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A2NFilterClasstools.native2asciiCode Trails
AALOADAALOAD - Load reference from array Stack: Trails
AAShapePipeThis class is used to convert raw geometry into 8-bit alpha tiles using an AATileGenerator for application by the next stage ofClassjava2d.pipeCode Trails
AASTOREAASTORE - Store into reference array Stack: Trails
AATextRendererA delegate pipe of SG2D for drawing anti-aliased text with a solid source colour to an opaque destination.Classjava2d.pipeCode Trails
AATileGeneratorThe API for an object that generates alpha coverage tiles for a given The RenderingEngine will be consulted as a factory to returnInterfacejava2d.pipeCode Trails
AbortThrowing an instance of this class causes (silent) termination of the main compiler Trails
AbortExceptionSignals the abortion of the Trails
AbortExceptionSignals the abortion of the Trails
AboutDialogClasstools.jconsoleCode Trails
AbsentInformationExceptionThrown to indicate line number or variable information is not available.Classsun.jdiCode Trails
AbsoluteIteratorAbsolute iterators ignore the node that is passed to setStartNode() Trails Trails Trails
AbstractAclFileAttributeViewClassnio.fsCode Trails
AbstractActionThis class provides default implementations for the JFC Action interface.ClassswingCode Trails
AbstractAnnotationValueVisitor6A skeletal visitor for annotation values with default behavior appropriate for the RELEASE_6Classlang.model.utilCode Trails
AbstractAnnotationValueVisitor7A skeletal visitor for annotation values with default behavior appropriate for the RELEASE_7Classlang.model.utilCode Trails
AbstractAxisImplClasssun.xml.internal.xsom.impl.scdCode Trails
AbstractBasicFileAttributeViewClassnio.fsCode Trails
AbstractBorderA class that implements an empty border with no size.Classswing.borderCode Trails
AbstractBuilderThe superclass for all Trails
AbstractButtonDefines common behaviors for buttons and menu items.ClassswingCode Trails
AbstractCalendarThe AbstractCalendar class provides a framework for implementing a concrete calendar system.Classutil.calendarCode Trails Trails
AbstractCellEditorA base class for CellEditors, providing default implementations for the methods in the CellEditorClassswingCode Trails
AbstractCharsetProviderAbstract base class for charset providers.Classnio.csCode Trails
AbstractCollectionThis class provides a skeletal implementation of the Collection interface, to minimize the effort required to implement this interface.ClassutilCode Trails
AbstractColorChooserPanelThis is the abstract superclass for color choosers.Classswing.colorchooserCode Trails
AbstractCounterClassmanagement.counterCode Trails
AbstractCreatorBase class for classes that creates MutableXMLStreamBuffer and from infoset in API-specific Trails Trails Trails Trails
AbstractDateTimeDVThis is the base class of all date/time datatype Trails Trails
AbstractDelegateHttpsURLConnectionHTTPS URL connection support.Classnet.www.protocol.httpsCode Trails
AbstractDiagnosticFormatterThis abstract class provides a basic implementation of the functionalities that should be provided by any formatter used by Trails
AbstractDocletAn abstract implementation of a Trails
AbstractDocumentAn abstract class for documents containing Trails
AbstractDocumentAn implementation of the document interface to serve as a basis for implementing various kinds of documents.Classswing.textCode Trails
AbstractDOMParserThis is the base class of all DOM Trails
AbstractElementVisitor6A skeletal visitor of program elements with default behavior appropriate for the RELEASE_6Classlang.model.utilCode Trails
AbstractElementVisitor7A skeletal visitor of program elements with default behavior appropriate for the RELEASE_7Classlang.model.utilCode Trails Trails
AbstractExecutableMemberWriterPrint method and constructor Trails
AbstractExecutorServiceProvides default implementations of ExecutorService execution methods.Classutil.concurrentCode Trails Trails Trails
AbstractExtensionBindingCheckerCommon code between DTDExtensionBindingChecker and Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails
AbstractFileSystemProviderClassnio.fsCode Trails
AbstractFileTypeDetectorClassnio.fsCode Trails
AbstractFilterClassswing.text.rtfCode Trails
AbstractFilterPipeImplDefault implementation of Pipe that is used as a Trails
AbstractFilterTubeImplConvenient default implementation for filtering Trails
AbstractFinderClasssun.beans.finderCode Trails
AbstractHeaderImplPartial default implementation of Trails Trails
AbstractIndexWriterGenerate Index for all the Member Names with Indexing in Unicode Trails
AbstractInlineAnnotationReaderImplAnnotationReader that reads annotation from classes, not from external binding files.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.model.annotationCode Trails Trails
AbstractInterruptibleChannelBase implementation class for interruptible channels.Classnio.channels.spiCode Trails
AbstractJavaHeapObjectVisitorA visitor for a Trails
AbstractKeyManagerWrapperClasssecurity.sslCode Trails Trails
AbstractLayoutCache Serialized objects of this class will not be compatible with future Swing releases.Classswing.treeCode Trails
AbstractLexicalHandlerClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.xml.saxCode Trails Trails
AbstractListThis class provides a skeletal implementation of the List interface to minimize the effort required to implement this interfaceClassutilCode Trails Trails
AbstractListModelThe abstract definition for the data model that provides a List with its contents.ClassswingCode Trails
AbstractLogA base class for error Trails
AbstractMapThis class provides a skeletal implementation of the Map interface, to minimize the effort required to implement this interface.ClassutilCode Trails Trails
AbstractMarshallerImplPartial default Marshaller implementation.Classxml.bind.helpersCode Trails
AbstractMemberBuilderThe superclass for all member Trails
AbstractMemberWriterThe base class for member Trails
AbstractMessageImplPartial Message Trails
AbstractMethodErrorThrown when an application tries to call an abstract method.ClasslangCode Trails Trails
AbstractMidiDeviceProviderSuper class for MIDI input or output device Trails Trails
AbstractMonitorThe base class for Instrumentation Monitoring Objects.Classjvmstat.monitorCode Trails
AbstractMonitoredVmBase class for all MonitoredVm implementations that utilize the HotSpot PerfData instrumentation buffer as the communicationsClassjvmstat.perfdata.monitorCode Trails
AbstractMultiInstanceResolverPartial implementation of InstanceResolver with code to handle multiple instances per Trails
AbstractNotificationHandlerA skeletal handler that consumes notifications and continues.Classsun.nio.sctpCode Trails Trails
AbstractOwnableSynchronizerA synchronizer that may be exclusively owned by a thread.Classutil.concurrent.locksCode Trails
AbstractPackageIndexWriterAbstract class to generate the overview files in Frame and Non-Frame Trails
AbstractPathClassnio.fsCode Trails
AbstractPerfDataBufferAbstraction for the HotSpot PerfData instrumentation buffer.Classjvmstat.perfdata.monitorCode Trails
AbstractPerfDataBufferPrologueAbstraction representing the HotSpot PerfData instrumentation buffer header.Classjvmstat.perfdata.monitorCode Trails
AbstractPipeImplPartial default implementation of Trails
AbstractPlainDatagramSocketImplClassnetCode Trails
AbstractPlainSocketImplClassnetCode Trails
AbstractPollArrayWrapperClassnio.chCode Trails
AbstractPollerClassnio.fsCode Trails
AbstractPollSelectorImplClassnio.chCode Trails
AbstractPreferencesThis class provides a skeletal implementation of the Preferences class, greatly easing the task of implementing it.Classutil.prefsCode Trails
AbstractProcessorBase class for classes that processes XMLStreamBuffer and produces infoset in API-specific Trails
AbstractProcessorAn abstract annotation processor designed to be a convenient superclass for most concrete annotation processors.Classannotation.processingCode Trails
AbstractQNameValidatorThis abstract policy assertion validator validates assertions by their qualified Trails
AbstractQueueThis class provides skeletal implementations of some Queue operations.ClassutilCode Trails
AbstractQueuedLongSynchronizerA version of AbstractQueuedSynchronizer in which synchronization state is maintained as a long.Classutil.concurrent.locksCode Trails
AbstractQueuedSynchronizerProvides a framework for implementing blocking locks and related synchronizers (semaphores, events, etc) that rely onClassutil.concurrent.locksCode Trails
AbstractReferenceFinderImplXMLFilter that finds references to other schema files from This implementation is a base implementation for typical Trails
AbstractReferenceFinderImplXMLFilter that finds references to other schema files from This implementation is a base implementation for typical Trails
AbstractRegionPainterThis class is preserved for backward compatibility with JDK Trails
AbstractRegionPainterConvenient base class for defining Painter instances for rendering a region or component in Nimbus.Classswing.plaf.nimbusCode Trails
AbstractRepositoryAbstract superclass for representing the generic type information for a reflective entity.Classreflect.generics.repositoryCode Trails
AbstractResourceBundleClasssun.xml.internal.fastinfosetCode Trails
AbstractSaslImplThe base class used by client and server implementations of SASL mechanisms to process properties passed in the props Trails
AbstractSAXParserThis is the base class of all SAX Trails
AbstractSchemaValidationTubeTube that does the schema Trails
AbstractScopeAbstract superclass for lazy scope objects, used when building factories for generic information repositories.Classreflect.generics.scopeCode Trails
AbstractScriptEngineProvides a standard implementation for several of the variants of the eval eval(Reader)eval(String)ClassscriptCode Trails
AbstractSEIModelImplmodel of the web Trails
AbstractSelectableChannelBase implementation class for selectable channels.Classnio.channels.spiCode Trails
AbstractSelectionKeyBase implementation class for selection keys.Classnio.channels.spiCode Trails
AbstractSelectorBase implementation class for selectors.Classnio.channels.spiCode Trails
AbstractSequentialListThis class provides a skeletal implementation of the List interface to minimize the effort required to implement this interfaceClassutilCode Trails
AbstractServerAsyncTransportPartial server side async transport Trails
AbstractSetThis class provides a skeletal implementation of the Set interface to minimize the effort required to implement thisClassutilCode Trails
AbstractSpinnerModelThis class provides the ChangeListener part of the SpinnerModel interface that should be suitable for most concrete SpinnerModelClassswingCode Trails
AbstractStringBuilderClasslangCode Trails
AbstractTableModelThis abstract class provides default implementations for most of the methods in the TableModel interface.Classswing.tableCode Trails Trails
AbstractTreeWriterAbstract class to print the class hierarchy page for all the Trails
AbstractTrustManagerWrapperClasssecurity.sslCode Trails
AbstractTubeImplBase class for Tube Trails Trails
AbstractTypeAbstractType represents any non-special interface which does not inherit from java.Classrmi.rmic.iiopCode Trails Trails
AbstractTypeVisitor6A skeletal visitor of types with default behavior appropriate for WARNING: The TypeVisitor interface implementedClasslang.model.utilCode Trails
AbstractTypeVisitor7A skeletal visitor of types with default behavior appropriate for WARNING: The TypeVisitor interface implementedClasslang.model.utilCode Trails
AbstractUndoableEditAn abstract implementation of UndoableEdit, implementing simple responses to all boolean methods inClassswing.undoCode Trails
AbstractUnmarshallerImplPartial default Unmarshaller implementation.Classxml.bind.helpersCode Trails
AbstractUserDefinedFileAttributeViewClassnio.fsCode Trails
AbstractViewA base interface that all views shall derive from.Interfacew3c.dom.viewsCode Trails
AbstractWatchKeyClassnio.fsCode Trails
AbstractWatchServiceClassnio.fsCode Trails
AbstractWebServiceContextPartial WSWebServiceContext Trails
AbstractWrapperBeanGeneratorFinds request/response wrapper and exception bean Trails
AbstractWriterAbstractWriter is an abstract class that actually does the work of writing out the element treeClassswing.textCode Trails
AbstractXMLDocumentParserThis is the base class for all XML document Trails Trails
AccelDeviceEventListenerAn interface for receiving notifications about imminent accelerated device's events.Interfacejava2d.pipe.hwCode Trails
AccelDeviceEventNotifierThis class is used to notify listeners about accelerated device's events such as device reset or dispose that are about to occur.Classjava2d.pipe.hwCode Trails
AccelGraphicsConfig VolatileImage whose destination surface is an AccelSurface of specified type.Interfacejava2d.pipe.hwCode Trails
AccelSurfaceAbstraction for a hardware accelerated surface.Interfacejava2d.pipe.hwCode Trails
AccelTypedVolatileImageThis is an image with forced type of the accelerated surface.Classjava2d.pipe.hwCode Trails
AcceptorThe primary PEPt server-side plug-in point and enabler for altenate encodings, protocols and Trails
AcceptorInterfacesun.pept.eptCode Trails
AcceptPendingExceptionUnchecked exception thrown when an attempt is made to initiate an accept operation on a channel and a previous accept operation has not completed.Classnio.channelsCode Trails
AcceptSecContextTokenClasssecurity.jgss.krb5Code Trails
AccessControlContextAn AccessControlContext is used to make system resource access decisions based on the context it encapsulates.ClasssecurityCode Trails
AccessControlException This exception is thrown by the AccessController to indicate that a requested access (to a critical system resource such as theClasssecurityCode Trails
AccessController The AccessController class is used for access control operations More specifically, the AccessController class is used forClasssecurityCode Trails
AccessDeniedExceptionChecked exception thrown when a file system operation is denied, typically due to a file permission or other access check.Classnio.fileCode Trails
AccessDescriptionClasssecurity.x509Code Trails
AccessExceptionAn AccessException is thrown by certain methods of the java.ClassrmiCode Trails
AccessFlagsSuper class for all objects that have modifiers like private, final, Trails
AccessFlagsSee JVMS, sections Trails
accessibilityClasssun.accessibility.internal.resourcesCode Trails
accessibility_deClasssun.accessibility.internal.resourcesCode Trails
accessibility_enClasssun.accessibility.internal.resourcesCode Trails
accessibility_esClasssun.accessibility.internal.resourcesCode Trails
accessibility_frClasssun.accessibility.internal.resourcesCode Trails
accessibility_itClasssun.accessibility.internal.resourcesCode Trails
accessibility_jaClasssun.accessibility.internal.resourcesCode Trails
accessibility_koClasssun.accessibility.internal.resourcesCode Trails
accessibility_pt_BRClasssun.accessibility.internal.resourcesCode Trails
accessibility_svClasssun.accessibility.internal.resourcesCode Trails
accessibility_zh_CNClasssun.accessibility.internal.resourcesCode Trails
accessibility_zh_HKClasssun.accessibility.internal.resourcesCode Trails
accessibility_zh_TWClasssun.accessibility.internal.resourcesCode Trails
AccessibleProvides information on the accessibility of a type or type component.Interfacesun.jdiCode Trails
AccessibleInterfaceaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleActionThe AccessibleAction interface should be supported by any object that can perform one or more actions.InterfaceaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleAttributeSequenceThis class collects together the span of text that share the same contiguous set of attributes, along with that set of attributes.ClassaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleBundleBase class used to maintain a strongly typed enumeration.ClassaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleComponentThe AccessibleComponent interface should be supported by any object that is rendered on the screen.InterfaceaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleContextAccessibleContext represents the minimum information all accessible objects return.ClassaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleEditableTextThe AccessibleEditableText interface should be implemented by all classes that present editable textual information on the display.InterfaceaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleExtendedComponentThe AccessibleExtendedComponent interface should be supported by any object that is rendered on the screen.InterfaceaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleExtendedTable a user-interface component that presents data in a two-dimensional Applications can determine if an object supports theInterfaceaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleExtendedTextThe AccessibleExtendedText interface contains additional methods not provided by the AccessibleText interfaceInterfaceaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleHTMLClassswing.text.htmlCode Trails
AccessibleHyperlinkEncapsulation of a link, or set of links (e.ClassaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleHypertextThe AccessibleHypertext class is the base class for all classes that present hypertext information on the display.InterfaceaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleIconThe AccessibleIcon interface should be supported by any object that has an associated icon (e.InterfaceaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleKeyBindingThe AccessibleKeyBinding interface should be supported by any object that has a keyboard bindings such as a keyboard mnemonic and/or keyboardInterfaceaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleObjectThe AccessibleObject class is the base class for Field, Method and Constructor objects.Classlang.reflectCode Trails
AccessibleRelation object that implements the AccessibleRelation and one or more other objects.ClassaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleRelationSet relation set of a component is a set of AccessibleRelation objects that describe the component's relationships with other components.ClassaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleResourceBundleA resource bundle containing the localized strings in the accessibility package.ClassaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleRole component describes its generic function.ClassaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleSelectionThis AccessibleSelection interface provides the standard mechanism for an assistive technology to determineInterfaceaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleState state of the component is defined as an AccessibleStateSet, which is a composed set of AccessibleStates.ClassaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleStateSet of a component is a set of AccessibleState objects and descriptions.ClassaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleStreamableThe AccessibleStreamable interface should be implemented by the AccessibleContext of any component that presents theInterfaceaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleTable presents data in a two-dimensional table format.InterfaceaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleTableModelChangeThe AccessibleTableModelChange interface describes a change to the table model.InterfaceaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleTextThe AccessibleText interface should be implemented by all classes that present textual information on the display.InterfaceaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleTextSequenceThis class collects together key details of a span of text.ClassaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessibleValueThe AccessibleValue interface should be supported by any object that supports a numerical value (e.InterfaceaccessibilityCode Trails
AccessModeDefines access modes used to test the accessibility of a file.Classnio.fileCode Trails
AccessorAccesses a particular property of a bean.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.reflectCode Trails Trails
AccessorElementHandlerClasssun.beans.decoderCode Trails
AccessorExceptionSignals an error in RawAccessor.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.apiCode Trails
AccessorFactoryA means to allow the user to provide customized Accessor to be used by JAXB.Interfacesun.xml.internal.bindCode Trails
AccessorFactoryImplClasssun.xml.internal.bindCode Trails
AccessorGeneratorClassreflectCode Trails
AccessorInjectorClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.reflect.optCode Trails
AccessWatchpointEventNotification of a field access in the target VM.Interfacesun.jdi.eventCode Trails Trails
AccessWatchpointRequestRequest for notification when the contents of a field are accessed This event will be triggered when the specified field is accessedInterfacesun.jdi.requestCode Trails Trails Trails
AccountExceptionA generic account exception.Classsecurity.auth.loginCode Trails
AccountExpiredExceptionSignals that a user account has expired.Classsecurity.auth.loginCode Trails
AccountLockedExceptionSignals that an account was locked.Classsecurity.auth.loginCode Trails
AccountNotFoundExceptionSignals that an account was not found.Classsecurity.auth.loginCode Trails
AccumulativeRunnableAn abstract class to be used in the cases where we need Runnable to perform some actions on an appendable set of data.ClassswingCode Trails
AclInterface representing an Access Control List (ACL).Interfacesecurity.aclCode Trails
AclEntryAn entry in an access control list (ACL).Classnio.file.attributeCode Trails
AclEntryThis is the interface used for representing one entry in an Access Control List (ACL).Interfacesecurity.aclCode Trails
AclEntryFlagDefines the flags for used by the flags component of an ACL entry.Classnio.file.attributeCode Trails
AclEntryImplThis is a class that describes one entry that associates users or groups with permissions in the ACL.Classsecurity.aclCode Trails
AclEntryPermissionenum AclEntryPermissionDefines the permissions for use with the permissions component of an ACLClassnio.file.attributeCode Trails
AclEntryTypeA typesafe enumeration of the access control entry types.Classnio.file.attributeCode Trails
AclEnumeratorClasssecurity.aclCode Trails
AclFileAttributeViewA file attribute view that supports reading or updating a file's Access Control Lists (ACL) or file owner attributes.Interfacenio.file.attributeCode Trails
AclImplAn Access Control List (ACL) is encapsulated by this class.Classsecurity.aclCode Trails
AclNotFoundExceptionThis is an exception that is thrown whenever a reference is made to a non-existent ACL (Access Control List).Classsecurity.aclCode Trails
ACONST_NULLACONST_NULL - Push null reference Stack: Trails Trails
ActionThe Action interface provides a useful extension to the interface in cases where the same functionality may be accessed byInterfaceswingCode Trails
ActionThe Action annotation allows explicit association of a WS-Addressing Action message addressing property withClassxml.wsCode Trails Trails Trails
ActionBasedOperationSignatureThis class models the Operation Signature as defined by WS-I BP ( Trails
ActionEventA semantic event which indicates that a component-defined action occurred.Classawt.eventCode Trails
ActionListenerThe listener interface for receiving action events.Interfaceawt.eventCode Trails
ActionMapActionMap provides mappings from (called keys or Action names)ClassswingCode Trails
ActionMapUIResourceA subclass of javax.Classswing.plafCode Trails Trails
ActionPropertyChangeListenerClassswingCode Trails
ActivatableThe Activatable class provides support for remote objects that require persistent access over time and thatClassrmi.activationCode Trails
ActivatableRefClassrmi.serverCode Trails
ActivatableServerRefServer-side ref for a persistent remote impl.Classrmi.serverCode Trails
ActivateFailedExceptionThis exception is thrown by the RMI runtime when activation fails during a remote call to an activatable object.Classrmi.activationCode Trails
ActivationThe Activator facilitates remote object activation.Classrmi.serverCode Trails
ActivationClasstracing.dtraceCode Trails
ActivationDataFlavorThe ActivationDataFlavor class is a special subclass of java.ClassactivationCode Trails
ActivationDescAn activation descriptor contains the information necessary to activate an object: the object's group identifier,Classrmi.activationCode Trails
ActivationExceptionGeneral exception used by the activation interfaces.Classrmi.activationCode Trails
ActivationGroupAn ActivationGroup is responsible for creating new instances of "activatable" objects in its group, informing itsClassrmi.activationCode Trails
ActivationGroupDescAn activation group descriptor contains the information necessary to create/recreate an activation group in which to activate objects.Classrmi.activationCode Trails
ActivationGroupIDThe identifier for a registered activation group serves several purposes: identifies the group uniquely within the activation system, andClassrmi.activationCode Trails
ActivationGroupImplThe default activation group implementation.Classrmi.serverCode Trails
ActivationGroupInitThis is the bootstrap code to start a VM executing an activation The activator spawns (as a child process) an activation group as neededClassrmi.serverCode Trails
ActivationIDActivation makes use of special identifiers to denote remote objects that can be activated over time.Classrmi.activationCode Trails
ActivationInstantiatorAn ActivationInstantiator is responsible for creating instances of "activatable" objects.Interfacermi.activationCode Trails
ActivationMonitorAn ActivationMonitor is specific to an ActivationGroup and is obtained when a group isInterfacermi.activationCode Trails
ActivationSystemThe ActivationSystem provides a means for registering groups and "activatable" objects to be activated within those groups.Interfacermi.activationCode Trails Trails
Activatorcom/sun/corba/se/PortableActivationIDL/ Trails
Activatorcom/sun/corba/se/spi/activation/ Trails
ActivatorThe Activator facilitates remote object activation.Interfacermi.activationCode Trails
ActivatorHelpercom/sun/corba/se/PortableActivationIDL/ Trails
ActivatorHelpercom/sun/corba/se/spi/activation/ Trails
ActivatorHoldercom/sun/corba/se/PortableActivationIDL/ Trails
ActivatorHoldercom/sun/corba/se/spi/activation/ Trails
ActivatorOperationscom/sun/corba/se/PortableActivationIDL/ Trails
ActivatorOperationscom/sun/corba/se/spi/activation/ Trails
ACTIVE Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable), version "3.Interfaceomg.PortableInterceptorCode Trails
ActiveEventAn interface for events that know how to dispatch themselves.InterfaceawtCode Trails
ActiveObjectMapThe ActiveObjectMap maintains associations between servants and their Trails
ACTIVITY_COMPLETEDThe ACTIVITY_COMPLETED system exception may be raised on any method for which Activity context is accessed.Classomg.CORBACode Trails
ACTIVITY_REQUIREDThe ACTIVITY_REQUIRED system exception may be raised on any method for which an Activity context is required.Classomg.CORBACode Trails
ActivityCompletedExceptionThis exception may be thrown on any method for which Activity context is accessed and indicates that ongoing work within the Activity is notClassactivityCode Trails
ActivityRequiredExceptionThis exception is thrown by a container if Activity context is not received on a method for which Activity context is mandatory.ClassactivityCode Trails
AdaptableX509CertSelectorClasssecurity.provider.certpathCode Trails
AdaptedAccessorClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.reflectCode Trails
AdaptedListerClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.reflectCode Trails
AdapterAdapter that wraps XmlJavaTypeAdapter.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.model.coreCode Trails
AdapterReceives incoming messages from a transport (such as HTTP, JMS, etc) in a transport specific way, and delivers it to Trails
AdapterActivatorAn adapter activator supplies a POA with the ability to create child POAs on demand, as a side-effect of Interfaceomg.PortableServerCode Trails
AdapterActivatorOperationsAn adapter activator supplies a POA with the ability to create child POAs on demand, as a side-effect of Interfaceomg.PortableServerCode Trails
AdapterAlreadyExists Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable), version "3.Classomg.PortableServer.POAPackageCode Trails
AdapterAlreadyExistsHelper Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable), version "3.Classomg.PortableServer.POAPackageCode Trails
AdapterInactive Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable), version "3.Classomg.PortableServer.POAManagerPackageCode Trails
AdapterInactiveHelper Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable), version "3.Classomg.PortableServer.POAManagerPackageCode Trails
AdapterManagerIdHelperAdapter manager identifier.Classomg.PortableInterceptorCode Trails
AdapterMethodHandleClasslang.invokeCode Trails
AdapterNameHelperThe name of an object adapter.Classomg.PortableInterceptorCode Trails
AdapterNonExistent Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable), version "3.Classomg.PortableServer.POAPackageCode Trails
AdapterNonExistentHelper Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable), version "3.Classomg.PortableServer.POAPackageCode Trails
AdapterStateHelperType of object adapter state.Classomg.PortableInterceptorCode Trails Trails
AdaptiveResultTreeImplAdaptiveResultTreeImpl is a adaptive DOM model for result tree fragments (RTF) Trails Trails
AddExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails Trails Trails Trails
AddressHelperAddress is the Host and Port information represented as a String.Classomg.CosNaming.NamingContextExtPackageCode Trails
AddressingThis annotation represents the use of WS-Addressing with either the SOAP Trails
AddressingDispositionExceptionThis exception is thrown while reading GIOP Trails
AddressingDispositionHelpercom/sun/corba/se/impl/protocol/giopmsgheaders/ Trails
AddressingFeatureAddressingFeature represents the use of WS-Addressing with either the SOAP Trails Trails Trails
AddressingPolicyMapConfiguratorGenerate an addressing policy and updates the PolicyMap if AddressingFeature is Trails
AddressingPolicyValidatorThis class validates the Addressing Trails
AddressingPrefixMapperThis supplies the prefixes for the namespaces under Addressing Trails
AddressingVersionenum AddressingVersion'Traits' object that absorbs differences of WS-Addressing Trails
AdjacencyListAn AdjacencyList is used to store the history of certification paths attempted in constructing a path from an initiator to a target.Classsecurity.provider.certpathCode Trails
AdjustableThe interface for objects which have an adjustable numeric value contained within a bounded range of values.InterfaceawtCode Trails
AdjustmentEventThe adjustment event emitted by Adjustable objects like Scrollbar and ScrollPane.Classawt.eventCode Trails
AdjustmentListenerThe listener interface for receiving adjustment events.Interfaceawt.eventCode Trails
Adler32A class that can be used to compute the Adler-32 checksum of a data stream.Classutil.zipCode Trails
AdobeMarkerSegmentClasssun.imageio.plugins.jpegCode Trails
AEADBadTagExceptionThis exception is thrown when a Cipher operating in an AEAD mode (such as GCM/CCM) is unable to verify the suppliedClasscryptoCode Trails
Aes128Class with static methods for doing AES operations.Classsecurity.krb5.internal.cryptoCode Trails
Aes128CtsHmacSha1ETypeClasssecurity.krb5.internal.cryptoCode Trails
Aes256Class with static methods for doing AES operations.Classsecurity.krb5.internal.cryptoCode Trails
Aes256CtsHmacSha1ETypeClasssecurity.krb5.internal.cryptoCode Trails
AESCipherThis class implements the AES algorithm in its various modes (ECB, CFB, OFB, CBC,Classsun.crypto.providerCode Trails
AESConstantsInterfacesun.crypto.providerCode Trails
AESCryptClasssun.crypto.providerCode Trails
AesDkCryptoThis class provides the implementation of AES Encryption for Kerberos as defined RFC 3962.Classsecurity.krb5.internal.crypto.dkCode Trails
AESKeyGeneratorThis class generates a AES key.Classsun.crypto.providerCode Trails
AESParametersThis class implements the parameter (IV) used with the AES algorithm in feedback-mode.Classsun.crypto.providerCode Trails
AESWrapCipherThis class implements the AES KeyWrap algorithm as defined "XML Encryption Syntax and Processing" section 5.Classsun.crypto.providerCode Trails
AffineTransformThe AffineTransform class represents a 2D affine transform that performs a linear mapping from 2D coordinates to other 2DClassawt.geomCode Trails
AffineTransformOpThis class uses an affine transform to perform a linear mapping from 2D coordinates in the source image or Raster to 2D coordinatesClassawt.imageCode Trails
AfterPatternClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.binaryCode Trails
AgentThis Agent is started by the VM when -Dcom.ClassmanagementCode Trails
agentClassmanagement.resourcesCode Trails
agent_deClassmanagement.resourcesCode Trails
agent_esClassmanagement.resourcesCode Trails
agent_frClassmanagement.resourcesCode Trails
agent_itClassmanagement.resourcesCode Trails
agent_jaClassmanagement.resourcesCode Trails
agent_koClassmanagement.resourcesCode Trails
agent_pt_BRClassmanagement.resourcesCode Trails
agent_svClassmanagement.resourcesCode Trails
agent_zh_CNClassmanagement.resourcesCode Trails
agent_zh_HKClassmanagement.resourcesCode Trails
agent_zh_TWClassmanagement.resourcesCode Trails
AgentConfigurationErrorConfiguration Error thrown by a management agent.ClassmanagementCode Trails
AgentInitializationExceptionThe exception thrown when an agent fails to initialize in the target Java virtual Trails
AgentLoadExceptionThe exception thrown when an agent cannot be loaded into the target Java virtual Trails
AgreementMethodA Key Agreement algorithm provides for the derivation of a shared secret key based on a shared secret computed from certain types of compatible Trails
aiClasssun.crypto.providerCode Trails
aiffReturns an AppletAudioClip object.Classnet.www.content.audioCode Trails Trails
AiffFileReaderAIFF file reader and Trails Trails
AlawCodecA-law encodes linear data, and decodes a-law data to linear Trails
AlertsClasssecurity.sslCode Trails
AlgIdDSAThis class identifies DSS/DSA Algorithm variants, which are distinguished by using different algorithm parameters P, Q, G.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
AlgorithmThe Algorithm class which stores the Algorithm URI as a Trails Trails
AlgorithmCheckerA PKIXCertPathChecker implementation to check whether a specified certificate contains the required algorithm constraints.Classsecurity.provider.certpathCode Trails
AlgorithmConstraintsThis interface specifies constraints for cryptographic algorithms, keys (key sizes), and other algorithm parameters.InterfacesecurityCode Trails
AlgorithmIdThis class identifies algorithms, such as cryptographic transforms, each of which may be associated with parameters.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
AlgorithmMethodAn abstract representation of an algorithm defined in the XML Security specifications.Interfacexml.cryptoCode Trails
AlgorithmParameterGeneratorThe AlgorithmParameterGenerator class is used to generate a parameters to be used with a certain algorithm.ClasssecurityCode Trails
AlgorithmParameterGeneratorSpiThis class defines the Service Provider Interface (SPI) for the AlgorithmParameterGenerator class, whichClasssecurityCode Trails
AlgorithmParametersThis class is used as an opaque representation of cryptographic parameters.ClasssecurityCode Trails
AlgorithmParameterSpecA (transparent) specification of cryptographic parameters.Interfacesecurity.specCode Trails
AlgorithmParametersSpiThis class defines the Service Provider Interface (SPI) for the AlgorithmParameters class, which is used to manageClasssecurityCode Trails
AliasFileParserClass for parsing alias files.Classjvmstat.perfdata.monitorCode Trails
AlignmentClasstools.jstatCode Trails
AllClassesFrameWriterGenerate the file with list of all the classes in this Trails Trails
AllocatedNativeObjectClassnio.chCode Trails Trails
AllPermissionThe AllPermission is a permission that implies all other permissions.ClasssecurityCode Trails
AllPermissionCollectionClasssecurityCode Trails
AllPermissionsImplThis class implements the principal interface for the set of all permissions.Classsecurity.aclCode Trails Trails
ALOADALOAD - Load reference from local variable Stack: Trails
AlphabetClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.binaryCode Trails
AlphaColorPipeThis class implements a CompositePipe that renders path alpha tiles into a destination that supports direct alpha compositing of a solidClassjava2d.pipeCode Trails
AlphaCompositeThe AlphaComposite class implements basic alpha compositing rules for combining source and destination colorsClassawtCode Trails
AlphaPaintPipeThis class implements a CompositePipe that renders path alpha tiles into a destination according to the Composite attribute of aClassjava2d.pipeCode Trails
AlreadyBound Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable), version "3.Classomg.CosNaming.NamingContextPackageCode Trails
AlreadyBoundExceptionUnchecked exception thrown when an attempt is made to bind the socket a network oriented channel that is already bound.Classnio.channelsCode Trails
AlreadyBoundExceptionAn AlreadyBoundException is thrown if an attempt is made to bind an object in the registry to a name that alreadyClassrmiCode Trails
AlreadyBoundHelper Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable), version "3.Classomg.CosNaming.NamingContextPackageCode Trails
AlreadyBoundHolder Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable), version "3.Classomg.CosNaming.NamingContextPackageCode Trails
AlreadyConnectedExceptionUnchecked exception thrown when an attempt is made to connect a SocketChannel that is already connected.Classnio.channelsCode Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails
AmbiguousClassThis exception is thrown when an unqualified class name is used that can be resolved in more than one way.Classtools.javaCode Trails
AmbiguousMemberThis exception is thrown when a field reference is WARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of anyClasstools.javaCode Trails Trails Trails
AMXConstants reflecting the AMX Trails
AMXClientThis class implements a generic AMXMBeanInterface MBean which is connected to a possibly remote MBeanServerConnection (note that MBeanServer isA MBeanServerConnection, Trails
AMXGlassfishAMX behavior specific to Glassfish Trails
AMXMBeanInterfaceBase interface supported by all AMXMBeanInterface Trails
AMXMetadataAnnotation to contol exactly how the type value in the ObjectName is extracted from a class when registering an instance of that Trails
AMXUtilSmall utilities for AMXBooter and Trails
AncestorEventAn event reported to a child component that originated from an ancestor in the component hierarchy.Classswing.eventCode Trails
AncestorListener Interface to support notification when changes occur to a JComponent or one of its ancestors.Interfaceswing.eventCode Trails
AncestorNotifierClassswingCode Trails Trails
AndThe 'and' operation expression Trails Trails
AndExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
AndQueryExpClassmanagementCode Trails
ANEWARRAYANEWARRAY - Create new array of references Stack: Trails Trails
AnnotateEnter annotations on Trails
AnnotatedInterfacesun.xml.internal.bind.v2.schemagen.xmlschemaCode Trails
AnnotatedElementRepresents an annotated element of the program currently running in this VM.Interfacelang.reflectCode Trails
AnnotationSee JVMS, section Trails
AnnotationInterfacesun.xml.internal.bind.v2.schemagen.xmlschemaCode Trails
AnnotationClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.digestedCode Trails
annotationClasssun.xml.internal.xsom.impl.parser.stateCode Trails
AnnotationThe common interface extended by all annotation types.Interfacelang.annotationCode Trails
AnnotationAn Annotation object is used as a wrapper for a text attribute value if the attribute has annotation characteristics.ClasstextCode Trails
AnnotationContextEnumeration used to represent the type of the schema component that is being parsed when the AnnotationParser is called.Classsun.xml.internal.xsom.parserCode Trails
AnnotationDefault_attributeSee JVMS, section Trails
AnnotationDescRepresents an annotation.Interfacesun.javadocCode Trails
AnnotationDescImplRepresents an Trails
