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AboutCreate a simple "About" dialog displaying information about the PDFViewer and the runtime environment.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
AbstractRegionSelectorAn abstract superclass for any widgets that require a region to be selected.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
AcrobatSignatureHandlerFactory An implementation of SignatureHandlerFactory that returns handlers suitable for signing documents for use with Acrobat 6.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
ActionHandlerA type of ViewerFeature that will run a PDFAction on a document, usually as a result of a link or button being clicked.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
ActiveWindowMenuA special feature to enable the list of open windows under the "Window" menu.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
AnnotationAddAn AbstractRegionSelector that allows new annotations to be added to the The following initialization parameters can be specified to configure this feature.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
AnnotationAddLineA feature that allows new line annotations to be drawn directly onto the PDF Page.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
AnnotationComponentFactoryA type of ViewerFeature that creates a JComponent to represent a PDFAnnotation on the page.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
AnnotationEllipseFactoryCreate annotations that handle Ellipse AnnotationShape objects.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
AnnotationFile A subtype new PDFAnnotation that allows files to be attached to the PDF.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
AnnotationLineFactoryCreate annotations that handle Line AnnotationShape objects.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
AnnotationLink A subtype new PDFAnnotation that performs the specified action when clicked.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
AnnotationLinkFactoryCreate annotations that handle AnnotationLink objects.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
AnnotationMarkupThis class represents the type of PDFAnnotation created by the "Text Edit" option in Acrobat 6.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
AnnotationNoteThis class represents the type of PDFAnnotation created by the "Note Tool" in Acrobat.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
AnnotationNoteFactory Create annotations that handle AnnotationNote objects The name of this feature is AnnotationNoteClassorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
AnnotationRectangleFactoryCreate annotations that handle Rectangle AnnotationShape objects.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
AnnotationRichMedia This class is a type of PDFAnnotation that acts as a container for interactive media such as Flash and (eventually) video.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
AnnotationShape Creates an annotation based on the specified Shape.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
AnnotationSound A subtype of PDFAnnotation that allows audio samples to be attached to the PDF.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
AnnotationSoundFactory Create annotations that handle AnnotationSound objects The name of this feature is AnnotationSoundClassorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
AnnotationStampA "Rubber-Stamp" annotation, which can also contain a longer message in an associated pop-up window.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
AnnotationStampFactoryCreate annotations that handle AnnotationStamp objects.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
AnnotationTextThis class represents the type of PDFAnnotation created by the "Text Markup" tool in Acrobat.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
AnnotationTextCalloutFactory Create annotations that handle AnnotationText objects with callouts.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
AnnotationTextFactory Create annotations that handle AnnotationText objects (without callouts).Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
AppleSupport This feature can be added to the viewer on Mac OS X for a more "Mac-like" interface.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
AppletCheckboxMenuItemA subclass of JCheckBoxMenuItem that disables menus and/or accelerator keys when the menu is applied in an AppletClassorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.utilBigFaceless
AppletMenuItemA subclass of JMenuItem that disables menus and/or accelerator keys when the menu is applied in an AppletClassorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.utilBigFaceless
AreaSelectionActionA type of feature that will perform an action on an area selected with the SelectArea feature.Interfaceorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
BackgroundSignatureVerifierThis feature will cause signatures in the PDF to be verified automatically when a PDF is loaded by the viewer, using a thread that runs transparently in the background.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
BackgroundTextExtractor This feature will cause text to be extracted automatically when a PDF is loaded by the viewer.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
BarCodeThis class allows the creation of various bar code symbols.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
BoundedDesktopManagerDesktopManager which ensures JInternalFrames cannot be dragged out of view.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.utilBigFaceless
Cache This interface represents a structure which can be used to store parts of a PDF to disk, a database or some other secondary storage, to reduce the amountInterfaceorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
CloseCreate a "File : Close" menu item to close the current document.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
CMYKColorSpace A subclass of ColorSpace representing the uncalibrated (device-dependent) CMYK color space available in PDF documents.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
ColorChoicePanelJPanel (and associated dialog) that can be used to select a colorSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.utilBigFaceless
ContinuousPageViewThis Widget changes the DocumentViewport of the current DocumentPanel to a MultiPageDocumentViewport.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
CoordinatesCreates a JLabel which displays the total number of pages on the Toolbar.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
DeviceNColorSpace This class represents a "Device N" ColorSpace, which is a ColorSpace with N individual inks - the SpotColorSpace class is a specialClassorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
DialogPanelGeneral purpose Dialog with OK and (optionally) Cancel button and/or other buttons, intended to give a unified L&F to all dialogs in the viewerClassorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.utilBigFaceless
