling
LoginModulePluginProvide login module functionality that extends Sling
MainThe Main is the externally visible Standalone Java Application launcher for Sling
MainDelegateThe Main class is a simple Java Application which interprests the command line and creates the Sling launcher class and thus Sling
ManifestHeaderThis is a helper class to parse manifest header Sling
MimeTypeProviderThe MimeTypeProvider TODO This interface may be implemented by bundles wishing to provide control Sling
MimeTypeServiceThe MimeTypeService TODO This interface is not intended to be implemented by Sling
MockBundleFields inherited from interface Sling Sling
MockNodeConstructor SummaryMockNode( Sling Sling
MockNodeTypeConstructor SummaryMockNodeType( Sling
MockPropertyConstructor SummaryMockProperty( Sling Sling
MockPropertyIteratorConstructor SummaryMockPropertyIterator( Sling Sling
MockResourceFields inherited from interface Sling
MockResourceResolverConstructor SummaryMockResourceResolver()adaptTo( Sling
MockServiceReferenceConstructor SummaryMockServiceReference( Sling
MockSlingHttpServletRequestMock request Sling
MockValueConstructor SummaryMockValue( Sling Sling
ModificationTypeenum ModificationTypeextends Sling
ModifyAceServletSling Post Servlet implementation for modifying the ACE for a principal onSee Also:Serialized Sling
NoAuthenticationHandlerExceptionThe NoAuthenticationHandlerException is thrown to indicate that there is no AuthenticationHandler willing to handle the Sling
NodeTypeLoaderThe NodeTypeSupport contains utility methods to register node nodetype definition file given as an URL or InputStream with Sling
NonExistingResourceSimple helper class representing nonexisting Sling
NotifiableThe Notifiable interface is implemented by the real main class and Sling Servlet for them to be notified from the launcher JAR when Sling Sling
OcmConstantsThe OcmConstants interface provides constant values for event topics and event properties for events sent from this Sling Sling Sling
OptingServletThe OptingServlet interface may be implemented by Servlets used by Sling which may choose to not handle Sling
OsgiUtilThe OsgiUtil is a utility class providing some usefull utilityConstructor SummaryOsgiUtil() Sling
PersistableValueMapThe PersistableValueMap is an extension of the ValueMap which allows to modify Sling
PersistenceExceptionThis exception will be thrown during the try to persists changes to a Sling
PrefixServletMinusOneExample/test Sling Servlet using a prefix to demonstrate how PrefixServletZero overrides Sling
PrefixServletZeroExample/test Sling Servlet using a prefix to demonstrate how PrefixServletZero overrides Sling
PrivilegesInfoHelper class to assist in the usage of access control from Sling
PutMethodServletExample/test Sling Servlet registered for the PUT method on a specific resource Sling
QuerySyntaxExceptionThe QuerySyntaxException is thrown by the Sling
RecursionTooDeepExceptionThe RecursionTooDeepException is thrown by the Sling implementation if to many recursive content inclusions take Sling
RepositoryAccessorAccess a Repository via JNDI or Sling Sling
RepositoryTestBaseBase class for tests which need a Sling
RepositoryUtilUtility class for managing JCR repositories, used to initialize temporary Jackrabbit repositories for Sling
RequestDispatcherOptionsRequestDispatcherOptions are used in the Sling
RequestLogThe RequestLog interface defines the API to be implemented by providers of destinations for request log Sling
RequestParameterThe RequestParameter class represents a single parameter sent with the client Sling Sling
RequestPathInfoSling breaks the request URI into four parts: the path itself, optional dot-separated selectors and extension that follow it, and an optional Sling
RequestProgressTrackerThe RequestProgressTracker class provides the functionality to track the progress of request Sling Sling
ResourceResources are pieces of content on which Sling acts The Resource is also an Adaptable to get adapters Sling
ResourceMetadataThe ResourceMetadata interface defines the API for the metadata of a Sling Sling
ResourceNotFoundExceptionAn Exception that causes Sling to return a 404 (NOT FOUND) status Sling
ResourceProviderAPI for providers of Sling
ResourceResolverThe ResourceResolver defines the service API which may be used to resolve Resource Sling
ResourceUtilThe ResourceUtil class provides helper methods dealingConstructor SummaryResourceUtil() Sling
ResourceWrapperThe ResourceWrapper is a wrapper for any Resource delegating all method calls to the wrapped resource by Sling
ResponseUtilResponse-related utilitiesConstructor SummaryResponseUtil() Sling
RhinoHostObjectProviderThe RhinoHostObjectProvider defines the service interface to inject additional ECMAScript host objects as well as to make classes Sling
SchedulerA scheduler to schedule time/cron based Sling
ScriptableBaseBase class for Scriptable objects, uses the NativeJavaObject wrapper to provide default wrapping of methods and properties (SLING-397) Sling Sling Sling
ScriptableNodeA wrapper for JCR nodes that exposes all properties and child nodes as properties of a Javascript Sling Sling
ScriptablePropertyWrap a JCR Property as a ScriptableSee Also:Serialized Sling
ScriptableResourceResource in JavaScript has following signature: [Object] getData(); [Object] data [Item] getItem(); [Item] item [String] getResourceType(); [String] Sling
