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AbstractCountersAn abstract class to provide common implementation for the Counters container in both mapred and mapreduce packages.Classorg.apache.tez.common.countersApache Tez
AbstractLogicalInputAn abstract class which should be the base class for all implementations of LogicalInput.Classorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
AbstractLogicalIOProcessorAbstract representation of the interface LogicalIOProcessor.Classorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
AbstractLogicalOutputAn abstract class which should be the base class for all implementations of LogicalOutput.Classorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
CompositeDataMovementEventA convenience class to specify multiple DataMovementEvents which share the same payload.Classorg.apache.tez.runtime.api.eventsApache Tez
CounterGroupA group of TezCounters that logically belong together.Interfaceorg.apache.tez.common.countersApache Tez
CounterGroupBaseThe common counter group interface.Interfaceorg.apache.tez.common.countersApache Tez
DAGTop level entity that defines the DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) representing the data flow graph.Classorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
DAGAccessControlsClassorg.apache.tez.common.securityApache Tez
DAGClientClass for monitoring the DAG running in a Tez DAG Application Master.Classorg.apache.tez.dag.api.clientApache Tez
DAGCounterClassorg.apache.tez.common.countersApache Tez
DAGStatusClassorg.apache.tez.dag.api.clientApache Tez
DAGSubmissionTimedOutException thrown when DAG submission to a Tez Session times out.Classorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
DataMovementEventEvent used by user code to send information between tasks.Classorg.apache.tez.runtime.api.eventsApache Tez
DataSinkDescriptorClassorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
DataSourceDescriptorClassorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
EdgeEdge defines the connection between a producer and consumer vertex in the DAG.Classorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
EdgeManagerPluginThis interface defines the routing of the event between tasks of producer and consumer vertices.Classorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
EdgeManagerPluginContextContext information provided to EdgeManagerPlugins This interface is not supposed to be implemented by usersInterfaceorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
EdgeManagerPluginDescriptorClassorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
EdgePropertyAn @link EdgeProperty defines the relation between the source and destination vertices of an edge.Classorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
EntityDescriptorDescribes a given user code entity.Classorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
EventBase class for all events generated within the Tez execution engine.Classorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
GroupInputEdgeA composite edge that represents a common connection between a group of input vertices and a single output vertex.Classorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
InputRepresents an input through which a Processor receives data on an edge.Interfaceorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
InputConfigureVertexTasksEventAn event typically sent by the InputInitializer of a vertex to configure the tasks of the vertex.Classorg.apache.tez.runtime.api.eventsApache Tez
InputContextContext handle for the Input to initialize itself.Interfaceorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
InputDataInformationEventEvents used by InputInitializer implementations to provide the user payload for individual tasks running as part of the Vertex for which anClassorg.apache.tez.runtime.api.eventsApache Tez
InputDescriptorClassorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
InputFrameworkInterfaceRepresents an input through which a TezProcessor receives data on an edge.Interfaceorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
InputInitializerInputInitializers are typically used to initialize vertices connected to data sources.Classorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
InputInitializerContextInterfaceorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
InputInitializerDescriptorClassorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
InputInitializerEventAn event that is routed to the specified InputInitializer.Classorg.apache.tez.runtime.api.eventsApache Tez
InputReadErrorEventEvent generated by an Input to indicate error when trying to retrieve data.Classorg.apache.tez.runtime.api.eventsApache Tez
InputSpecUpdateUpdate Input specs for Inputs running in a task.Classorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
InputUpdatePayloadEventEvents used by InputInitializer implementations to update the shared user payload for the Input that is being initialized.Classorg.apache.tez.runtime.api.eventsApache Tez
LogicalInputAn Input which handles all incoming physical connections on an edge.Interfaceorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
LogicalInputFrameworkInterfaceDefines the framework facing interfact for a LogicalInput User implementations are expected to derive from AbstractLogicalInputInterfaceorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
LogicalIOProcessorFrameworkInterfaceRepresents a processor framework interface which consumes LogicalInputs and produces Users are expected to implements AbstractLogicalIOProcessorInterfaceorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
LogicalOutputAn @link Output which handles all outgoing physical connections on an edge.Interfaceorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