DiskCacheA general purpose Cache which optionally writes closed streams to files on disk.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
DocumentPanel A DocumentPanel is the basic component that displays a PDF, and may be instantiated on it's own or as part of a PDFViewer.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
DocumentPanelEventRepresents an event on a DocumentPanel indicating that document has changed somehow.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
DocumentPanelListenerA Listener that should be implemented by any objects wanting to be notified whenever a DocumentPanelEvent is raised.Interfaceorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
DocumentViewportA DocumentViewport displays a view of a PDF inside a DocumentPanel, although it can also be instantiated on it's own if required.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
DragAndDropA feature which will add the ability to drag and drop files into the PDFViewer in a standard way.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
DragScrollThis widget allows the document to be dragged and scrolled.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
DualPageDocumentViewportA DocumentViewport that displays two pages at a time.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
DualPageViewThis Widget changes the DocumentViewport of the current DocumentPanel to a DualPageDocumentViewport.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
EditMenuThis features adds an "Edit" menu to the application, which provides a familiar interface for those components allowing cut, copy, paste and text selection in theClassorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
EGIZSignatureHandlerThe EGIZSignatureHandler SignatureHandler provides the framework for signing documents according to the requirements set byClassorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
EmbeddedFile This class represents a file which may be embedded into a PDF document, either by using the AnnotationFile class or through the PDF.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
EmbeddedFilePanelCreate a SidePanel that will display a list of embedded files in the PDF.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
EncryptionHandler An EncryptionHandler is the abstract superclass of all algorithms that are used to encrypt a PDF document before saving.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
EventEnumeration class for listing the various types of event that can occur while a PDF document is being loded in Acrobat.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
ExporterA type of ViewerFeature which allows PDF's to be saved in a variety of formats.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
FDF A class representing an FDF object.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
Form The Form class represents the interactive Form that may be included as part of a PDF document.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
FormBarCode A type of form element representing a BarCode.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
FormBarCodeWidgetFactoryCreate annotations to handle WidgetAnnotation objects belonging to a FormBarCode.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
FormBlankSignatureWidgetFactoryCreate annotations to handle WidgetAnnotation objects belonging to unsigned FormSignature fields.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
FormButton A type of FormElement representing a "Push Button", of the kind used to trigger an action like submitting or resetting a form.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
FormButtonWidgetFactoryCreate annotations to handle WidgetAnnotation objects belonging to a FormButton.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
FormCheckbox A type of form element representing a Check Box, which can be either "checked" or "cleared" (on or off), in the same way asClassorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
FormChoice A "ListBox" type of form element, where the user can select an entry off a list of several predefined options.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
FormChoiceWidgetFactoryCreate annotations to handle WidgetAnnotation objects belonging to a FormChoice.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
FormElementThe FormElement class is the baseclass for all elements which may be added to a Form.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
FormImportDataActionHandlerCreate an action handler to deal with "FormImportData" PDFAction.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
FormRadioButton A type of form element representing a Radio Button, which can be either "checked" or "cleared" (on or off), in the same way asClassorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
FormRadioButtonWidgetFactoryCreate annotations to handle WidgetAnnotation objects belonging to FormRadioButton and FormCheckbox objects.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
FormResetActionHandlerCreate a handler to handler "FormReset" actions.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
FormSignature This class represents a public key "Digital Signature" which can be used to sign a PDF document.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
FormSignedSignatureWidgetFactoryCreate annotations to handle WidgetAnnotation objects belonging to signed FormSignature fields.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
FormSubmitActionHandlerCreate a handler to handler "FormSubmit" actions.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
FormText A type of form element representing a Text Field.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
FormTextWidgetFactoryCreate annotations to handle WidgetAnnotation objects belonging to a FormText.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
FullScreenModeCreate a menu item that will display the Document in "Full Screen" mode.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
GenericNamedActionHandlerCreate an action handler to handle "Named" actions.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
GoToActionHandlerCreate an action handler for "GoTo" actions and the named actions that move between The name of this feature is GoToActionHandlerClassorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
HighlightSelectionActionA MarkupSelectionAction that will create an Highlight AnnotationMarkup on the selected text.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
ImageImporterA subclass of Importer that allows bitmap images to be converted to PDF documents and loaded directly into the PDFViewer.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
Importer A type of ViewerFeature which takes care of loading a PDF file into a PDFViewer.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
InfoCreate a button and menu item to display information about the PDF.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
InvisiblySignDocument Creates a new, invisible FormSignature field and then sign it.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