AnnotationFormatErrorThrown when the annotation parser attempts to read an annotation from a class file and determines that the annotation is malformed.Classlang.annotationCode Trails
AnnotationImplClasssun.xml.internal.xsom.implCode Trails
AnnotationInvocationHandlerClassreflect.annotationCode Trails
AnnotationMirrorRepresents an annotation.Interfacesun.mirror.declarationCode Trails
AnnotationMirrorRepresents an annotation.Interfacelang.model.elementCode Trails Trails Trails
AnnotationParserUsed to parse .Classsun.xml.internal.xsom.parserCode Trails
AnnotationParserParser for Java programming language annotations.Classreflect.annotationCode Trails
AnnotationParserFactoryImpl parses JAXB customization Trails Trails
AnnotationProcessingErrorError thrown for problems encountered during annotation Trails
AnnotationProcessorAn annotation processor, used to examine and process the annotations of program elements.Interfacesun.mirror.aptCode Trails Trails
AnnotationProcessorEnvironmentThe environment encapsulating the state needed by an annotation processor.Interfacesun.mirror.aptCode Trails Trails
AnnotationProcessorFactoryA factory for creating annotation processors.Interfacesun.mirror.aptCode Trails
AnnotationProcessorFactoryImplClasssun.istack.internal.wsCode Trails
AnnotationProcessorFactoryImplAnnotationProcessorFactory for Trails
AnnotationProcessorsUtilities to create specialized annotation processors.Classsun.mirror.aptCode Trails Trails
AnnotationProxyMakerA generator of dynamic proxy implementations of Trails
AnnotationReaderReads annotations for the given property.Interfacesun.xml.internal.bind.v2.model.annotationCode Trails
AnnotationsIncludes attributes and child elements before any RELAX NG element.Interfacesun.xml.internal.rngom.ast.builderCode Trails
AnnotationsHostClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.parse.hostCode Trails
AnnotationSourceInterfacesun.xml.internal.bind.v2.model.annotationCode Trails
AnnotationTreeA tree node for an annotation.Interfacesun.source.treeCode Trails
AnnotationTypeRepresents an annotation type.Interfacesun.mirror.typeCode Trails
AnnotationTypeRepresents an annotation type at run time.Classreflect.annotationCode Trails
AnnotationTypeBuilderBuilds the summary for a given annotation Trails
AnnotationTypeDeclarationRepresents the declaration of an annotation type.Interfacesun.mirror.declarationCode Trails Trails
AnnotationTypeDocRepresents an annotation type.Interfacesun.javadocCode Trails
AnnotationTypeDocImplRepresents an annotation Trails
AnnotationTypeElementDeclarationRepresents an element of an annotation type.Interfacesun.mirror.declarationCode Trails Trails
AnnotationTypeElementDocRepresents an element of an annotation type.Interfacesun.javadocCode Trails
AnnotationTypeElementDocImplRepresents an element of an annotation Trails Trails
AnnotationTypeMismatchExceptionThrown to indicate that a program has attempted to access an element of an annotation whose type has changed after the annotation was compiledClasslang.annotationCode Trails
AnnotationTypeMismatchExceptionProxyClassreflect.annotationCode Trails
AnnotationTypeOptionalMemberBuilderBuilds documentation for optional annotation type Trails
AnnotationTypeOptionalMemberWriterThe interface for writing annotation type optional member Trails
AnnotationTypeOptionalMemberWriterImplWrites annotation type optional member documentation in HTML Trails
AnnotationTypeRequiredMemberBuilderBuilds documentation for required annotation type Trails
AnnotationTypeRequiredMemberWriterThe interface for writing annotation type required member Trails
AnnotationTypeRequiredMemberWriterImplWrites annotation type required member documentation in HTML Trails
AnnotationTypeWriterThe interface for writing annotation type Trails
AnnotationTypeWriterImplGenerate the Class Information Trails
AnnotationValueRepresents a value of an annotation type element.Interfacesun.javadocCode Trails
AnnotationValueRepresents a value of an annotation type element.Interfacesun.mirror.declarationCode Trails
AnnotationValueRepresents a value of an annotation type element.Interfacelang.model.elementCode Trails Trails
AnnotationValueImplRepresents a value of an annotation type Trails
AnnotationValueVisitorA visitor of the values of annotation type elements, using a variant of the visitor design pattern.Interfacelang.model.elementCode Trails
AnnotationVisitorA visitor to visit a Java Trails
AnnotationWriterA writer for writing annotations as Trails Trails
AnonymousClassLoaderAnonymous class loader.Classinvoke.anonCode Trails
AnyInterfacesun.xml.internal.bind.v2.schemagen.xmlschemaCode Trails
AnyServes as a container for any data that can be described in IDL or for any IDL primitive type.Classomg.CORBACode Trails Trails
AnyHolderThe Holder for Any.Classomg.CORBACode Trails Trails Trails
AnyNameClassClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.ncCode Trails
AnyNameExceptNameClassClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.ncCode Trails Trails
AnySeqHelperThe Helper for AnySeq.Classomg.CORBACode Trails
AnySeqHelper Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable), version "3.Classomg.DynamicAnyCode Trails
AnySeqHolderThe Holder for AnySeq.Classomg.CORBACode Trails Trails
AnyTypeAdapterXmlAdapter useful for mapping interfaces.Classsun.xml.internal.bindCode Trails
AnyTypeBeanInfoClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtimeCode Trails
AnyTypeImplClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.model.implCode Trails Trails
AOMEntryAOMEntry represents a Servant or potential Servant in the Trails
ApacheCanonicalizerClassjcp.xml.dsig.internal.domCode Trails
ApacheDataXMLSignatureInput Data wrapper.Interfacejcp.xml.dsig.internal.domCode Trails
ApacheNodeSetDataClassjcp.xml.dsig.internal.domCode Trails
ApacheOctetStreamDataClassjcp.xml.dsig.internal.domCode Trails
ApacheTransformClassjcp.xml.dsig.internal.domCode Trails
APOptions APOptions ::= KerberosFlags -- reserved(0),Classsecurity.krb5.internalCode Trails
AppConfigurationEntryThis class represents a single LoginModule entry configured for the application specified in theClasssecurity.auth.loginCode Trails
AppContextThe AppContext is a table referenced by ThreadGroup which stores application service instances.ClassawtCode Trails
AppContextCreatorClassappletCode Trails
AppendableAn object to which char sequences and values can be appended.InterfacelangCode Trails
AppinfoInterfacesun.xml.internal.bind.v2.schemagen.xmlschemaCode Trails
AppInputStreamClasssecurity.sslCode Trails
AppletAn applet is a small program that is intended not to be run on its own, but rather to be embedded inside another application.ClassappletCode Trails
AppletAudioClipClassappletCode Trails
AppletClassLoaderThis class defines the class loader for loading applet classes and resources.ClassappletCode Trails
AppletContextThis interface corresponds to an applet's environment: the document containing the applet and the other applets in the sameInterfaceappletCode Trails Trails
AppletEventClassappletCode Trails
AppletEventMulticasterAppletEventMulticaster class.ClassappletCode Trails
AppletIllegalArgumentExceptionAn applet security exception.ClassappletCode Trails
AppletImageRefClassappletCode Trails
AppletInitializer This interface is designed to work in collusion with java.InterfacebeansCode Trails
AppletIOExceptionAn applet IO exception.ClassappletCode Trails
AppletListenerApplet Listener interface.InterfaceappletCode Trails
AppletMessageHandlerClassappletCode Trails
AppletObjectInputStreamClassappletCode Trails
AppletPanelApplet panel class.ClassappletCode Trails
AppletPropsClassappletCode Trails
AppletPropsErrorDialogClassappletCode Trails
AppletResourceLoaderPart of this class still remains only to support legacy, 100%-impure applications such as HotJava 1.ClassappletCode Trails
AppletSecurityClassappletCode Trails
AppletSecurityExceptionAn applet security exception.ClassappletCode Trails
AppletStubWhen an applet is first created, an applet stub is attached to it using the applet's setStub method.InterfaceappletCode Trails
AppletThreadGroupThis class defines an applet thread group.ClassappletCode Trails
AppletViewerThe applet viewer makes it possible to run a Java applet without using a browser.ClassappletCode Trails
AppletViewerFactoryInterfaceappletCode Trails
AppletViewerPanelSample applet panel class.ClassappletCode Trails
ApplicationExceptionThis class is used for reporting application level exceptions between ORBs and stubs.Classomg.CORBA.portableCode Trails
ApplicationLaunchExceptionAn exception thrown by the MimeLauncher when it is unable to launch an external content viewer.Classnet.wwwCode Trails
ApplicationProxyClassnetCode Trails
ApplicationShutdownHooksClasslangCode Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails
AppOutputStreamClasssecurity.sslCode Trails
APRep AP-REP ::= [APPLICATION 15] SEQUENCE { pvno [0] INTEGER (5),Classsecurity.krb5.internalCode Trails
APReq AP-REQ ::= [APPLICATION 14] SEQUENCE { pvno [0] INTEGER (5),Classsecurity.krb5.internalCode Trails
Apt This is NOT part of any supported Trails
APTClassLoaderClassLoader that loads APT and specified classes both into the same classloader, so that they can reference each Trails
AptEnvThe environment for a run of Trails
AptJavaCompilerThis is NOT part of any supported Trails
APTNavigatorNavigator implementation for Trails
APTTypeVisitorVisitor that works on APT TypeMirror and computes a value.Classsun.istack.internal.toolsCode Trails
Arc2DArc2D is the abstract superclass for all objects that store a 2D arc defined by a framing rectangle,Classawt.geomCode Trails
ARCFOURCipher with RSA Security's RC4(tm) cipher.Classsun.crypto.providerCode Trails
ArcFourCryptoSupport for ArcFour in Kerberos as defined in RFC 4757.Classsecurity.krb5.internal.crypto.dkCode Trails
ArcFourHmacClass with static methods for doing RC4-HMAC operations.Classsecurity.krb5.internal.cryptoCode Trails
ArcFourHmacETypeClasssecurity.krb5.internal.cryptoCode Trails
ArcIteratorClassawt.geomCode Trails
AreaAn Area object stores and manipulates a resolution-independent description of an enclosed area ofClassawt.geomCode Trails
AreaAveragingScaleFilterAn ImageFilter class for scaling images using a simple area averaging algorithm that produces smoother results than the nearest neighborClassawt.imageCode Trails
AreaIteratorClassawt.geomCode Trails
AreaOpClassawt.geomCode Trails
ARETURNARETURN - Return reference from method Stack: Trails
ArgThis class holds an instance of an argument on the Trails
ARG_INSignifies an "input" argument to an invocation, meaning that the argument is being passed from the client toInterfaceomg.CORBACode Trails
ARG_INOUTSignifies an argument used for both input and output in an invocation, meaning that the argument is being passed from the client toInterfaceomg.CORBACode Trails
ARG_OUTA constant that signifies an "output" argument to an invocation, meaning that the argument is being passed from the server toInterfaceomg.CORBACode Trails
ArgsAttributesThis annotation describes the interface attributes of the probe arguments in This annotation can be added to a user-defined Provider specificationClasssun.tracing.dtraceCode Trails Trails
ArgumentsThis class is responsible for parsing the command line arguments to the Trails Trails
ArgumentsClasstools.jcmdCode Trails
ArgumentsClass for processing command line arguments and providing method level access to the command line arguments.Classtools.jpsCode Trails
ArgumentsClass for processing command line arguments and providing method level access to arguments.Classtools.jstatCode Trails
ArithmeticExceptionThrown when an exceptional arithmetic condition has occurred.ClasslangCode Trails
ArithmeticInstructionSuper class for the family of arithmetic Trails
ArrayThe Array class provides static methods to dynamically create and access Java arrays.Classlang.reflectCode Trails
ArrayThe mapping in the Java programming language for the SQL type By default, an Array value is a transaction-durationInterfacesqlCode Trails
ArrayAccessExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
ArrayAccessTreeA tree node for an array access expression.Interfacesun.source.treeCode Trails
ArrayBeanInfoImplClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtimeCode Trails
ArrayBlockingQueueA bounded blocking queue backed by an array.Classutil.concurrentCode Trails
ArrayDataWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.asmCode Trails
ArrayDequeResizable-array implementation of the Deque interface.ClassutilCode Trails
ArrayElementHandlerClasssun.beans.decoderCode Trails
ArrayElementLeafPropertyClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.propertyCode Trails
ArrayElementNodePropertyClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.propertyCode Trails
ArrayElementPropertyClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.propertyCode Trails
ArrayERPropertyClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.propertyCode Trails
ArrayExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails Trails
ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptionThrown to indicate that an array has been accessed with an illegal index.ClasslangCode Trails
ArrayInfoStand-alone array that can be marshalled/unmarshalled on its own (without being part of any encloding ClassInfo.Interfacesun.xml.internal.bind.v2.model.coreCode Trails
ArrayInfoImplClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.model.implCode Trails
ArrayInstructionSuper class for instructions dealing with array access such as Trails
ARRAYLENGTHARRAYLENGTH - Get length of array Stack: Trails
ArrayListResizable-array implementation of the List interface.ClassutilCode Trails Trails
ArrayNotificationBufferA circular buffer of notifications received from an MBean server.Classsun.jmx.remote.internalCode Trails
ArrayPersistenceDelegateClassbeansCode Trails
ArrayPropertyClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.propertyCode Trails
ArrayQueueClasssun.jmx.remote.internalCode Trails
ArrayReferenceProvides access to an array object and its components in the target VM.Interfacesun.jdiCode Trails Trails
ArrayReferenceNodePropertyClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.propertyCode Trails
ArraysThis class contains various methods for manipulating arrays (such as sorting and searching).ClassutilCode Trails
ArraySorterA singleton utility class that sorts an array of Trails
ArrayStoreExceptionThrown to indicate that an attempt has been made to store the wrong type of object into an array of objects.ClasslangCode Trails
ArrayTableClassswingCode Trails
ArrayTypeProvides access to the class of an array and the type of its components in the target VM.Interfacesun.jdiCode Trails
ArrayTypeRepresents an array type.Interfacesun.mirror.typeCode Trails
ArrayTypeDenotes array type, such as int[][]See Also:Serialized Trails
ArrayTypeRepresents an array type.Interfacelang.model.typeCode Trails
ArrayTypeThe ArrayType class is the open type class whose instances describe all open data values which are n-dimensional arrays of open data values.Classmanagement.openmbeanCode Trails
ArrayTypeArrayType is a wrapper for any of the other types.Classrmi.rmic.iiopCode Trails
ArrayTypeThis class represents an Java array type.Classtools.javaCode Trails
ArrayTypeCodesPrimitive array type codes as defined by VM Trails Trails Trails
ArrayTypeSignatureClassreflect.generics.treeCode Trails
ArrayTypeTreeA tree node for an array type.Interfacesun.source.treeCode Trails
ArrowButtonPainterClassswing.plaf.nimbusCode Trails
AscendingMonitorComparatorClasstools.jstatCode Trails
ASCIIClassutil.regexCode Trails
ASCII_UCodeESC_CharStreamAn implementation of interface CharStream, where the stream is assumed to contain only ASCII characters (with java-like unicode escape processing) Trails
ASCIICaseInsensitiveComparator strings that are known to only contain ASCII characters.ClassmiscCode Trails
AsciiOutputStreamClasssun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.packaging.mime.internetCode Trails
ASCIIReaderA simple ASCII byte Trails
AsciiUtilClassutil.localeCode Trails
ASCIIUtilityClasssun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.packaging.mime.utilCode Trails
ASCIIUtilityCopied from Trails
Asn1ExceptionClasssecurity.krb5Code Trails
AspectSometimes a single JAXB-generated bean spans across multiple Java classes/ Trails
ASRepClasssecurity.krb5.internalCode Trails
ASReqClasssecurity.krb5.internalCode Trails
AssemblerThis class is used to assemble the bytecode instructions for a method.Classtools.asmCode Trails
AssertSimple facility for unconditional Trails
AssertionCreationExceptionException thrown in case of assertion creation Trails
AssertionDataWrapper class for possible data that each "assertion" and "assertion parameter content" policy source model node may This data, when stored in an 'assertion' model node, is intended to be used as input parameter when Trails
AssertionErrorThrown to indicate that an assertion has failed.ClasslangCode Trails
AssertionSetThe AssertionSet is a set of Trails
AssertionStatusDirectivesClasslangCode Trails
AssertionValidationProcessorProvides methods for assertion Trails
AssertTreeA tree node for an 'assert' statement.Interfacesun.source.treeCode Trails
AssignAddExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
AssignBitAndExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
AssignBitOrExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
AssignBitXorExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
AssignDivideExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
AssignExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
AssignmentTreeA tree node for an assignment expression.Interfacesun.source.treeCode Trails
AssignMultiplyExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
AssignOpExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
AssignRemainderExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
AssignShiftLeftExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
AssignShiftRightExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
AssignSubtractExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
AssignUnsignedShiftRightExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
AssociationA class that represents an SCTP association.Classsun.nio.sctpCode Trails
AssociationChangeNotificationNotification emitted when an association has either opened or closed.Classsun.nio.sctpCode Trails
AssociationMapBi-directional map between elements, inner peers, TODO: this should be rewritten for efficiency.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtimeCode Trails
ASTOREASTORE - Store reference into local variable Stack Trails
AsyncBoxViewA box that does layout asynchronously.Classswing.textCode Trails
AsyncHandlerThe AsyncHandler interface is implemented by clients that wish to receive callback notification of the completion ofInterfacexml.wsCode Trails Trails
AsynchronousByteChannelAn asynchronous channel that can read and write bytes.Interfacenio.channelsCode Trails
AsynchronousChannelA channel that supports asynchronous I/O operations.Interfacenio.channelsCode Trails
AsynchronousChannelGroupA grouping of asynchronous channels for the purpose of resource sharing.Classnio.channelsCode Trails
AsynchronousChannelGroupImplClassnio.chCode Trails
AsynchronousChannelProviderService-provider class for asynchronous channels.Classnio.channels.spiCode Trails
AsynchronousCloseExceptionChecked exception received by a thread when another thread closes the channel or the part of the channel upon which it is blocked in an I/OClassnio.channelsCode Trails
AsynchronousFileChannelAn asynchronous channel for reading, writing, and manipulating a file.Classnio.channelsCode Trails
AsynchronousFileChannelImplClassnio.chCode Trails
AsynchronousServerSocketChannelAn asynchronous channel for stream-oriented listening sockets.Classnio.channelsCode Trails
AsynchronousServerSocketChannelImplClassnio.chCode Trails
AsynchronousSocketChannelAn asynchronous channel for stream-oriented connecting sockets.Classnio.channelsCode Trails
AsynchronousSocketChannelImplClassnio.chCode Trails
AsyncInvokerInvokes Tubeline asynchronously for the client's async API(for Trails Trails Trails Trails
AsyncProviderAsynchronous version of Trails
AsyncProviderCallbackCallback interface to signal JAX-WS RI that the processing of an asynchronous request is Trails Trails
AsyncResponseImplResponse Trails
ATHROWATHROW - Throw exception Stack: Trails
AtomicBooleanA boolean value that may be updated atomically.Classutil.concurrent.atomicCode Trails
AtomicContextClients: deal only with names for its own naming service and deals with single contexts that can be built up intoClasssun.jndi.toolkit.ctxCode Trails
AtomicDirContextDirect subclasses of AtomicDirContext must provide implementations for the abstract a_ DirContext methods, and override the a_ Context methodsClasssun.jndi.toolkit.ctxCode Trails
AtomicIntegerAn int value that may be updated atomically.Classutil.concurrent.atomicCode Trails
AtomicIntegerArrayAn int array in which elements may be updated atomically.Classutil.concurrent.atomicCode Trails
AtomicIntegerFieldUpdaterA reflection-based utility that enables atomic updates to designated volatile int fields of designated classes.Classutil.concurrent.atomicCode Trails
AtomicLongA long value that may be updated atomically.Classutil.concurrent.atomicCode Trails
AtomicLongArrayA long array in which elements may be updated atomically.Classutil.concurrent.atomicCode Trails
AtomicLongFieldUpdaterA reflection-based utility that enables atomic updates to designated volatile long fields of designated classes.Classutil.concurrent.atomicCode Trails
AtomicMarkableReferenceAn AtomicMarkableReference maintains an object reference along with a mark bit, that can be updated atomically.Classutil.concurrent.atomicCode Trails
AtomicMoveNotSupportedExceptionChecked exception thrown when a file cannot be moved as an atomic file systemSince:1.Classnio.fileCode Trails
AtomicNameParserClasssun.jndi.rmi.registryCode Trails
AtomicReferenceAn object reference that may be updated atomically.Classutil.concurrent.atomicCode Trails
AtomicReferenceArrayAn array of object references in which elements may be updated atomically.Classutil.concurrent.atomicCode Trails
AtomicReferenceFieldUpdaterA reflection-based utility that enables atomic updates to designated volatile reference fields of designatedClassutil.concurrent.atomicCode Trails
AtomicStampedReferenceAn AtomicStampedReference maintains an object reference along with an integer "stamp", that can be updated atomically.Classutil.concurrent.atomicCode Trails
ATRA Smart Card's answer-to-reset bytes.ClasssmartcardioCode Trails
AttachingConnectorA connector which attaches to a previously running target VM.Interfacesun.jdi.connectCode Trails Trails
AttachmentMarshallerEnable JAXB marshalling to optimize storage of binary data.Classxml.bind.attachmentCode Trails Trails
AttachmentPartA single attachment to a SOAPMessage object.Classxml.soapCode Trails
AttachmentPartImplClasssun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.soapCode Trails
AttachmentSetA set of Attachment on a Trails
AttachmentSetImplDefault dumb AttachmentSet implementation backed by Trails
AttachmentUnmarshallerEnables JAXB unmarshalling of a root document containing optimized binary data formats.Classxml.bind.attachmentCode Trails
AttachmentUnmarshallerImpl loads attachments from AttachmentSet Trails
AttachNotSupportedExceptionThrown by Trails
AttachPermissionWhen a SecurityManager set, this is the permission which will be checked when code invokes Trails
AttachProviderAttach provider class for attaching to a Java virtual Trails
AttGroupDeclImplClasssun.xml.internal.xsom.implCode Trails
AttListWraps a DOM attribute list in a SAX Trails
AttListWraps a DOM attribute list in a SAX Trails
AttrThis is the main context-dependent analysis phase in Trails
AttrThe Attr interface represents an attribute in an Element object.Interfacew3c.domCode Trails
AttrCompareCompares two attributes based on the C14n Trails
AttrContextContains information specific to the attribute and enter passes, to be used in place of the generic field in Trails
AttrContextEnvEnv specialized as Env This is NOT part of any supported Trails
AttrDeclsInterfacesun.xml.internal.bind.v2.schemagen.xmlschemaCode Trails
AttrDescriptionSeqHelpercom/sun/org/omg/CORBA/ Trails
AttrFilterInterfacesun.jndi.toolkit.dirCode Trails Trails
AttributeAbstract super class for Attribute Trails Trails
AttributeThis is NOT part of any supported Trails
AttributeAn annotation Trails
AttributeClasssun.xml.internal.txw2Code Trails
AttributeA non standard class, field, method or code Trails
AttributeRepresents an MBean attribute by associating its name with its value.ClassmanagementCode Trails
AttributeThis interface represents an attribute associated with a named object.Interfacenaming.directoryCode Trails
Attribute printing attribute class to indicate that the class represents a printing attribute.Interfaceprint.attributeCode Trails
AttributeAn interface that contains information about an Trails
AttributeBaseClasssun.xml.internal.fastinfoset.stax.eventsCode Trails
AttributeChangeNotificationProvides definitions of the attribute change notifications sent by MBeans.ClassmanagementCode Trails
AttributeChangeNotificationFilterThis class implements of the NotificationFilter interface for the attribute change notification.ClassmanagementCode Trails
AttributeClassClassprintCode Trails
AttributedCharacterIteratorAn AttributedCharacterIterator allows iteration through both text and related attribute information.InterfacetextCode Trails
attributeDeclBodyClasssun.xml.internal.xsom.impl.parser.stateCode Trails
AttributeDeclImplClasssun.xml.internal.xsom.implCode Trails
AttributeDescriptioncom/sun/org/omg/CORBA/ Trails
AttributeDescriptionHelpercom/sun/org/omg/CORBA/ Trails
AttributedStringAn AttributedString holds text and related attribute information.ClasstextCode Trails
AttributeEntryThis is the symbol table entry for Trails
AttributeEntryClasstextCode Trails Trails
AttributeException PrintException can implement to report an error condition involving one or more printing attributes that a particular PrintInterfaceprintCode Trails Trails Trails Trails
attributeGroupDeclClasssun.xml.internal.xsom.impl.parser.stateCode Trails Trails Trails
AttributeInUseExceptionThis exception is thrown when an operation attempts to add an attribute that already exists.Classnaming.directoryCode Trails
AttributeIteratorThis class implements an optimized iterator for attribute axes Trails
AttributeListRepresents a list of values for attributes of an MBean.ClassmanagementCode Trails
AttributeListThis class defines the attributes of an SGML element as described in a DTD using the ATTLIST construct.Classswing.text.html.parserCode Trails
AttributeListInterface for an element's attribute specifications.Interfacexml.saxCode Trails
AttributeListImplDefault implementation for AttributeList.Classxml.sax.helpersCode Trails
AttributeMapAttributeMap inherits from NamedNodeMapImpl and extends it to deal with the specifics of storing Trails
AttributeMapClassfontCode Trails
AttributeModecom/sun/org/omg/CORBA/ Trails
AttributeModeHelpercom/sun/org/omg/CORBA/ Trails
AttributeModificationExceptionThis exception is thrown when an attempt is made to add, or remove, or modify an attribute, its identifier,Classnaming.directoryCode Trails
AttributeNameEnumerationThis class provides the Enumeration implementation used by all the X509 certificate attributes to return the attributeClasssecurity.x509Code Trails
AttributeNotFoundExceptionThe specified attribute does not exist or cannot be retrieved.ClassmanagementCode Trails
AttributePatternClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.binaryCode Trails
AttributePropertyProperty implementation for AttributePropertyInfo.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.propertyCode Trails
AttributePropertyInfoAttribute PropertyInfo.Interfacesun.xml.internal.bind.v2.model.coreCode Trails
AttributePropertyInfoImplClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.model.implCode Trails
AttributePSVIRepresents a PSVI item for one attribute information Trails
AttributePSVImplAttribute PSV infoset augmentations Trails
AttributeReaderUnknown (non-standard) attributes may be read via user-defined factory objects that can be registered with the Trails Trails Trails
AttributesThis annotation describes the interface's field attributes for the probes in a provider.Classsun.tracing.dtraceCode Trails
Attributes The Attributes interface is essentially a version of the Trails
AttributesThe Attributes class maps Manifest attribute names to associated string values.Classutil.jarCode Trails
AttributesThis interface represents a collection of attributes.Interfacenaming.directoryCode Trails
AttributesInterface for a list of XML attributes.Interfacexml.saxCode Trails
Attributes2SAX2 extension to augment the per-attribute information provided though Attributes.Interfacexml.sax.extCode Trails
Attributes2ImplSAX2 extension helper for additional Attributes information, implementing the Attributes2 interface.Classxml.sax.extCode Trails Trails
AttributeSet attributes.Interfaceprint.attributeCode Trails
AttributeSetA collection of unique attributes.Interfaceswing.textCode Trails Trails
AttributeSetUtilities Methods for creating unmodifiable and synchronized views of attribute operations useful for buildingClassprint.attributeCode Trails
AttributesExAttributes extension that allows attribute values to be exposed as CharSequence.Interfacesun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.unmarshallerCode Trails
AttributesExImplAttributesEx implementation.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.unmarshallerCode Trails
AttributesHolderClasssun.xml.internal.fastinfoset.saxCode Trails
AttributesHolderClass for holding Trails
AttributesHolderClasssun.xml.internal.xsom.implCode Trails
AttributesImplDefault implementation of the Attributes Trails
AttributesImplDefault implementation of the Attributes interface.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.utilCode Trails
AttributesImplDefault implementation of the Attributes interface.Classsun.xml.internal.xsom.impl.parser.stateCode Trails
AttributesImplDefault implementation of the Attributes interface.Classxml.sax.helpersCode Trails
AttributesImplSerializerThis class extends Trails
AttributesProxyWraps XMLAttributes and makes it look like AttributeList and Trails
AttributeTypeInterfacesun.xml.internal.bind.v2.schemagen.xmlschemaCode Trails
AttributeUpdaterInterfaceprintCode Trails
AttributeUseImplClasssun.xml.internal.xsom.implCode Trails
attributeUsesClasssun.xml.internal.xsom.impl.parser.stateCode Trails Trails
AttributeValueClassawtCode Trails
AttributeValueExpRepresents attributes used as arguments to relational constraints.ClassmanagementCode Trails
AttributeValuesClassfontCode Trails Trails
AttributeViewAn object that provides a read-only or updatable view of non-opaque values associated with an object in a filesystem.Interfacenio.file.attributeCode Trails Trails
AttrImplAttribute represents an XML-style attribute of an Trails
AttrImplThis class represents a single Trails
AttrNSImplAttrNSImpl inherits from AttrImpl and adds namespace Trails
AudioClipThe AudioClip interface is a simple abstraction for playing a sound clip.InterfaceappletCode Trails
AudioDataA clip of audio data.ClassaudioCode Trails
AudioDataStreamAn input stream to play AudioData.ClassaudioCode Trails
AudioDeviceThis class provides an interface to the Headspace Audio engine through the Java Sound API.ClassaudioCode Trails
AudioFileFormatAn instance of the AudioFileFormat class describes an audio file, including the file type, the file's length in bytes,Classsound.sampledCode Trails
AudioFileReaderProvider for audio file reading services.Classsound.sampled.spiCode Trails
AudioFileSoundbankReaderSoundbank reader that uses audio files as Trails
AudioFileWriterProvider for audio file writing services.Classsound.sampled.spiCode Trails
AudioFloatConverterThis class is used to convert between 8,16,24,32,32+ bit signed/unsigned big/litle endian fixed/floating point byte buffers and float Trails
AudioFloatFormatConverterThis class is used to convert between 8,16,24,32 bit signed/unsigned big/litle endian fixed/floating stereo/mono/multi-channel audio streams Trails Trails
AudioFormatAudioFormat is the class that specifies a particular arrangement of data in a sound stream.Classsound.sampledCode Trails
AudioInputStreamAn audio input stream is an input stream with a specified audio format and length.Classsound.sampledCode Trails Trails
AudioPermissionThe AudioPermission class represents access rights to the audio system resources.Classsound.sampledCode Trails
AudioPlayerThis class provides an interface to play audio streams.ClassaudioCode Trails
AudioStreamConvert an InputStream to an AudioStream.ClassaudioCode Trails
AudioStreamSequenceConvert a sequence of input streams into a single InputStream.ClassaudioCode Trails
AudioSynthesizerAudioSynthesizer is a Synthesizer which renders it's output audio into Trails
AudioSynthesizerPropertyInfoInformation about property used in opening Trails
AudioSystemThe AudioSystem class acts as the entry point to the sampled-audio system resources.Classsound.sampledCode Trails
AudioTranslatorStreamTranslator for native audio formats (not implemented in this release).ClassaudioCode Trails Trails Trails Trails
AugmentationsThe Augmentations interface defines a table of additional data that may be passed along the document Trails
AugmentationsImplThis class provides an implementation for Augmentations Trails
AuthCacheInterfacenet.www.protocol.httpCode Trails
AuthCacheImplClassnet.www.protocol.httpCode Trails
AuthCacheValueAuthCacheValue: interface to minimise exposure to authentication cache for external users (ie.Classnet.www.protocol.httpCode Trails
AuthContextClasssecurity.krb5.internalCode Trails
AuthenticationExceptionThis exception is thrown when an authentication error occurs while accessing the naming or directory service.ClassnamingCode Trails
AuthenticationExceptionThis exception is thrown by a SASL mechanism implementation to indicate that the SASLClasssecurity.saslCode Trails
AuthenticationHeaderThis class is used to parse the information in WWW-Authenticate: and Proxy-Authenticate: headers.Classnet.www.protocol.httpCode Trails
AuthenticationInfoAuthenticationInfo: Encapsulate the information needed to authenticate a user to a server.Classnet.www.protocol.httpCode Trails
AuthenticationNotSupportedExceptionThis exception is thrown when the particular flavor of authentication requested is not supported.ClassnamingCode Trails
AuthenticatorAuthenticator represents an implementation of an HTTP authentication Trails
AuthenticatorThe class Authenticator represents an object that knows how to obtain authentication for a network connection.ClassnetCode Trails
Authenticator Authenticator ::= [APPLICATION 2] SEQUENCE { authenticator-vno [0] INTEGER (5),Classsecurity.krb5.internalCode Trails
AuthFilterClassnet.httpserverCode Trails
AuthInfoRepresents authorization information needed by DefaultAuthenticator to authenticate wsimport to access the Trails
AuthorityInfoAccessExtensionThe Authority Information Access Extension (OID = 1.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
AuthorityKeyIdentifierExtensionThis class represents the Authority Key Identifier Extension.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
AuthorizationDataIn RFC4120, the ASN.Classsecurity.krb5.internalCode Trails
AuthorizationDataEntryKerberos 5 AuthorizationData Trails
AuthorizationDataEntryClasssecurity.krb5.internalCode Trails
AuthorizeCallbackThis callback is used by SaslServer to determine whether one entity (identified by an authenticated authentication id)Classsecurity.saslCode Trails Trails
AuthPermissionThis class is for authentication permissions.Classsecurity.authCode Trails
AuthProviderThis class defines login and logout methods for a provider.ClasssecurityCode Trails
AuthResources This class represents the ResourceBundle for the following packages:Classsecurity.utilCode Trails
AuthResources_de This class represents the ResourceBundle for the following packages:Classsecurity.utilCode Trails
AuthResources_es This class represents the ResourceBundle for the following packages:Classsecurity.utilCode Trails
AuthResources_fr This class represents the ResourceBundle for the following packages:Classsecurity.utilCode Trails
AuthResources_it This class represents the ResourceBundle for the following packages:Classsecurity.utilCode Trails
AuthResources_ja This class represents the ResourceBundle for the following packages:Classsecurity.utilCode Trails
AuthResources_ko This class represents the ResourceBundle for the following packages:Classsecurity.utilCode Trails
AuthResources_pt_BR This class represents the ResourceBundle for the following packages:Classsecurity.utilCode Trails
AuthResources_sv This class represents the ResourceBundle for the following packages:Classsecurity.utilCode Trails
AuthResources_zh_CN This class represents the ResourceBundle for the following packages:Classsecurity.utilCode Trails
AuthResources_zh_TW This class represents the ResourceBundle for the following packages:Classsecurity.utilCode Trails
AuthSchemeClassnet.www.protocol.httpCode Trails
AuthTimeThe class represents the timestamp in authenticator.Classsecurity.krb5.internal.rcacheCode Trails
AutoClassNameAllocatorClassNameAllocator filter that performs automatic name conflict Trails
AutoCloseableA resource that must be closed when it is no longer needed.InterfacelangCode Trails Trails
AutoConnectSequencerInterface for Sequencers that are able to do the auto-connect as required by Trails
AutoscrollDuring DnD operations it is possible that a user may wish to drop the subject of the operation on a region of a scrollable GUI control that isInterfaceawt.dndCode Trails
AutoscrollerClassswingCode Trails
AVAX.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
AVAComparatorClasssecurity.x509Code Trails
AVAKeywordClasssecurity.x509Code Trails
AverageRangeStatisticAn interface that Specifies standard measurements of the lowest and highest values an attribute has held as well as its current Trails
AverageRangeStatisticImplAn implementation of AverageRangeStatistic that provides ways to change the state externally through Trails
awtClassawt.resourcesCode Trails
awt_deClassawt.resourcesCode Trails
awt_esClassawt.resourcesCode Trails
awt_frClassawt.resourcesCode Trails
awt_itClassawt.resourcesCode Trails
awt_jaClassawt.resourcesCode Trails
awt_koClassawt.resourcesCode Trails
awt_pt_BRClassawt.resourcesCode Trails
awt_svClassawt.resourcesCode Trails
awt_zh_CNClassawt.resourcesCode Trails
awt_zh_HKClassawt.resourcesCode Trails
awt_zh_TWClassawt.resourcesCode Trails
AWTAccessorThe AWTAccessor utility class.ClassawtCode Trails
AWTAutoShutdownThis class is to let AWT shutdown automatically when a user is done with AWT.ClassawtCode Trails
AWTCharsetClassawtCode Trails
AWTErrorThrown when a serious Abstract Window Toolkit error has occurred.ClassawtCode Trails
AWTEventThe root event class for all AWT events.ClassawtCode Trails
AWTEventListenerThe listener interface for receiving notification of events dispatched to objects that are instances of Component orInterfaceawt.eventCode Trails
AWTEventListenerProxyA class which extends the EventListenerProxy specifically for adding an AWTEventListenerClassawt.eventCode Trails
AWTEventMulticasterAWTEventMulticaster implements efficient and thread-safe multi-cast event dispatching for the AWT events defined in the java.ClassawtCode Trails
AWTExceptionSignals that an Absract Window Toolkit exception has occurred.ClassawtCode Trails
AwtGraphicsConfigDataClassawt.X11Code Trails