LogicalOutputFrameworkInterfaceFramework facing interface for the LogicalOutput Users are expected to derive from AbstractLogicalOutputInterfaceorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
MemoryUpdateCallbackThis interface will be used by Tez to inform components about available memory.Classorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
MergedInputContextContext for MergedLogicalInput This interface is not supposed to be implemented by usersInterfaceorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
MergedLogicalInputA LogicalInput that is used to merge the data from multiple inputs and provide a single Reader to read that data.Classorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
ObjectRegistryA simple shared object registry to cache objects in the memory of the container running the task.Interfaceorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
OutputRepresents an Output through which a TezProcessor writes information to an edge.Interfaceorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
OutputCommitterOutputCommitter to "finalize" the output and make it user-visible if needed.Classorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
OutputCommitterContextContext through which the OutputCommitter can access all the relevant information that it needs.Interfaceorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
OutputCommitterDescriptorClassorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
OutputContextContext handle for the Output to initialize itself.Interfaceorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
OutputDescriptorClassorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
OutputFrameworkInterfaceRepresents the Tez framework part of an Output.Interfaceorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
PreWarmVertexA PreWarmVertex is used to specify parameters to be used to setup prewarmed containers for Tez session mode.Classorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
ProcessorProcessor represents the Tez entity responsible for consuming Input and producing Output.Interfaceorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
ProcessorContextContext handle for the Processor to initialize itself.Interfaceorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
ProcessorDescriptorClassorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
ProcessorFrameworkInterfaceRepresents the Tez framework part of an Processor.Interfaceorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
ProgressClassorg.apache.tez.dag.api.clientApache Tez
ReaderA Reader represents the data being read in an Input It encapsulates the data type etc of the data being provided by the InputClassorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
SessionNotRunningException thrown when the client cannot communicate with the Tez Session as the Tez Session is no longer running.Classorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
StatusGetOptsStatus Get Options used when making calls like getDAGStatus and getVertexStatus in DAGClientClassorg.apache.tez.dag.api.clientApache Tez
TaskContextBase interface for Context classes used to initialize the Input, Output and Processor instances.Interfaceorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez
TaskLocationHintDescribes the placements hints for tasks.Classorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
TezAppMasterStatusenum TezAppMasterStatusDefines status for the App Master executing the DAGClassorg.apache.tez.clientApache Tez
TezClientTezClient is used to submit Tez DAGs for execution.Classorg.apache.tez.clientApache Tez
TezConfigurationDefines the configurations for Tez.Classorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
TezCounterA named counter that tracks the progress of a job.Interfaceorg.apache.tez.common.countersApache Tez
TezCountersCounters holds per job/task counters, defined either by the framework or applications.Classorg.apache.tez.common.countersApache Tez
TezExceptionChecked Exception thrown upon errorSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
TezUncheckedExceptionUnchecked Exception thrown upon errorSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
TezUtilsUtility methods for setting up a DAG.Classorg.apache.tez.commonApache Tez
UserPayloadWrapper class to hold user payloads Provides a version to help in evolving the payloadsClassorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
VertexDefines a vertex in the DAG.Classorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
VertexGroupRepresents a virtual collection of vertices whose members can be treated as a single named collection for graph operations.Classorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
VertexLocationHintDescribes the placements hints for tasks in a vertex.Classorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
VertexManagerEventEvent used to send information from a Task to the VertexManager for a vertex.Classorg.apache.tez.runtime.api.eventsApache Tez
VertexManagerPluginInterface to plugin user logic into the VertexManager to implement runtime scheduling optimizations and graph reconfiguration.Classorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
VertexManagerPluginContextInterfaceorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
VertexManagerPluginDescriptorClassorg.apache.tez.dag.apiApache Tez
VertexStateVertex state information.Classorg.apache.tez.dag.api.eventApache Tez
VertexStateUpdateUpdates that are sent to user code running within the AM, on Vertex state changes.Classorg.apache.tez.dag.api.eventApache Tez
VertexStatusClassorg.apache.tez.dag.api.clientApache Tez
WriterA Writer represents the data being written by an Output It encapsulates the data type etc of the data being provided by the OutputClassorg.apache.tez.runtime.apiApache Tez