JSManager Handles the Events - primarily JavaScript events - raised during the lifetime of the viewer.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
KeyStoreAliasListA JList that displays a list of aliases from a KeyStore managed by a KeyStoreManagerSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.utilBigFaceless
KeyStoreManager This class is a wrapper around a KeyStore, providing high-level management functions and the ability to load and save the KeyStore, selecting the file viaClassorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
KeyStoreSignatureProvider A SignatureProvider that signs and verifies signatures from a KeyStoreManager (ie from a local KeyStore.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
KeyStoreTrustManager This class makes working with SSL connections easier, by prompting the user when an invalid certificate is encountered.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.utilBigFaceless
LabColorSpace Represents the CIE 1976 (L*, a*, b*) or "CIELAB" device-independent ColorSpace.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
LayoutBox A LayoutBox is a box for laying out text, which allows a great deal more control over positioning than the standardClassorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
LinearizedException This exception is thrown when there is a problem completing the load of a Linearized PDF.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
LinearizedSupportA class which handles all the support for Linearized document loaded by a DocumentPanel.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
LoadStateAn interface which can be used to query the progress of a load of a page in a Linearized PDF.Interfaceorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
LongRunningTaskThe superclass for Importer and Exporter, this general class representsClassorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.utilBigFaceless
ManageIdentitiesCreate a button that opens a dialog to manage digital identities.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
MarkupSelectionActionA TextSelectionAction that will create an AnnotationMarkup of the specified type onClassorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
MenusA special feature to enable the Menubar.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
MultiPageDocumentViewportA DocumentViewport that displays all the pages of a PDF in one column (or row) in the viewport.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
MultiWindowA special feature to enable internal frames inside the viewer.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
NetworkSaveCreate a button that will submit a PDF to a network URL.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
NullDocumentViewportA DocumentViewport that doesn't display anything.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
OpenCreate a button and menu item to load a document from the filesystem.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
OpenRecentThis feature adds a most-recently-used menu listing the n most recently opened documents.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
OpenTypeFont A subclass of PDFFont that represents an OpenType font.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
OutlinePanelCreate a SidePanel that will display the document bookmarks, as returned by PDF.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
OutputProfile An OutputProfile defines a variation on the PDF specification which a document must adhere to.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
OutputProfiler An OutputProfiler is used to create an OutputProfile for a PDF or to attempt to apply a new OutputProfile, modifying the PDF in the process.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
PageExtractor This class enables the extraction of text and images from a PDFPage.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
PageFirstCreate a button to jump to the first page.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
PageLastCreate a button to jump to the last page.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
PageNextCreate a button to jump to the next page.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
PageNumberCreate a widget that displays the current page number, and allows the user to enter a new pagenumber for display.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
PagePainterThe PagePainter class renders a page of a PDF to a Graphics2D object - typically to a bitmap image or a printer.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
PagePanel The PagePanel class is the lowest-level class for rendering a PDFPage as a JPanel.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
PagePanelEventRepresents an event on a PagePanel indicating that document has changed somehow.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
PagePanelInteractionEventRepresents an interaction (currently only mouse) event on a PagePanel.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
PagePanelInteractionListenerA listener that should be implemented by any objects wanting to be notified whenever a PagePanelInteractionEvent is raised.Interfaceorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
PagePanelListenerA listener that should be implemented by any objects wanting to be notified whenever a PagePanelEvent is raised.Interfaceorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
PagePreviousCreate a button that jumps to the previous page.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
PasswordExceptionA subclass of IOException that's thrown by the PDFReader class when loading a PDFClassorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
PasswordPromptEncryptionHandlerAn extension of the StandardEncryptionHandler that will pop up a password dialog to request the password if necessary.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
PDFA PDF describes a single document in Adobe's Portable Document Format.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
PDFAction An action tells the PDF viewer how to navigate around the document.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
PDFAnnotation A PDFAnnotation allows the user to interact with the generated PDF document, by adding / viewing rubber-stamps, popup notesClassorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
PDFBackgroundTaskThis interface should be implemented by any features in the Viewer that run in a background thread.Interfaceorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
PDFBookmark This class describes the Bookmark or Outline part of a PDF document - the "Table of Contents" structure that allowsClassorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
PDFCanvas This class represents a the visible content of a page, annotation or similar.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
PDFExporterA subclass of Exporter that handles exporting a PDF as a PDF file.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
