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AbstractLockConfigApologies to anyone who stepped up to use Tools Velocity
AbstractPagerToolFields inherited from class Velocity
AbstractSearchToolAbstract view tool for doing searching and robust pagination of search Velocity Velocity
ActionMessagesTool This tool deals with Struts action Velocity
AlternatorUtility class for easily alternating over values in a Velocity
AlternatorToolSimple tool to provide easy in-template instantiation of Alternators from varying list types or Velocity
BrowserSnifferToolSee Also:Serialized FormConstructor SummaryBrowserSnifferTool() Velocity
BrowserToolbrowser-sniffing tool (session or request scope requested, session scope advised) Velocity Velocity
ClassTool This tool is meant to simplify reflective lookup of information about a Class and its Fields, Methods, and Velocity
ClassUtilsRepository for common class and reflection methods.Classorg.apache.velocity.toolsApache Velocity
CommonsLogLogSystemRedirects Velocity's LogSystem messages to Velocity
ComparisonDateToolTool for comparing Date and Calendar values in Velocity Velocity
CompoundConfigurationThis class manages a SortedSet of child Configurations as well as being a Configuration Velocity
ConfigurationThis base configuration class manages a set of Propertys for whatever thing the instance of this class Velocity Velocity Velocity
ConfigurationUtilsUtility methods for handling tool Velocity
ContextToolTool for convenient access to Context data and Template example(s) Velocity Velocity
ConversionToolUtility class for easy conversion of String values to richer Velocity
ConversionUtilsUtility methods for parsing or otherwise converting between types.Classorg.apache.velocity.toolsApache Velocity
CookieToolView tool for convenient cookie access and Velocity
CookieToolNested Class SummaryNested classes/interfaces inherited from class Velocity
DataThis class represents configured Velocity
DataInfoToolInfo implementation to handle primitive data Velocity
DateToolTool for working with Date and Calendar in Velocity Velocity
DefaultKeyAnnotation specifying the default key to use for a tool class in the case none was Velocity
DisplayToolProvides general utility methods for controlling the display of Velocity
EasyFactoryConfigurationFactoryConfiguration subclass that simplifies the process of configuring a ToolboxFactory in Java without the use of Velocity
ErrorsTool This tool deals with Struts error Velocity
EscapeToolTool for working with escaping in Velocity Velocity
FactoryConfigurationThis class serves to define configuration info for a Velocity
FieldTool This is a simple tools class to allow easy access to static fields in a class, such as string constants from within a Velocity
FileFactoryConfigurationProvides support for reading a configuration file from a specified path, This frees the user from having to obtain an InputStream Velocity
FormatConfig default format to be Velocity
FormToolView tool to work with HTML forms in Velocity
ImportSupportProvides methods to import arbitrary local or remote resources as Velocity
ImportToolGeneral-purpose text-importing view tool for Velocity
ImportToolNested Class SummaryNested classes/interfaces inherited from class Velocity
IncludeToolAllows for transparent content negotiation in a manner mimicking Apache httpd's Velocity Velocity Velocity
IteratorTool A convenience tool to use with #foreach Velocity
JeeConfigBecause sometimes you don't care about the difference between a servlet and a Velocity Velocity Velocity Velocity
JspToolContextVelocity context implementation specific to the JSP Velocity
LinkToolThe LinkTool provides many methods to work with URIs and can help you: construct full URIs (opaque, absolute or relative)encode and decode URLs (part or whole)retrieve path info for the current requestand Velocity
LinkToolThe LinkTool provides many methods to work with URIs and can help you: construct full URIs (absolute or relative)encode session ID into a URIretrieve server, port and path info for the current requestreconstruct or alter the current request URIand Velocity Velocity
ListToolTool for working with Lists and arrays in Velocity Velocity
LocaleConfig default Locale to be Velocity
LogChuteCommonsLogRedirects commons-logging messages to Velocity's configured Velocity
LogSupportThis allows for a Log to optionally be attached to a subclass in order to output logging Velocity
LogSystemCommonsLogRedirects commons-logging messages to Velocity's Velocity
LoopTool A convenience tool to use with #foreach Velocity
MathToolTool for performing math in Velocity
MessageResourcesToolAbstract view tool that provides access to Struts' message Velocity
MessageTool The MessageTool is used to render internationalized message Velocity
MultiViewsToolFields inherited from class Velocity Velocity
NumberToolTool for working with Number in Velocity Velocity
OldToolInfoManages old tools which still use the deprecated init() method.Classorg.apache.velocity.toolsApache Velocity
OldXmlFactoryConfigurationRuleSetThe set of Digester rules required to parse a old toolbox configuration file ( Velocity
PagerToolView tool for doing request-based pagination of items in an a Velocity
ParameterParserNested Class SummaryNested classes/interfaces inherited from interface Velocity