AWTIcon32_java_icon16_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon32_java_icon24_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon32_java_icon32_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon32_java_icon48_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon32_security_icon_bw16_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon32_security_icon_bw24_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon32_security_icon_bw32_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon32_security_icon_bw48_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon32_security_icon_interim16_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon32_security_icon_interim24_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon32_security_icon_interim32_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon32_security_icon_interim48_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon32_security_icon_yellow16_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon32_security_icon_yellow24_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon32_security_icon_yellow32_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon32_security_icon_yellow48_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon64_java_icon16_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon64_java_icon24_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon64_java_icon32_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon64_java_icon48_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon64_security_icon_bw16_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon64_security_icon_bw24_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon64_security_icon_bw32_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon64_security_icon_bw48_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon64_security_icon_interim16_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon64_security_icon_interim24_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon64_security_icon_interim32_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon64_security_icon_interim48_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon64_security_icon_yellow16_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon64_security_icon_yellow24_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon64_security_icon_yellow32_pngClassawtCode Trails
AWTIcon64_security_icon_yellow48_pngClassawtCode Trails
awtImageDataClassawt.X11Code Trails
AWTInputMethodPopupMenuClassawt.imCode Trails
AWTKeyStrokeAn AWTKeyStroke represents a key action on the keyboard, or equivalent input device.ClassawtCode Trails
AWTLockAccessClassawt.motifCode Trails Trails
AWTPermissionThis class is for AWT permissions.ClassawtCode Trails
AWTPermissionFactoryA factory object for AWTPermission objects.ClassawtCode Trails
AwtScreenDataClassawt.X11Code Trails
AWTSecurityManagerThe AWTSecurityManager class provides the ability to secondarily index AppContext objects through SecurityManager extensions.ClassawtCode Trails
AWTUtilitiesA collection of utility methods for AWT.Classsun.awtCode Trails
AxesWalkerServes as common interface for axes Walkers, and stores commonSee Also:Serialized Trails
AxisSpecifies values related to XPath Trails
AxisInterfacesun.xml.internal.xsom.impl.scdCode Trails
B64EncoderClassnet.www.protocol.http.ntlmCode Trails
BackgroundLookupListener This is useful for cases where retrieving this list of services may be time consuming and rather than block on this, other work can be doneInterfaceprintCode Trails
BackgroundServiceLookupLookup services may implement this interface so that clients may avoid blocking waiting for all services to be located.InterfaceprintCode Trails
BackingStoreExceptionThrown to indicate that a preferences operation could not complete because of a failure in the backing store, or a failure to contact the backingClassutil.prefsCode Trails
BAD_CONTEXTException thrown when an operation is invoked by a client but the passed context does not contain the context values required by the operation.Classomg.CORBACode Trails
BAD_INV_ORDERThis exception indicates that the caller has invoked operations in the wrong order.Classomg.CORBACode Trails
BAD_OPERATIONException thrown when an object reference denotes an existing object, but that the object does not support the operation that was invoked.Classomg.CORBACode Trails
BAD_PARAM when a parameter passed to a call is out of range or otherwise considered illegal.Classomg.CORBACode Trails
BAD_POLICYA PolicyErrorCode which would be filled in the PolicyError exception.Interfaceomg.CORBACode Trails
BAD_POLICY_TYPEA PolicyErrorCode which would be filled in the PolicyError exception.Interfaceomg.CORBACode Trails
BAD_POLICY_VALUEContains the value used to indicate a policy value that is incorrect for a valid policy type in a call to theInterfaceomg.CORBACode Trails
BAD_QOSThe BAD_QOS exception is raised whenever an object cannot support the quality of service required by an invocation parameter thatClassomg.CORBACode Trails
BAD_TYPECODEException thrown when the ORB has encountered a malformed type code (for example, a type code with an invalid TCKind value).Classomg.CORBACode Trails
BadAttributeValueExpExceptionThrown when an invalid MBean attribute is passed to a query constructing method.ClassmanagementCode Trails
BadBinaryOpValueExpExceptionThrown when an invalid expression is passed to a method for constructing a query.ClassmanagementCode Trails Trails
BadCommandLineExceptionSignals a bad command line Trails
BadDepthExceptionClassawt.imageCode Trails
BadKindThe exception BadKind is thrown when an inappropriate operation is invoked on a TypeCode object.Classomg.CORBA.TypeCodePackageCode Trails
BadLocationExceptionThis exception is to report bad locations within a document model (that is, attempts to reference a location that doesn't exist).Classswing.textCode Trails
BadPaddingExceptionThis exception is thrown when a particular padding mechanism is expected for the input data but the data is not padded properly.ClasscryptoCode Trails
BadServerDefinitioncom/sun/corba/se/PortableActivationIDL/ Trails
BadServerDefinitioncom/sun/corba/se/spi/activation/ Trails
BadServerDefinitionHelpercom/sun/corba/se/PortableActivationIDL/ Trails
BadServerDefinitionHelpercom/sun/corba/se/spi/activation/ Trails
BadServerDefinitionHoldercom/sun/corba/se/PortableActivationIDL/ Trails
BadServerDefinitionHoldercom/sun/corba/se/spi/activation/ Trails
BadServerIdHandlerThe bad server id handler is used to locate persistent Trails
BadStringOperationExceptionThrown when an invalid string operation is passed to a method for constructing a query.ClassmanagementCode Trails
BakedArrayListWARNING: This class is an implementation detail and is only public so that it can be used by two packages.ClassswingCode Trails Trails
BALOADBALOAD - Load byte or boolean from array Stack: Trails
BandCombineOpThis class performs an arbitrary linear combination of the bands in a Raster, using a specified matrix.Classawt.imageCode Trails
BandedSampleModelThis class represents image data which is stored in a band interleaved which each sample of a pixel occupies one data element of the DataBuffer.Classawt.imageCode Trails Trails
BarkA subtype of Log for use in Trails
BaseClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.parse.hostCode Trails Trails
Base64This class provides encode/decode for RFC 2045 Base64 as defined by RFC 2045, Trails
Base64 Optimized Trails
Base64This class provides encode/decode for RFC 2045 Base64 as defined by RFC 2045, N.Classsun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.utilCode Trails
Base64Classutil.prefsCode Trails Trails
Base64DataFed to unmarshaller when the 'text' data is actually a virtual image of base64 encoding of the binary dataClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.unmarshallerCode Trails
Base64DataBinary data represented as base64-encoded string Used in conjunction with Trails
BASE64DecoderThis class implements a BASE64 Character decoder as specified in RFC1521.ClassmiscCode Trails
BASE64DecoderStreamThis class implements a BASE64 Decoder.Classsun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.packaging.mime.utilCode Trails
Base64DecodingExceptionThis Exception is thrown if decoding of Base64 data Trails Trails
BASE64EncoderThis class implements a BASE64 Character encoder as specified in RFC1521.ClassmiscCode Trails
BASE64EncoderStreamThis class implements a BASE64 Encoder.Classsun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.packaging.mime.utilCode Trails
BASE64EncodingAlgorithmClasssun.xml.internal.fastinfoset.algorithmCode Trails
BaseCalendarThe BaseCalendar provides basic calendar calculation functions to support the Julian, Gregorian, and Gregorian-basedClassutil.calendarCode Trails
BaseContentRefClasssun.xml.internal.xsom.impl.parserCode Trails Trails
BaseExecutableMemberTagletAn abstract class for that implements the Taglet interface for tags in Trails
BaseFileManagerUtility methods for building a Trails
BaseFileObjectThis is NOT part of any supported Trails
BaseInlineTagletAn abstract inline taglet that outputs Trails Trails
BaseLocaleClassutil.localeCode Trails
BaseMarkupSerializerBase class for a serializer supporting both DOM and SAX pretty serializing of XML/HTML/XHTML Trails
BasePropertyTagletAn abstract class that implements the Taglet interface and serves as a base for JavaFX property getter and setter Trails
BaseRowThe abstract base class from which the classes Row The class BaseRow storesClasssun.rowset.internalCode Trails
BaseRowSetAn abstract class providing a RowSet object with its basic functionality.Classsql.rowsetCode Trails Trails
BaseSSLSocketImplClasssecurity.sslCode Trails
BaseTagletAn abstract class for that implements the Taglet Trails
basicClasssun.swing.internal.plaf.basic.resourcesCode Trails
basicReturns an AppletAudioClip object.Classnet.www.content.audioCode Trails
basic_deClasssun.swing.internal.plaf.basic.resourcesCode Trails
basic_esClasssun.swing.internal.plaf.basic.resourcesCode Trails
basic_frClasssun.swing.internal.plaf.basic.resourcesCode Trails
basic_itClasssun.swing.internal.plaf.basic.resourcesCode Trails
basic_jaClasssun.swing.internal.plaf.basic.resourcesCode Trails
basic_koClasssun.swing.internal.plaf.basic.resourcesCode Trails
basic_pt_BRClasssun.swing.internal.plaf.basic.resourcesCode Trails
basic_svClasssun.swing.internal.plaf.basic.resourcesCode Trails
basic_zh_CNClasssun.swing.internal.plaf.basic.resourcesCode Trails
basic_zh_HKClasssun.swing.internal.plaf.basic.resourcesCode Trails
basic_zh_TWClasssun.swing.internal.plaf.basic.resourcesCode Trails
BasicArrowButtonJButton object that draws a scaled Arrow in one of the cardinal directions.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicAttributeThis class provides a basic implementation of the Attribute interface.Classnaming.directoryCode Trails
BasicAttributesThis class provides a basic implementation of the Attributes interface.Classnaming.directoryCode Trails
BasicAuthenticationClassnet.www.protocol.httpCode Trails
BasicAuthenticatorBasicAuthenticator provides an implementation of HTTP Basic Trails
BasicBordersFactory object that can vend Borders appropriate for the basic L & F.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicButtonListenerMethod override patterns:The following groups of methods are frequently overridden together:Pattern #1, 10 times observedstateChanged(javax.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicButtonUIBasicButton implementationMethod override patterns:The following groups of methods are frequently overridden together:Pattern #1, 7 times observedpaint(java.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicCheckBoxMenuItemUIBasicCheckboxMenuItem implementationMethod override recommendationsThe following methods are frequently overridden by subclasses of BasicCheckBoxMenuItemUI:installDefaults() - 86%, installUI(javax.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicCheckBoxUICheckboxUI implementation for BasicCheckboxUI Serialized objects of this class will not be compatible withClassswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicCheckerClasssecurity.provider.certpathCode Trails
BasicColorChooserUIProvides the basic look and feel for a JColorChooser.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicComboBoxEditorThe default editor for editable combo boxes.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicComboBoxRenderer Serialized objects of this class will not be compatible with future Swing releases.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicComboBoxUIBasic UI implementation for JComboBox.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicComboPopupThis is a basic implementation of the ComboPopup interface.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicConstraintsExtensionThis class represents the Basic Constraints Extension.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
BasicControlThis class provides a basic implementation of the Control interface.Classsun.jndi.ldapCode Trails
BasicControlThis class provides a basic implementation of the Control interface.Classnaming.ldapCode Trails
BasicDesktopIconUIBasic L&F for a minimized window on a desktop.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicDesktopPaneUIBasic L&F for a desktop.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicDiagnosticFormatterA basic formatter for diagnostic Trails
BasicDirectoryModelBasic implementation of a file list.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicEditorPaneUIProvides the look and feel for a JEditorPane.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicFileAttributesBasic attributes associated with a file in a file system.Interfacenio.file.attributeCode Trails
BasicFileAttributesHolderInterfacenio.fsCode Trails
BasicFileAttributeViewA file attribute view that provides a view of a basic set of file attributes common to many file systems.Interfacenio.file.attributeCode Trails
BasicFileChooserUIBasic L&F implementation of a FileChooser.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicFormattedTextFieldUIProvides the look and feel implementation for JFormattedTextField.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicGraphicsUtilsClassswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicHTMLSupport for providing html views for the swing components.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicIconFactoryFactory object that can vend Icons appropriate for the basic L & F.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicInternalFrameTitlePaneThe class that manages a basic title bar Serialized objects of this class will not be compatible withClassswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicInternalFrameUIA basic L&F implementation of JInternalFrame.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicLabelUIA Windows L&F implementation of LabelUI.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicListUIAn extensible implementation of ListUI.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicLookAndFeelA base class to use in creating a look and feel for Swing.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicMenuBarUIA default L&F implementation of MenuBarUI.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicMenuItemUIBasicMenuItem implementationMethod override patterns:The following groups of methods are frequently overridden together:Pattern #1, 8 times observedgetPreferredMenuItemSize(javax.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicMenuUIA default L&F implementation of MenuUI.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicOptionPaneUIProvides the basic look and feel for a JOptionPane.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicPanelUIBasicPanel implementationMethod override patterns:The following groups of methods are frequently overridden together:Pattern #1, 5 times observedupdate(java.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicParserConfigurationA very basic parser Trails
BasicPasswordFieldUIProvides the Windows look and feel for a password field.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicPermissionThe BasicPermission class extends the Permission class, and can be used as the base class for permissions that want toClasssecurityCode Trails
BasicPermissionCollectionClasssecurityCode Trails
BasicPopupMenuSeparatorUIA Basic L&F implementation of PopupMenuSeparatorUI.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicPopupMenuUIA Windows L&F implementation of PopupMenuUI.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicProgressBarUIA Basic L&F implementation of ProgressBarUI.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicRadioButtonMenuItemUIBasicRadioButtonMenuItem implementationMethod override recommendationsThe following methods are frequently overridden by subclasses of BasicRadioButtonMenuItemUI:installDefaults() - 83%, installUI(javax.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicRadioButtonUIRadioButtonUI implementation for BasicRadioButtonUIMethod override recommendationsThe following methods are frequently overridden by subclasses of BasicRadioButtonUI:installDefaults(javax.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicRootPaneUIBasic implementation of RootPaneUI, there is one shared between all JRootPane instances.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicScrollBarUIMethod override patterns:The following groups of methods are frequently overridden together:Pattern #1, 7 times observedcreateDecreaseButton(int) - 100%createIncreaseButton(int) - 100%getPreferredSize(javax.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicScrollPaneUIA default L&F implementation of ScrollPaneUI.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicSeparatorUIA Basic L&F implementation of SeparatorUI.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicSliderUIA Basic L&F implementation of SliderUI.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicSpinnerUIThe default Spinner UI delegate.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicSplitPaneDividerDivider used by BasicSplitPaneUI.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicSplitPaneUIA Basic L&F implementation of the SplitPaneUI.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicStrokeThe BasicStroke class defines a basic set of rendering attributes for the outlines of graphics primitives, which are renderedClassawtCode Trails
BasicTabbedPaneUIA Basic L&F implementation of TabbedPaneUI.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicTableHeaderUIBasicTableHeaderUI implementationMethod override patterns:The following groups of methods are frequently overridden together:Pattern #1, 5 times observedpaint(java.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicTableUIBasicTableUI implementationMethod override patterns:The following groups of methods are frequently overridden together:Pattern #1, 6 times observedinstallUI(javax.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicTestIteratorBase for iterators that handle Trails
BasicTextAreaUIProvides the look and feel for a plain text editor.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicTextFieldUIBasis of a look and feel for a JTextField.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicTextPaneUIProvides the look and feel for a styled text editor.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicTextUI Basis of a text components look-and-feel.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicToggleButtonUIBasicToggleButton implementationMethod override recommendationsThe following methods are frequently overridden by subclasses of BasicToggleButtonUI:installDefaults(javax.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicToolBarSeparatorUIA Basic L&F implementation of ToolBarSeparatorUI.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicToolBarUIA Basic L&F implementation of ToolBarUI.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicToolTipUIStandard tool tip L&F.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicTransferableClassswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicTreeUIThe basic L&F for a hierarchical data structure.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
BasicTypeDenotes basic type such as Trails
BasicTypeA typesafe enumeration for describing Java basic types.Classjvmstat.perfdata.monitor.v1_0Code Trails
BasicViewportUIBasicViewport implementationMethod override recommendationsThe following methods are frequently overridden by subclasses of BasicViewportUI:installUI(javax.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails Trails
BasisLibraryStandard XSLT Trails
BASTOREBASTORE - Store into byte or boolean array Stack: Trails
BatchEnvironmentBatchEnvironment for rmic extends javac's version in four ways: 1.Classrmi.rmicCode Trails
BatchEnvironmentClassrmi.rmic.iiopCode Trails
BatchEnvironmentThe environment for an rmic compilation batch.Classrmi.rmic.newrmicCode Trails
BatchEnvironmentMain environment of the batch version of the Java compiler, this needs more work.Classtools.javacCode Trails
BatchParserBatch file parser, this needs more work.Classtools.javacCode Trails
BatchUpdateExceptionThe subclass of SQLException thrown when an error occurs during a batch update operation.ClasssqlCode Trails Trails
BCELifierThis class takes a given JavaClass object and converts it to a Java program that creates that very class using Trails
BeanClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.reflect.optCode Trails
BeanContext The BeanContext acts a logical hierarchical container for JavaBeans.Interfacebeans.beancontextCode Trails
BeanContextChild JavaBeans wishing to be nested within, and obtain a reference to their execution environment, or context, as defined by the BeanContextInterfacebeans.beancontextCode Trails
BeanContextChildComponentProxy This interface is implemented by BeanContextChildren that have an AWT ComponentInterfacebeans.beancontextCode Trails
BeanContextChildSupport This is a general support class to provide support for implementing the BeanContextChild protocol.Classbeans.beancontextCode Trails
BeanContextContainerProxy This interface is implemented by BeanContexts' that have an AWT Container associated with them.Interfacebeans.beancontextCode Trails
BeanContextEvent BeanContextEvent is the abstract root event class for all events emittedClassbeans.beancontextCode Trails
BeanContextMembershipEventA BeanContextMembershipEvent encapsulates the list of children added to, or removed from,Classbeans.beancontextCode Trails
BeanContextMembershipListener Compliant BeanContexts fire events on this interface when the state of the membership of the BeanContext changes.Interfacebeans.beancontextCode Trails
BeanContextProxy This interface is implemented by a JavaBean that does not directly have a BeanContext(Child) associated withInterfacebeans.beancontextCode Trails
BeanContextServiceAvailableEvent This event type is used by the BeanContextServicesListener in order to identify the service being registered.Classbeans.beancontextCode Trails
BeanContextServiceProvider One of the primary functions of a BeanContext is to act a as rendezvous between JavaBeans, and BeanContextServiceProviders.Interfacebeans.beancontextCode Trails
BeanContextServiceProviderBeanInfoA BeanContextServiceProvider implementor who wishes to provide explicit information about the services their bean may provide shall implement aInterfacebeans.beancontextCode Trails
BeanContextServiceRevokedEvent This event type is used by the BeanContextServiceRevokedListener in order toClassbeans.beancontextCode Trails
BeanContextServiceRevokedListenerThe listener interface for receiving BeanContextServiceRevokedEvent objects.Interfacebeans.beancontextCode Trails
BeanContextServices The BeanContextServices interface provides a mechanism for a BeanContext to expose generic "services" to the BeanContextChild objects within.Interfacebeans.beancontextCode Trails
BeanContextServicesListenerThe listener interface for receiving BeanContextServiceAvailableEvent objects.Interfacebeans.beancontextCode Trails
BeanContextServicesSupport This helper class provides a utility implementation of the java.Classbeans.beancontextCode Trails
BeanContextSupportThis helper class provides a utility implementation of the java.Classbeans.beancontextCode Trails
BeanDescriptorA BeanDescriptor provides global information about a "bean", including its Java class, its displayName, etc.ClassbeansCode Trails
BeanGeneratorGenerates fields and Trails
BeanInfoA bean implementor who wishes to provide explicit information about their bean may provide a BeanInfo class that implements this BeanInfoInterfacebeansCode Trails
BeanInfoFinderThis is utility class that provides functionality to find a BeanInfo for a JavaBean specified by its type.Classsun.beans.finderCode Trails Trails
BeansThis class provides some general purpose beans control methods.ClassbeansCode Trails
BeansAppletContextClassbeansCode Trails
BeansAppletStubClassbeansCode Trails
BEncoderStreamThis class implements a 'B' Encoder as defined by RFC2047 for encoding MIME headers.Classsun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.packaging.mime.utilCode Trails
BerBase class that defines common fields, constants, and debug method.Classsun.jndi.ldapCode Trails
BerDecoderA BER decoder.Classsun.jndi.ldapCode Trails
BerEncoderClasssun.jndi.ldapCode Trails
BetweenQueryExpClassmanagementCode Trails
BevelBorderA class which implements a simple two-line bevel border.Classswing.borderCode Trails
BGMBuilderRoot of the XML Schema Trails
BIAttribute declaration in the binding Trails
BIClass This customization turns arbitrary schema component into a Java This customization is acknowledged by the Trails
BIConstructor declaration in the binding Trails
BIContentParticles in the declaration in the binding Trails
BIConversionconversion declaration ( and ) Trails
BIConversionConversion Trails
BIDeclarationBase interface for all binding customization Trails
BidiThis class implements the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm.ClasstextCode Trails
BidiBaseBidi algorithm for ICU This is an implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional algorithm.Classtext.bidiCode Trails
BidiLineClasstext.bidiCode Trails
BidiRunA BidiRun represents a sequence of characters at the same embedding level.Classtext.bidiCode Trails
BidiUtilsClassfontCode Trails Trails
BIElement declaration in the binding Trails
BIEnumEnumeration Trails
BIEnumeration declaration in the binding Trails
BIEnumMemberEnumeration member Trails
BIFactoryMethodControls the ObjectFactory method Trails
Big5Classnio.cs.extCode Trails
Big5_HKSCSClassnio.cs.extCode Trails
Big5_HKSCS_2001Classnio.cs.extCode Trails
Big5_SolarisClassnio.cs.extCode Trails
BigDecimalImmutable, arbitrary-precision signed decimal numbers.ClassmathCode Trails
BigIntA low-overhead arbitrary-precision unsigned integer.Classsecurity.utilCode Trails
BigIntegerImmutable arbitrary-precision integers.ClassmathCode Trails
BIGlobalBindingGlobal binding Trails
BIInlineBinaryDataGenerates Trails
BIInterface declaration in the binding Trails
BinaryArithmeticExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
BinaryAssignExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
BinaryAttributeThis class is used to represent an attribute from a binary class.Classtools.javaCode Trails
BinaryBitExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
BinaryClassWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.javaCode Trails
BinaryCodeWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.javaCode Trails
BinaryCompareExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
BinaryConstantPoolThis class is used to represent a constant table once it is read from a class file.Classtools.javaCode Trails
BinaryEqualityExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
BinaryExceptionHandlerA single exception handler.Classtools.javaCode Trails Trails
BinaryExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
BinaryLogicalExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
BinaryMemberThis class represents a binary member WARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of anyClasstools.javaCode Trails
BinaryOpValueExpClassmanagementCode Trails
BinaryPatternClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.binaryCode Trails
BinaryRefAddrThis class represents the binary form of the address of a communications end-point.ClassnamingCode Trails
BinaryRelQueryExpClassmanagementCode Trails
BinaryShiftExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
BinaryTreeA tree node for a binary expression.Interfacesun.source.treeCode Trails Trails
BinderEnable synchronization between XML infoset nodes and JAXB objects representing same XML document.Classxml.bindCode Trails
BinderImpl TODO: investigate how much in-place unmarshalling is implemented - some preliminary work is there.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtimeCode Trails
BindExceptionSignals that an error occurred while attempting to bind a socket to a local address and port.ClassnetCode Trails Trails
BindInfoRoot of the binding Trails
BindInfoContainer for customization Trails
BindingEntity corresponding to the "binding" WSDL Trails Trails Trails
BindingThis class represents a name-to-object binding found in a context.ClassnamingCode Trails
BindingThe Binding interface is the base interface for JAX-WS protocol bindings.Interfacexml.wsCode Trails
Binding Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable), version "3.Classomg.CosNamingCode Trails
BindingComponentComponent accessible from Trails
BindingEnumerationClasssun.jndi.dnsCode Trails
BindingEnumerationClasssun.jndi.rmi.registryCode Trails
BindingFaultEntity corresponding to the "fault" child element of a binding Trails
BindingHelper Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable), version "3.Classomg.CosNamingCode Trails
BindingHolder Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable), version "3.Classomg.CosNamingCode Trails
BindingIDParsed binding ID Trails
BindingIDFactoryExtension point to plug in additional BindingID parsing Trails
BindingImplInstances are created by the service, which then sets the handler chain on the binding Trails
BindingInputEntity corresponding to the "input" child element of a binding Trails
BindingIteratorThe BindingIterator interface allows a client to iterate through the bindings using the next_one or next_n operations.Interfaceomg.CosNamingCode Trails
BindingIteratorHelperThe BindingIterator interface allows a client to iterate through the bindings using the next_one or next_n operations.Classomg.CosNamingCode Trails
BindingIteratorHolderThe BindingIterator interface allows a client to iterate through the bindings using the next_one or next_n operations.Classomg.CosNamingCode Trails
BindingIteratorImpl interface, but does not implement the method to retrieve the next binding in the NamingContext for which it was Trails
BindingIteratorOperationsThe BindingIterator interface allows a client to iterate through the bindings using the next_one or next_n operations.Interfaceomg.CosNamingCode Trails
BindingIteratorPOAThe BindingIterator interface allows a client to iterate through the bindings using the next_one or next_n operations.Classomg.CosNamingCode Trails
BindingListHelperClassomg.CosNamingCode Trails
BindingListHolderClassomg.CosNamingCode Trails
BindingOperationEntity corresponding to the "operation" child element of a WSDL "binding" Trails Trails
BindingOutputEntity corresponding to the "output" child element of a binding Trails
BindingProviderThe BindingProvider interface provides access to the protocol binding and associated context objects for request andInterfacexml.wsCode Trails Trails
BindingsInterfacesun.xml.internal.bind.v2.schemagen.episodeCode Trails
BindingsInterfacescriptCode Trails
BindingsBaseClasssun.script.utilCode Trails
BindingsEntrySetClasssun.script.utilCode Trails
BindingsImplClasssun.script.utilCode Trails
BindingTypeThe BindingType annotation is used to specify the binding to use for a web serviceClassxml.wsCode Trails
BindingTypeSpecifies whether the given binding is for a object (that is not a naming context) or for a naming context.Classomg.CosNamingCode Trails
BindingTypeFeatureUsing this feature, the application could override the binding used by the runtime(usually determined from WSDL) Trails
BindingTypeHelperSpecifies whether the given binding is for a object (that is not a naming context) or for a naming context.Classomg.CosNamingCode Trails
BindingTypeHolderSpecifies whether the given binding is for a object (that is not a naming context) or for a naming context.Classomg.CosNamingCode Trails
BindingWithControlsClasssun.jndi.ldapCode Trails Trails
BindRedThis is where a binding of a new class Trails Trails Trails Trails
BIPropertyProperty Trails
BIPUSHBIPUSH - Push byte on stack Stack: Trails
BISchemaBindingSchema-wide binding Trails
BISerializableThis customization will enable serialization support on Trails
BitAndExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails Trails
BitArrayA packed array of booleans.Classsecurity.utilCode Trails
BitFileClasssun.imageio.plugins.commonCode Trails
BitNotExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
BitOrExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
BitsA class for extensible, mutable bit Trails
BitsClassioCode Trails
BitsClassnioCode Trails
BitSetThis class implements a vector of bits that grows as needed.ClassutilCode Trails
BitSieveClassmathCode Trails
BitXorExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
BIUserConversion declaration in the binding Trails
BIXDomCompatibility with Trails
BIXPluginCustomizationCustomization specified via Trails
BIXSubstitutableForces a non-collapsing behavior to allow extension schemas to perform element Trails
Blit 1) copies rectangle of pixels from one surface to another 2) performs compositing of colors based upon a CompositeClassjava2d.loopsCode Trails
BlitBg 1) copies rectangle of pixels from one surface to another 2) performs compositing of colors based upon a CompositeClassjava2d.loopsCode Trails
BlobThe representation (mapping) in the JavaTM programmingInterfacesqlCode Trails Trails Trails
BlockCipherParamsCoreClasssun.crypto.providerCode Trails
BlockingDequeA Deque that additionally supports blocking operations that wait for the deque to become non-empty when retrieving an element, and wait forInterfaceutil.concurrentCode Trails
BlockingQueueA Queue that additionally supports operations that wait for the queue to become non-empty when retrieving anInterfaceutil.concurrentCode Trails
BlockReferenceHolds a reference to a JBlock Trails
BlockTreeA tree node for a statement block.Interfacesun.source.treeCode Trails
BlockViewA view implementation to display a block (as a box) with CSS specifications.Classswing.text.htmlCode Trails
BlowfishCipherThis class implements the Blowfish algorithm in its various modes (ECB, CFB, OFB, CBC,Classsun.crypto.providerCode Trails
BlowfishConstantsInterfacesun.crypto.providerCode Trails
BlowfishCryptClasssun.crypto.providerCode Trails
BlowfishKeyGeneratorThis class generates a secret key for use with the Blowfish algorithm.Classsun.crypto.providerCode Trails
BlowfishParametersThis class implements the parameter (IV) used with the Blowfish algorithm in feedback-mode.Classsun.crypto.providerCode Trails
BMMimeMultipartThe MimeMultipart class is an implementation of the abstract Multipart class that uses MIME conventions for the multipart data.Classsun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.packaging.mime.internetCode Trails
BMPatternBoyer-Moore Trails
BMPConstantsInterfacesun.imageio.plugins.bmpCode Trails
BMPImageReaderThis class is the Java Image IO plugin reader for BMP images.Classsun.imageio.plugins.bmpCode Trails
BMPImageReaderSpiClasssun.imageio.plugins.bmpCode Trails
BMPImageWriteParamA subclass of ImageWriteParam for encoding images in This class allows for the specification of various parametersClassimageio.plugins.bmpCode Trails
BMPImageWriterThe Java Image IO plugin writer for encoding a binary RenderedImage into The encoding process may clip, subsample using the parametersClasssun.imageio.plugins.bmpCode Trails
BMPImageWriterSpiClasssun.imageio.plugins.bmpCode Trails
BMPMetadataClasssun.imageio.plugins.bmpCode Trails
BMPMetadataFormatClasssun.imageio.plugins.bmpCode Trails
BMPMetadataFormatResourcesClasssun.imageio.plugins.bmpCode Trails Trails Trails
Body1_1ImplClasssun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.soap.ver1_1Code Trails
Body1_2ImplClasssun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.soap.ver1_2Code Trails Trails
BodyElement1_1ImplClasssun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.soap.ver1_1Code Trails
BodyElement1_2ImplClasssun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.soap.ver1_2Code Trails
BodyElementImplAll elements of the SOAP-ENV:BODY.Classsun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.soap.implCode Trails
BodyImplThe implementation of SOAP-ENV:BODY or the SOAPBody abstraction.Classsun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.soap.implCode Trails Trails Trails
BogusColorSpaceA dummy ColorSpace to enable ColorModel for image data which do not have an innate color representation.Classsun.imageio.plugins.commonCode Trails
BookThe Book class provides a representation of a document in which pages may have different page formats and page painters.Classawt.printCode Trails
BoolThe 'boolean()' operation expression Trails
BooleanThe Boolean class wraps a value of the primitive type boolean in an object.ClasslangCode Trails Trails Trails
BooleanControlA BooleanControl provides the ability to switch between two possible settings that affect a line's audio.Classsound.sampledCode Trails Trails
BooleanEditorClasssun.beans.editorsCode Trails
BooleanEditorFOR BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY ONLY - DO NOT USE.Classbeans.editorsCode Trails
BooleanElementHandlerClasssun.beans.decoderCode Trails
BooleanEncodingAlgorithmAn encoder for handling boolean values.Classsun.xml.internal.fastinfoset.algorithmCode Trails Trails
BooleanExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
BooleanHolderThe Holder for Boolean.Classomg.CORBACode Trails Trails Trails
BooleanSeqHelperThe Helper for BooleanSeq.Classomg.CORBACode Trails
BooleanSeqHolderThe Holder for BooleanSeq.Classomg.CORBACode Trails
BooleanSignatureAST that represents the type boolean.Classreflect.generics.treeCode Trails
BooleanTypeThe type of all primitive boolean values accessed in the target VM.Interfacesun.jdiCode Trails Trails Trails
BooleanValueInterfacesun.jdiCode Trails
BooleanValueExpClassmanagementCode Trails Trails
BoolEditorFOR BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY ONLY - DO NOT USE.Classbeans.editorsCode Trails
BoolStackSimple stack for boolean Trails
BoolStackSimple stack for boolean Trails
BootAMXMBeanMBean responsible for booting the AMX Trails
BootstrapInitial class that provides access to the default implementation of JDI interfaces.Classsun.jdiCode Trails Trails
BootstrapConstructorAccessorImplClassreflectCode Trails
BootstrapMethodErrorThrown to indicate that an invokedynamic instruction has failed to find its bootstrap method,ClasslangCode Trails
BootstrapMethods_attribute Trails
BootstrapResolverA simple bootstrapping Trails Trails
BootstrapServer Trails
BootstrapServerRequestDispatcher Trails
BorderInterface describing an object capable of rendering a border around the edges of a swing component.Interfaceswing.borderCode Trails
BorderedComponentClasstools.jconsoleCode Trails
BorderFactoryFactory class for vending standard Border objects.ClassswingCode Trails
BorderLayoutA border layout lays out a container, arranging and resizing its components to fit in five regions:ClassawtCode Trails
BorderUIResourceClassswing.plafCode Trails
BottomSignatureClassreflect.generics.treeCode Trails
BoundaryStatisticSpecifies standard measurements of the upper and lower limits of the value of an Trails Trails
BoundedRangeModelDefines the data model used by components like Sliders Defines four interrelated integer properties: minimum, maximum, extentInterfaceswingCode Trails
BoundedRangeStatisticThe BoundedRangeStatistic model aggregates the attributes of RangeStatistic and BoundaryStatistic and provides standard measurements of a range that has fixed Trails Trails
BoundEndpointRepresents the WSEndpoint bound to a particular Trails
BoundKindThis is NOT part of any supported Trails
BoundMethodHandleClasslang.invokeCode Trails
BoundsA user exception thrown when a parameter is not within the legal bounds for the object that a method is tryingClassomg.CORBACode Trails
BoundsProvides the TypeCode operations member_name(), member_type(), and member_label.Classomg.CORBA.TypeCodePackageCode Trails
BoxA lightweight container that uses a BoxLayout object as its layout manager.ClassswingCode Trails
BoxedValueHelperInterfaceomg.CORBA.portableCode Trails
BoxLayoutA layout manager that allows multiple components to be laid out either vertically or horizontally.ClassswingCode Trails
BoxViewA view that arranges its children into a box shape by tiling its children along an axis.Classswing.textCode Trails
BranchHandleBranchHandle is returned by specialized Trails
BranchInstructionAbstract super class for branching instructions like GOTO, IFEQ, Trails
BreakDictionaryClasstextCode Trails
BreakIteratorThe BreakIterator class implements methods for finding the location of boundaries in text.ClasstextCode Trails
BreakIteratorInfoClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