ScriptableVersionScriptable wrapper for the JCR Version classSee Also:Serialized Sling
ScriptableVersionHistoryScriptable wrapper for the JCR VersionHistory classSee Also:Serialized Sling
ScriptEvaluationExceptionThe ScriptEvaluationException is thrown by the Sling
ScriptHelperSimple script helper providing access to the (wrapped) response, the on-demand writer and a simple API for request Sling
SelectorServletExample/test Sling Servlet registered with two selectorsSee Also:Serialized Sling
ServletResolverThe ServletResolver defines the API for a service capable of resolving Sling Sling
SlingAllMethodsServletHelper base class for data modifying Servlets used in Sling
SlingBindingsThe SlingBindings class is used to prepare global variables for script Sling
SlingBridgeThe SlingBridge extends the base Sling class calling the Eclipse Equinox Http Service activator for the proxy servlet Sling
SlingConstantsThe SlingConstants interface provides some symbolic constants for well known constant strings in Sling
SlingContextThe SlingContext extends Context to overwrite the initStandardObjects(ScriptableObject, boolean) method to add Sling
SlingContextFactoryThe SlingContextFactory extends the standard Rhino ContextFactory to provide customized settings, such as having the Sling
SlingExceptionThe SlingException is the base exception used throughout the Sling Sling
SlingGlobalThe SlingGlobal class provides two interesting new global functions which are not part of the ECMAScript standard but which Sling
SlingHttpServletRequestThe SlingHttpServletRequest defines the interface to provide client request information to a Sling
SlingHttpServletRequestWrapperThe SlingHttpServletRequestWrapper class is a default wrapper class around a SlingHttpServletRequest which may be extended to Sling
SlingHttpServletResponseThe SlingHttpServletResponse defines the interface to assist a servlet in creating and sending a response to the Sling
SlingHttpServletResponseWrapperThe SlingHttpServletResponseWrapper class is a default wrapper class around a SlingHttpServletResponse which may be extended Sling
SlingIntegrationTestClientClient functions to interact with Sling in integration testsConstructor SummarySlingIntegrationTestClient( Sling
SlingIOExceptionThe SlingIOException is a runtime exception wrapper for the Java Sling
SlingPostConstantsThe SlingPostConstants interface provides constants for well known parameters of the core Sling
SlingPostOperationThe SlingPostOperation interface defines the service API to be implemented by service providers extending the Sling default POST Sling
SlingPostProcessorThe SlingPostProcessor interface defines a service API to be implemented by service providers extending the Sling default POST Sling
SlingRequestPathsThis class is not a wrapper per se, but computes the correct path info, request URI, Sling
SlingSafeMethodsServletHelper base class for read-only Servlets used in Sling
SlingScriptThe SlingScript defines the API for objects which encapsulate a script resolved by the Sling
SlingScriptHelperThe SlingScriptHelper interface defines the API of a helper class which is provided to the scripts called from sling through the Sling
SlingScriptResolverThe ScriptResolver interface defines the API for a service capable of locating Sling
SlingServletThe SlingServlet is the externally visible Web Application launcher for Sling
SlingServletDelegateThe SlingServletDelegate serves as a basic servlet for Project Sling
SlingServletExceptionThe SlingServletException is a runtime exception wrapper for the Servlet API Sling
SlingSettingsServiceThe SlingSettingsService provides basic Sling Sling Sling Sling
SyntheticResourceThe SyntheticResource class is a simple implementation of the Resource interface which may be used to provide a Sling
TestStringUtilString utilities for testingConstructor SummaryTestStringUtil() Sling
ThreadPoolThe ThreadPool interface allows to start runnables by getting threads from a managed Sling
ThreadPoolThe eventing thread pool is a special thread pool used for the Sling
ThreadPoolConfigThe ThreadPool Sling
ThreadPoolManagerThe ThreadPoolManager manages thread Sling
TimedEventStatusProviderThis service provides the current timed events Sling
TooManyCallsExceptionThe TooManyCallsException is thrown by the Sling implementation if to many inclusions have been called for during a single Sling
UpdateGroupServletSling Post Operation implementation for updating a group in the jackrabbit Sling
UpdateUserServletSling Post Operation implementation for updating a user in the jackrabbit Sling
ValidationMojoPlugin to validate resources: - validate json Sling
ValidatorUtility class for validating JSON Sling
ValueMapThe ValueMap is an easy way to access properties of a Sling
ValueMapDecoratorValueMapDecorator decorates another Map to provide a basic implementation for the additional Sling
WorkspaceAccessManagerPluginAn AccessManagerPlugin can define its own WorkspaceAccessManagerPlugin,See Sling
XMLThis provides static methods to convert an XML text into a JSONObject, and to covert a JSONObject into an XML Sling
XMLTokenerThe XMLTokener extends the JSONTokener to provide additional methods for the parsing of XML Sling
XMLWriterFields inherited from class Sling