PDFFont The PDFFont is the abstract superclass for all Fonts in a PDF document.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
PDFGlyphVectorA PDFGlyphVector is a sequence of glyphs in a particular font.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
PDFImage The PDFImage class encapsulates a bitmap image, like a JPEG or PNG file, which can be inserted directly into the PDF document.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
PDFImageSet The PDFImageSet class is a thin wrapper around a multi-page image format (currently only TIFF images).Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
PDFImporter A subclass of Importer that allows PDF files to be loaded into the viewer.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
PDFPageRepresents a Page in a PDF document.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
PDFParser The PDFParser class can be used to parse the contents of a PDF document, for example converting it to an Image, writing to TIFF, printing it and so on.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
PDFPattern Create a new "pattern" fill to paint with.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
PDFReader The PDFReader class adds the ability to load an existing PDF to the library.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
PDFSoundA PDFSound represents an audio sample in a PDF document.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
PDFStyle A PDFStyle controls the colors, font and many other aspects of the actual display of elements on a PDF page.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
PDFTool This class is a utility class which does many of the common tasks required on PDFs - joining them, completing forms, converting to bitmap images or viewing them.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
PDFViewerThe PDFViewer class is a simple Swing PDF viewer application.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
PDFViewerAppletAn applet wrapping the PDFViewer.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
PKCS7SignatureHandler This class represents the subclass of digital signatures that rely on Public/Private key pairs and that meet the requirements laid down in theClassorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
PrintCreate a button that opens a print dialog.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
PromptingAuthenticatorA simple Authenticator which will prompt the user to enter the required name and password with a Swing dialog.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.utilBigFaceless
PropertyManagerThis interface defines an object which can be used to set values to be used to control the PDF library - turning on or off debugInterfaceorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
PropertyParserA Utility class for parsing particular Strings into particular types of object.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.utilBigFaceless
PublicKeyEncryptionHandler The PublicKeyEncryptionHandler can be used to encrypt and decrypt documents using public/private key Encryption, so documents can only be opened by certain individuals.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
PublicKeyPromptEncryptionHandlerAn extension of the PublicKeyEncryptionHandler that will pop up a dialog allowing the user to select a KeyStore to select a private key fromClassorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
QuitCreate a menu item that will quit the application - ie.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
RedactorThe Redactor can be used to redact (completely remove) text and images from a PDF.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
RedactSelectionActionA TextSelectionAction that will redact the selected area of the PDF using the Redactor class.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
RemoteSignatureHandlerFactory An implementation of SignatureHandlerFactory that returns a handler which allow the PKCS#7 signature for a PDF to be calculated on a remoteClassorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
RemoteSignatureProvider A SignatureProvider that allows digital signatures to applied using the RemoteSignatureHandlerFactory class.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
RemoteSigningServlet This Servlet can be used in conjunction with the RemoteSignatureHandlerFactory to remotely calculate the signature for a PDF.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
RichTextTransferHandler A TransferHandler that can copy/paste RichText.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.utilBigFaceless
RotateAntiClockwiseCreate a button that will rotate the page 90 degrees anticlockwise.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
RotateClockwiseCreate a button that will rotate the page 90 degrees clockwise.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
Save Create a button that will allow the PDF to be saved to disk.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
SaveAsCreate a button that will open a dialog allowing the PDF to be saved to disk.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
SearchFieldCreate a widget that displays a Search field in the Toolbar.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
SearchPanelCreates a SidePanel that displays search results.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
SelectAreaAn AbstractRegionSelector that allows a rectangular to be selected for PDF operations.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
ServletContextPropertyManagerDefines a PropertyManager which checks the ServletContext.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
ShowConsole Create a menu item to display the JavaScript Console The name of this feature is ShowConsoleClassorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
ShowHideActionHandlerHandles the "ShowWidget" and "HideWidget" types of PDFAction.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
SidePanelRepresents a side-panel in a DocumentPanel.Interfaceorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
SidePanelFactoryA type of ViewerFeature that creates SidePanel objects.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
SignatureCapture A feature which can be used to capture a handwritten signature on a Smartphone (iPhone, iPad or Android).Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
SignatureHandler This class is the baseline handler for all digital signatures - it could theoretically be used for any type of signature, using biometrics, public/privateClassorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
SignatureHandlerFactoryThis interface defines a factory for creating SignatureHandler objects.Interfaceorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
SignaturePanelCreate a SidePanel that will display a list of Digital Signatures in the PDF.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
SignatureProvider A ViewerFeature that acts as a service provider for applying Digital Signatures.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