BreakIteratorInfo_thClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
BreakIteratorProviderAn abstract class for service providers that provide concrete implementations of theClasstext.spiCode Trails
BreakIteratorRulesDefault break-iterator rules.Classtext.resourcesCode Trails
BreakIteratorRules_thClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
BREAKPOINTBREAKPOINT, JVM dependent, ignored by defaultSee Also:Serialized Trails
BreakpointEventNotification of a breakpoint in the target VM.Interfacesun.jdi.eventCode Trails
BreakpointRequestIdentifies a Location in the target VM at which execution should be stopped.Interfacesun.jdi.requestCode Trails Trails Trails
BreakStatementWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
BreakTreeA tree node for a 'break' statement.Interfacesun.source.treeCode Trails
BridgeMini-marshaller/unmarshaller that is specialized for a particular element name and a type.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.apiCode Trails
BridgeThis class provides the methods for fundamental JVM operations needed in the ORB that are not part of the public Java API.ClasscorbaCode Trails
BridgeAdapterClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtimeCode Trails
BridgeContextHolds thread specific state information for Bridges, to make Bridge thread-safe.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.apiCode Trails
BridgeContextImplBridgeContext implementation.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtimeCode Trails
BridgeImplClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtimeCode Trails
BridgePermissionPermission class used to protect access to the sun.ClasscorbaCode Trails
BrokenBarrierExceptionException thrown when a thread tries to wait upon a barrier that is in a broken state, or which enters the broken state while the threadClassutil.concurrentCode Trails Trails
BrowserSupportClasssun.servicetagCode Trails
BRViewClassswing.text.htmlCode Trails
BsdAsynchronousChannelProviderClassnio.chCode Trails
BsdAttachProviderClasstools.attachCode Trails
BsdFileStoreClassnio.fsCode Trails
BsdFileSystemClassnio.fsCode Trails
BsdFileSystemProviderClassnio.fsCode Trails
BsdNativeDispatcherClassnio.fsCode Trails
BsdVirtualMachineClasstools.attachCode Trails
BuddhistCalendarClassutilCode Trails
BufferA container for data of a specific primitive type.ClassnioCode Trails
BufferAllocatorBuffer allocator for buffers of sizes 128 B, 2 KB and 8 Trails
BufferCapabilitiesCapabilities and properties of buffers.ClassawtCode Trails
BufferedBufImgOpsClassjava2d.pipeCode Trails
BufferedContextBase context class for managing state in a single-threaded rendering environment.Classjava2d.pipeCode Trails
BufferedContextProviderClasses implementing this interface can provide the BufferedContext associated with or used by them.Interfacejava2d.pipe.hwCode Trails
BufferedImageThe BufferedImage subclass describes an Image with an accessible buffer of image data.Classawt.imageCode Trails
BufferedImageDeviceClassawt.imageCode Trails
BufferedImageFilterThe BufferedImageFilter class subclasses an ImageFilter to provide a simple means ofClassawt.imageCode Trails
BufferedImageGraphicsConfigClassawt.imageCode Trails
BufferedImageOpThis interface describes single-input/single-output operations performed on BufferedImage objects.Interfaceawt.imageCode Trails
BufferedInputStreamA BufferedInputStream adds functionality to another input stream-namely,ClassioCode Trails
BufferedMaskBlitThe MaskBlit operation is expressed as: dst = ((src dst) * pathA) + (dst * (1 - pathA))Classjava2d.pipeCode Trails
BufferedMaskFillThe MaskFill operation is expressed as: dst = ((src dst) * pathA) + (dst * (1 - pathA))Classjava2d.pipeCode Trails
BufferedMonitoredVmInterface to support asynchronous polling of the exported instrumentation of a target Java Virtual Machine.Interfacejvmstat.monitor.remoteCode Trails
BufferedOpCodesClassjava2d.pipeCode Trails
BufferedOutputStreamThe class implements a buffered output stream.ClassioCode Trails
BufferedPaintsClassjava2d.pipeCode Trails
BufferedReaderReads text from a character-input stream, buffering characters so as to provide for the efficient reading of characters, arrays, and lines.ClassioCode Trails
BufferedRenderPipeBase class for enqueuing rendering operations in a single-threaded rendering environment.Classjava2d.pipeCode Trails
BufferedTextPipeClassjava2d.pipeCode Trails
BufferedWriterWrites text to a character-output stream, buffering characters so as to provide for the efficient writing of single characters, arrays, and strings.ClassioCode Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails
BufferManagerWriteDefines the contract between the BufferManager and CDR stream on the writing Trails
BufferManagerWriteCollectCollect buffer Trails Trails
BufferManagerWriteStreamStreaming buffer Trails
BufferOverflowExceptionUnchecked exception thrown when a relative put operation reaches the target buffer's limit.ClassnioCode Trails
BufferPoolMXBeanThe management interface for a buffer pool, for example a pool of direct or mapped buffers.Interfacelang.managementCode Trails
BufferQueueSimple unsynchronized queue implementation for Trails
BufferStrategyThe BufferStrategy class represents the mechanism with which to organize complex memory on a particular Canvas orClassawt.imageCode Trails
BufferStrategyPaintManagerClassswingCode Trails
BufferUnderflowExceptionUnchecked exception thrown when a relative get operation reaches the source buffer's limit.ClassnioCode Trails
BufImgSurfaceDataClassawt.imageCode Trails
BufImgSurfaceManagerThis SurfaceManager variant manages the default (software) surface of a All rendering to the image will use the software surface as the destination.Classawt.imageCode Trails
BufImgVolatileSurfaceManagerThis SurfaceManager variant manages an unaccelerated volatile surface.Classawt.imageCode Trails
BuilderAbstract class representing a builder, which is able to retrieve matching certificates and is able to verify a particular certificate.Classsecurity.provider.certpathCode Trails
BuilderFactoryThe factory for constructing Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails
BuildExceptionSignals an error while building schemas.Classsun.xml.internal.rngom.ast.builderCode Trails
BuildStepDescribes one step of a certification path build, consisting of a Vertex state description, a certificate, a possible throwable,Classsecurity.provider.certpathCode Trails
BuiltinDatatypeBuilderClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.dt.builtinCode Trails
BuiltinDatatypeLibraryClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.dt.builtinCode Trails
BuiltinDatatypeLibraryFactoryDatatypeLibraryFactory for RELAX NG Built-in datatype library and compatibility datatype library.Classsun.xml.internal.rngom.dt.builtinCode Trails
BuiltInEncodingAlgorithmClasssun.xml.internal.fastinfoset.algorithmCode Trails
BuiltInEncodingAlgorithmFactoryClasssun.xml.internal.fastinfoset.algorithmCode Trails
BuiltInEncodingAlgorithmStateClasssun.xml.internal.fastinfoset.algorithmCode Trails
BuiltinLeafInfoJAXB spec designates a few Java classes to be mapped to leaves in XML.Interfacesun.xml.internal.bind.v2.model.coreCode Trails
BuiltinLeafInfoImplJAXB spec designates a few Java classes to be mapped to XML types in a way that ignores restrictions placed on user-defined beans.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.model.implCode Trails
BuiltInRestrictedAlphabetsClasssun.xml.internal.fastinfoset.alphabetCode Trails
BumpBufferClassswing.plaf.metalCode Trails
ButtonThis class creates a labeled button.ClassawtCode Trails
ButtonGroupThis class is used to create a multiple-exclusion scope for a set of buttons.ClassswingCode Trails
ButtonModelState model for buttons.InterfaceswingCode Trails
ButtonPainterClassswing.plaf.nimbusCode Trails
ButtonPeerThe peer interface for Button.Interfaceawt.peerCode Trails
ButtonUIPluggable look and feel interface for JButton.Classswing.plafCode Trails
ByteThe Byte class wraps a value of primitive type byte in an object.ClasslangCode Trails
ByteArrayAccessClasssecurity.providerCode Trails Trails
ByteArrayBufferRead/write buffer that stores a sequence of Trails
ByteArrayCounterInterface for performance counter wrapping byte[] objects.Interfacemanagement.counterCode Trails
ByteArrayCounterSnapshotClassmanagement.counter.perfCode Trails
ByteArrayDataSourceDataSource backed by a byte buffer.Classsun.istack.internalCode Trails
ByteArrayDataSourceDataSource backed by a byte Trails
ByteArrayImageSourceClassawt.imageCode Trails
ByteArrayInputStreamA ByteArrayInputStream contains an internal buffer that contains bytes thatClassioCode Trails
ByteArrayLexOrderCompare two byte arrays in lexicographical order.Classsecurity.utilCode Trails
ByteArrayMonitorInterface for Monitoring ByteArrayInstrument objects.Interfacejvmstat.monitorCode Trails
ByteArrayOutputStreamThis class implements an output stream in which the data is written into a byte array.ClassioCode Trails
ByteArrayOutputStreamExByteArrayOutputStream with access to its raw buffer.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.utilCode Trails Trails
ByteArrayTagOrderClasssecurity.utilCode Trails
ByteBandedRasterThis class defines a Raster with pixels consisting of multiple 8-bit samples stored in possibly separate arrays for each band.Classawt.imageCode Trails Trails
ByteBufferA byte buffer is a flexible array which grows when elements are Trails
ByteBuffer This class defines six categories of operations upon Absolute and relative get andClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsCharBufferBClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsCharBufferLClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsCharBufferRBClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsCharBufferRLClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsDoubleBufferBClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsDoubleBufferLClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsDoubleBufferRBClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsDoubleBufferRLClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsFloatBufferBClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsFloatBufferLClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsFloatBufferRBClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsFloatBufferRLClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsIntBufferBClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsIntBufferLClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsIntBufferRBClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsIntBufferRLClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsLongBufferBClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsLongBufferLClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsLongBufferRBClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsLongBufferRLClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsShortBufferBClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsShortBufferLClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsShortBufferRBClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferAsShortBufferRLClassnioCode Trails
ByteBufferedThis is an interface to adapt existing APIs to use ByteBuffers as the underlying data format.InterfacenioCode Trails
ByteBufferInputStreamClasssecurity.sslCode Trails Trails Trails Trails
ByteChannelA channel that can read and write bytes.Interfacenio.channelsCode Trails
BytecodeDescriptorUtility routines for dealing with bytecode-level signatures.Classinvoke.utilCode Trails
BytecodeNameUtility routines for dealing with bytecode-level names.Classinvoke.utilCode Trails
ByteCodesBytecode instruction codes, as well as typecodes used as instruction Trails
ByteComponentRasterThis class defines a Raster with pixels consisting of one or more 8-bit data elements stored in close proximity to each other in a single byteClassawt.imageCode Trails
ByteEditorClasssun.beans.editorsCode Trails
ByteEditorFOR BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY ONLY - DO NOT USE.Classbeans.editorsCode Trails
ByteElementHandlerClasssun.beans.decoderCode Trails
ByteExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
ByteHolderThe Holder for Byte.Classomg.CORBACode Trails
ByteInputStreamClasssun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.utilCode Trails
ByteInterleavedRasterThis class defines a Raster with pixels consisting of one or more 8-bit data elements stored in close proximity to each other in aClassawt.imageCode Trails Trails Trails
ByteLookupTableThis class defines a lookup table object.Classawt.imageCode Trails
ByteOrderA typesafe enumeration for byte orders.ClassnioCode Trails
ByteOutputStreamCustomized BufferedOutputStream.Classsun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.utilCode Trails
BytePackedRasterThis class is useful for describing 1, 2, or 4 bit image data elements.Classawt.imageCode Trails
ByteSequenceUtility class that implements a sequence of bytes which can be read via the `readByte()' Trails
ByteSignatureAST that represents the type byte.Classreflect.generics.treeCode Trails
ByteToCharASCIIClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharBig5ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharBig5_HKSCSClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharBig5_SolarisClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharConverterAn abstract base class for subclasses which convert character data in an external encoding into Unicode characters.ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp037ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1006ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1025ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1026ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1046ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1047ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1097ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1098ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1112ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1122ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1123ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1124ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1140A table to convert Cp1140 to Unicode.ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1141A table to convert Cp1141 to Unicode.ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1142A table to convert Cp1142 to Unicode.ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1143A table to convert Cp1143 to Unicode.ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1144A table to convert Cp1144 to Unicode.ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1145A table to convert Cp1145 to Unicode.ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1146A table to convert Cp1146 to Unicode.ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1147A table to convert Cp1147 to Unicode.ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1148A table to convert Cp1148 to Unicode.ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1149A table to convert Cp1149 to Unicode.ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1250ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1251ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1252ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1253ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1254ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1255ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1256ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1257ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1258ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1381ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp1383ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp273ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp277ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp278ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp280ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp284ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp285ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp297ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp33722ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp420ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp424ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp437ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp500ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp737ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp775ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp833ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp834ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp838ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp850ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp852ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp855ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp856ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp857ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp858A table to convert Cp858 to Unicode.ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp860ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp861ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp862ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp863ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp864ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp865ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp866ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp868ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp869ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp870ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp871ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp874ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp875ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp918ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp921ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp922ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp930ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp933ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp935ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp937ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp939ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp942ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp942CClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp943ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp943CClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp948ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp949ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp949CClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp950ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp964ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharCp970ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharDBCS_ASCIIClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharDBCS_EBCDICClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharDoubleByteClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharEUCClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharEUC2ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharEUC_CNClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharEUC_JPClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharEUC_JP_LINUXClass for converting bytes to characters for the EUC-JP encoding in linux.ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharEUC_JP_SolarisClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharEUC_KRClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharEUC_TWClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharGB18030ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharGB18030DBClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharGBKClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharISCII91Converter class.ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharISO2022ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharISO2022CNClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharISO2022JPClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharISO2022KRClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharISO8859_1ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharISO8859_13ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharISO8859_15ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharISO8859_2ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharISO8859_3ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharISO8859_4ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharISO8859_5ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharISO8859_6ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharISO8859_7ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharISO8859_8ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharISO8859_9ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharJIS0201ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharJIS0208ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharJIS0208_SolarisTables and data to convert JIS0208_Solaris to Unicode Vendor defined chars added for benefit of vendor defined characterClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharJIS0212ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharJIS0212_SolarisTables and data to convert JIS0212_Solaris to Unicode Solaris ==> vendor defined characters -- NEC row 13 + IBM extendedClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharJISAutoDetectClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharJohabClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharKOI8_RClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharMacArabicClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharMacCentralEuropeClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharMacCroatianClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharMacCyrillicClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharMacDingbatClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharMacGreekClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharMacHebrewClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharMacIcelandClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharMacRomanClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharMacRomaniaClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharMacSymbolClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharMacThaiClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharMacTurkishClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharMacUkraineClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharMS874ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharMS932ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharMS936ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharMS949ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharMS950ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharMS950_HKSCSClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharPCKClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharSingleByteA table driven conversion from byte to char for single byte character sets.ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharSJISThe SJIS converters follow the Shift JIS definition in the JIS X0208:1997 standard as much as possible.ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharTIS620ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharUnicodeConvert byte arrays containing Unicode characters into arrays of actual Unicode characters.ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharUnicodeBigConvert byte arrays containing Unicode characters into arrays of actual Unicode characters, assuming a big-endian byte order.ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharUnicodeBigUnmarkedConvert byte arrays containing Unicode characters into arrays of actual Unicode characters, assuming a big-endian byte order and requiring noClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharUnicodeLittleConvert byte arrays containing Unicode characters into arrays of actual Unicode characters, assuming a little-endian byte order.ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharUnicodeLittleUnmarkedConvert byte arrays containing Unicode characters into arrays of actual Unicode characters, assuming a little-endian byte order and requiring noClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharUTF16Convert byte arrays containing Unicode characters into arrays of actual Unicode characters, assuming an initial byte-order mark.ClassioCode Trails
ByteToCharUTF8UCS Transformation Format 8 (UTF-8) -> UCS2 (UTF16) converter see CharToByteUTF8.ClassioCode Trails
ByteTypeThe type of all primitive byte values accessed in the target VM.Interfacesun.jdiCode Trails Trails
ByteValueProvides access to a primitive byte value in the target VM.Interfacesun.jdiCode Trails Trails
ByteVectorA dynamically extensible vector of Trails
ByteVectorInterfacereflectCode Trails
ByteVectorFactoryClassreflectCode Trails
ByteVectorImplClassreflectCode Trails Trails
C14NMethodParameterSpecA specification of algorithm parameters for a CanonicalizationMethod Algorithm.Interfacexml.crypto.dsig.specCode Trails
C14nXmlOutputXmlOutput that generates canonical XML.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.outputCode Trails
CacheThe Cache class.ClassmiscCode Trails
CacheAbstract base class and factory for caches.Classsecurity.utilCode Trails
CachedCodeBaseProvides the reading side with a per connection cache of info obtained via calls to the remote Trails
CachedDatatypeLibraryFactoryClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.dtCode Trails
CachedNodeListIteratorCachedNodeListIterator is used for select expressions in a variable or Trails
CachedPainterA base class used for icons or images that are expensive to paint.ClassswingCode Trails
CachedRowSetThe interface that all standard implementations of CachedRowSet must implement.Interfacesql.rowsetCode Trails
CachedRowSetImplThe standard implementation of the CachedRowSet interface.Classsun.rowsetCode Trails
CachedRowSetReaderThe facility called by the RIOptimisticProvider object internally to read data into it.Classsun.rowset.internalCode Trails
CachedRowSetWriterThe facility called on internally by the RIOptimisticProvider implementation to propagate changes back to the data source from which the rowset got its data.Classsun.rowset.internalCode Trails
CachedXPathAPIThe methods in this class are convenience methods into the low-level XPath Trails Trails Trails
CacheEntryClassmiscCode Trails
CacheEnumeratorClassmiscCode Trails
CacheFSInfoCaching implementation of Trails
CacheMapLike WeakHashMap, except that the keys of the n most recently-accessed entries are kept as softClasssun.jmx.remote.utilCode Trails
CacheRequestRepresents channels for storing resources in the ResponseCache.ClassnetCode Trails
CacheResponseRepresent channels for retrieving resources from the ResponseCache.ClassnetCode Trails Trails
CacheTableThis class implements Hashtable to store the replay caches.Classsecurity.krb5.internal.rcacheCode Trails
CachingParserPoolA parser pool that enables caching of Trails Trails
CalendarThe Calendar class is an abstract class that provides methods for converting between a specific instant in time and a set of calendar fields such as YEAR, MONTH,ClassutilCode Trails
CalendarBuilderClasstextCode Trails
CalendarDataClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_arClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_beClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_bgClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_caClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_csClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_daClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_deClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_elClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_el_CYClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_enClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_en_GBClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_en_IEClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_en_MTClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_esClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_es_ESClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_es_USClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_etClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_fiClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_frClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_fr_CAClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_hiClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_hrClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_huClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_in_IDClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_isClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_itClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_iwClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_jaClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_koClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_ltClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_lvClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_mkClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_ms_MYClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_mtClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_mt_MTClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_nlClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_noClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_plClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_ptClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_pt_PTClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_roClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_ruClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_skClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_slClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_sqClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_srClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_sr_Latn_BAClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_sr_Latn_MEClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_sr_Latn_RSClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_svClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_thClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_trClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_ukClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_viClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarData_zhClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CalendarDateThe CalendarDate class represents a specific instant in time by calendar date and time fields that are multiple cyclesClassutil.calendarCode Trails
CalendarSystemCalendarSystem is an abstract class that defines the programming interface to deal with calendar date and time.Classutil.calendarCode Trails
CalendarUtilsClassutil.calendarCode Trails
CallableA task that returns a result and may throw an exception.Interfaceutil.concurrentCode Trails
CallableStatementThe interface used to execute SQL stored procedures.InterfacesqlCode Trails
Callback Implementations of this interface are passed to a CallbackHandler, allowing underlying security servicesInterfacesecurity.auth.callbackCode Trails
CallbackHandler An application implements a CallbackHandler and passes it to underlying security services so that they may interact withInterfacesecurity.auth.callbackCode Trails Trails
CallSiteA CallSite is a holder for a variable MethodHandle, which is called its target.Classlang.invokeCode Trails Trails
CALOADCALOAD - Load char from array Stack: Trails
CancelablePrintJobThis interface is used by a printing application to cancel a print job.InterfaceprintCode Trails Trails
CancellableInterfacenio.chCode Trails
CancellableClassnio.fsCode Trails
CancellationExceptionException indicating that the result of a value-producing task, such as a FutureTask, cannot be retrieved because the taskClassutil.concurrentCode Trails
CancelledKeyExceptionUnchecked exception thrown when an attempt is made to use a selection key that is no longer valid.Classnio.channelsCode Trails
CancelRequestMessageThis interface captures the CancelRequestMessage Trails
CancelRequestMessage_1_0This implements the GIOP Trails
CancelRequestMessage_1_1This implements the GIOP Trails
CancelRequestMessage_1_2This implements the GIOP Trails
CannotProceed Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable), version "3.Classomg.CosNaming.NamingContextPackageCode Trails
CannotProceedExceptionThis exception is thrown to indicate that the operation reached a point in the name where the operation cannot proceed any further.ClassnamingCode Trails
CannotProceedHelper Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable), version "3.Classomg.CosNaming.NamingContextPackageCode Trails
CannotProceedHolder Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable), version "3.Classomg.CosNaming.NamingContextPackageCode Trails
CannotRedoExceptionThrown when an UndoableEdit is told to redo() and can't.Classswing.undoCode Trails
CannotUndoExceptionThrown when an UndoableEdit is told to undo() and can't.Classswing.undoCode Trails Trails
CanonicalizationMethodA representation of the XML CanonicalizationMethod element as defined in theInterfacexml.crypto.dsigCode Trails Trails
Canonicalizer11 Canonical XML Version Trails Trails Trails
Canonicalizer20010315 XML Version Trails
Canonicalizer20010315Excl Canonicalization, Version Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails
CanonicalizerBaseAbstract base class for canonicalization Trails
CanonicalizerSpiBase class which all Caninicalization algorithms Trails
CanvasA Canvas component represents a blank rectangular area of the screen onto which the application can draw or fromClassawtCode Trails
CanvasPeerThe peer interface for Canvas.Interfaceawt.peerCode Trails
CardA Smart Card with which a connection has been established.ClasssmartcardioCode Trails
CardChannelA logical channel connection to a Smart Card.ClasssmartcardioCode Trails
CardExceptionException for errors that occur during communication with the Smart Card stack or the card itself.ClasssmartcardioCode Trails
CardImplClasssecurity.smartcardioCode Trails
CardLayoutA CardLayout object is a layout manager for a container.ClassawtCode Trails
CardNotPresentExceptionException thrown when an application tries to establish a connection with a terminal that has no card present.ClasssmartcardioCode Trails
CardPermissionA permission for Smart Card operations.ClasssmartcardioCode Trails
CardTerminalA Smart Card terminal, sometimes refered to as a Smart Card Reader.ClasssmartcardioCode Trails
CardTerminalsThe set of terminals supported by a TerminalFactory.ClasssmartcardioCode Trails
CaretA place within a document view that represents where things can be inserted into the document model.Interfaceswing.textCode Trails
CaretEventCaretEvent is used to notify interested parties that the text caret has changed in the event source.Classswing.eventCode Trails
CaretListenerInterfaceswing.eventCode Trails
CArrayInfoBecause XJC doesn't generate the array binding, this class will never show up in the model constructed by Trails
CascadingDatatypeLibraryFactoryClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.dtCode Trails Trails
CaseStatementWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
CaseTreeA tree node for a 'case' in a 'switch' statement.Interfacesun.source.treeCode Trails Trails Trails
CastExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
CASTORECASTORE - Store into char array Stack: Trails
CatalogRepresents OASIS Open Catalog Trails
CatalogEntryRepresents a Catalog Trails
CatalogExceptionSignal Catalog Trails
CatalogManagerCatalogManager provides an interface to the catalog Trails
CatalogReaderThe CatalogReader Trails
CatalogResolverA SAX EntityResolver/JAXP URIResolver that uses Trails
CatchDataWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.asmCode Trails
CatchStatementWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
CatchTreeA tree node for a 'catch' block in a 'try' statement.Interfacesun.source.treeCode Trails
CAttributePropertyInfoAttributePropertyInfo for the Trails
CausedFocusEventThis class represents FocusEvents with a known "cause" - reason why this event happened.ClassawtCode Trails
CBuiltinLeafInfoEncapsulates the default handling for leaf classes (which are bound to text in Trails
CCacheInputStreamThis class extends KrbDataInputStream.Classsecurity.krb5.internal.ccacheCode Trails
CCacheOutputStreamThis class implements a buffered output stream.Classsecurity.krb5.internal.ccacheCode Trails
CClassEither CClassInfo or Trails
CClassInfoMutable ClassInfo Trails
CClassInfoParentParent of a CClassInfo/ Trails
CClassRefRefernece to an existing Trails Trails
CCustomizationsRepresents the list of CPluginCustomizations attached to a JAXB model Trails
CdataClasssun.xml.internal.txw2Code Trails Trails
CDATAImplClasssun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.soap.implCode Trails
CDATASectionCDATA sections are used to escape blocks of text containing characters that would otherwise be regarded as markup.Interfacew3c.domCode Trails
CDATASectionImplXML provides the CDATA markup to allow a region of text in which most of the XML delimiter recognition does not take Trails
CDefaultValueObject that computes the default value expression Trails
CDREncapsCodecCDREncapsCodec is an implementation of Codec, as described in orbos/99-12-02, that supports CDR encapsulation version Trails Trails
CDRInputStreamThis is delegates to the real Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails
CDROutputStreamThis is delegates to the real Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails
CEFormatExceptionClassmiscCode Trails Trails
CElementEither CElementInfo, CClassInfo, or Trails
CElementInfoElementInfo implementation for the compile-time Trails
CElementPropertyInfoElementPropertyInfo for the Trails
CellEditorThis interface defines the methods any general editor should be able Having this interface enables complex components (the client of theInterfaceswingCode Trails
CellEditorListenerCellEditorListener defines the interface for an object that listens to changes in a CellEditorInterfaceswing.eventCode Trails
CellRendererPaneThis class is inserted in between cell renderers and the components that use them.ClassswingCode Trails
CenterLayoutClassswing.colorchooserCode Trails
CenterLayoutClassswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
CEnumConstantEnumeration Trails
CEnumLeafInfoTransducer that converts a string into an "enumeration Trails
CertAndKeyGenGenerate a pair of keys, and provide access to them.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
CertAttrSetThis interface defines the methods required of a certificate attribute.Interfacesecurity.x509Code Trails
CertExceptionCertException indicates one of a variety of certificate problems.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
CertIdThis class corresponds to the CertId field in OCSP Request and the OCSP Response.Classsecurity.provider.certpathCode Trails
CertificateAbstract class for managing a variety of identity certificates.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertificateThis is an interface of abstract methods for managing a variety of identity certificates.InterfacesecurityCode Trails
CertificateAbstract class for managing a variety of identity certificates.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertificateAlgorithmIdThis class defines the AlgorithmId for the Certificate.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
CertificateEncodingExceptionCertificate Encoding Exception.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertificateEncodingExceptionCertificate Encoding Exception.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertificateExceptionThis exception indicates one of a variety of certificate problems.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertificateExceptionThis exception indicates one of a variety of certificate problems.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertificateExpiredExceptionCertificate Expired Exception.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertificateExpiredExceptionCertificate Expired Exception.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertificateExtensionsThis class defines the Extensions attribute for the Certificate.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
