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AuthenticatorThis interface provides a way to respond to authentication challenge and authentication response headers.Interfacejavax.obexBlueCovejavadoc
BlueCoveConfigPropertiesBlueCove runtime configuration
BlueCoveImplSingleton class used as holder for
BlueCoveLocalDevicePropertiesBlueCove specific LocalDevice
BlueCoveOBEXAllow access to BlueCove OBEX
BluetoothConnectionAccessUsed when client application has only access to Proxy of the
BluetoothConnectionAccessAdapterHelper class to create connection Proxy
BluetoothConnectionExceptionThis BluetoothConnectionException is thrown when a Bluetooth connection (L2CAP, RFCOMM, or OBEX over RFCOMM) cannot be establishedClassjavax.bluetoothBlueCovejavadoc
BluetoothConnectionNotifierServiceRecordAccessUsed when client application has only access to Proxy of the
BluetoothServerConnectionMarker to indicate accepted connections by
BluetoothStackNew native stack support should ONLY implement this
BluetoothStateExceptionThe BluetoothStateException is thrown when a request is made to the Bluetooth system thatClassjavax.bluetoothBlueCovejavadoc
ClientSessionThe ClientSession interface provides methods for OBEX requests.Interfacejavax.obexBlueCovejavadoc
ConnectionNotFoundExceptionSee Also:Serialized FormConstructor SummaryConnectionNotFoundException()Classjavax.microedition.ioBlueCovejavadoc
ConnectorThis class delegated all calls to MicroeditionConnector 1) Solves Bytecode comatibilty problems.Classjavax.microedition.ioBlueCovejavadoc
ContentConnectionThis interface defines the stream connection over which content is passed.Interfacejavax.microedition.ioBlueCovejavadoc
DataElementThe DataElement class defines the various data types that a Bluetooth service attribute value may have.Classjavax.bluetoothBlueCovejavadoc
DebugLogBlueCove log
DeviceClassThe DeviceClass class represents the class of device (CoD) record as defined by the Bluetooth specification.Classjavax.bluetoothBlueCovejavadoc
DiscoveryAgentThe DiscoveryAgent class provides methods to perform device and service discovery.Classjavax.bluetoothBlueCovejavadoc
DiscoveryListenerThe DiscoveryListener interface allows an application to receive device discovery and service discovery events.Interfacejavax.bluetoothBlueCovejavadoc
HeaderSetThe HeaderSet interface defines the methods that set and get the values of OBEX headers.Interfacejavax.obexBlueCovejavadoc

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InputConnectionThis interface defines the capabilities that an input stream connection must have.Interfacejavax.microedition.ioBlueCovejavadoc
L2CAPConnectionThe L2CAPConnection interface represents a connection-oriented L2CAP channel.Interfacejavax.bluetoothBlueCovejavadoc
L2CAPConnectionNotifierThe L2CAPConnectionNotifier interface provides an L2CAP connection notifier.Interfacejavax.bluetoothBlueCovejavadoc
LocalDeviceThe LocalDevice class defines the basic functions of the Bluetooth manager.Classjavax.bluetoothBlueCovejavadoc
MicroeditionConnector Your application should not use this class
NativeLibLoaderLoad native library from
NotImplementedErrorThrown when current implementation do not implement the
NotImplementedIOExceptionThrown when current implementation do not implement the
NotSupportedIOExceptionThrown when current native implementation can't implement the
NotSupportedRuntimeExceptionThrown when current native implementation can't implement the
OperationThe Operation interface provides ways to manipulate a single OBEX PUT or GET operation.Interfacejavax.obexBlueCovejavadoc
OutputConnectionThis interface defines the capabilities that an output stream connection must have.Interfacejavax.microedition.ioBlueCovejavadoc
PasswordAuthenticationThis class holds user name and password combinations.Classjavax.obexBlueCovejavadoc
RemoteDeviceThe RemoteDevice class represents a remote Bluetooth device.Classjavax.bluetoothBlueCovejavadoc
RemoteDeviceHelper Instance of RemoteDevice can be created by
ResponseCodesThe ResponseCodes class contains the list of valid response codes a server may send to a client.Classjavax.obexBlueCovejavadoc
SelectServiceHandler Your application should not use this class
ServerRequestHandlerThe ServerRequestHandler class defines an event listener that will respond to OBEX requests made to the server.Classjavax.obexBlueCovejavadoc
ServiceRecordThe ServiceRecord interface describes characteristics of a Bluetooth service.Interfacejavax.bluetoothBlueCovejavadoc
ServiceRecordsRegistryMaps ServiceRecord to
ServiceRegistrationExceptionThe ServiceRegistrationException is thrown when there is a failure to add a service record to the local Service Discovery Database (SDDB) or Classjavax.bluetoothBlueCovejavadoc

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SessionNotifierThe SessionNotifier interface defines a connection notifier for server-side OBEX connections.Interfacejavax.obexBlueCovejavadoc
StreamConnectionThis interface defines the capabilities that a stream connection must have.Interfacejavax.microedition.ioBlueCovejavadoc
UtilsConversion and JVM compatibility
UtilsJavaSEJ2ME/J9 compatibility
UtilsJavaSE5Optional Java 5 compatibility
UUIDThe UUID class defines universally unique identifiers.Classjavax.bluetoothBlueCovejavadoc

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