ParameterToolUtility class for easy parsing of ServletRequest Velocity
PropertiesFactoryConfiguration This reads in configuration info formatted as a property file using ExtendedProperties from Velocity
PropertySimple extension of Data that treats name as an alias for Velocity
RenderToolThis tool exposes methods to evaluate the given strings as VTL (Velocity Template Language) Velocity
ResourceToolTool for accessing ResourceBundles and formatting messages Velocity
SafeConfig locks down the public void configure(Map params) method after This keeps application or session scoped tools thread-safe in templates, Velocity
ScopeA specialized constants class to provide some compile-time typo checking and runtime validation for scopes specified in annotations, toolbox configs, etc.Classorg.apache.velocity.toolsApache Velocity
SecureLinkToolTool to be able to use Struts SSL Extensions with Velocity
ServletLogChuteSimple wrapper for the servlet Velocity
ServletLoggerThis is basically an empty subclass of ServletLogChute that exists merely for backwards compatibility with VelocityTools Velocity
ServletToolboxManagerA toolbox manager for the servlet Velocity
ServletToolboxRuleSetThe set of Digester rules required to parse a toolbox configuration file ( Velocity
ServletToolInfoToolInfo implementation that holds scope information for tools used in a servlet Velocity Velocity
ServletUtilsA set of utility methods for supporting and using VelocityTools in the servlet Velocity
SkipSettersAnnotation specifying that ToolInfo should only use the public void configure(Map) method for configuration Velocity
SortToolSortTool allows a user to sort a collection (or array, iterator, etc) on any arbitary set of properties exposed by the objects Velocity
StrutsLinkToolThe StrutsLinkTool extends the standard LinkTool to add methods for working with Struts' Actions and Velocity
StrutsUtilsA utility class to expose the Struts shared Velocity
TilesToolThe TilesTool is used to interact with the Struts-Tiles framework that is part Template example(s) Velocity
ToolboxInstances of this class are typically created by a ToolboxFactory on a one-per-scope basis.Classorg.apache.velocity.toolsApache Velocity
ToolboxConfigurationThis class handles configuration info for the Toolbox instances that will eventually be produced by Velocity
ToolboxFactoryThis class is the central point of action for VelocityTools.Classorg.apache.velocity.toolsApache Velocity
ToolboxManagerCommon interface for toolbox manager Velocity
ToolboxRuleSetThe set of Digester rules required to parse a toolbox configuration file ( Velocity
ToolConfigurationThis class handles configuration info for tools, including their key, classname, path restriction, and Velocity
ToolContextContext implementation that keeps a list of Toolboxes and returns them as requested, using its internal context Map as theClassorg.apache.velocity.toolsApache Velocity
ToolInfoManages data needed to create instances of a tool.Classorg.apache.velocity.toolsApache Velocity
ToolInfoInterface to simplify and abstract tool Velocity
ToolManagerManages tools for non-web applications.Classorg.apache.velocity.toolsApache Velocity
ValidatorToolView tool that works with Struts Validator to produce client side javascript validation for your Velocity Velocity
ValueParserUtility class for easy parsing of String values held in a Velocity Velocity
VelocityLayoutServletExtension of the VelocityViewServlet to perform two-pass layout rendering and allow for a customized error Velocity
VelocityViewThe class provides the following features: renders Velocity templatesprovides support for an auto-loaded, configurable toolboxprovides transparent access to the servlet request attributes, Velocity
VelocityViewFilterA filter to ensure VelocityTools Toolboxes are available in the request/session/application Velocity Velocity
VelocityViewServletA servlet to process Velocity Velocity
VelocityViewTagThis tag enables use of Velocity and VelocityTools within JSP files and Velocity Velocity
ViewContextThis interface provides view tools in a servlet environment access to relevant context information, like servlet request, Velocity
ViewContextToolExtension of ContextTool that includes keys and values from the HttpServletRequest, HttpSession Velocity
ViewRenderToolFields inherited from class Velocity
ViewResourceToolNested Class SummaryNested classes/interfaces inherited from class Velocity
ViewToolContextToolContext implementation specific to the servlet Velocity
ViewToolInfoToolInfo implementation for view Velocity
ViewToolManagerManages tools for web Velocity
WebappLoaderThis is basically an empty subclass of WebappResourceLoader that exists merely for backwards compatibility with VelocityTools Velocity
WebappResourceLoaderResource loader that uses the ServletContext of a webapp to load Velocity Velocity
WebappUberspectorThis custom uberspector allows getAttribute() and setAttribute() as standard getters and setters for the request,session and application Velocity
XmlFactoryConfigurationThis reads in configuration info formatted as an XML file using Velocity
XmlFactoryConfigurationRuleSetThis provides set of Velocity
XmlToolTool for reading/navigating XML Velocity
XMLToolboxManagerA ToolboxManager for loading a toolbox from Velocity