CertificateFactoryThis class defines the functionality of a certificate factory, which is used to generate certificate, certification path (CertPath)Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertificateFactorySpiThis class defines the Service Provider Interface (SPI) for the CertificateFactory class.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertificateIssuerExtensionRepresents the CRL Certificate Issuer Extension (OID = 2.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
CertificateIssuerNameThis class defines the X500Name attribute for the Certificate.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
CertificateIssuerUniqueIdentityThis class defines the subject/issuer unique identity attribute for the Certificate.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
CertificateNotYetValidExceptionCertificate is not yet valid exception.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertificateNotYetValidExceptionCertificate is not yet valid exception.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertificateParsingExceptionCertificate Parsing Exception.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertificateParsingExceptionCertificate Parsing Exception.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertificatePoliciesExtensionThis class defines the certificate policies extension which specifies the policies under which the certificate has been issuedClasssecurity.x509Code Trails
CertificatePolicyIdRepresent the CertificatePolicyId ASN.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
CertificatePolicyMapRepresent the CertificatePolicyMap ASN.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
CertificatePolicySetThis class defines the certificate policy set ASN.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
CertificateRevokedExceptionAn exception that indicates an X.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertificateSerialNumberThis class defines the SerialNumber attribute for the Certificate.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
CertificateSubjectNameThis class defines the X500Name attribute for the Certificate.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
CertificateSubjectUniqueIdentityThis class defines the subject/issuer unique identity attribute for the Certificate.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
CertificateValidityThis class defines the interval for which the certificate is valid.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
CertificateVersionThis class defines the version of the X509 Certificate.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
CertificateX509KeyThis class defines the X509Key attribute for the Certificate.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
CertParseErrorClasssecurity.x509Code Trails
CertPathAn immutable sequence of certificates (a certification path).Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertPathBuilderA class for building certification paths (also known as certificate chains).Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertPathBuilderExceptionAn exception indicating one of a variety of problems encountered when building a certification path with a CertPathBuilder.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertPathBuilderResultA specification of the result of a certification path builder algorithm.Interfacesecurity.certCode Trails
CertPathBuilderSpiThe Service Provider Interface (SPI) for the CertPathBuilder class.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertPathHelperHelper class that allows access to Sun specific known-public methods in the java.Classsecurity.provider.certpathCode Trails
CertPathHelperImplClasssecurity.certCode Trails
CertPathParametersA specification of certification path algorithm parameters.Interfacesecurity.certCode Trails
CertPathTrustManagerParametersA wrapper for CertPathParameters.Classnet.sslCode Trails
CertPathValidatorA class for validating certification paths (also known as certificate This class uses a provider-based architecture.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertPathValidatorExceptionAn exception indicating one of a variety of problems encountered when validating a certification path.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertPathValidatorResultA specification of the result of a certification path validator algorithm.Interfacesecurity.certCode Trails
CertPathValidatorSpiThe Service Provider Interface (SPI) for the CertPathValidator class.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertSelectorA selector that defines a set of criteria for selecting Certificates.Interfacesecurity.certCode Trails
CertsInFilesystemDirectoryResolverThis StorageResolverSpi makes all raw (binary) X509Certificates which reside as files in a single directory available to the Trails
CertStoreA class for retrieving Certificates and CRLs This class uses a provider-based architecture.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertStoreExceptionAn exception indicating one of a variety of problems retrieving certificates and CRLs from a CertStore.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CertStoreHelperHelper used by URICertStore when delegating to another CertStore to fetch certs and CRLs.Interfacesecurity.provider.certpathCode Trails
CertStoreParametersA specification of CertStore parameters.Interfacesecurity.certCode Trails
CertStoreSpiThe Service Provider Interface (SPI) for the CertStore class.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CEStreamExhaustedThis exception is thrown when EOF is reachedSee Also:Serialized FormClassmiscCode Trails
CGIClientExceptionClassrmi.transport.proxyCode Trails
CGICommandHandlerInterfacermi.transport.proxyCode Trails
CGIForwardCommandClassrmi.transport.proxyCode Trails
CGIGethostnameCommandClassrmi.transport.proxyCode Trails
CGIHandlerThe CGIHandler class contains methods for executing as a CGI program.Classrmi.transport.proxyCode Trails
CGIPingCommandClassrmi.transport.proxyCode Trails
CGIServerExceptionClassrmi.transport.proxyCode Trails
CGITryHostnameCommandClassrmi.transport.proxyCode Trails
ChainEndClassawt.geomCode Trails
ChangedCharSetExceptionChangedCharSetException as the name indicates is an exception thrown when the charset is changed.Classswing.textCode Trails
ChangeEventChangeEvent is used to notify interested parties that state has changed in the event source.Classswing.eventCode Trails Trails
ChangeListenerDefines an object which listens for ChangeEvents.Interfaceswing.eventCode Trails
ChangeListenerMapClassbeansCode Trails
ChannelA nexus for I/O operations.Interfacenio.channelsCode Trails
ChannelInterfacermi.transportCode Trails
ChannelBindingThis class encapsulates the concept of caller-provided channel binding information.Classietf.jgssCode Trails
ChannelImplClasssecurity.smartcardioCode Trails
ChannelInputStreamThis class is defined here rather than in java.Classnio.chCode Trails
ChannelsUtility methods for channels and streams.Classnio.channelsCode Trails
CharacterThe Character class wraps a value of the primitive type char in an object.ClasslangCode Trails Trails
CharacterCodingExceptionChecked exception thrown when a character encoding or decoding error occurs.Classnio.charsetCode Trails
CharacterDataClasslangCode Trails
CharacterDataThe CharacterData interface extends Node with a set of attributes and methods for accessing character data in the DOM.Interfacew3c.domCode Trails
CharacterData00ClasslangCode Trails
CharacterData01ClasslangCode Trails
CharacterData02ClasslangCode Trails
CharacterData0EClasslangCode Trails
CharacterDataImplCharacterData is an abstract Node that can carry character data as its Trails
CharacterDataLatin1ClasslangCode Trails
CharacterDataPrivateUseClasslangCode Trails
CharacterDataUndefinedClasslangCode Trails
CharacterDecoderThis class defines the decoding half of character encoders.ClassmiscCode Trails
CharacterEncoderThis class defines the encoding half of character encoders.ClassmiscCode Trails
CharacterEncodingClassioCode Trails
CharacterEscapeHandlerInterfacesun.xml.internal.bind.marshallerCode Trails
CharacterEscapeHandlerInterfacesun.xml.internal.txw2.outputCode Trails Trails
CharacterIteratorEncapsulates different types of character sources - String, InputStream, Trails
CharacterIteratorThis interface defines a protocol for bidirectional iteration over text.InterfacetextCode Trails
CharacterIteratorCodePointIteratorClasstextCode Trails
CharacterIteratorFieldDelegateClasstextCode Trails
CharacterIteratorWrapperThis class is a wrapper around CharacterIterator and implements the UCharacterIterator protocolClasstext.normalizerCode Trails
CharacterNameClasslangCode Trails
CharacterRangeTable_attributeThis is NOT part of any supported Trails
CharactersThis describes the interface to Characters Trails
CharactersEventClasssun.xml.internal.fastinfoset.stax.eventsCode Trails
CharArrayClasssun.xml.internal.fastinfoset.utilCode Trails
CharArrayArrayClasssun.xml.internal.fastinfoset.utilCode Trails
CharArrayCodePointIteratorClasstextCode Trails
CharArrayIntMapClasssun.xml.internal.fastinfoset.utilCode Trails
CharArrayIteratorClassawt.fontCode Trails
CharArrayReaderThis class implements a character buffer that can be used as a character-input stream.ClassioCode Trails
CharArrayStringClasssun.xml.internal.fastinfoset.utilCode Trails
CharArrayWrapperIt is a mutable object to wrap the char[] used in the contents of the XResourceBundle Trails
CharArrayWriterThis class implements a character buffer that can be used as an Writer.ClassioCode Trails
CharBuffer This class defines four categories of operations upon Absolute and relative get andClassnioCode Trails
CharConversionExceptionBase class for character conversion exceptions.ClassioCode Trails
CharElementHandlerClasssun.beans.decoderCode Trails
CharExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
CharHolderThe Holder for Char.Classomg.CORBACode Trails Trails
CharKeySimple class for fast lookup of char values, when used with Trails
CharReaderClasssun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.utilCode Trails
CharSeqHelperThe Helper for CharSeq.Classomg.CORBACode Trails
CharSeqHolderThe Holder for CharSeq.Classomg.CORBACode Trails
CharSequenceA CharSequence is a readable sequence of char values.InterfacelangCode Trails
CharSequenceCodePointIteratorClasstextCode Trails
CharsetA named mapping between sequences of sixteen-bit Unicode code units and sequences of bytes.Classnio.charsetCode Trails
CharsetDecoderAn engine that can transform a sequence of bytes in a specific charset into a sequence of sixteen-bit Unicode characters.Classnio.charsetCode Trails
CharsetEncoderAn engine that can transform a sequence of sixteen-bit Unicode characters into a sequence of bytes in a specific charset.Classnio.charsetCode Trails
CharsetMappingClassnio.csCode Trails
CharsetProviderCharset service-provider class.Classnio.charset.spiCode Trails
CharsetStringClassawtCode Trails
CharSignatureAST that represents the type char.Classreflect.generics.treeCode Trails
CharToByteASCIIClassioCode Trails
CharToByteBig5ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteBig5_HKSCSClassioCode Trails
CharToByteBig5_SolarisClassioCode Trails
CharToByteConverterAn abstract base class for subclasses which convert Unicode characters into an external encoding.ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp037ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1006ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1025ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1026ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1046ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1047ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1097ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1098ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1112ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1122ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1123ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1124ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1140ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1141ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1142ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1143ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1144ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1145ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1146ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1147ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1148ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1149ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1250ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1251ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1252ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1253ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1254ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1255ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1256ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1257ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1258ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1381ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp1383ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp273ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp277ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp278ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp280ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp284ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp285ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp297ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp33722ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp420ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp424ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp437ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp500ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp737ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp775ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp833ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp834ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp838ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp850ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp852ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp855ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp856ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp857ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp858ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp860ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp861ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp862ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp863ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp864ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp865ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp866ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp868ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp869ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp870ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp871ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp874ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp875ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp918ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp921ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp922ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp930ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp933ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp935ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp937ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp939ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp942ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp942CClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp943ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp943CClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp948ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp949ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp949CClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp950ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp964ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteCp970ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteDBCS_ASCIIClassioCode Trails
CharToByteDBCS_EBCDICClassioCode Trails
CharToByteDoubleByteClassioCode Trails
CharToByteEUCClassioCode Trails
CharToByteEUC_CNClassioCode Trails
CharToByteEUC_JPClassioCode Trails
CharToByteEUC_JP_LINUXClass for converting characters to bytes for the EUC-JP encoding in linux.ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteEUC_JP_SolarisClassioCode Trails
CharToByteEUC_KRClassioCode Trails
CharToByteEUC_TWClassioCode Trails
CharToByteGB18030ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteGBKClassioCode Trails
CharToByteISCII91Converter class.ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteISO2022ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteISO2022CN_CNSClassioCode Trails
CharToByteISO2022CN_GBClassioCode Trails
CharToByteISO2022JPClassioCode Trails
CharToByteISO2022KRClassioCode Trails
CharToByteISO8859_1ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteISO8859_13ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteISO8859_15ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteISO8859_2ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteISO8859_3ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteISO8859_4ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteISO8859_5ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteISO8859_6ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteISO8859_7ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteISO8859_8ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteISO8859_9ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteJIS0201ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteJIS0208ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteJIS0208_SolarisTables and data to convert Unicode to JIS0208_Solaris Vendor defined chars added for benefit of vendor defined characterClassioCode Trails
CharToByteJIS0212ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteJIS0212_SolarisClassioCode Trails
CharToByteJohabClassioCode Trails
CharToByteKOI8_RClassioCode Trails
CharToByteMacArabicClassioCode Trails
CharToByteMacCentralEuropeClassioCode Trails
CharToByteMacCroatianClassioCode Trails
CharToByteMacCyrillicClassioCode Trails
CharToByteMacDingbatClassioCode Trails
CharToByteMacGreekClassioCode Trails
CharToByteMacHebrewClassioCode Trails
CharToByteMacIcelandClassioCode Trails
CharToByteMacRomanClassioCode Trails
CharToByteMacRomaniaClassioCode Trails
CharToByteMacSymbolClassioCode Trails
CharToByteMacThaiClassioCode Trails
CharToByteMacTurkishClassioCode Trails
CharToByteMacUkraineClassioCode Trails
CharToByteMS874ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteMS932ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteMS936ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteMS949ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteMS950ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteMS950_HKSCSClassioCode Trails
CharToBytePCKClassioCode Trails
CharToByteSingleByteA table driven conversion from char to byte for single byte character sets.ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteSJISClassioCode Trails
CharToByteTIS620ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteUnicodeConvert arrays containing Unicode characters into arrays of bytes, using the platform-default byte order.ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteUnicodeBigConvert arrays containing Unicode characters into arrays of bytes, using big-endian byte order.ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteUnicodeBigUnmarkedConvert arrays containing Unicode characters into arrays of bytes, using big-endian byte order; do not write a byte-order mark before the firstClassioCode Trails
CharToByteUnicodeLittleConvert arrays containing Unicode characters into arrays of bytes, using little-endian byte order.ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteUnicodeLittleUnmarkedConvert arrays containing Unicode characters into arrays of bytes, using little-endian byte order; do not write a byte-order mark before the firstClassioCode Trails
CharToByteUTF16Convert arrays containing Unicode characters into arrays of bytes, using big-endian byte order and writing an initial byte-order mark.ClassioCode Trails
CharToByteUTF8UCS2 (UTF16) -> UCS Transformation Format 8 (UTF-8) converter It's represented like below.ClassioCode Trails
CharToGlyphMapperClassfontCode Trails
CharTrieTrie implementation which stores data in char, 16 bits.Classtext.normalizerCode Trails
CharTypeThe type of all primitive char values accessed in the target VM.Interfacesun.jdiCode Trails Trails
CharValueInterfacesun.jdiCode Trails Trails
CharWriterClasssun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.utilCode Trails
CheckType checking helper class for the attribution Trails
CheckboxA check box is a graphical component that can be in either an "on" (true) or "off" (false) state.ClassawtCode Trails
CheckboxGroupThe CheckboxGroup class is used to group together a set of Checkbox buttons.ClassawtCode Trails
CheckboxMenuItemThis class represents a check box that can be included in a menu.ClassawtCode Trails
CheckBoxMenuItemPainterClassswing.plaf.nimbusCode Trails
CheckboxMenuItemPeerThe peer interface for CheckboxMenuItem.Interfaceawt.peerCode Trails
CheckBoxPainterClassswing.plaf.nimbusCode Trails
CheckboxPeerThe peer interface for Checkbox.Interfaceawt.peerCode Trails
CHECKCASTCHECKCAST - Check whether object is of given type Stack: Trails
CheckContextWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
CheckedExceptionThis class provides abstractio to the the exception class corresponding to the wsdl:fault, such as class MUST Trails
CheckedExceptionImplCheckedException Trails
CheckedInputStreamAn input stream that also maintains a checksum of the data being read.Classutil.zipCode Trails
CheckedOutputStreamAn output stream that also maintains a checksum of the data being written.Classutil.zipCode Trails
CheckingSchemaBuilderWraps a SchemaBuilder and does all the semantic checks required by the RELAX NG spec.Classsun.xml.internal.rngom.ast.utilCode Trails
ChecksumAn interface representing a data checksum.Interfaceutil.zipCode Trails
ChecksumThis class encapsulates the concept of a Kerberos checksum.Classsecurity.krb5Code Trails
ChildElementFinderVisits a pattern and creates a list of possible child elements.Classsun.xml.internal.rngom.binary.visitorCode Trails
ChildIteratorThis class implements an optimized iterator for "node()" patterns, that is, any children of Trails
ChildLoaderPair of Loader and Receiver.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.unmarshallerCode Trails
ChildNodeChildNode inherits from NodeImpl and adds the capability of being a child by having references to its previous and next Trails Trails
ChildTestIteratorThis class implements an optimized iterator for children patterns that have a node test, and possibly a Trails Trails
ChoiceThe Choice class presents a pop-up menu of choices.ClassawtCode Trails
ChoiceCallback Underlying security services instantiate and pass a ChoiceCallback to the handleClasssecurity.auth.callbackCode Trails Trails
ChoiceFormatA ChoiceFormat allows you to attach a format to a range of numbers.ClasstextCode Trails
ChoiceNameClassClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.ncCode Trails
ChoicePatternClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.binaryCode Trails
ChoicePeerThe peer interface for Choice.Interfaceawt.peerCode Trails Trails
Chromaticity specifies monochrome or color printing.Classprint.attribute.standardCode Trails Trails
ChunkedInputStreamClassnet.httpserverCode Trails
ChunkedInputStreamA ChunkedInputStream provides a stream for reading a body of a http message that can be sent as a series of chunks, each with its ownClassnet.www.httpCode Trails Trails
ChunkedOutputStreamClassnet.httpserverCode Trails
ChunkedOutputStreamOutputStream that sends the output to the underlying stream using chunked encoding as specified in RFC 2068.Classnet.www.httpCode Trails Trails
ChunkStreamClasssun.imageio.plugins.pngCode Trails
CipherThis class provides the functionality of a cryptographic cipher for encryption and decryption.ClasscryptoCode Trails
CipherBlockChainingClasssun.crypto.providerCode Trails
CipherBoxClasssecurity.sslCode Trails
CipherCoreClasssun.crypto.providerCode Trails
CipherDataCipherData provides encrypted Trails
CipherFeedbackClasssun.crypto.providerCode Trails
CipherForKeyProtectorClasssun.crypto.providerCode Trails
CipherHelperClasssecurity.jgss.krb5Code Trails
CipherInputStreamA CipherInputStream is composed of an InputStream and a Cipher so that read() methods return data that are read in from theClasscryptoCode Trails
CipherOutputStreamA CipherOutputStream is composed of an OutputStream and a Cipher so that write() methods first process the data before writing them outClasscryptoCode Trails
CipherReferenceCipherReference identifies a source which, when processed, yields the encrypted octet Trails
CipherSpiThis class defines the Service Provider Interface (SPI) for the Cipher class.ClasscryptoCode Trails
CipherSuiteClasssecurity.sslCode Trails
CipherSuiteListClasssecurity.sslCode Trails
CipherTextStealingClasssun.crypto.providerCode Trails
CipherValueCipherValue is the wrapper for cipher Trails
CipherWithWrappingSpiThis class entends the javax.Classsun.crypto.providerCode Trails
CK_AES_CTR_PARAMSThis class represents the necessary parameters required by the CKM_AES_CTR mechanism as defined in CK_AES_CTR_PARAMS structure.Classsecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_ATTRIBUTEClasssecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_C_INITIALIZE_ARGS C_Initialize function.Classsecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_CREATEMUTEXInterfacesecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_DATEClasssecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_DESTROYMUTEXInterfacesecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_ECDH1_DERIVE_PARAMS CKM_ECDH1_DERIVE and CKM_ECDH1_COFACTOR_DERIVE mechanisms.Classsecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_ECDH2_DERIVE_PARAMS CKM_ECMQV_DERIVE mechanism.Classsecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_INFOclass CK_INFO provides general information about Cryptoki.Classsecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_LOCKMUTEXInterfacesecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_MECHANISMClasssecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_MECHANISM_INFOClasssecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_NOTIFYInterfacesecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_PBE_PARAMS the CKM_PBE mechanisms and the CKM_PBA_SHA1_WITH_SHA1_HMAC mechanism.Classsecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_PKCS5_PBKD2_PARAMS typedef struct CK_PKCS5_PBKD2_PARAMS { CK_PKCS5_PBKD2_SALT_SOURCE_TYPE saltSource;Classsecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_RSA_PKCS_OAEP_PARAMS CKM_RSA_PKCS_OAEP mechanism.Classsecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_RSA_PKCS_PSS_PARAMS typedef struct CK_RSA_PKCS_PSS_PARAMS { CK_MECHANISM_TYPE hashAlg;Classsecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_SESSION_INFOClasssecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_SLOT_INFOClasssecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_SSL3_KEY_MAT_OUT initialization vectors after performing a C_DeriveKey function with the CKM_SSL3_KEY_AND_MAC_DERIVE mechanism.Classsecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_SSL3_KEY_MAT_PARAMS CKM_SSL3_KEY_AND_MAC_DERIVE mechanism.Classsecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_SSL3_MASTER_KEY_DERIVE_PARAMS CKM_SSL3_MASTER_KEY_DERIVE mechanism.Classsecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_SSL3_RANDOM_DATA client and a server in an SSL context.Classsecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_TLS_PRF_PARAMSCK_TLS_PRF_PARAMS from PKCS#11 v2.Classsecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_TOKEN_INFOClasssecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_UNLOCKMUTEXInterfacesecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_VERSIONClasssecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_X9_42_DH1_DERIVE_PARAMS CKM_X9_42_DH_DERIVE mechanism.Classsecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CK_X9_42_DH2_DERIVE_PARAMS CKM_X9_42_DH_HYBRID_DERIVE and CKM_X9_42_MQV_DERIVE mechanisms.Classsecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
CksumTypeClasssecurity.krb5.internal.cryptoCode Trails
ClassInstances of the class Class represent classes and interfaces in a running Java application.ClasslangCode Trails
Class2HTMLRead class file(s) and convert them into HTML Trails
ClassAttributeValueExpClassmanagementCode Trails
ClassBeanInfoImplJaxBeanInfo implementation for j2s bean.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtimeCode Trails Trails Trails
ClassBuilderBuilds the summary for a given Trails
ClassCastExceptionThrown to indicate that the code has attempted to cast an object to a subclass of which it is not an instance.ClasslangCode Trails
ClassCircularityErrorThrown when the Java Virtual Machine detects a circularity in the superclass hierarchy of a class being loaded.ClasslangCode Trails
ClassConstantDataClasstools.asmCode Trails
ClassDeclarationRepresents the declaration of a class.Interfacesun.mirror.declarationCode Trails
ClassDeclarationThis class represents an Java class declaration.Classtools.javaCode Trails Trails
ClassDefinerClassreflectCode Trails
ClassDefinitionThis class serves as a parameter block to the Instrumentation.Classlang.instrumentCode Trails
ClassDefinitionThis class is a Java class definition WARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of anyClasstools.javaCode Trails
ClassDescThis class is used to marshal java.Classrmi.CORBACode Trails
ClassDocRepresents a java class or interface and provides access to information about the class, the class's comment and tags, and theInterfacesun.javadocCode Trails
ClassDocCatalogThis class acts as an artificial PackageDoc for classes specified on the command line when running Trails
ClassDocImplRepresents a java class and provides access to information about the class, the class' comment and tags, and Trails
ClassElementHandlerClasssun.beans.decoderCode Trails Trails
ClassFactoryCreates new instances of classes.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2Code Trails
ClassFileSee JVMS, section Trails
ClassFile Generic Java classfiles have one additional attribute for classes, methods and Trails
ClassFileThis class is used to represent a file loaded from the class path, and can either be a regular file or a zip file entry.Classtools.javaCode Trails
ClassFileAssemblerClassreflectCode Trails
ClassFileConstantsInterfacereflectCode Trails
ClassFileTransformerAn agent provides an implementation of this interface in order to transform class files.Interfacelang.instrumentCode Trails
ClassFileTransformerThis is an abstract base class which is called by java.ClassmiscCode Trails
ClassFinderThis is utility class that provides static methods to find a class with the specified name using the specified class loader.Classsun.beans.finderCode Trails
ClassFormatErrorThrown when the Java Virtual Machine attempts to read a class file and determines that the file is malformed or otherwise cannotClasslangCode Trails
ClassFormatExceptionThrown when the BCEL attempts to read a class file and determines that the file is malformed or otherwise cannot be interpreted as Trails
ClassGenTemplate class for building up a java Trails
ClassGeneratorThe class that implements any class that inherits from AbstractTranslet, Trails
ClassGenExceptionThrown on internal Trails
ClassicSortArrowIconClassswing.plaf.windowsCode Trails
ClassInfoInformation about JAXB-bound class.Interfacesun.xml.internal.bind.v2.model.coreCode Trails
ClassInfoImplA part of the ClassInfo that doesn't depend on a particular reflection library.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.model.implCode Trails
ClassLoaderDrop in replacement for the standard class loader of the Trails
ClassLoaderA class loader is an object that is responsible for loading classes.ClasslangCode Trails Trails
ClassLoaderHelperClasslangCode Trails
ClassLoaderObjectInputStreamClassawt.datatransferCode Trails
ClassLoaderObjectOutputStreamClassawt.datatransferCode Trails
ClassLoaderReferenceA class loader object from the target VM.Interfacesun.jdiCode Trails Trails
ClassLoaderRepositoryThe repository maintains information about which classes have It loads its data from the ClassLoader Trails
ClassLoaderRepositoryInstances of this interface are used to keep the list of ClassLoaders registered in an MBean Server.Interfacemanagement.loadingCode Trails
ClassLoaderRepositorySupportClasssun.jmx.mbeanserverCode Trails
ClassLoaderRetrieverClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.utilCode Trails
ClassLoaderUtilClassmiscCode Trails Trails Trails
ClassLoaderWithRepositoryClasssun.jmx.remote.utilCode Trails
ClassLoadingImplClassmanagementCode Trails
ClassLoadingMXBeanThe management interface for the class loading system of the Java virtual machine.Interfacelang.managementCode Trails
ClassLocatableLocatable implementation for a class.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.model.annotationCode Trails
ClassLoggerClasssun.jmx.remote.utilCode Trails Trails
ClassNameAllocatorCallback interface that allows the driver of the XJC API to rename JAXB-generated classes/interfaces/ Trails Trails Trails
ClassNameCollectorThis class writes out a Model as an XML Trails
ClassNameComparatorClasssun.codemodel.internal.utilCode Trails Trails
ClassNotFoundThis exception is thrown when a class definition is needed and the class can't be found.Classtools.javaCode Trails
ClassNotFoundExceptionThrown when an application tries to load in a class through its The forName method in class Class.ClasslangCode Trails
ClassNotLoadedExceptionThrown to indicate that the requested class has not yet been loaded through the appropriate class loader.Classsun.jdiCode Trails
ClassNotPreparedExceptionThrown to indicate that the requested operation cannot be completed because the specified class has not yet been prepared.Classsun.jdiCode Trails
ClassObjectReferenceAn instance of java.Interfacesun.jdiCode Trails Trails
ClassOutlineOutline object that provides per-CClassInfo information for filling in methods/fields for a Trails Trails
ClassParserWrapper class that parses a given Java Trails
ClassPathResponsible for loading (class) files from the Trails
ClassPathThis class is used to represent a class path, which can contain both directories and zip files.Classtools.javaCode Trails
ClassPathEntryClasstools.javaCode Trails
ClassPathLoaderA ClassLoader that will ultimately use a given sun.Classrmi.rmic.iiopCode Trails
ClassPrepareEventNotification of a class prepare in the target VM.Interfacesun.jdi.eventCode Trails Trails
ClassPrepareRequestRequest for notification when a class is prepared in the target VM.Interfacesun.jdi.requestCode Trails Trails
ClassQueueUtility class implementing a (typesafe) queue of JavaClassSee Also:ClassVector, Trails Trails
ClassReaderThis is NOT part of any supported Trails
ClassReaderThis class provides operations to read a classfile into an internal Trails
ClassReaderA Java class parser to make a ClassVisitor visit an existing Trails
ClassRepositoryThis class represents the generic type information for a class.Classreflect.generics.repositoryCode Trails
ClassResolverDynamically locates classes to represent elements discovered during the unmarshalling.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.apiCode Trails
ClassScopeClassreflect.generics.scopeCode Trails
ClassSelectorManages association between XSComponents and generated This class determines which component is mapped to (or is not mapped to) Trails
ClassSetUtility class implementing a (typesafe) set of JavaClass Trails
ClassSignatureClassreflect.generics.treeCode Trails
ClassStackUtility class implementing a (typesafe) stack of JavaClass Trails
ClassTabClasstools.jconsoleCode Trails
ClassTailorReplaces a few constant pool tokens from a class template and then loads it into the VM.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.bytecodeCode Trails
ClassTranslatorRewrites a class file using a map of Trails
ClassTreeA tree node for a class, interface, enum, or annotation modifiers class simpleName typeParametersClasssun.source.treeCode Trails
ClassTreeBuild Class Hierarchy for all the Trails Trails
ClassTypeThis helps enable whether the JDefinedClass is a Class or Interface or AnnotationTypeDeclaration or EnumClasssun.codemodel.internalCode Trails
ClassTypeA mirror of a class in the target VM.Interfacesun.jdiCode Trails
ClassTypeRepresents a class type.Interfacesun.mirror.typeCode Trails
ClassTypeClassrmi.rmic.iiopCode Trails
ClassTypeThis class represents an Java class type.Classtools.javaCode Trails Trails Trails
ClassTypeSignatureAST representing class types.Classreflect.generics.treeCode Trails
ClassUnloadEventNotification of a class unload in the target VM.Interfacesun.jdi.eventCode Trails Trails
ClassUnloadRequestRequest for notification when a class is unloaded in the target VM.Interfacesun.jdi.requestCode Trails
ClassUseMapperMap all class uses for a given Trails
ClassUseWriterGenerate class usage Trails
ClassValueLazily associate a computed value with (potentially) every type.ClasslangCode Trails
ClassVectorUtility class implementing a (typesafe) collection of JavaClass Trails
ClassVisitorA visitor to visit a Java Trails Trails
ClassWriterWrite a ClassFile data structure to a file or Trails
ClassWriterThe interface for writing class Trails
ClassWriterThis class provides operations to map an internal symbol table graph rooted in a ClassSymbol into a Trails Trails
ClassWriterA ClassVisitor that generates classes in bytecode Trails
ClassWriterImplGenerate the Class Information Trails
CleanerGeneral-purpose phantom-reference-based cleaners.ClassmiscCode Trails
ClientThe NTLM Trails
ClientCodeExceptionAn exception used for propogating exceptions found in client code invoked from Trails
ClientCodeWrapperWrap objects to enable unchecked exceptions to be caught and Trails
ClientCommunicatorAdminClasssun.jmx.remote.internalCode Trails Trails
ClientDelegateThe presentation block interacts with the PEPt architecture via the Trails
ClientFactoryImplClient factory for EXTERNAL, CRAM-MD5, Trails
ClientHandshakerClasssecurity.sslCode Trails
ClientIdClasssun.jndi.ldapCode Trails
ClientInfoStatusenum ClientInfoStatusEnumeration for status of the reason that a property could not be setClasssqlCode Trails Trails
ClientListenerInfoAn identified listener.Classsun.jmx.remote.internalCode Trails Trails Trails Trails
ClientMUTubePerforms soap mustUnderstand processing for Trails
ClientNotifForwarderClasssun.jmx.remote.internalCode Trails
ClientPipeAssemblerContextFactory for well-known Pipe implementations that the PipelineAssembler needs to Trails
ClientPipelineHookAllow the container (primarily Glassfish) to inject their own pipes into the client Trails
ClientPropertyKeyClassswingCode Trails
ClientProviderClasssun.jmx.remote.protocol.iiopCode Trails
ClientProviderClasssun.jmx.remote.protocol.rmiCode Trails
ClientRequestDispatcherClientRequestDispatcher coordinates the request (and possible response) processing for a specific Trails
ClientRequestInfoRequest Information, accessible to client-side request interceptors.Interfaceomg.PortableInterceptorCode Trails
ClientRequestInfoImpl orbos/99-12-02 section Trails
ClientRequestInfoOperationsRequest Information, accessible to client-side request interceptors.Interfaceomg.PortableInterceptorCode Trails
ClientRequestInterceptorClient-side request interceptor.Interfaceomg.PortableInterceptorCode Trails
ClientRequestInterceptorOperationsClient-side request interceptor.Interfaceomg.PortableInterceptorCode Trails
ClientSchemaValidationTubeTube that does the schema validation on the client Trails Trails Trails
ClientTubeAssemblerContextFactory for well-known Tube implementations that the TubelineAssembler needs to Trails
ClientVectorClassnet.www.httpCode Trails
ClipThe Clip interface represents a special kind of data line whose audio data can be loaded prior to playback, instead of being streamed inInterfacesound.sampledCode Trails
ClipboardA class that implements a mechanism to transfer data using cut/copy/paste operations.Classawt.datatransferCode Trails
