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Accordion An Accordion here is a list of ControlGroups which can be expanded and collapsed.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
Bang The Bang controller triggers an event when pressed.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
Button A button triggers an event after it has been release.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
CallbackEvent A CallbackEvent is send when a controller action such as enter, leave, press, etc has occurs.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
CallbackListener Use a CallbackListener to listen for controller related actions such as pressed, released, etc.InterfacecontrolP5ControlP5
CanvasUse a Canvas to draw custom graphics into a control window or the default sketch window.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
CColorA CColor instance contains the colors of a controller including the foreground-, background-, active-, captionlabel- and valuelabel-colors.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
CDrawableThe CDrawable interface is used to draw controllers, primarily for internal use.InterfacecontrolP5ControlP5
ChartUse charts to display float array data as line chart, yet experimental, but see the ControlP5chart example for more details.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
ChartDataUsed by Chart, single chart data is stored here including value, (label) text, and color.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
ChartDataSetUsed by Chart, a chart data set is a container to store chart data.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
CheckBoxA multiple-choice radioButton.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
ColorPickerA simple color picker using sliders to adjust RGBA values.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
ControlBehaviorThe abstract class control behavior allows you to add custom behavior to controllers.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
ControlBroadcasterThe ControlBroadcaster handles all controller value changes and distributes them accordingly to its listeners.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
ControlElementUsed for automated controller creation using annotations.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
ControlEventA controlEvent is sent to a PApplet or a ControlListener whenever a controller value has changed.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
ControlFontA ControlFont is a container for a PFont that can be used to customize the font of a label.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
ControlGroup In previous versions you would use the ControlGroup class to bundle controllers in a group.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
Controller Controller is an abstract class that is extended by any available controller within controlP5.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
ControllerGroupControllerGroup is an abstract class and is extended by class ControlGroup, Tab, or the ListBox.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
ControllerInterfaceThe ControllerInterface is inherited by all ControllerGroup and Controller classes.InterfacecontrolP5ControlP5
ControllerListStores objects of type ControllerInterface and CDrawable, mainly for internal use.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
ControllerPlugThe ControllerPlug is used to do all the reflection procedures to link a controller to a variable or function inside your main application.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
ControllerPropertiesValues of controllers can be stored inside properties files which can be saved to file or memory.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
ControllerPropertyA controller property saves the value, address, getter and setter of a registered controller.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
ControllerStyleLabels use the ControllerStyle class to store margin and padding information.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
ControllerViewThe interface ControllerView can be used to define custom displays for controllers.InterfacecontrolP5ControlP5
ControlListenerControlListener is an interface that can be implemented by a custom class to be notified when controller values change.InterfacecontrolP5ControlP5
ControlP5 controlP5 is a processing and java library for creating simple control GUIs.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
ControlP5BaseThe ControlP5Base supports the ControlP5 class and implements all adder methods to add controllers toClasscontrolP5ControlP5
ControlP5ConstantsConstant variables used with ControlP5 are stored here.InterfacecontrolP5ControlP5
ControlTimercontrol timer is a timer that can be used for example as a stop watch or a duration timer.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
ControlWindow * ControlP5 ControlWindow * by andreas schlegel, 2012ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
DropdownListcontrolP5 is a processing gui library.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
KnobA knob is a circular slider which can be used with a limited and unlimited range.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
LabelA custom label using controlP5's BitFonts or PFont basedSee Also:ControlFont+Example/**ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
ListBoxA ListBox is a list of vertically aligned items which can be scrolled if required.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
MatrixA matrix is a 2d array with a pointer that traverses through the matrix in a timed interval.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
MultiListA Multilist is a multi-menu-tree controller.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
MultiListButton * ControlP5 MultiList * by andreas schlegel, 2009ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
NumberboxClick and drag the mouse inside a numberbox and move up and down to change the value of a numberbox.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
PointerSkip navigation linksPackageClassTreeIndexHelpInterfacecontrolP5ControlP5
RadioButtonA radioButton is a list of toggles that can be turned on or off.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
RangeA range slider works just like a slider but can be adjusted on both ends.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
ScrollableListA ScrollableList is a list of vertically aligned items which can be scrolled if required.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
SliderA slider is either used horizontally or vertically.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
Slider2DThe Slider2D allows to control a handle within a 2D area.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
TabTabs are used to organize controllers.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
Textareaa textarea can be used to leave notes, it uses the controlP5 BitFont to render text.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
TextfieldA singleline input textfield, use arrow keys to go back and forth, use backspace to delete characters.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
Textlabel* ControlP5 Textlabel* find a list of public methods available for the Textlabel ControllerClasscontrolP5ControlP5
TickMarkTickmarks are used by the Slider and Knob controller.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
Togglea toggle can have two states, true and false, where true has the value 1 and false is 0.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5
TooltipA tooltip can be registered for individual controllers and is activated on rollover.ClasscontrolP5ControlP5