SinglePageDocumentViewportA type of DocumentViewport that displays a single page.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
SinglePageViewThis Widget changes the DocumentViewport of the current DocumentPanel to a SinglePageDocumentViewport.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
SoundActionHandlerCreate a handler to handler "Sound" actions.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
SplashScreenCreate a splash screen which displays an "About" dialog when the PDFViewer is first displayed.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
SpotColorSpace A type of ColorSpace dealing with Separation ("Spot") Colors.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
StandardCJKFont A subclass of PDFFont representing the "standard" Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts which are supplied by default with Acrobat 5.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
StandardEncryptionHandler Represents the standard Acrobat encryption algorithm, both 40-bit and 128-bit variants.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
StandardFont A concrete subclass of PDFFont representing the standard 14 fonts guaranteed to exist in all PDF readers.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
StrikeOutSelectionActionA MarkupSelectionAction that will create an StrikeOut AnnotationMarkup on the selected text.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
TextCopyActionA TextSelectionAction that will copy the selected text to the The name of this feature is TextCopyActionClassorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
TextExporterA subclass of Exporter that handles saving a PDF as a Text file.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
TextSelectionThis class is a transparent panel which is laid overtop of the PagePanel.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
TextSelectionActionA type of feature that works with the TextTool feature.Interfaceorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
TextTool This widget allows text to be selected from the DocumentViewport.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
ThumbnailCutActionStore the currently selected pages in the thumbnail panel for a subsequent move operation.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
ThumbnailDeleteActionThis feature will allow pages to be deleted via the ThumbnailPanel.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
ThumbnailExtractActionThis feature will allow pages to be extracted to a new Document via the ThumbnailPanel.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
ThumbnailPanel Creates a SidePanel that displays the page thumbnails.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
ThumbnailPasteActionMoves the pages that have previously been stored with a cut operation to before the currently selected page in the thumbnail panel, and clears theClassorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
TIFFExporterA subclass of Exporter that handles saving a PDF as The name of this feature is TIFFExporterClassorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
TimeStampHandlerFactory An implementation of SignatureHandlerFactory that returns a SignatureHandler suitable for adding a "Document Level Timestamp" to the PDF.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
ToggleViewerWidgetAn subclass of ViewerWidget which causes the widget to be toggled on or off, rather than simply pushed.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
ToolbarDisablingA special feature that creates a menu option allowing the user to enable or disable toolbars.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
ToolbarFloatingA special feature that allows the toolbars to float or not.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
ToolbarsA special feature that creates the toolbars in the PDFViewer.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
TotalPagesCreates a JLabel which displays the total number of pages on the Toolbar.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
Type1Font Create a new PostScript Type 1 font.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
UnderlineSelectionActionA MarkupSelectionAction that will create an Underline AnnotationMarkup on the selected text.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
UndoThis features adds an "Undo" and "Redo" entry to the Edit menu, which interfaces with the DocumentPanel.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
URLActionHandlerCreate an action handler for "URL" actions, which will attempt to open a URL in the system web The name of this feature is URLActionHandlerClassorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
UtilA utility class that handles localized Strings, display of error messages and so on.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
ViewerEventAn event which is raised by the Viewer when a ViewerWidget is activated.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
ViewerFeatureThe ViewerFeature class can be used to control the various features of the PDFViewer, such as widgets, side panels, annotations and action handlers.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
ViewerWidget A type of ViewerFeature that adds a "widget" to a PDFViewer.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2BigFaceless
WarningNotifier This feature can be used to hook into the logging subsystem and display warnings which would be sent to Log4J or the java.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
WidgetAnnotationThe WidgetAnnotation class represents the type of annotation used to represent the visual contents of a FormElement on the page.Classorg.faceless.pdf2BigFaceless
X509UtilThis class contains one method used by the KeyStoreManager class to create new X.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.utilBigFaceless
XFAA class which suppressed warnings about missing XFA support in the PDF Viewer when JavaScript is supported.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
ZoomFitCreates a button/menu item which zooms the Document to fit the current viewport.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
ZoomFitHeightCreates a menu item which zooms the Document to fit it's height the current viewport.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
ZoomFitWidthCreates a button/menu button which zooms the Document to fit the width to the current viewport.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
ZoomInCreates a button which will zoom the document in to the next level.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
ZoomLevelCreate a widget which displays the current zoom level, and allows the user to edit it to set the zoom level.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
ZoomOutCreate a button which zooms the document out to the next level.Classorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless
ZoomSelection Creates a button which will zoom the document to a selected region The name of this feature is ZoomSelectionClassorg.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.featureBigFaceless