ClipboardOwnerDefines the interface for classes that will provide data to a clipboard.Interfaceawt.datatransferCode Trails
ClipboardTransferableReads all of the data from the system Clipboard which the data transfer subsystem knows how to translate.Classawt.datatransferCode Trails
ClobThe mapping in the JavaTM programming language for the SQL CLOB type.InterfacesqlCode Trails
CloneableA class implements the Cloneable interface to indicate to the Object.InterfacelangCode Trails
CloneableDigestClasssecurity.sslCode Trails
ClonedNodeListIteratorA ClonedNodeListIterator is returned by the cloneIterator() method of a Trails
CloneNotSupportedExceptionThrown to indicate that the clone method in class Object has been called to clone an object, but thatClasslangCode Trails
CloseableCloseable JAX-WS proxy object.Interfacesun.xml.internal.wsCode Trails
CloseableA Closeable is a source or destination of data that can be closed.InterfaceioCode Trails
CloseableDisposerRecordConvenience class that closes a given resource (e.Classsun.imageio.streamCode Trails
CloseableURLClassLoaderA URLClassLoader that also implements Trails
ClosedByInterruptExceptionChecked exception received by a thread when another thread interrupts it while it is blocked in an I/O operation upon a channel.Classnio.channelsCode Trails
ClosedChannelExceptionChecked exception thrown when an attempt is made to invoke or complete an I/O operation upon channel that is closed, or at least closed to thatClassnio.channelsCode Trails
ClosedConnectionExceptionThis exception may be thrown as a result of an asynchronous close of a Connection while an I/O operation isClasssun.jdi.connect.spiCode Trails
ClosedDirectoryStreamExceptionUnchecked exception thrown when an attempt is made to invoke an operation on a directory stream that is closed.Classnio.fileCode Trails
ClosedFileSystemExceptionUnchecked exception thrown when an attempt is made to invoke an operation on a file and the file system is closed.Classnio.fileCode Trails
ClosedSelectorExceptionUnchecked exception thrown when an attempt is made to invoke an I/O operation upon a closed selector.Classnio.channelsCode Trails
ClosedWatchServiceExceptionUnchecked exception thrown when an attempt is made to invoke an operation on a watch service that is closed.Classnio.fileCode Trails Trails
ClosureInterfacetools.jstatCode Trails Trails
CMAnyContent model any Trails
CMapClassfontCode Trails
CMBinOpContent model Bin-Op Trails
CMBuilderThis class constructs content models for a given Trails
CMLeafContent model leaf Trails
CMMExceptionThis exception is thrown if the native CMM returns an error.Classawt.colorCode Trails
CMNodeA content model Trails Trails
CMSManagerClassjava2d.cmmCode Trails
CMStateSetThis class is a very simple bitset Trails
CMUniOpContent model Uni-Op Trails
CNBindingEnumerationClasssun.jndi.cosnamingCode Trails
CNCtxProvides a bridge to the CosNaming server provided by JavaIDL.Classsun.jndi.cosnamingCode Trails
CNCtxFactory create the InitialContext objects.Classsun.jndi.cosnamingCode Trails
CNNameParserParsing routines for NameParser as well as COS Naming stringified names.Classsun.jndi.cosnamingCode Trails
CNonElementNonElement at Trails Trails
CodeThis class represents a chunk of Java byte code contained in a Trails
CodeAn internal structure that corresponds to the code attribute of methods in a Trails
CodeClassnet.httpserverCode Trails
Code_attributeSee JVMS, section Trails
CodeBasecom/sun/org/omg/SendingContext/ Trails
CodeBaseHelpercom/sun/org/omg/SendingContext/ Trails
CodeBaseOperationscom/sun/org/omg/SendingContext/ Trails
CodecEncodes a Message (its XML infoset and attachments) to a sequence of Trails
CodecThe formats of IOR components and service context data used by ORB services are often defined as CDR encapsulations encoding instances Interfaceomg.IOPCode Trails
CodecFactoryCodecs are obtained from the CodecFactory.Interfaceomg.IOPCode Trails
CodecFactoryHelperCodecs are obtained from the CodecFactory.Classomg.IOPCode Trails
CodecFactoryImplCodecFactoryImpl is the implementation of the Codec Factory, as describedSee Also:Serialized Trails
CodecFactoryOperationsCodecs are obtained from the CodecFactory.Interfaceomg.IOPCode Trails
CodeContextClasstools.treeCode Trails
CodecOperationsThe formats of IOR components and service context data used by ORB services are often defined as CDR encapsulations encoding instances Interfaceomg.IOPCode Trails
CodecsFactory methods for some of the Codec Trails
CodeExceptionThis class represents an entry in the exception table of the Code attribute and is used only Trails
CodeExceptionGenThis class represents an exception handler, Trails Trails
CodeModelClassFactoryCreate new JDefinedClass and report class collision errors, This is just a helper class that simplifies the class name Trails
CodePointIteratorClasstextCode Trails
CoderMalfunctionErrorError thrown when the decodeLoop method of a CharsetDecoder, or the encodeLoop method of a CharsetEncoder, throws an unexpectedClassnio.charsetCode Trails
CoderResultA description of the result state of a coder.Classnio.charsetCode Trails
CODESET_INCOMPATIBLEThis exception is raised whenever meaningful communication is not possible between client and server native code sets.Classomg.CORBACode Trails Trails Trails
CodeSetConversionCollection of classes, interfaces, and factory methods for CORBA code set Trails
CodeSets Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable), version 3.Interfaceomg.IOPCode Trails Trails Trails Trails
CodeSignerThis class encapsulates information about a code signer.ClasssecurityCode Trails
CodeSourceThis class extends the concept of a codebase to encapsulate not only the location (URL) but also the certificate chainsClasssecurityCode Trails
CodeTagletAn inline Taglet used to denote literal code Trails Trails
CodeWriterReceives generated code and writes to the appropriate storage.Classsun.codemodel.internalCode Trails Trails Trails Trails
CodingErrorActionA typesafe enumeration for coding-error actions.Classnio.charsetCode Trails Trails
CollapsedStringAdapterBuilt-in XmlAdapter to handle xs:token and its derived types.Classxml.bind.annotation.adaptersCode Trails
CollationDataClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_arClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_beClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_bgClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_caClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_csClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_daClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_deClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_elClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_enClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_esClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_etClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_fiClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_frClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_hiClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_hrClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_huClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_isClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_itClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_iwClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_jaClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_koClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_ltClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_lvClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_mkClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_nlClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_noClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_plClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_ptClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_roClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_ruClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_skClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_slClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_sqClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_srClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_sr_LatnClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_svClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_thClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_trClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_ukClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_viClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_zhClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_zh_HKClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationData_zh_TWClasstext.resourcesCode Trails
CollationElementIteratorThe CollationElementIterator class is used as an iterator to walk through each character of an international string.ClasstextCode Trails
CollationKeyA CollationKey represents a String under the rules of a specific Collator object.ClasstextCode Trails
CollationRulesClasstextCode Trails
CollatorThe Collator class performs locale-sensitive String comparison.ClasstextCode Trails Trails Trails
CollatorProviderAn abstract class for service providers that provide concrete implementations of theClasstext.spiCode Trails
CollatorUtilitiesClasstextCode Trails
CollectionThe root interface in the collection hierarchy.InterfaceutilCode Trails
CollectionCertStoreA CertStore that retrieves Certificates and CRLs from a Collection.Classsecurity.provider.certpathCode Trails
CollectionCertStoreParametersParameters used as input for the Collection CertStore This class is used to provide necessary configuration parametersClasssecurity.certCode Trails
CollectionsThis class consists exclusively of static methods that operate on or return collections.ClassutilCode Trails Trails
CollisionCheckStackStack-like data structure that allows the following efficient operations: Push/pop operation.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.utilCode Trails Trails
ColorThe Color class is used to encapsulate colors in the default sRGB color space or colors in arbitrary color spaces identified by aClassawtCode Trails Trails
ColorChooserComponentFactoryA class designed to produce preconfigured accessory objects to insert into color choosers.Classswing.colorchooserCode Trails
ColorChooserDialogClassswingCode Trails
ColorChooserPanelClassswing.colorchooserCode Trails
ColorChooserUIPluggable look and feel interface for JColorChooser.Classswing.plafCode Trails
ColorConvertOpThis class performs a pixel-by-pixel color conversion of the data in the source image.Classawt.imageCode Trails
ColorDataClassawt.X11Code Trails
ColorEditorClasssun.beans.editorsCode Trails
ColorEditorFOR BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY ONLY - DO NOT USE.Classbeans.editorsCode Trails
ColorEntryClassawt.X11Code Trails
ColorModelThe ColorModel abstract class encapsulates the methods for translating a pixel value to color componentsClassawt.imageCode Trails
ColorModelClassswing.colorchooserCode Trails
ColorModelCMYKClassswing.colorchooserCode Trails
ColorModelHSLClassswing.colorchooserCode Trails
ColorModelHSVClassswing.colorchooserCode Trails
ColorPaintContextClassawtCode Trails
ColorPanelClassswing.colorchooserCode Trails
ColorSelectionModelA model that supports selecting a Color.Interfaceswing.colorchooserCode Trails
ColorSpaceThis abstract class is used to serve as a color space tag to identify the specific color space of a Color object or, via a ColorModel object,Classawt.colorCode Trails
ColorSupported identifies whether the device is capable of any type of color printing at all, including highlight color as well as full process color.Classprint.attribute.standardCode Trails
ColorTrackerClassswingCode Trails
ColorTransformInterfacejava2d.cmmCode Trails
ColorTypeA typesafe enumeration of colors that can be fetched from a style.Classswing.plaf.synthCode Trails
ColorUIResourceSee Also:Serialized FormMethod override recommendationsThe following methods are frequently overridden by subclasses of ColorUIResource:brighter() - 100%, createContext(java.Classswing.plafCode Trails
ColumnFormatA class to represent the format for a column of data.Classtools.jstatCode Trails
ComboBoxArrowButtonEditableStateClassswing.plaf.nimbusCode Trails
ComboBoxArrowButtonPainterClassswing.plaf.nimbusCode Trails
ComboBoxEditableStateClassswing.plaf.nimbusCode Trails
ComboBoxEditorThe editor component used for JComboBox components.InterfaceswingCode Trails
ComboBoxModelA data model for a combo box.InterfaceswingCode Trails
ComboBoxPainterClassswing.plaf.nimbusCode Trails
ComboBoxTextFieldPainterClassswing.plaf.nimbusCode Trails
ComboBoxUIPluggable look and feel interface for JComboBox.Classswing.plafCode Trails
ComboPopupThe interface which defines the methods required for the implementation of the popup portion of a combo box.Interfaceswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
COMM_FAILUREThis exception is raised if communication is lost while an operation is in progress, after the request was sent by the client, but beforeClassomg.CORBACode Trails
CommaExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
CommandAPDUA command APDU following the structure defined in ISO/IEC 7816-4.ClasssmartcardioCode Trails Trails
CommandInfoThe CommandInfo class is used by CommandMap implementations to describe the results of command requests.ClassactivationCode Trails Trails
CommandLineVarious utility methods for processing Java tool command line Trails
CommandLineVarious utility methods for processing Java tool command line Trails
CommandLineVarious utility methods for processing Java tool command line arguments.Classtools.jarCode Trails
CommandLineVarious utility methods for processing Java tool command line arguments.Classtools.utilCode Trails
CommandMapThe CommandMap class provides an interface to a registry of command objects available in the system.ClassactivationCode Trails
CommandObjectJavaBeans components that are Activation Framework aware implement this interface to find out which command verb they're being askedInterfaceactivationCode Trails Trails Trails Trails
COMMarkerSegmentClasssun.imageio.plugins.jpegCode Trails Trails Trails
CommentClass for generating a comment for HTML pages of javadoc Trails Trails
CommentClasssun.xml.internal.txw2Code Trails Trails
CommentThis interface inherits from CharacterData and represents the content of a comment, i.Interfacew3c.domCode Trails
CommentedMethodFinderFind a commented Trails
CommentEventClasssun.xml.internal.fastinfoset.stax.eventsCode Trails
CommentEventThis class contains information about Comment Trails
CommentImplRepresents an XML (or HTML) Trails
CommentImplClasssun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.soap.implCode Trails
CommentListHostClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.parse.hostCode Trails
CommentListImplClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.digestedCode Trails
CommentViewClassswing.text.htmlCode Trails
CommonDataSourceInterface that defines the methods which are common between DataSource, XADataSource and ConnectionPoolDataSource.InterfacesqlCode Trails
CommonResourceBundleResource bundle implementation for localized messages.Classsun.xml.internal.fastinfosetCode Trails
CommunicationExceptionThis exception is thrown when the client is unable to communicate with the directory or naming service.ClassnamingCode Trails
CompactByteArrayclass CompactATypeArray : use only on primitive data types Provides a compact way to store information that is indexed by UnicodeClasstextCode Trails Trails
CompactParseableRELAX NG schema in the compact syntax.Classsun.xml.internal.rngom.parse.compactCode Trails
CompactSyntaxClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.parse.compactCode Trails
CompactSyntaxConstantsToken literal values and constants.Interfacesun.xml.internal.rngom.parse.compactCode Trails
CompactSyntaxTokenManagerClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.parse.compactCode Trails
ComparableThis interface imposes a total ordering on the objects of each class that implements it.InterfacelangCode Trails
ComparableTimSortClassutilCode Trails Trails
ComparatorA comparison function, which imposes a total ordering on some collection of objects.InterfaceutilCode Trails
CompareInterfacemiscCode Trails Trails
ComparerBase class for comparison of two Trails
CompareTabOrderComparatorClassswingCode Trails
CompatibilityDatatypeLibraryClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.dt.builtinCode Trails
CompilableThe optional interface implemented by ScriptEngines whose methods compile scripts to a form that can be executed repeatedly without recompilation.InterfacescriptCode Trails
CompilationID_attributeThis is NOT part of any supported Trails
CompilationImplClassmanagementCode Trails
CompilationMXBeanThe management interface for the compilation system of the Java virtual machine.Interfacelang.managementCode Trails
CompilationUnitTreeRepresents the abstract syntax tree for compilation units (source files) and package declarations (package-info.Interfacesun.source.treeCode Trails Trails
Compile java Trails
Compile java Trails
CompiledScript might be stored in the form of Java classes, Java class files or scripting language opcodes.ClassscriptCode Trails
CompilerAn instance of this class compiles an XPath string expression into a Expression Trails
CompilerThe Compiler class is provided to support Java-to-native-code compilers and related services.ClasslangCode Trails
CompilerErrorThis exception is thrown when an internal compiler error occurs WARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of anyClasstools.javaCode Trails Trails
CompilerMemberClasstools.javacCode Trails
CompilerThreadStatClassmanagementCode Trails
CompletedFutureFuture implementation that obtains an already available Trails
CompletedFutureClassnio.chCode Trails
CompletionA suggested completion for an annotation.Interfaceannotation.processingCode Trails
CompletionHandlerA handler for consuming the result of an asynchronous I/O operation.Interfacenio.channelsCode Trails
CompletionsUtility class for assembling Completion objects.Classannotation.processingCode Trails
CompletionServiceA service that decouples the production of new asynchronous tasks from the consumption of the results of completed tasks.Interfaceutil.concurrentCode Trails
CompletionStatusAn object that indicates whether a method had completed running when a SystemException was thrown.Classomg.CORBACode Trails
CompletionStatusHelperThe Helper for CompletionStatus.Classomg.CORBACode Trails
ComplexAssertionComplex assertion is an abstract class that serves as a base class for any assertion that MAY contain nested Trails
ComplexContentInterfacesun.xml.internal.bind.v2.schemagen.xmlschemaCode Trails
ComplexExtensionInterfacesun.xml.internal.bind.v2.schemagen.xmlschemaCode Trails
ComplexRestrictionInterfacesun.xml.internal.bind.v2.schemagen.xmlschemaCode Trails
ComplexTypeInterfacesun.xml.internal.bind.v2.schemagen.xmlschemaCode Trails
complexTypeClasssun.xml.internal.xsom.impl.parser.stateCode Trails
complexType_complexContent_bodyClasssun.xml.internal.xsom.impl.parser.stateCode Trails
ComplexTypeBindingModeenum ComplexTypeBindingModeThree-state flag for a complex Trails
ComplexTypeFieldBuildersingle entry point of building a field expression from a complex Trails
ComplexTypeHostInterfacesun.xml.internal.bind.v2.schemagen.xmlschemaCode Trails
ComplexTypeImplClasssun.xml.internal.xsom.implCode Trails
ComplexTypeModelInterfacesun.xml.internal.bind.v2.schemagen.xmlschemaCode Trails
ComponentA component is an object having a graphical representation that can be displayed on the screen and that can interact with theClassawtCode Trails
ComponentAdapterAn abstract adapter class for receiving component events.Classawt.eventCode Trails
ComponentBeanInfoBeanInfo descriptor for a standard AWT component.Classsun.beans.infosCode Trails
ComponentColorModelA ColorModel class that works with pixel values that represent color and alpha information as separate samples and thatClassawt.imageCode Trails
ComponentContextProvides implementation of p_* operations using c_* operations provided by subclasses.Classsun.jndi.toolkit.ctxCode Trails
ComponentDirContextClasssun.jndi.toolkit.ctxCode Trails
ComponentEventA low-level event which indicates that a component moved, changed size, or changed visibility (also, the root class for the otherClassawt.eventCode Trails
ComponentFactoryInterfaceawtCode Trails
ComponentIdHelperStandard way of representing multicomponent profiles.Classomg.IOPCode Trails
ComponentImplClasssun.xml.internal.xsom.implCode Trails
ComponentInputMapA ComponentInputMap is an InputMap associated with a particular JComponent.ClassswingCode Trails
ComponentInputMapUIResourceA subclass of javax.Classswing.plafCode Trails
ComponentListenerThe listener interface for receiving component events.Interfaceawt.eventCode Trails
ComponentNameFunctionExtract the name of the components.Classsun.xml.internal.xsom.utilCode Trails
ComponentOrientationThe ComponentOrientation class encapsulates the language-sensitive orientation that is to be used to order the elements of a componentClassawtCode Trails
ComponentPeerThe peer interface for Component.Interfaceawt.peerCode Trails
ComponentSampleModelThis class represents image data which is stored such that each sample of a pixel occupies one data element of the DataBuffer.Classawt.imageCode Trails
ComponentUIThe base class for all UI delegate objects in the Swing pluggable look and feel architecture.Classswing.plafCode Trails
ComponentViewComponent decorator that implements the view interface.Classswing.textCode Trails
ComposedCharIterClasstextCode Trails
CompositeThe Composite interface, along with CompositeContext, defines the methods to compose a drawInterfaceawtCode Trails
CompositeContextThe CompositeContext interface defines the encapsulated and optimized environment for a compositing operation.InterfaceawtCode Trails
CompositeDataThe CompositeData interface specifies the behavior of a specific type of complex open data objects which represent composite data structures.Interfacemanagement.openmbeanCode Trails
CompositeDataInvocationHandlerAn InvocationHandler that forwards getter methods to a CompositeData.Classmanagement.openmbeanCode Trails
CompositeDataSupportThe CompositeDataSupport class is the open data class which implements the CompositeData interface.Classmanagement.openmbeanCode Trails
CompositeDataViewA Java class can implement this interface to indicate how it is to be converted into a CompositeData by the MXBean framework.Interfacemanagement.openmbeanCode Trails Trails
CompositeFontClassfontCode Trails
CompositeFontDescriptorEncapsulates the information that 2D needs to create a composite font, the runtime representation of a logical font.ClassfontCode Trails
CompositeGlyphMapperClassfontCode Trails Trails Trails
CompositeNameThis class represents a composite name -- a sequence of component names spanning multiple namespaces.ClassnamingCode Trails
CompositePipeThis interface defines the set of calls used by a rendering pipeline based on an AATileGenerator to communicate the alpha tile sequenceInterfacejava2d.pipeCode Trails Trails
CompositeStrikeClassfontCode Trails
CompositeStructureA JAXB Bean that works like a DOM.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.apiCode Trails
CompositeStructureBeanInfoClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtimeCode Trails
CompositeTypeThe CompositeType class is the open type class whose instances describe the types of CompositeData values.Classmanagement.openmbeanCode Trails
CompositeTypeA CompositeType object provides a chained description of a type of algorithm for color compositing.Classjava2d.loopsCode Trails
CompositeViewCompositeView is an abstract View implementation which manages one or more child views.Classswing.textCode Trails
CompositionAreaA composition area is used to display text that's being composed using an input method in its own user interface environment,Classawt.imCode Trails
CompositionAreaHandlerClassawt.imCode Trails
COMPOUND_TEXTClassnio.cs.extCode Trails
COMPOUND_TEXT_DecoderAn algorithmic conversion from COMPOUND_TEXT to Unicode.Classnio.cs.extCode Trails
COMPOUND_TEXT_EncoderClassnio.cs.extCode Trails
CompoundAssignmentTreeA tree node for compound assignment operator.Interfacesun.source.treeCode Trails
CompoundBorderA composite Border class used to compose two Border objects into a single border by nesting an inside Border object withinClassswing.borderCode Trails
CompoundControlA CompoundControl, such as a graphic equalizer, provides control over two or more related properties, each of which is itself represented asClasssound.sampledCode Trails
CompoundEditA concrete subclass of AbstractUndoableEdit, used to assemble little UndoableEdits into great big ones.Classswing.undoCode Trails
CompoundEnumerationClassmiscCode Trails
CompoundInstructionWrapper class for `compound' operations, virtual instructions that don't exist as byte code, but give a useful Trails
CompoundNameThis class represents a compound name -- a name from a hierarchical name space.ClassnamingCode Trails
CompoundPrintableClassswing.textCode Trails
CompoundStatementWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
CompoundTextSupportClassnio.cs.extCode Trails
CompoundTypeClassrmi.rmic.iiopCode Trails
Compression specifies how print data is compressed.Classprint.attribute.standardCode Trails Trails
ConcreteMethodImplRepresents methods with method Trails
ConcurrentHashMapA hash table supporting full concurrency of retrievals and adjustable expected concurrency for updates.Classutil.concurrentCode Trails
ConcurrentLinkedDequeAn unbounded concurrent deque based on linked nodes.Classutil.concurrentCode Trails
ConcurrentLinkedQueueAn unbounded thread-safe queue based on linked nodes.Classutil.concurrentCode Trails
ConcurrentMapA Map providing additional atomic putIfAbsent, remove, and replace methods.Interfaceutil.concurrentCode Trails
ConcurrentModificationExceptionThis exception may be thrown by methods that have detected concurrent modification of an object when such modification is not permissible.ClassutilCode Trails
ConcurrentNavigableMapA ConcurrentMap supporting NavigableMap operations, and recursively so for its navigable sub-maps.Interfaceutil.concurrentCode Trails
ConcurrentSkipListMapA scalable concurrent ConcurrentNavigableMap implementation.Classutil.concurrentCode Trails
ConcurrentSkipListSetA scalable concurrent NavigableSet implementation based on a ConcurrentSkipListMap.Classutil.concurrentCode Trails
ConditionCondition factors out the Object monitor methods (wait, notifyInterfaceutil.concurrent.locksCode Trails
ConditionalInterfaceawtCode Trails
ConditionalExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
ConditionalExpressionTreeA tree node for the conditional operator ? :.Interfacesun.source.treeCode Trails
ConditionalSpecialCasingClasslangCode Trails
ConditionLockConditionLock is a Lock with a built in state variable.ClassmiscCode Trails
ConditionVarsClasstools.treeCode Trails
CondVarThis class is designed for fans of POSIX pthreads Trails Trails
ConfigThis class maintains key-value pairs of Kerberos configurable constants from configuration file or from user specified system properties.Classsecurity.krb5Code Trails
ConfigClasssecurity.pkcs11Code Trails
ConfigFileThis class represents a default implementation for Trails
ConfigReaderThis reads the config files passed by the user to apt and obtains a list of classes that need to be Trails
ConfigSpiFileThis class wraps the ConfigFile subclass implementation of Configuration inside a ConfigurationSpi implementation that is available from theClasssecurity.providerCode Trails
ConfigurationConfigure the output based on the Trails
ConfigurationA Configuration object is responsible for specifying which LoginModules should be used for a particular application, and in what order theClasssecurity.auth.loginCode Trails
ConfigurationErrorA configuration Trails
ConfigurationErrorA configuration Trails
ConfigurationExceptionThis exception is thrown when there is a configuration problem.ClassnamingCode Trails
ConfigurationExceptionClasssecurity.pkcs11Code Trails
ConfigurationImplConfigure the output based on the command line Trails Trails
ConfigurationSpiThis class defines the Service Provider Interface (SPI) for the Configuration class.Classsecurity.auth.loginCode Trails
ConfirmationCallback Underlying security services instantiate and pass a ConfirmationCallback to the handleClasssecurity.auth.callbackCode Trails Trails
ConfounderClasssecurity.krb5Code Trails
ConnectDialogClasstools.jconsoleCode Trails
ConnectedComponentRepresents one strongly-connected component of the Element Trails
ConnectExceptionSignals that an error occurred while attempting to connect a socket to a remote address and port.ClassnetCode Trails
ConnectExceptionA ConnectException is thrown if a connection is refused to the remote host for a remote method call.ClassrmiCode Trails
ConnectIOExceptionA ConnectIOException is thrown if an IOException occurs while making a connectionClassrmiCode Trails Trails
ConnectionA connection between a debugger and a target VM which it debugs.Classsun.jdi.connect.spiCode Trails
ConnectionA thread that creates a connection to an LDAP server.Classsun.jndi.ldapCode Trails
ConnectionInterfacesun.pept.transportCode Trails
ConnectionA connection (session) with a specific database.InterfacesqlCode Trails
ConnectionInterfacermi.transportCode Trails
ConnectionAcceptorClassrmi.transport.tcpCode Trails Trails
ConnectionDescClasssun.jndi.ldap.poolCode Trails
ConnectionEventAn Event object that provides information about the source of a connection-related event.ClasssqlCode Trails
ConnectionEventListener An object that registers to be notified of events generated by a PooledConnection object.InterfacesqlCode Trails
ConnectionInputStreamClassrmi.transportCode Trails
ConnectionMultiplexerClassrmi.transport.tcpCode Trails
ConnectionOutputStreamClassrmi.transportCode Trails
ConnectionPendingExceptionUnchecked exception thrown when an attempt is made to connect a SocketChannel for which a non-blocking connection operation is already inSince:1.Classnio.channelsCode Trails
ConnectionPoolDataSourceA factory for PooledConnection objects.InterfacesqlCode Trails
ConnectionResetExceptionThrown to indicate a connection reset.ClassnetCode Trails
ConnectionsClasssun.jndi.ldap.poolCode Trails
ConnectionsRefClasssun.jndi.ldap.poolCode Trails
ConnectionsWeakRefClasssun.jndi.ldap.poolCode Trails
ConnectorA method of connection between a debugger and a target VM.Interfacesun.jdi.connectCode Trails
ConnectorAddressLinkA utility class to support the exporting and importing of the address of a connector server using the instrumentation buffer.ClassmanagementCode Trails
ConnectorBootstrapClassmanagement.jmxremoteCode Trails Trails
ConsoleMethods to access the character-based console device, if any, associated with the current Java virtual machine.ClassioCode Trails Trails
ConsoleErrorReporterErrorReceiver that prints to a Trails
ConsoleHandlerThis Handler publishes log records to System.Classutil.loggingCode Trails
ConstDefines constants used in the APT Trails Trails
ConstUseful constant Trails
ConstClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.reflect.optCode Trails
ConstClasssun.xml.internal.xsom.implCode Trails Trails
ConstantAbstract superclass for classes to represent the different constant types in the constant pool of a class Trails
ConstantCallSiteA ConstantCallSite is a CallSite whose target is permanent, and can never be changed.Classlang.invokeCode Trails
ConstantClassThis class is derived from the abstract and represents a reference to a (external) Trails
ConstantCPAbstract super class for Fieldref and Methodref Trails
ConstantDoubleThis class is derived from the abstract and represents a reference to a Double Trails
ConstantExpressionClasstools.treeCode Trails
ConstantFieldrefThis class represents a constant pool reference to a Trails
ConstantFloatThis class is derived from the abstract and represents a reference to a float Trails Trails
ConstantIntegerThis class is derived from the abstract and represents a reference to an int Trails
ConstantInterfaceMethodrefThis class represents a constant pool reference to an interface Trails
ConstantLongThis class is derived from the abstract and represents a reference to a long Trails
ConstantMethodrefThis class represents a constant pool reference to a Trails
ConstantNameAndTypeThis class is derived from the abstract and represents a reference to the name and Trails
ConstantObjectThis interface denotes those constants that have a natural value, such as ConstantLong, ConstantString, Trails Trails
ConstantPoolThis class represents the constant pool, Trails
ConstantPoolSee JVMS, section Trails
ConstantPoolProvides reflective access to the constant pools of classes.ClassreflectCode Trails
ConstantPoolA table of constants WARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of anyClasstools.asmCode Trails
ConstantPoolDataClasstools.asmCode Trails Trails
ConstantPoolGenThis class is used to build up a constant Trails
ConstantPoolParserA constant pool parser.Classinvoke.anonCode Trails
ConstantPoolPatchA class and its patched constant pool.Classinvoke.anonCode Trails
ConstantPoolVisitorA visitor called by ConstantPoolParser.Classinvoke.anonCode Trails
ConstantPushInstructionDenotes a push instruction that produces a literal on the stack such as SIPUSH, BIPUSH, ICONST, Trails Trails
ConstantsConstants for the project, mostly defined in the JVM Trails
ConstantsPrimary constants used in the TransformerImpl Trails Trails Trails
ConstantsCommonly used Trails
ConstantsProvides all constants and some translation functions for Trails Trails Trails
ConstantsAn interface defining constants needed to read and write WSDL Trails
ConstantsUtilities for operating on constant Trails
ConstantsThis holds generic constants information for the whole JAX-WS Trails
ConstantsClassswing.text.rtfCode Trails
ConstantsWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Interfacermi.rmicCode Trails
ConstantsInterfacermi.rmic.iiopCode Trails
ConstantsConstants potentially useful to all rmic generators.Classrmi.rmic.newrmicCode Trails
ConstantsClassrmi.rmic.newrmic.jrmpCode Trails
ConstantsClasssecurity.pkcs11.wrapperCode Trails
ConstantsThis interface defines constant that are used throughout the compiler.Interfacetools.javaCode Trails
ConstantsSummaryBuilderBuilds the Constants Summary Trails
ConstantsSummaryWriterThe interface for writing constants summary Trails
ConstantsSummaryWriterImplWrite the Constants Summary Page in HTML Trails
ConstantStringThis class is derived from the abstract and represents a reference to a String Trails
ConstantUtf8This class is derived from the abstract and represents a reference to a Utf8 encoded Trails
ConstantValueThis class is derived from Attribute and represents a constant value, Trails
ConstantValue_attributeSee JVMS, section Trails Trails
ConstEntryThis is the symbol table entry for Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails
ConstrainableGraphicsThis interface can be implemented on a Graphics object to allow the lightweight component code to permanently install a rectangularInterfaceawtCode Trails
ConstraintsCheckerClasssecurity.provider.certpathCode Trails
ConstructKeysClasssun.crypto.providerCode Trails
ConstructKeysClasssecurity.pkcs11Code Trails
ConstructorConstructor Trails
ConstructorConstructor provides information about, and access to, a single constructor for a class.Classlang.reflectCode Trails
ConstructorAccessorThis interface provides the declaration for java.InterfacereflectCode Trails
ConstructorAccessorImplClassreflectCode Trails
ConstructorBuilderBuilds documentation for a Trails
ConstructorDeclarationRepresents a constructor of a class or interface.Interfacesun.mirror.declarationCode Trails Trails
ConstructorDocRepresents a constructor of a java class.Interfacesun.javadocCode Trails
ConstructorDocImplRepresents a constructor of a java Trails
ConstructorFinderThis utility class provides static methods to find a public constructor with specified parameter typesClasssun.beans.finderCode Trails
ConstructorPropertiesAn annotation on a constructor that shows how the parameters of that constructor correspond to the constructed object's getterClassbeansCode Trails
ConstructorRepositoryThis class represents the generic type information for a constructor.Classreflect.generics.repositoryCode Trails
ConstructorScopeClassreflect.generics.scopeCode Trails
ConstructorUtilClassreflect.miscCode Trails
ConstructorWriterThe interface for writing constructor Trails
ConstructorWriterImplWrites constructor Trails
ContactInfoThe primary PEPt client-side plug-in point and enabler for altenate encodings, protocols and Trails
ContactInfoInterfacesun.pept.eptCode Trails Trails Trails
ContactInfoListIteratorInterfacesun.pept.eptCode Trails Trails
ContainerRoot of the SPI implemented by the container (such as application Trails
ContainerA generic Abstract Window Toolkit(AWT) container object is a component that can contain other AWT components.ClassawtCode Trails
ContainerAdapterAn abstract adapter class for receiving container events.Classawt.eventCode Trails
ContainerElementClasssun.xml.internal.txw2Code Trails
ContainerEventA low-level event which indicates that a container's contents changed because a component was added or removed.Classawt.eventCode Trails
ContainerListenerThe listener interface for receiving container events.Interfaceawt.eventCode Trails
ContainerOrderFocusTraversalPolicyA FocusTraversalPolicy that determines traversal order based on the order of child Components in a Container.ClassawtCode Trails
ContainerPeerThe peer interface for Container.Interfaceawt.peerCode Trails
ContainerResolverThis class determines an instance of Container for the Trails
ContainmentFilterClasssun.jndi.toolkit.dirCode Trails Trails
ContentA class to create content for javadoc output Trails
ContentClasssun.xml.internal.txw2Code Trails
ContentDispositionThis class represents a MIME ContentDisposition value.Classsun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.packaging.mime.internetCode Trails
ContentHandlerThe abstract class ContentHandler is the superclass of all classes that read an Object from aClassnetCode Trails
ContentHandlerReceive notification of the logical content of a document.Interfacexml.saxCode Trails
ContentHandlerAdaptorClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtimeCode Trails Trails
ContentHandlerFactoryThis interface defines a factory for content handlers.InterfacenetCode Trails Trails
ContentHandlerToXMLStreamWriterThis is a simple utility class that adapts SAX events into StAX XMLStreamWriter events, bridging Trails
ContentInfoA ContentInfo type, as defined in PKCS#7.Classsecurity.pkcsCode Trails
ContentListFieldRealizes a property as an untyped Trails
ContentModelA representation of a content model.Classswing.text.html.parserCode Trails Trails
ContentModelContainerUsed to write a content model.Interfacesun.xml.internal.bind.v2.schemagen.xmlschemaCode Trails
ContentModelStateClassswing.text.html.parserCode Trails Trails
ContentNegotiationenum ContentNegotiationContent negotiation Trails
ContentSignerThis class defines a content signing service.Classsun.jarsignerCode Trails
ContentSignerParametersThis interface encapsulates the parameters for a ContentSigner object.Interfacesun.jarsignerCode Trails
ContentTypeThis class represents a MIME ContentType value.Classsun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.packaging.mime.internetCode Trails
ContentTypeA Content-Type transport header that will be returned by Trails
ContentTypeThis class represents a MIME ContentType Trails Trails
ContentTypeImplMarker interface that says this implementation implements XSContentType.Interfacesun.xml.internal.xsom.implCode Trails
ContentVisitorInterfacesun.xml.internal.txw2Code Trails
ContextSupport for an abstract context, modelled loosely after ThreadLocal but using a user-provided context instead of the current Trails Trails
ContextProvides contextual information.Interfacesun.xml.internal.rngom.parseCode Trails
ContextThis interface represents a naming context, which consists of a set of name-to-object bindings.InterfacenamingCode Trails
ContextAn object used in Request operations to specify the context object in which context stringsClassomg.CORBACode Trails
ContextWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails Trails
ContextCapabilitiesRepresents a set of capabilities of a BufferedContext and associated AccelGraphicsConfig.Classjava2d.pipe.hwCode Trails
ContextEnumeratorClasssun.jndi.toolkit.dirCode Trails
ContextEnvironmentClasstools.treeCode Trails
ContextEventClassclasspath.icedtea.pulseaudioCode Trails
ContextFactoryThis class is responsible for producing RI JAXBContext objects.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2Code Trails
ContextFinderClassxml.bindCode Trails
ContextIdentifierHelpercom/sun/org/omg/CORBA/ Trails
ContextIdSeqHelpercom/sun/org/omg/CORBA/ Trails Trails
ContextListAn object containing a modifiable list of String objects that represent property names.Classomg.CORBACode Trails
ContextListClassnet.httpserverCode Trails
ContextListenerInterfaceclasspath.icedtea.pulseaudioCode Trails Trails Trails
ContextMatchStepPatternSpecial context node pattern Trails
ContextNodeListClasses who implement this interface can be a also refered to here as a context node Trails
ContextNotEmptyExceptionThis exception is thrown when attempting to destroy a context that If the program wants to handle this exception in particular, itClassnamingCode Trails
ContextStackContextStack provides a mechanism to record parsing state.Classrmi.rmic.iiopCode Trails
ContextualRenderedImageFactoryContextualRenderedImageFactory provides an interface for the functionality that may differ between instances ofInterfaceawt.image.renderableCode Trails
ContiguousCharArrayArrayClasssun.xml.internal.fastinfoset.utilCode Trails
ContinuationThis class contains information required to continue the method (place where it left off, and remaining name toClasssun.jndi.toolkit.ctxCode Trails
ContinuationContextClassnaming.spiCode Trails
ContinuationDirContextClassnaming.spiCode Trails
ContinueStatementWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
ContinueTreeA tree node for a 'continue' statement.Interfacesun.source.treeCode Trails
ContinuousAudioDataStreamCreate a continuous audio stream.ClassaudioCode Trails
ControlThis interface represents an LDAPv3 control as defined in The LDAPv3 protocol uses controls to send and receive additional dataInterfacenaming.ldapCode Trails
ControlLines often have a set of controls, such as gain and pan, that affect the audio signal passing through the line.Classsound.sampledCode Trails
ControlFactoryThis abstract class represents a factory for creating LDAPv3 controls.Classnaming.ldapCode Trails
ControllerEventListenerThe ControllerEventListener interface should be implemented by classes whose instances need to be notified when a SequencerInterfacesound.midiCode Trails
ConversionBufferFullExceptionThe output buffer for a character conversion is full, but additional input remains to be convertedClassioCode Trails
ConversionInstructionSuper class for the x2y family of Trails
ConvertUtility class for static conversion methods between numbers and strings in various Trails
ConvertersPackage-private utility class that caches the default converter classes and provides other logic common to both the ByteToCharConverter andClassioCode Trails
ConvertExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
ConvertingMethodClasssun.jmx.mbeanserverCode Trails
ConvolveOpThis class implements a convolution from the source to the destination.Classawt.imageCode Trails
CookieHandlerA CookieHandler object provides a callback mechanism to hook up a HTTP state management policy implementation into the HTTP protocolClassnetCode Trails
CookieHolderThe native type PortableServer::ServantLocator::Cookie is mapped to java.Classomg.PortableServer.ServantLocatorPackageCode Trails
CookieManagerCookieManager provides a concrete implementation of CookieHandler, which separates the storage of cookies from the policy surrounding acceptingClassnetCode Trails
CookiePolicyCookiePolicy implementations decide which cookies should be accepted and which should be rejected.InterfacenetCode Trails
CookieStoreA CookieStore object represents a storage for cookie.InterfacenetCode Trails
CoordinatorObject that coordinates the marshalling/unmarshalling.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtimeCode Trails
CopierManagerManager of ObjectCopier implementations used to support Trails Trails
Copies number of copies to be printed.Classprint.attribute.standardCode Trails
CopiesSupported gives the supported values for a Copies attribute.Classprint.attribute.standardCode Trails Trails
CopyMoveHelperClassnio.fileCode Trails Trails
CopyObjectPolicyPolicy used to specify the copyObject implementation to Trails Trails
CopyOnWriteArrayListA thread-safe variant of ArrayList in which all mutative operations (add, set, and so on) are implemented byClassutil.concurrentCode Trails
CopyOnWriteArraySetA Set that uses an internal CopyOnWriteArrayList for all of its operations.Classutil.concurrentCode Trails
CopyOptionAn object that configures how to copy or move a file.Interfacenio.fileCode Trails Trails Trails Trails
CorbaClientRequestDispatcherImplClientDelegate is the RMI client-side subcontract or representation It implements RMI delegate as well as our internal Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails
CorbaContactInfoListFactoryInterface used to create a ContactInfoList from an IOR, as required for supporting CORBA semantics using the DCS Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails
CorbalocURLThe corbaloc: URL definitions from the -ORBInitDef and -ORBDefaultInitDef's will be parsed and converted to this Trails
CORBALogDomainsDefines constants for all of the logging domains used in the Trails Trails Trails
CorbanameURLThe corbaname: URL definitions from the -ORBInitDef and -ORBDefaultInitDef's will be stored in this Trails
CorbanameUrlExtract components of a corbaname URL.Classsun.jndi.cosnamingCode Trails
corbanameURLContextFactoryA corbaname URL context factory.Classsun.jndi.url.corbanameCode Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails
CorbaServerRequestDispatcherServer delegate adds behavior on the server-side -- specifically on the dispatch Trails Trails Trails Trails
CorbaUtilsContains utilities for performing CORBA-related tasks: 1.Classsun.jndi.toolkit.corbaCode Trails
CoreDocumentImplThe Document interface represents the entire HTML or XML Trails
CoreDOMImplementationImplThe DOMImplementation class is description of a particular implementation of the Document Object Trails
CoreMetricsClassfontCode Trails
CoreReflectionFactoryFactory for reflective generic type objects for use by core reflection (java.Classreflect.generics.factoryCode Trails
CoreResourceBundleControlThis is a convenient class for loading some of internal resources faster if they are built with Resources.ClassutilCode Trails
CoroutineManagerSupport the coroutine design Trails
CoroutineParserCoroutineParser is an API for parser threads that operate as Trails
CountDownLatchA synchronization aid that allows one or more threads to wait until a set of operations being performed in other threads completes.Classutil.concurrentCode Trails
CountedTimerTaskClassjvmstat.perfdata.monitorCode Trails
CountedTimerTaskUtilsUtility methods for use with CountedTimerTask instances.Classjvmstat.perfdata.monitorCode Trails
CounterThe Counter interface is used to represent any counter or counters function value.Interfacew3c.dom.cssCode Trails
CounterThe base class for a performance counter.Interfacemanagement.counterCode Trails Trails
CounterModeClasssun.crypto.providerCode Trails
CounterMonitorDefines a monitor MBean designed to observe the values of a counter A counter monitor sends a thresholdClassmanagement.monitorCode Trails
CounterMonitorMBeanExposes the remote management interface of the counter monitor MBean.Interfacemanagement.monitorCode Trails
CountingMethodHandleClasslang.invokeCode Trails
CountingPrintablePrintable which counts the number of pages.Interfaceswing.textCode Trails
CountStatisticSpecifies standard count Trails Trails
CoverWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.asmCode Trails
CPInstructionAbstract super class for instructions that use an index into the constant pool such as LDC, INVOKEVIRTUAL, Trails
CPluginCustomizationVendor extension customization contributed from Trails
CPropertyInfoModel of a property to be Trails
CPropertyVisitorVisitor for Trails Trails Trails Trails
CRCClasssun.imageio.plugins.pngCode Trails
CRC16The CRC-16 class calculates a 16 bit cyclic redundancy check of a set of bytes.ClassmiscCode Trails
CRC32A class that can be used to compute the CRC-32 of a data stream.Classutil.zipCode Trails
crc32Classsecurity.krb5.internal.cryptoCode Trails
Crc32CksumTypeClasssecurity.krb5.internal.cryptoCode Trails
CreatedFontTrackerClassfontCode Trails
CreateMBeanDialogClasstools.jconsoleCode Trails
CreateSymbolsUsed to generate a symbol file representing Trails
CredentialExceptionA generic credential exception.Classsecurity.auth.loginCode Trails
CredentialExpiredExceptionSignals that a Credential has expired.Classsecurity.auth.loginCode Trails
CredentialNotFoundExceptionSignals that a credential was not found.Classsecurity.auth.loginCode Trails
CredentialsThis class encapsulates the concept of a Kerberos service credential.Classsecurity.krb5Code Trails
CredentialsClasssecurity.krb5.internal.ccacheCode Trails
CredentialsCacheCredentialsCache stores credentials(tickets, session keys, etc) in a semi-permanent store for later use by different program.Classsecurity.krb5.internal.ccacheCode Trails
CredentialsUtilThis class is a utility that contains much of the TGS-Exchange protocol.Classsecurity.krb5.internalCode Trails
CReferencePropertyInfoReferencePropertyInfo for the Trails
CRLThis class is an abstraction of certificate revocation lists (CRLs) that have different formats but important common uses.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CRLDistributionPointsExtensionRepresent the CRL Distribution Points Extension (OID = 2.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
CRLExceptionCRL (Certificate Revocation List) Exception.Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CRLExtensionsThis class defines the CRL Extensions.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
CRLNumberExtensionRepresent the CRL Number Extension.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
CRLReasonThe CRLReason enumeration specifies the reason that a certificate is revoked, as defined in Classsecurity.certCode Trails
CRLReasonCodeExtensionThe reasonCode is a non-critical CRL entry extension that identifies the reason for the certificate revocation.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
CrlRevocationCheckerClasssecurity.provider.certpathCode Trails
CRLSelectorA selector that defines a set of criteria for selecting CRLs.Interfacesecurity.certCode Trails
CropImageFilterAn ImageFilter class for cropping images.Classawt.imageCode Trails
CrossingsClassawt.geomCode Trails
CRTableThis class contains the CharacterRangeTable for some method and the hashtable for mapping trees or lists of trees to Trails
CRTFlagsThe CharacterRangeTable flags indicating type of an Trails Trails
CryptoAllPermissionClasscryptoCode Trails
CryptoAllPermissionCollectionClasscryptoCode Trails
CryptoPermissionClasscryptoCode Trails
CryptoPermissionCollectionClasscryptoCode Trails
CryptoPermissionsClasscryptoCode Trails
CryptoPolicyParserClasscryptoCode Trails
CryptoPrimitiveenum CryptoPrimitiveAn enumeration of cryptographic primitives.ClasssecurityCode Trails Trails
CSS as a typesafe enumeration.Classswing.text.htmlCode Trails
CSS2PropertiesThe CSS2Properties interface represents a convenience mechanism for retrieving and setting properties within aInterfacew3c.dom.cssCode Trails
CSSBorderClassswing.text.htmlCode Trails
CSSCharsetRuleThe CSSCharsetRule interface represents a @charset rule in a CSS style sheet.Interfacew3c.dom.cssCode Trails
CSSFontFaceRuleThe CSSFontFaceRule interface represents a @font-face rule in a CSS style sheet.Interfacew3c.dom.cssCode Trails
CSSImportRuleThe CSSImportRule interface represents a @import rule within a CSS style sheet.Interfacew3c.dom.cssCode Trails
CSSMediaRuleThe CSSMediaRule interface represents a @media rule in a CSS style sheet.Interfacew3c.dom.cssCode Trails
CSSPageRuleThe CSSPageRule interface represents a @page rule within a CSS style sheet.Interfacew3c.dom.cssCode Trails
CSSParserClassswing.text.htmlCode Trails
CSSPrimitiveValueThe CSSPrimitiveValue interface represents a single CSS value .Interfacew3c.dom.cssCode Trails
CSSRuleThe CSSRule interface is the abstract base interface for any type of CSS statement.Interfacew3c.dom.cssCode Trails
CSSRuleListThe CSSRuleList interface provides the abstraction of an ordered collection of CSS rules.Interfacew3c.dom.cssCode Trails
CSSStyleDeclarationThe CSSStyleDeclaration interface represents a single CSS declaration block.Interfacew3c.dom.cssCode Trails
CSSStyleRuleThe CSSStyleRule interface represents a single rule set in a See also the Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 Style Specification.Interfacew3c.dom.cssCode Trails
CSSStyleSheetThe CSSStyleSheet interface is a concrete interface used to represent a CSS style sheet i.Interfacew3c.dom.cssCode Trails
CSSUnknownRuleThe CSSUnknownRule interface represents an at-rule not supported by this user agent.Interfacew3c.dom.cssCode Trails
CSSValueThe CSSValue interface represents a simple or a complex value.Interfacew3c.dom.cssCode Trails
CSSValueListThe CSSValueList interface provides the abstraction of an ordered collection of CSS values.Interfacew3c.dom.cssCode Trails
CTClasssun.jndi.dnsCode Trails Trails
CTX_RESTRICT_SCOPEA flag that can be used as the second parameter to the method Context.Interfaceomg.CORBACode Trails
CTypeInfoTypeInfo at the Trails Trails
CubicCurve2DThe CubicCurve2D class defines a cubic parametric curve segment in (x,y) coordinate space.Classawt.geomCode Trails
CubicIteratorClassawt.geomCode Trails
CUP$XPathParser$ Trails
CUPSPrinterClassprintCode Trails
CurrencyRepresents a currency.ClassutilCode Trails
CurrencyNameProviderAn abstract class for service providers that provide localized currency symbols and display names for theClassutil.spiCode Trails
CurrencyNamesClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ar_AEClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ar_BHClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ar_DZClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ar_EGClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ar_IQClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ar_JOClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ar_KWClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ar_LBClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ar_LYClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ar_MAClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ar_OMClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ar_QAClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ar_SAClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ar_SDClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ar_SYClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ar_TNClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ar_YEClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_be_BYClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_bg_BGClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ca_ESClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_cs_CZClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_da_DKClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_deClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_de_ATClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_de_CHClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_de_DEClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_de_GRClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_de_LUClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_el_CYClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_el_GRClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_en_AUClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_en_CAClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_en_GBClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_en_IEClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_en_INClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_en_MTClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_en_NZClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_en_PHClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_en_SGClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_en_USClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_en_ZAClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_esClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_es_ARClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_es_BOClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_es_CLClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_es_COClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_es_CRClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_es_CUClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_es_DOClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_es_ECClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_es_ESClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_es_GTClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_es_HNClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_es_MXClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_es_NIClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_es_PAClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_es_PEClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_es_PRClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_es_PYClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_es_SVClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_es_USClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_es_UYClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_es_VEClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_et_EEClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_fi_FIClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_frClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_fr_BEClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_fr_CAClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_fr_CHClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_fr_FRClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_fr_LUClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ga_IEClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_hi_INClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_hr_HRClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_hu_HUClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_in_IDClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_is_ISClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_itClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_it_CHClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_it_ITClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_iw_ILClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_jaClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ja_JPClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_koClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ko_KRClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_lt_LTClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_lv_LVClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_mk_MKClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ms_MYClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_mt_MTClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_nl_BEClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_nl_NLClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_no_NOClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_pl_PLClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ptClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_pt_BRClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_pt_PTClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ro_ROClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_ru_RUClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_sk_SKClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_sl_SIClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_sq_ALClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_sr_BAClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_sr_CSClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_sr_Latn_BAClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_sr_Latn_MEClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_sr_Latn_RSClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_sr_MEClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_sr_RSClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_svClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_sv_SEClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_th_THClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_tr_TRClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_uk_UAClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_vi_VNClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_zh_CNClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_zh_HKClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_zh_SGClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrencyNames_zh_TWClassutil.resourcesCode Trails
CurrentInterfaces derived from the Current interface enable ORB and CORBA services to provide access to information (context) associated withInterfaceomg.CORBACode Trails
CurrentPortable Interceptors Current (also known as PICurrent) is merely a slot table, the slots of which are used by each service to Interfaceomg.PortableInterceptorCode Trails
CurrentThe PortableServer::Current interface, derived from CORBA::Current, provides method implementations with Interfaceomg.PortableServerCode Trails Trails Trails
CurrentHelperThe Helper for Current.Classomg.CORBACode Trails
CurrentHelperPortable Interceptors Current (also known as PICurrent) is merely a slot table, the slots of which are used by each service to Classomg.PortableInterceptorCode Trails
CurrentHelperThe PortableServer::Current interface, derived from CORBA::Current, provides method implementations withClassomg.PortableServerCode Trails
CurrentHolderThe Holder for Current.Classomg.CORBACode Trails Trails
CurrentNodeListIteratorIterators of this kind use a CurrentNodeListFilter to filter a subset of nodes from a source Trails
CurrentOperationsThe interface for Current.Interfaceomg.CORBACode Trails
CurrentOperationsPortable Interceptors Current (also known as PICurrent) is merely a slot table, the slots of which are used by each service to Interfaceomg.PortableInterceptorCode Trails
CurrentOperationsThe PortableServer::Current interface, derived from CORBA::Current, provides method implementations with Interfaceomg.PortableServerCode Trails
CursorA class to encapsulate the bitmap representation of the mouse cursor.ClassawtCode Trails
CurveClassawt.geomCode Trails
CurveClassjava2d.piscesCode Trails
CurveLinkClassawt.geomCode Trails
CustomComponentCustomComponent, collection of GraphicsPrimitive Basically, this collection of components performs conversion fromClassjava2d.loopsCode Trails
CustomCursorA class to encapsulate a custom image-based cursor.ClassawtCode Trails Trails
CustomizationContextCheckerChecks if binding declarations are placed where they are Trails
CustomizerA customizer class provides a complete custom GUI for customizing a target Java Bean.InterfacebeansCode Trails
CustomMarshalAn abstract value type that is meant to be used by the ORB, not the user.Interfaceomg.CORBACode Trails
CustomMediaSizeNameClassprintCode Trails
CustomMediaTrayClassprintCode Trails Trails
CustomStringPoolCustomStringPool is an example of appliction provided data structure for a DTM implementation to hold symbol references, Trails
CustomValueInterfaceomg.CORBA.portableCode Trails
CValuePropertyInfoValuePropertyInfo implementation for Trails
CWildcardTypeInfoCTypeInfo for the DOM Trails
CycleRecoverableOptional interface that can be implemented by JAXB-bound objects to handle cycles in the object graph.Interfacesun.xml.internal.bindCode Trails
CyclicBarrierA synchronization aid that allows a set of threads to all wait for each other to reach a common barrier point.Classutil.concurrentCode Trails
D2FD2F - Convert double to float Stack: Trails
D2ID2I - Convert double to int Stack: Trails
D2LD2L - Convert double to long Stack: Trails
DADD Stack: Trails
DALOADDALOAD - Load double from array Stack: Trails
DAnnotationClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.digestedCode Trails
DasherClassjava2d.piscesCode Trails
DASTOREDASTORE - Store into double array Stack: Trails Trails
DATA_CONVERSIONThis exception is raised if an ORB cannot convert the representation of data as marshaled into its native representation or vice-versa.Classomg.CORBACode Trails
DatabaseMetaDataComprehensive information about the database as a whole.InterfacesqlCode Trails
DataBindingExceptionException that represents a failure in a JAXB operation.Classxml.bindCode Trails
DataBufferThis class exists to wrap one or more data arrays.Classawt.imageCode Trails
DataBufferByteThis class extends DataBuffer and stores data internally as bytes.Classawt.imageCode Trails
DataBufferDoubleThis class extends DataBuffer and stores data internally Note that some implementations may function more efficientlyClassawt.imageCode Trails
DataBufferFloatThis class extends DataBuffer and stores data internally Note that some implementations may function more efficientlyClassawt.imageCode Trails
DataBufferIntThis class extends DataBuffer and stores data internally Note that some implementations may function more efficientlyClassawt.imageCode Trails
DataBufferNativeThis class extends DataBuffer and allows access to native data via the DataBuffer methods.Classawt.imageCode Trails
DataBufferShortThis class extends DataBuffer and stores data internally as shorts.Classawt.imageCode Trails
DataBufferUShortThis class extends DataBuffer and stores data internally as shorts.Classawt.imageCode Trails
DataCollectorInterface for collecting all sources of ORB configuration properties into a single properties Trails Trails Trails
DataContentHandlerThe DataContentHandler interface is implemented by objects that can be used to extend the capabilities of the DataHandler's implementationInterfaceactivationCode Trails
DataContentHandlerFactoryThis interface defines a factory for DataContentHandlers.InterfaceactivationCode Trails
DataExceptPatternClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.binaryCode Trails Trails
DataFlavorA DataFlavor provides meta information about data.Classawt.datatransferCode Trails
DataFormatExceptionSignals that a data format error has occurred.Classutil.zipCode Trails
DatagramChannelA selectable channel for datagram-oriented sockets.Classnio.channelsCode Trails
DatagramChannelImplClassnio.chCode Trails
DatagramDispatcherClassnio.chCode Trails
DatagramPacketThis class represents a datagram packet.ClassnetCode Trails
DatagramSocketThis class represents a socket for sending and receiving datagram packets.ClassnetCode Trails
DatagramSocketAdaptorClassnio.chCode Trails
DatagramSocketImplAbstract datagram and multicast socket implementation base class.ClassnetCode Trails
DatagramSocketImplFactoryThis interface defines a factory for datagram socket implementations.InterfacenetCode Trails
DataHandlerThe DataHandler class provides a consistent interface to data available in many different sources and formats.ClassactivationCode Trails Trails Trails
DataHandlerDataSourceClassactivationCode Trails Trails
DataInputThe DataInput interface provides for reading bytes from a binary stream andInterfaceioCode Trails
DataInputStreamA data input stream lets an application read primitive Java data types from an underlying input stream in a machine-independentClassioCode Trails
DataInputStreamDefines the methods used to read primitive data types from input streams for unmarshaling custom value types.Interfaceomg.CORBACode Trails
DataLineDataLine adds media-related functionality to its superinterface, Line.Interfacesound.sampledCode Trails
DataOutputThe DataOutput interface provides for converting data from any of the JavaInterfaceioCode Trails
DataOutputStreamA data output stream lets an application write primitive Java data types to an output stream in a portable way.ClassioCode Trails
DataOutputStreamDefines the methods used to write primitive data types to output streams for marshalling custom value types.Interfaceomg.CORBACode Trails
DataPatternClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.binaryCode Trails
DataPatternBuilderInterfacesun.xml.internal.rngom.ast.builderCode Trails
DataPatternBuilderHostClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.parse.hostCode Trails
DataPatternBuilderImplClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.digestedCode Trails
DataPusherClass to write an AudioInputStream to a Trails
DataSourceThe DataSource interface provides the JavaBeans Activation Framework with an abstraction of an arbitrary collection of data.InterfaceactivationCode Trails
DataSourceA factory for connections to the physical data source that this DataSource object represents.InterfacesqlCode Trails
DataSourceDataContentHandlerClassactivationCode Trails Trails
DataSourceSourceSource implementation backed by DataHandler.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.utilCode Trails Trails
DataTransfererProvides a set of functions to be shared among the DataFlavor class and platform-specific data transfer implementations.Classawt.datatransferCode Trails
DataTruncationAn exception thrown as a DataTruncation exception (on writes) or reported as aClasssqlCode Trails
Datatype This object has the following functionality: functionality to identify a class of character sequences.Interfacerelaxng.datatypeCode Trails
DatatypeBuilderCreates a user-defined type by adding parameters to the pre-defined type.Interfacerelaxng.datatypeCode Trails
DatatypeConfigurationExceptionIndicates a serious configuration error.Classxml.datatypeCode Trails
DatatypeConstantsUtility class to contain basic Datatype values as constants.Classxml.datatypeCode Trails
DatatypeConverter The javaType binding declaration can be used to customize the binding of an XML schema datatype to a Java datatype.Classxml.bindCode Trails
DatatypeConverterImplThis class is the JAXB RI's default implementation of the DatatypeConverterInterface.Classsun.xml.internal.bindCode Trails
DatatypeConverterImplClassxml.bindCode Trails
DatatypeConverterInterface The DatatypeConverterInterface is for JAXB provider use only.Interfacexml.bindCode Trails
DatatypeExceptionBase class for datatype Trails
DatatypeExceptionSignals Datatype related exceptions.Classrelaxng.datatypeCode Trails
DatatypeFactoryFactory that creates new javax.Classxml.datatypeCode Trails
DatatypeFactoryImplFactory that creates new Trails Trails
DatatypeLibraryInterfacerelaxng.datatypeCode Trails
DatatypeLibraryFactoryFactory class for the DatatypeLibrary class.Interfacerelaxng.datatypeCode Trails
DatatypeLibraryLoaderDiscovers the datatype library implementation from the classpath.Classrelaxng.datatype.helpersCode Trails
DatatypeMessageFormatterUsed to format JAXP Trails
DatatypeStreamingValidatorDatatype streaming validator.Interfacerelaxng.datatypeCode Trails
DatatypeValidatorThe interface that a DTD datatype must Trails
DatatypeWriterPluggable datatype writer.Interfacesun.xml.internal.txw2Code Trails
DataWriterWrite data- or field-oriented XML.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.marshallerCode Trails
DataWriterWrite data- or field-oriented XML.Classsun.xml.internal.txw2.outputCode Trails
DateA thin wrapper around a millisecond value that allows JDBC to identify this as an SQL DATE value.ClasssqlCode Trails
DateThe class Date represents a specific instant in time, with millisecond precision.ClassutilCode Trails Trails
DateFormatDateFormat is an abstract class for date/time formatting subclasses which formats and parses dates or time in a language-independent manner.ClasstextCode Trails
DateFormatProviderAn abstract class for service providers that provide concrete implementations of theClasstext.spiCode Trails
DateFormatSymbolsDateFormatSymbols is a public class for encapsulating localizable date-time formatting data, such as the names of theClasstextCode Trails
DateFormatSymbolsProviderAn abstract class for service providers that provide instances of theClasstext.spiCode Trails
DateFormatterDateFormatter is an InternationalFormatter that does its formatting by way of an instance of java.Classswing.textCode Trails
DateTimeAtCompleted attribute, that indicates the date and time at which the Print Job completed (or was canceled or aborted).Classprint.attribute.standardCode Trails
DateTimeAtCreation attribute, that indicates the date and time at which the Print Job was To construct a DateTimeAtCreation attribute from separate values of the year,Classprint.attribute.standardCode Trails
DateTimeAtProcessing attribute, that indicates the date and time at which the Print Job first To construct a DateTimeAtProcessing attribute from separate values of theClassprint.attribute.standardCode Trails Trails
DateTimeSyntax implementation of all attributes whose value is a date and time.Classprint.attributeCode Trails
DAttributePatternClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.digestedCode Trails Trails Trails
DChoicePatternClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.digestedCode Trails
DCMPGDCMPG - Compare doubles: value1 > value2 Stack: Trails
DCMPLDCMPL - Compare doubles: value1 < value2 Stack: Trails
DContainerPatternA pattern that can contain other patterns.Classsun.xml.internal.rngom.digestedCode Trails
DDataPatternClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.digestedCode Trails
DDefineClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.digestedCode Trails
DDIVDDIV - Divide doubles Stack: Trails
DebugStatic debugging/messaging class for Trails
DebugClassclasspath.icedtea.pulseaudioCode Trails
DebugThis class has be shamefully lifted from sun.Classsecurity.sslCode Trails
DebugA utility class for debuging.Classsecurity.utilCode Trails
DebugGraphicsGraphics subclass supporting graphics debugging.ClassswingCode Trails
DebugGraphicsFilterClassswingCode Trails
DebugGraphicsInfoClassswingCode Trails
DebugGraphicsObserverClassswingCode Trails Trails
DebugSettingsClassawtCode Trails Trails
DecimalFormatDecimalFormat is a concrete subclass of NumberFormat that formats decimal numbers.ClasstextCode Trails
DecimalFormatSymbolsThis class represents the set of symbols (such as the decimal separator, the grouping separator, and so on) needed by DecimalFormatClasstextCode Trails
DecimalFormatSymbolsProviderAn abstract class for service providers that provide instances of theClasstext.spiCode Trails Trails
DeclarationRepresents the declaration of a program element such as a package, class, or method.Interfacesun.mirror.declarationCode Trails
DeclarationFilterA filter for selecting just the items of interest from a collection of declarations.Classsun.mirror.utilCode Trails Trails
DeclarationImplClasssun.xml.internal.xsom.implCode Trails
DeclarationMakerUtilities for constructing and caching Trails
DeclarationsUtility methods for operating on declarations.Interfacesun.mirror.utilCode Trails
DeclarationScannerClasssun.mirror.utilCode Trails Trails
DeclarationStatementWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
DeclarationVisitorA visitor for declarations, in the style of the standard visitor design pattern.Interfacesun.mirror.utilCode Trails
DeclarationVisitorsUtilities to create specialized DeclarationVisitor instances.Classsun.mirror.utilCode Trails
DeclaredTypeRepresents a declared type, either a class type or an interface type.Interfacesun.mirror.typeCode Trails
DeclaredTypeRepresents a declared type, either a class type or an interface type.Interfacelang.model.typeCode Trails Trails
DeclHandlerSAX2 extension handler for DTD declaration events.Interfacexml.sax.extCode Trails
DecoderInterfacesun.pept.encodingCode Trails
DecoderAbstract decoder for developing concrete encoders.Classsun.xml.internal.fastinfosetCode Trails
DecoderStateTablesClasssun.xml.internal.fastinfosetCode Trails
DecorationThis class handles underlining, strikethrough, and foreground and background styles on text.ClassfontCode Trails
DeepNodeListImplThis class implements the DOM's NodeList behavior for Trails
DefaultAnnotationParserClasssun.xml.internal.xsom.impl.parserCode Trails
DefaultAsynchronousChannelProviderClassnio.chCode Trails Trails Trails
DefaultBoundedRangeModelA generic implementation of BoundedRangeModel.ClassswingCode Trails
DefaultButtonModelThe default implementation of a Button component's data model.ClassswingCode Trails
DefaultCallbackHandlerClasssun.jndi.ldap.saslCode Trails
DefaultCaretA default implementation of Caret.Classswing.textCode Trails
DefaultCellEditorThe default editor for table and tree cells.ClassswingCode Trails Trails
DefaultColorSelectionModelA generic implementation of ColorSelectionModel.Classswing.colorchooserCode Trails
DefaultComboBoxModelThe default model for combo boxes.ClassswingCode Trails
DefaultDatagramSocketImplFactoryClassnetCode Trails
DefaultDesktopManagerThis is an implementation of the DesktopManager.ClassswingCode Trails
DefaultDisposerRecordThis class is the default DisposerRecord implementation which holds pointers to the native disposal method and the data to be disposed.Classjava2dCode Trails Trails
DefaultEditorKitThis is the set of things needed by a text component to be a reasonably functioning editor for some typeClassswing.textCode Trails Trails
DefaultErrorHandlerDefault error Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails
DefaultFileSystemProviderCreates this platform's default FileSystemProvider.Classnio.fsCode Trails
DefaultFileTypeDetectorClassnio.fsCode Trails
DefaultFocusManagerThis class has been obsoleted by the 1.ClassswingCode Trails
DefaultFocusTraversalPolicyA FocusTraversalPolicy that determines traversal order based on the order of child Components in a Container.ClassawtCode Trails
DefaultFormatterDefaultFormatter formats aribtrary objects.Classswing.textCode Trails
DefaultFormatterFactoryAn implementation of JFormattedTextField.Classswing.textCode Trails
DefaultFtpClientProviderDefault FtpClientProvider.Classnet.ftp.implCode Trails
DefaultHandlerDefault base class for SAX2 event handlers.Classxml.sax.helpersCode Trails
DefaultHandler2This class extends the SAX2 base handler class to support the SAX2 LexicalHandler, DeclHandler, andClassxml.sax.extCode Trails
DefaultHighlighter painter that renders in a solid color.Classswing.textCode Trails
DefaultHostnameVerifierHostnameVerifier provides a callback mechanism so that implementers of this interface can supply a policy forClassnet.www.protocol.httpsCode Trails
DefaultHttpServerProviderClassnet.httpserverCode Trails
DefaultIDResolverClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.unmarshallerCode Trails
DefaultInterfaceClassnetCode Trails Trails
DefaultKeyboardFocusManagerThe default KeyboardFocusManager for AWT applications.ClassawtCode Trails
DefaultLayoutStyleAn implementation of LayoutStyle that returns 6 for related components, otherwise 12.ClassswingCode Trails
DefaultListCellRendererRenders an item in a list.ClassswingCode Trails
DefaultListModelThis class loosely implements the java.ClassswingCode Trails
DefaultListSelectionModelDefault data model for list selections.ClassswingCode Trails
DefaultLoaderRepositoryKeeps the list of Class Loaders registered in the MBean Server.ClassmanagementCode Trails
DefaultLoaderRepositoryKeeps the list of Class Loaders registered in the MBean Server.Classmanagement.loadingCode Trails
DefaultLookupDefaultLookup provides a way to customize the lookup done by the UIManager.ClassswingCode Trails
DefaultMBeanServerInterceptorThis is the default class for MBean manipulation on the agent side.Classsun.jmx.interceptorCode Trails
DefaultMenuLayoutThe default layout manager for Popup menus and menubars.Classswing.plaf.basicCode Trails
DefaultMetalThemeA concrete implementation of MetalTheme providing the original look of the Java Look and Feel, code-named Steel.Classswing.plaf.metalCode Trails
DefaultMouseInfoPeerClassawtCode Trails
DefaultMutableTreeNodeA DefaultMutableTreeNode is a general-purpose node in a tree data For examples of using default mutable tree nodes, seeClassswing.treeCode Trails
DefaultMXBeanMappingFactoryA converter between Java types and the limited set of classes defined by Open MBeans.Classsun.jmx.mbeanserverCode Trails Trails Trails
DefaultPersistenceDelegateThe DefaultPersistenceDelegate is a concrete implementation of the abstract PersistenceDelegate class andClassbeansCode Trails Trails
DefaultPolicyResolverThis default implementation runs the policy validators on the server side and selects a policy alternative on the client Trails
DefaultPreviewPanelClassswing.colorchooserCode Trails
DefaultProgressMeteringPolicyClassnetCode Trails
DefaultProxySelectorSupports proxy settings using system properties This proxy selector provides backward compatibility with the old http protocol handlerClassnet.spiCode Trails
DefaultResourceInjectorDefault Trails
DefaultResponseControlFactoryThis class represents a factory for creating LDAPv3 response controls.Classsun.jndi.ldapCode Trails
DefaultRowSorterAn implementation of RowSorter that provides sorting and filtering around a grid-based data model.ClassswingCode Trails
DefaultSelectorProviderClassnio.chCode Trails
DefaultServerSocketFactoryClassnetCode Trails
DefaultShellFolderClassawt.shellCode Trails
DefaultSingleSelectionModelA generic implementation of SingleSelectionModel.ClassswingCode Trails Trails
DefaultSocketFactoryClassnetCode Trails Trails
DefaultSSLServerSocketFactoryClassnet.sslCode Trails
DefaultSSLSocketFactoryClassnet.sslCode Trails
DefaultStyledDocumentA document that can be marked up with character and paragraph styles in a manner similar to the Rich Text Format.Classswing.textCode Trails
DefaultSwatchChooserPanelClassswing.colorchooserCode Trails
DefaultSymtabFactoryThis factory constructs the default symbol table entries, namely, those declared within the package Trails
DefaultSynthStyleDefault implementation of SynthStyle.Classswing.plaf.synthCode Trails
DefaultSynthStyleFactoryClassswing.plaf.synthCode Trails
DefaultTableCellHeaderRendererClassswing.tableCode Trails
DefaultTableCellRendererThe standard class for rendering (displaying) individual cells Implementation Note:Classswing.tableCode Trails
DefaultTableColumnModelThe standard column-handler for a JTable.Classswing.tableCode Trails
DefaultTableModelThis is an implementation of TableModel that uses a Vector of Vectors to store theClassswing.tableCode Trails
DefaultTextThe Text interface inherits from CharacterData and represents the textual content (termed character data in XML) of Trails
DefaultTextUI This class has been deprecated and should no longer be used.Classswing.textCode Trails
DefaultTransducedAccessorTransducedAccessor that prints to String.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.reflectCode Trails
DefaultTreeCellEditorA TreeCellEditor.Classswing.treeCode Trails
DefaultTreeCellRendererDisplays an entry in a tree.Classswing.treeCode Trails
DefaultTreeModelA simple tree data model that uses TreeNodes.Classswing.treeCode Trails
DefaultTreeSelectionModelDefault implementation of TreeSelectionModel.Classswing.treeCode Trails Trails
DefaultValidationEventHandler JAXB 1.Classxml.bind.helpersCode Trails
DefaultValueLoaderDecoratorDecorates another Loader by setting a default value.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.unmarshallerCode Trails Trails Trails
DeferedCollectionCollection that returns the view of objects which are actually fetched lazily from an Iterator.Classsun.xml.internal.xsom.utilCode Trails
DeferredAttrImplAttribute represents an XML-style attribute of an Trails
DeferredAttrNSImplDeferredAttrNSImpl is to AttrNSImpl, what DeferredAttrImpl is toSee Also:DeferredAttrImpl, Trails
DeferredCDATASectionImplXML provides the CDATA markup to allow a region of text in which most of the XML delimiter recognition does not take Trails
DeferredCommentImplRepresents an XML (or HTML) Trails
DeferredDocumentImplThe Document interface represents the entire HTML or XML Trails
DeferredDocumentTypeImplThis class represents a Document Type declaraction in the document itself, not a Document Type Definition (DTD) Trails
DeferredDOMImplementationImplThis DOMImplementation class is description of a particular implementation of the Document Object Trails
DeferredElementDefinitionImplNON-DOM CLASS: Describe one of the Elements (and its associated Attributes) defined in this Document Trails
DeferredElementImplElements represent most of the markup and structure of the Trails
DeferredElementNSImplDeferredElementNSImpl is to ElementNSImpl, what DeferredElementImpl is toSee Also:DeferredElementImpl, Trails
DeferredEntityImplEntity nodes hold the reference data for an XML Entity -- either parsed or Trails
DeferredEntityReferenceImplEntityReference models the XML &entityname; syntax, when used for entities defined by the Trails
DeferredLintHandlerThis is NOT part of any supported Trails
DeferredNodeAn interface for deferred node Trails
DeferredNotationImplNotations are how the Document Type Description (DTD) records hints about the format of an XML unparsed entity -- in other words, Trails
DeferredProcessingInstructionImplProcessing Instructions (PIs) permit documents to carry processor-specific information alongside their actual Trails
DeferredTextImplText nodes hold the non-markup, non-Entity content of an Element or Trails
DeferredTransportPipeProxy transport Tube and Pipe that lazily determines the actual transport pipe by looking at Trails Trails
DefiningAn interface implemented by entities that define target Trails
DefinitionKindThe class that provides the constants used to identify the type of an Interface Repository object.Classomg.CORBACode Trails
DefinitionKindHelpercom/sun/org/omg/CORBA/ Trails
DefinitionKindHelperThe Helper for DefinitionKind.Classomg.CORBACode Trails
DefinitionsEntity corresponding to the definitions WSDL Trails Trails
DeflaterThis class provides support for general purpose compression using the popular ZLIB compression library.Classutil.zipCode Trails
DeflaterInputStream compression format.Classutil.zipCode Trails
DeflaterOutputStreamThis class implements an output stream filter for compressing data in the deflate compression format.Classutil.zipCode Trails
DelayedA mix-in style interface for marking objects that should be acted upon after a given delay.Interfaceutil.concurrentCode Trails
DelayedRef UName will be later resolved to a target object, after all the schemas are parsed.Classsun.xml.internal.xsom.impl.parserCode Trails
DelayQueueAn unbounded blocking queue of Delayed elements, in which an element can only be takenClassutil.concurrentCode Trails
DelegatableDecoderInterfacenio.cs.extCode Trails
DelegateInterfacesun.peptCode Trails
DelegateSpecifies a portable API for ORB-vendor-specific implementation of the org.Classomg.CORBA.portableCode Trails
DelegateDelegate class provides the ORB vendor specific implementation of CORBA object.Classomg.CORBA_2_3.portableCode Trails
DelegateThe portability package contains interfaces and classes that are designed for and intended to be used by ORBInterfaceomg.PortableServer.portableCode Trails
DelegateHttpsURLConnectionThis class was introduced to provide an additional level of abstraction between Trails
DelegateHttpsURLConnectionThis class was introduced to provide an additional level of abstraction between javax.Classnet.www.protocol.httpsCode Trails Trails Trails
DelegateStrikeClassfontCode Trails
DelegatingClassLoaderClassreflectCode Trails
DelegatingConstructorAccessorImplClassreflectCode Trails
DelegatingDefaultFocusManagerClassswingCode Trails
DelegatingMethodAccessorImplClassreflectCode Trails Trails
DelegatingShapeTo avoid people downcasting Shape to a known mutable subclass and mucking with its internals, we need to interpose a subclass thatClassfontCode Trails
DelegatingXMLStreamWriterClasssun.xml.internal.txw2.outputCode Trails Trails
DelegationPermissionThis class is used to restrict the usage of the Kerberos delegation model, ie: forwardable and proxiable tickets.Classsecurity.auth.kerberosCode Trails
DElementPatternClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.digestedCode Trails
DeleteOnExitHookClassioCode Trails
DeltaCRLIndicatorExtensionRepresents the Delta CRL Indicator Extension.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
DEmptyPatternClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.digestedCode Trails
DenseIntMapImplUtility for managing mappings from densely allocated integer keys to arbitrary Trails
DependenciesA framework for determining dependencies between class Trails
DependencyA directed relationship between two Trails
DependencyClassenum DependencyClassEnumeration for the DTrace dependency classes.Classsun.tracing.dtraceCode Trails
DeploymentDescriptorParserParses Trails
DeprecatedThis class is derived from Attribute and denotes that this is a It is instantiated from the Trails
Deprecated_attributeSee JVMS, section Trails
DeprecatedAPIListBuilderBuild list of all the deprecated packages, classes, constructors, fields and Trails Trails
DeprecatedTagletA taglet that represents the @deprecated Trails
DepthClassawt.X11Code Trails
DequeA linear collection that supports element insertion and removal at both ends.InterfaceutilCode Trails
DerEncoderInterface to an object that knows how to write its own DER encoding to an output stream.Interfacesecurity.utilCode Trails
DerIndefLenConverterClasssecurity.utilCode Trails
DerInputBufferClasssecurity.utilCode Trails
DerInputStreamA DER input stream, used for parsing ASN.Classsecurity.utilCode Trails
DerivedColorClassswing.plaf.nimbusCode Trails
DerOutputStreamOutput stream marshaling DER-encoded data.Classsecurity.utilCode Trails
DerValueRepresents a single DER-encoded value.Classsecurity.utilCode Trails
DesClasssecurity.krb5.internal.cryptoCode Trails
Des3Class with static methods for doing Triple DES operations.Classsecurity.krb5.internal.cryptoCode Trails
Des3CbcHmacSha1KdETypeClasssecurity.krb5.internal.cryptoCode Trails
Des3DkCryptoClasssecurity.krb5.internal.crypto.dkCode Trails
DesCbcCrcETypeClasssecurity.krb5.internal.cryptoCode Trails
DesCbcETypeClasssecurity.krb5.internal.cryptoCode Trails
DesCbcMd5ETypeClasssecurity.krb5.internal.cryptoCode Trails
DescendantIteratorThis class implements an optimized iterator for descendant, descendant-or-self, or //foo Trails
DescendingMonitorComparatorClasstools.jstatCode Trails
DescendingVisitorTraverses a JavaClass with another Visitor object 'piggy-backed' that is applied to all components of a JavaClass Trails
DESCipherThis class implements the DES algorithm in its various modes (ECB, CFB, OFB, CBC,Classsun.crypto.providerCode Trails
DESConstantsInterfacesun.crypto.providerCode Trails
DescriptionThis annotation is applied to a method that takes no arguments and returns a value that is converted into a String for use in the ObjectName when an instance of the Trails
DescriptorSee JVMS, section Trails
DescriptorAdditional metadata for a JMX element.InterfacemanagementCode Trails
DescriptorAccessThis interface is used to gain access to descriptors of the Descriptor class which are associated with a JMX component, i.InterfacemanagementCode Trails
DescriptorCacheClasssun.jmx.mbeanserverCode Trails Trails
DescriptorFieldsThis is taken directly from JDK 7 in order to support this feature in Annotation that adds fields to a Trails
DescriptorKeyThis is taken directly from JDK 7 in order to support this feature in Meta-annotation that describes how an annotation element Trails
DescriptorKeyMeta-annotation that describes how an annotation element relates to a field in a Descriptor.ClassmanagementCode Trails
DescriptorReadInterface to read the Descriptor of a management interface element such as an MBeanInfo.InterfacemanagementCode Trails
DescriptorSupportThis class represents the metadata set for a ModelMBean element.Classmanagement.modelmbeanCode Trails
DESCryptClasssun.crypto.providerCode Trails
DESedeCipherThis class implements the DESede algorithm (DES-EDE, tripleDES) in its various modes (ECB, CFB, OFB,Classsun.crypto.providerCode Trails
DESedeCryptClasssun.crypto.providerCode Trails
DESedeKeyClasssun.crypto.providerCode Trails
DESedeKeyFactoryThis class implements the DES-EDE key factory of the Sun provider.Classsun.crypto.providerCode Trails
DESedeKeyGeneratorThis class generates a Triple DES key.Classsun.crypto.providerCode Trails
DESedeKeySpecThis class specifies a DES-EDE (triple-DES) key.Classcrypto.specCode Trails
DESedeParametersThis class implements the parameter (IV) used with the Triple DES algorithm in feedback-mode.Classsun.crypto.providerCode Trails
DESedeWrapCipherThis class implements the CMS DESede KeyWrap algorithm as defined XML Encryption Syntax and Processing section 5.Classsun.crypto.providerCode Trails
DeserializationExceptionDeserializationException represents an exception that occurred while deserializing a Java value from Trails
DesignMode This interface is intended to be implemented by, or delegated from, instances of java.InterfacebeansCode Trails
DESKeyClasssun.crypto.providerCode Trails
DESKeyFactoryThis class implements the DES key factory of the Sun provider.Classsun.crypto.providerCode Trails
DESKeyGeneratorThis class generates a DES key.Classsun.crypto.providerCode Trails
DESKeySpecThis class specifies a DES key.Classcrypto.specCode Trails
DesktopThe Desktop class allows a Java application to launch associated applications registered on the native desktop to handleClassawtCode Trails
DesktopBrowseClassawtCode Trails
DesktopIconPainterClassswing.plaf.nimbusCode Trails
DesktopIconUIPluggable look and feel interface for JDesktopIcon.Classswing.plafCode Trails
DesktopManagerDesktopManager objects are owned by a JDesktopPane object.InterfaceswingCode Trails
DesktopPanePainterClassswing.plaf.nimbusCode Trails
DesktopPaneUIPluggable look and feel interface for JDesktopPane.Classswing.plafCode Trails
DesktopPeerThe DesktopPeer interface provides methods for the operation of open, edit, print, browse and mail with the given URL or file, byInterfaceawt.peerCode Trails
DesktopPropertyWrapper for a value from the Trails
DesMacCksumTypeClasssecurity.krb5.internal.cryptoCode Trails
DesMacKCksumTypeClasssecurity.krb5.internal.cryptoCode Trails
DESParametersThis class implements the parameter (IV) used with the DES algorithm in feedback-mode.Classsun.crypto.providerCode Trails
Destination indicate an alternate destination for the spooled printer formatted data.Classprint.attribute.standardCode Trails
DestroyableObjects such as credentials may optionally implement this interface to provide the capability to destroy its contents.Interfacesecurity.authCode Trails
DestroyFailedExceptionSignals that a destroy operation failed.Classsecurity.authCode Trails
DestSurfaceProviderClasses implementing this interface provide access to their destination surfaces.Interfacejava2dCode Trails
DetailA container for DetailEntry objects.Classxml.soapCode Trails
Detail1_1ImplClasssun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.soap.ver1_1Code Trails
Detail1_2ImplClasssun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.soap.ver1_2Code Trails
DetailEntryThe content for a Detail object, giving details for a SOAPFault object.Interfacexml.soapCode Trails
DetailEntry1_1ImplClasssun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.soap.ver1_1Code Trails
DetailEntry1_2ImplClasssun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.soap.ver1_2Code Trails
DetailEntryImplClasssun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.soap.implCode Trails
DetailImplClasssun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.soap.implCode Trails Trails
DevPollArrayWrapperClassnio.chCode Trails
DevPollSelectorImplClassnio.chCode Trails
DevPollSelectorProviderClassnio.chCode Trails Trails
DGCThe DGC abstraction is used for the server side of the distributed garbage collection algorithm.Interfacermi.dgcCode Trails
DGCAckHandlerHolds strong references to a set of remote objects, or live remote references to remote objects, after they have been marshalled (asClassrmi.transportCode Trails
DGCClientClassrmi.transportCode Trails
DGCImplClassrmi.transportCode Trails
DGrammarPattern pattern, which is a collection of named patterns.Classsun.xml.internal.rngom.digestedCode Trails
DGroupPatternClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.digestedCode Trails
DHClientKeyExchangeClasssecurity.sslCode Trails
DHCryptClasssecurity.sslCode Trails
DHGenParameterSpecThis class specifies the set of parameters used for generating Diffie-Hellman (system) parameters for use in Diffie-Hellman keyClasscrypto.specCode Trails
DHKeyThe interface to a Diffie-Hellman key.Interfacecrypto.interfacesCode Trails
DHKeyAgreementThis class implements the Diffie-Hellman key agreement protocol between any number of parties.Classsun.crypto.providerCode Trails
DHKeyFactoryThis class implements the Diffie-Hellman key factory of the Sun provider.Classsun.crypto.providerCode Trails
DHKeyPairGeneratorThis class represents the key pair generator for Diffie-Hellman key pairs.Classsun.crypto.providerCode Trails
DHParameterGeneratorClasssun.crypto.providerCode Trails
DHParametersThis class implements the parameter set used by the Diffie-Hellman key agreement as defined in the PKCS #3 standard.Classsun.crypto.providerCode Trails
DHParameterSpecThis class specifies the set of parameters used with the Diffie-Hellman algorithm, as specified in PKCS #3: Diffie-Hellman Key-AgreementClasscrypto.specCode Trails
DHPrivateKeyClasssun.crypto.providerCode Trails
DHPrivateKeyThe interface to a Diffie-Hellman private key.Interfacecrypto.interfacesCode Trails
DHPrivateKeySpecThis class specifies a Diffie-Hellman private key with its associated Note that this class does not perform any validation on specifiedClasscrypto.specCode Trails
DHPublicKeyClasssun.crypto.providerCode Trails
DHPublicKeyThe interface to a Diffie-Hellman public key.Interfacecrypto.interfacesCode Trails
DHPublicKeySpecThis class specifies a Diffie-Hellman public key with its associated Note that this class does not perform any validation on specifiedClasscrypto.specCode Trails
DHTMarkerSegmentClasssun.imageio.plugins.jpegCode Trails
DiagnosticInterface for diagnostics from tools.InterfacetoolsCode Trails
DiagnosticCollectorProvides an easy way to collect diagnostics in a list.ClasstoolsCode Trails
DiagnosticFormatterProvides simple functionalities for javac diagnostic Trails
DiagnosticListenerInterface for receiving diagnostics from tools.InterfacetoolsCode Trails
DiagnosticSourceA simple abstraction of a source file, as needed for use in a diagnostic Trails
DiagramComponentClassswing.colorchooserCode Trails
DialogA Dialog is a top-level window with a title and a border that is typically used to take some form of input from the user.ClassawtCode Trails
DialogCallbackHandler Uses a Swing dialog window to query the user for answers to authentication Trails
DialogOwner the window that owns the print dialog.ClassprintCode Trails
DialogPeerThe peer interface for Dialog.Interfaceawt.peerCode Trails
DialogTypeSelection that indicates the user dialog type to be used for specifying If NATIVE is specified, then where available, a nativeClassprint.attribute.standardCode Trails
DictionaryThe Dictionary class is the abstract parent of any class, such as Hashtable, which maps keys to values.ClassutilCode Trails
DictionaryBasedBreakIteratorClasstextCode Trails
DigestAuthenticationClassnet.www.protocol.httpCode Trails
DigestBaseClasssecurity.providerCode Trails
DigestClientIdClasssun.jndi.ldapCode Trails Trails
DigesterOutputStreamThis class has been modified slightly to use java.Classjcp.xml.dsig.internalCode Trails
DigestExceptionThis is the generic Message Digest exception.ClasssecurityCode Trails
DigestInputStreamA transparent stream that updates the associated message digest using the bits going through the stream.ClasssecurityCode Trails Trails Trails Trails
DigestMethodA representation of the XML DigestMethod element as W3C Recommendation for XML-Signature Syntax and Processing.Interfacexml.crypto.dsigCode Trails
DigestMethodParameterSpecA specification of algorithm parameters for a DigestMethod algorithm.Interfacexml.crypto.dsig.specCode Trails
DigestOutputStreamA transparent stream that updates the associated message digest using the bits going through the stream.ClasssecurityCode Trails
DigitListClasstextCode Trails
DigraphNodeClassimageio.spiCode Trails
DimensionThe Dimension class encapsulates the width and height of a component (in integer precision) in a single object.ClassawtCode Trails
Dimension2DThe Dimension2D class is to encapsulate a width and a height dimension.Classawt.geomCode Trails
DimensionUIResourceClassswing.plafCode Trails
DInterleavePatternClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.digestedCode Trails
DirContextThe directory service interface, containing methods for examining and updating attributesInterfacenaming.directoryCode Trails
DirContextNamePairClassnaming.spiCode Trails
DirContextStringPairClassnaming.spiCode Trails Trails
DirectAudioDeviceProviderDirectAudioDevice Trails
DirectByteBufferClassnioCode Trails
DirectByteBufferRClassnioCode Trails
DirectCharBufferRSClassnioCode Trails
DirectCharBufferRUClassnioCode Trails
DirectCharBufferSClassnioCode Trails
DirectCharBufferUClassnioCode Trails
DirectColorModelThe DirectColorModel class is a ColorModel class that works with pixel values that represent RGBClassawt.imageCode Trails
DirectDoubleBufferRSClassnioCode Trails
DirectDoubleBufferRUClassnioCode Trails
DirectDoubleBufferSClassnioCode Trails
DirectDoubleBufferUClassnioCode Trails
DirectFloatBufferRSClassnioCode Trails
DirectFloatBufferRUClassnioCode Trails
DirectFloatBufferSClassnioCode Trails
DirectFloatBufferUClassnioCode Trails
DirectIntBufferRSClassnioCode Trails
DirectIntBufferRUClassnioCode Trails
DirectIntBufferSClassnioCode Trails
DirectIntBufferUClassnioCode Trails
DirectLongBufferRSClassnioCode Trails
DirectLongBufferRUClassnioCode Trails
DirectLongBufferSClassnioCode Trails
DirectLongBufferUClassnioCode Trails
DirectMethodHandleClasslang.invokeCode Trails
DirectoryIteratorExceptionRuntime exception thrown if an I/O error is encountered when iterating over the entries in a directory.Classnio.fileCode Trails
DirectoryLoaderDirectoryLoader is a simple ClassLoader which loads from a specified file system directory.Classrmi.rmic.iiopCode Trails
DirectoryManagerHandle the directory creations and the path string Trails
DirectoryManagerThis class contains methods for supporting DirContext This class is an extension of NamingManager.Classnaming.spiCode Trails
DirectoryNotEmptyExceptionChecked exception thrown when a file system operation fails because a directory is not empty.Classnio.fileCode Trails
DirectoryStreamAn object to iterate over the entries in a directory.Interfacenio.fileCode Trails
DirectoryUtilUtil provides static utility methods used by other wscompile Trails
DirectShortBufferRSClassnioCode Trails
DirectShortBufferRUClassnioCode Trails
DirectShortBufferSClassnioCode Trails
DirectShortBufferUClassnioCode Trails
DirObjectFactoryThis interface represents a factory for creating an object given an object and attributes about the object.Interfacenaming.spiCode Trails
DirSearchClasssun.jndi.toolkit.dirCode Trails
DirStateFactoryThis interface represents a factory for obtaining the state of an object and corresponding attributes for binding.Interfacenaming.spiCode Trails
DirtyRegionThis class implements region tracking, used by the tiled-mask code.Classjava2d.xrCode Trails
DisabledAlgorithmConstraintsAlgorithm constraints for disabled algorithms property See the jdk.Classsecurity.utilCode Trails
DisassemblerToolThis class is intended to be put in Trails
DiscarderLoader implementation that discards the whole sub-tree.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.unmarshallerCode Trails
DISCARDING Generated by the IDL-to-Java compiler (portable), version 3.Interfaceomg.PortableInterceptorCode Trails
DispatchThe Dispatch interface provides support for the dynamic invocation of a service endpoint operations.Interfacexml.wsCode Trails
DispatcherThe Dispatcher interface allows the transport to make the upcall to the server side remote reference.Interfacermi.serverCode Trails
DispatchExceptionException that demands a specific fault message to be sent Trails
DispatchImplThe DispatchImpl abstract class provides support for the dynamic invocation of a service endpoint operation using Trails Trails
DisplayChangedListenerThe listener interface for receiving display change events.InterfaceawtCode Trails
DisplayModeThe DisplayMode class encapsulates the bit depth, height, width, and refresh rate of a GraphicsDevice.ClassawtCode Trails
DisposerThis class is used for registering and disposing the native data associated with java objects.Classjava2dCode Trails
DisposerTargetThis is an interface which should be implemented by the classes which use Disposer.Interfacejava2dCode Trails
DistributedPropertySetPropertySet that combines properties exposed from multiple PropertySets into Trails
DistributionPointRepresent the DistributionPoint sequence used in the CRL Distribution Points Extension (OID = 2.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
DistributionPointFetcherClass to obtain CRLs via the CRLDistributionPoints extension.Classsecurity.provider.certpathCode Trails
DistributionPointNameRepresents the DistributionPointName ASN.Classsecurity.x509Code Trails
DivThe 'div' operation expression Trails
DivInterfacesun.xml.internal.rngom.ast.builderCode Trails
DivHostClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.parse.hostCode Trails Trails
DivideExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
DivRemExpressionWARNING: The contents of this source file are not part of any supported API.Classtools.treeCode Trails
DkCrypto http://www.Classsecurity.krb5.internal.crypto.dkCode Trails
DListPatternClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.digestedCode Trails
DLOADDLOAD - Load double from local variable Stack Trails
DLSInfoThis class is used to store information to describe soundbanks, instruments and Trails
DLSInstrumentThis class is used to store information to describe Trails
DLSModulatorThis class is used to store modulator/artiuclation Trails
DLSRegionThis class is used to store region parts for Trails
DLSSampleThis class is used to store the sample data Trails
DLSSampleLoopThis class is used to store loop points inside DLSSampleOptions Trails
DLSSampleOptionsThis class stores options how to playback sampled data like pitch/tuning, attenuation and Trails
DLSSoundbankA DLS Level 1 and Level 2 soundbank reader (from files/url/streams) Trails
DLSSoundbankReaderThis class is used to connect the DLSSoundBank class to the SoundbankReader SPI Trails
DMixedPatternClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.digestedCode Trails
DMULDMUL - Multiply doubles Stack: Trails
DnDConstantsThis class contains constant values representing the type of action(s) to be performed by a Drag and Drop operation.Classawt.dndCode Trails
DnDEventMulticasterClassawt.dndCode Trails
DNEGDNEG - Negate double Stack: Trails
DNotAllowedPatternClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.digestedCode Trails
DnsClientThe DnsClient class performs DNS client operations in support of DnsContext.Classsun.jndi.dnsCode Trails
DnsContextA DnsContext is a directory context representing a DNS node.Classsun.jndi.dnsCode Trails
DnsContextFactoryA DnsContextFactory serves as the initial context factory for DNS.Classsun.jndi.dnsCode Trails
DnsNameDnsName implements compound names for DNS as specified by RFCs 1034 and 1035, and as updated and clarified by RFCs 1123 and 2181.Classsun.jndi.dnsCode Trails
DNSNameThis class implements the DNSName as required by the GeneralNames [RFC2459] When the subjectAltName extension contains a domain name serviceClasssecurity.x509Code Trails
DnsNameParserClasssun.jndi.dnsCode Trails
DNSNameServiceClassnet.spi.nameservice.dnsCode Trails
DNSNameServiceDescriptorClassnet.spi.nameservice.dnsCode Trails
DnsUrlA DnsUrl represents a DNS pseudo-URL of the form dns://[host][:port][/[domain]]Classsun.jndi.dnsCode Trails
dnsURLContextA DNS URL context resolves names that are DNS pseudo-URLs.Classsun.jndi.url.dnsCode Trails
dnsURLContextFactoryA DNS URL context factory creates contexts that can resolve names that are DNS pseudo-URLs.Classsun.jndi.url.dnsCode Trails
DocRepresents Java language constructs (package, class, constructor, method, field) which have comments and have been processed by thisInterfacesun.javadocCode Trails
DocInterfaceprintCode Trails
DocAttribute class implements to indicate the attribute denotes a setting for a doc.Interfaceprint.attributeCode Trails
DocAttributeSet attributes, i.Interfaceprint.attributeCode Trails
DocCommentScannerAn extension to the base lexical analyzer that captures and processes the contents of doc Trails
DocEnvHolds the environment for a run of Trails
DocErrorReporterThis interface provides error, warning and notice printing.Interfacesun.javadocCode Trails
DocFinderSearch for the requested Trails
DocFlavor format in which print data is supplied to a DocPrintJob.ClassprintCode Trails
DocImplabstract base class of all Doc Trails
DocletThis is an example of a starting class for a doclet, showing the entry-point methods.Classsun.javadocCode Trails Trails
DocletConstantsStores all constants for a Trails
DocletInvokerClass creates, controls and invokes Trails Trails
DocPrintJobThis interface represents a print job that can print a specified document with a set of job attributes.InterfaceprintCode Trails
DocRootTagletAn inline Taglet representing {@docRoot} Trails
DocTypeClass for generating document type for HTML pages of javadoc Trails
DocumentCoordinates the entire writing process.Classsun.xml.internal.txw2Code Trails
Document The Document is a container for text that serves as the model for swing text components.Interfaceswing.textCode Trails
DocumentThe Document interface represents the entire HTML or XML document.Interfacew3c.domCode Trails
DocumentAddressResolverResolves relative references among Trails
DocumentationEntity corresponding to the documentation WSDL Trails
DocumentationInterfacesun.xml.internal.bind.v2.schemagen.xmlschemaCode Trails
DocumentBuilderDefines the API to obtain DOM Document instances from an XML document.Classxml.parsersCode Trails
DocumentBuilderFactoryDefines a factory API that enables applications to obtain a parser that produces DOM object trees from XML documents.Classxml.parsersCode Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails
DocumentCSSThis interface represents a document with a CSS view.Interfacew3c.dom.cssCode Trails Trails
DocumentedIndicates that annotations with a type are to be documented by javadoc and similar tools by default.Classlang.annotationCode Trails
DocumentEventInterface for document change notifications.Interfaceswing.eventCode Trails
DocumentEventThe DocumentEvent interface provides a mechanism by which the user can create an Event of a type supported by the implementation.Interfacew3c.dom.eventsCode Trails
DocumentFilterDocumentFilter, as the name implies, is a filter for the Document mutation methods.Classswing.textCode Trails
DocumentFragmentDocumentFragment is a lightweight or minimal Document object.Interfacew3c.domCode Trails
DocumentFragmentImplDocumentFragment is a lightweight or minimal Document Trails
DocumentHandlerThe main class to parse JavaBeans XML archive.Classsun.beans.decoderCode Trails
DocumentHandlerReceive notification of general document events.Interfacexml.saxCode Trails
DocumentImplThe Document interface represents the entire HTML or XML Trails
DocumentListenerInterface for an observer to register to receive notifications of changes to a text document.Interfaceswing.eventCode Trails
DocumentLocationResolverResolves relative references among the metadata(WSDL, schema) This interface is implemented by the caller Trails
DocumentName specifies the name of a document.Classprint.attribute.standardCode Trails
DocumentParserA Parser for HTML Documents (actually, you can specify a DTD, but you should really only use this class with the html dtd in swing).Classswing.text.html.parserCode Trails
DocumentRangeSee also the Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 Traversal and Range Specification.Interfacew3c.dom.rangesCode Trails
DocumentStyleThe DocumentStyle interface provides a mechanism by which the style sheets embedded in a document can be retrieved.Interfacew3c.dom.stylesheetsCode Trails
DocumentTraversalDocumentTraversal contains methods that create NodeIterators and TreeWalkers to traverse aInterfacew3c.dom.traversalCode Trails
DocumentTypeEach Document has a doctype attribute whose value is either null or a DocumentType object.Interfacew3c.domCode Trails
DocumentTypeImplThis class represents a Document Type declaraction in the document itself, not a Document Type Definition (DTD) Trails
DocumentViewThe DocumentView interface is implemented by Document objects in DOM implementations supporting DOMInterfacew3c.dom.viewsCode Trails Trails
DOM2DTMThe DOM2DTM class serves up a DOM's contents via the Note that it doesn't necessarily represent a full Trails
DOM2DTMdefaultNamespaceDeclarationNodeThis is a kluge to let us shove a declaration for xml: into the DOM2DTM Trails
DOM2HelperThis class provides a DOM level 2 helper, which provides services currently not provided be the DOM Trails Trails Trails
Dom2SaxAdapterClasssun.xml.internal.txw2.outputCode Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails
DomainCombinerA DomainCombiner provides a means to dynamically update the ProtectionDomains associated with the currentInterfacesecurityCode Trails
DomainManagerProvides mechanisms for establishing and navigating relationships to superior and subordinate domains, as well as for creating and accessingInterfaceomg.CORBACode Trails
DomainManagerOperationsProvides the DomainManager with the means to access policies.Interfaceomg.CORBACode Trails
DomAnnotationParserFactoryAnnotationParserFactory that parses annotations into a W3C DOM.Classsun.xml.internal.xsom.utilCode Trails
DOMBase64TransformDOM-based implementation of Base64 Encoding Transform.Classjcp.xml.dsig.internal.domCode Trails Trails
DOMBuilderThis class takes SAX events (in addition to some extra events that SAX doesn't handle yet) and adds the result to a Trails Trails Trails Trails Trails
DOMCanonicalizationMethodDOM-based abstract implementation of CanonicalizationMethod.Classjcp.xml.dsig.internal.domCode Trails
DOMCanonicalXMLC14N11MethodDOM-based implementation of CanonicalizationMethod for Canonical XML 1.Classjcp.xml.dsig.internal.domCode Trails
DOMCanonicalXMLC14NMethodDOM-based implementation of CanonicalizationMethod for Canonical XML (with or without comments).Classjcp.xml.dsig.internal.domCode Trails
DOMCatalogParserThe DOMCatalogParser Trails
DOMCatalogReaderA DOM-based Trails
DOMConfigurationThe DOMConfiguration interface represents the configuration of a document and maintains a table of recognized parameters.Interfacew3c.domCode Trails
DOMConfigurationImplXerces implementation of DOMConfiguration that maintains a table of recognized Trails
DOMCryptoBinaryA DOM-based representation of the XML CryptoBinary simple type as defined in the W3C specification for XML-Signature Syntax and Processing.Classjcp.xml.dsig.internal.domCode Trails
DOMCryptoContextThis class provides a DOM-specific implementation of the XMLCryptoContext interface.Classxml.crypto.domCode Trails
DOMDigestMethodDOM-based abstract implementation of DigestMethod.Classjcp.xml.dsig.internal.domCode Trails Trails
DOMDocumentParserThe Fast Infoset DOM parser.Classsun.xml.internal.fastinfoset.domCode Trails
DOMDocumentSerializerThe Fast Infoset DOM serializer.Classsun.xml.internal.fastinfoset.domCode Trails
DOMEnhancedForDTMInterface for SAXImpl which adds methods used at run-time, over and above those provided by the XSLTC DOM Trails
DOMEntityResolverWrapperThis class wraps DOM entity resolver to XNI entity Trails
DOMEnvelopedTransformDOM-based implementation of Enveloped Signature Transform.Classjcp.xml.dsig.internal.domCode Trails
DOMErrorDOMError is an interface that describes an error.Interfacew3c.domCode Trails
DOMErrorHandlerDOMErrorHandler is a callback interface that the DOM implementation can call when reporting errors that happens whileInterfacew3c.domCode Trails
DOMErrorHandlerWrapperThis class handles DOM errors Trails
DOMErrorImplDOMErrorImpl is an implementation that describes an Trails
DOMExcC14NMethodDOM-based implementation of CanonicalizationMethod for Exclusive Canonical XML algorithm (with or without comments).Classjcp.xml.dsig.internal.domCode Trails
DOMExceptionDOM operations only raise exceptions in exceptional circumstances, i.Classw3c.domCode Trails Trails
DOMForestBuilds a DOM forest and maintains association from system IDs to DOM Trails
DOMForestParserXMLParser implementation that parses XML from a DOM forest instead of parsing it Trails Trails
DOMForestScannerProduces a complete series of SAX events from any DOM node This class hides a logic of re-associating Trails
DOMForestScannerProduces a complete series of SAX events from any DOM node This class hides a logic of re-associating Trails
DomHandlerConverts an element (and its descendants) from/to DOM (or similar) representation.Interfacexml.bind.annotationCode Trails Trails
DOMHeaderHeader implementation for a Trails Trails
DOMHMACSignatureMethodDOM-based implementation of HMAC SignatureMethod.Classjcp.xml.dsig.internal.domCode Trails
DOMImplementationThe DOMImplementation interface provides a number of methods for performing operations that are independent of any particular instanceInterfacew3c.domCode Trails
DOMImplementationCSSThis interface allows the DOM user to create a CSSStyleSheet outside the context of a document.Interfacew3c.dom.cssCode Trails
DOMImplementationImplThe DOMImplementation class is description of a particular implementation of the Document Object Trails
DOMImplementationListThe DOMImplementationList interface provides the abstraction of an ordered collection of DOM implementations, without defining orInterfacew3c.domCode Trails
DOMImplementationListImplThis class implements the DOM Level 3 Core interface Trails
DOMImplementationLSDOMImplementationLS contains the factory methods for creating Load and Save objects.Interfacew3c.dom.lsCode Trails
DOMImplementationRegistryA factory that enables applications to obtain instances of // get an instance of the DOMImplementation registryClassw3c.dom.bootstrapCode Trails
DOMImplementationSourceThis interface permits a DOM implementer to supply one or more implementations, based upon requested features and versions, as specifiedInterfacew3c.domCode Trails
DOMImplementationSourceImplSupply one the right implementation, based upon requested Trails
DOMInputImplThis Class DOMInputImpl represents a single input source for an XML Trails
DOMInputSourceAn XMLInputSource analogue to Trails
DOMKeyInfoDOM-based implementation of KeyInfo.Classjcp.xml.dsig.internal.domCode Trails
DOMKeyInfoFactoryDOM-based implementation of KeyInfoFactory.Classjcp.xml.dsig.internal.domCode Trails
DOMKeyNameDOM-based implementation of KeyName.Classjcp.xml.dsig.internal.domCode Trails
DOMKeyValueDOM-based implementation of KeyValue.Classjcp.xml.dsig.internal.domCode Trails
DomLoaderClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.unmarshallerCode Trails Trails
DOMLocatorIndicates the position of a node in a source DOM, intended primarily for error reporting.Interfacexml.transform.domCode Trails
DOMLocatorDOMLocator is an interface that describes a location (e.Interfacew3c.domCode Trails
DOMLocatorImplDOMLocatorImpl is an implementaion that describes a location ( Trails
DOMManifestDOM-based implementation of Manifest.Classjcp.xml.dsig.internal.domCode Trails
DOMMessageMessage backed by a DOM Element that represents the Trails
DOMMessageFormatterUsed to format DOM error messages, using the system Trails
DOMNormalizerThis class adds implementation for normalizeDocument Trails Trails
DOMOutputXmlOutput implementation that does associative marshalling to DOM.Classsun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.outputCode Trails
DOMOutputImplThis class represents an output destination for Trails
DOMParserThis is the main Xerces DOM parser Trails
DOMParserImplThis is Xerces DOM Builder Trails
DOMPGPDataDOM-based implementation of PGPData.Classjcp.xml.dsig.internal.domCode Trails
DomPostInitActionClasssun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtimeCode Trails
DOMPrinterClasssun.xml.internal.rngom.digestedCode Trails
DOMReferenceDOM-based implementation of Reference.Classjcp.xml.dsig.internal.domCode Trails
DOMResultActs as a holder for a transformation result tree in the form of a Document Object Model (DOM) tree.Classxml.transform.domCode Trails Trails Trails
DOMRetrievalMethodDOM-based implementation of RetrievalMethod.Classjcp.xml.dsig