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# Classes and Interfaces in #DataFu - 55 results found.
AliasableEvalFuncMakes implementing and using UDFs easier by enabling named parameters.Classdatafu.pig.utilDataFu
AppendToBagAppends a tuple to a bag.Classdatafu.pig.bagsDataFu
AssertAssert has been renamed to AssertUDF.Classdatafu.pig.utilDataFu
AssertUDFFilter function which asserts that a value is true.Classdatafu.pig.utilDataFu
BagConcatUnions all input bags to produce a single bag containing all tuples.Classdatafu.pig.bagsDataFu
BagGroupPerforms an in-memory group operation on a bag.Classdatafu.pig.bagsDataFu
BagLeftOuterJoinPerforms an in-memory left outer join across multiple bags.Classdatafu.pig.bagsDataFu
BagSplitSplits a bag of tuples into a bag of bags, where the inner bags collectively contain the tuples from the original bag.Classdatafu.pig.bagsDataFu
BoolToIntUDF which converts a Boolean to an Integer.Classdatafu.pig.utilDataFu
CoalesceReturns the first non-null value from a tuple, just like COALESCE in SQL.Classdatafu.pig.utilDataFu
ContextualEvalFuncAn abstract class which enables UDFs to store instance properties on the front end which will be available on the back end.Classdatafu.pig.utilDataFu
CountEachGenerates a count of the number of times each distinct tuple appears in a bag.Classdatafu.pig.bagsDataFu
DataFuExceptionSee Also:Serialized FormConstructor SummaryDataFuException()Classdatafu.pig.utilDataFu
DistinctByGet distinct elements in a bag by a given set of field positions.Classdatafu.pig.bagsDataFu
EmptyBagToNullReturns null if the input is an empty bag; otherwise, returns the input bag unchanged.Classdatafu.pig.bagsDataFu
EmptyBagToNullFieldsFor an empty bag, inserts a tuple having null values for all fields; otherwise, the input bag is returned unchanged.Classdatafu.pig.bagsDataFu
EnumerateEnumerate a bag, appending to each tuple its index within the bag.Classdatafu.pig.bagsDataFu
FieldNotFoundThrown by {see AliasableEvalFunc} when attempting to access an unknown field by name.Classdatafu.pig.utilDataFu
FirstTupleFromBagReturns the first tuple from a bag.Classdatafu.pig.bagsDataFu
HaversineDistInMilesComputes the distance (in miles) between two latitude-longitude pairs using the Haversine formula.Classdatafu.pig.geoDataFu
HyperLogLogPlusPlusA UDF that applies the HyperLogLog++ cardinality estimation algorithm.Classdatafu.pig.statsDataFu
InIn has been renamed to InUDF.Classdatafu.pig.utilDataFu
IntToBoolUDF which converts an Integer to a Boolean.Classdatafu.pig.utilDataFu
InUDFSimilar to the SQL IN function, this function provides a convenient way to filter using a logical disjunction over many values.Classdatafu.pig.utilDataFu
MarkovPairsAccepts a bag of tuples, with user supplied ordering, and generates pairs that can be used for a Markov chain analysis.Classdatafu.pig.statsDataFu
MD5Computes the MD5 value of a string and outputs it in hex (by default).Classdatafu.pig.hashDataFu
MedianComputes the median for a sorted input bag, using type R-2 estimation.Classdatafu.pig.statsDataFu
NullToEmptyBagReturns an empty bag if the input is null; otherwise, returns the input bag unchanged.Classdatafu.pig.bagsDataFu
PageRankA UDF which implements PageRank.Classdatafu.pig.linkanalysisDataFu
PageRankImplAn implementation of PageRank, used by the PageRank UDF.Classdatafu.pig.linkanalysisDataFu
PrependToBagPrepends a tuple to a bag.Classdatafu.pig.bagsDataFu
Quantile for a sorted input bag, using type R-2 estimation.Classdatafu.pig.statsDataFu
QuantileUtilMethods used by Quantile.Classdatafu.pig.statsDataFu
RandIntGenerates a uniformly distributed integer between two bounds.Classdatafu.pig.randomDataFu
ReservoirSamplePerforms a simple random sample using an in-memory reservoir to produce a uniformly random sample of a given size.Classdatafu.pig.samplingDataFu
ReverseEnumerateEnumerate a bag, appending to each tuple its index within the bag, with indices being produced in {(A),(B),(C),(D)} => {(A,3),(B,2),(C,1),(D,0)}Classdatafu.pig.bagsDataFu
SampleByKeyProvides a way of sampling tuples based on certain fields.Classdatafu.pig.samplingDataFu
SessionCountPerforms a count of events, ignoring events which occur within the This is useful for tasks such as counting the number of page views per user since it:Classdatafu.pig.sessionsDataFu
SessionizeSessionizes an input stream, appending a session ID to each tuple.Classdatafu.pig.sessionsDataFu
SetDifferenceComputes the set difference of two or more bags.Classdatafu.pig.setsDataFu
SetIntersectComputes the set intersection of two or more bags.Classdatafu.pig.setsDataFu
SetUnionComputes the set union of two or more bags.Classdatafu.pig.setsDataFu
SHAFields inherited from class org.Classdatafu.pig.hashDataFu
SimpleEvalFuncUses reflection to makes writing simple wrapper Pig UDFs easier.Classdatafu.pig.utilDataFu
SimpleRandomSampleScalable simple random sampling.Classdatafu.pig.samplingDataFu
SimpleRandomSampleWithReplacementElectSelect the candidate with the smallest score for each position from the candidates proposed by SimpleRandomSampleWithReplacementVote.Classdatafu.pig.samplingDataFu
SimpleRandomSampleWithReplacementVoteScalable simple random sampling with replacement (ScaSRSWR).Classdatafu.pig.samplingDataFu
StreamingMedianComputes the approximate median for a (not necessarily sorted) input bag, using the Munro-Paterson algorithm.Classdatafu.pig.statsDataFu
StreamingQuantileComputes approximate quantiles for a (not necessarily sorted) input bag, using the Munro-Paterson algorithm.Classdatafu.pig.statsDataFu
TransposeTupleToBagPerforms a transpose on a tuple, resulting in a bag of key, value fields where the key is the column name and the value is the value of that column in the tuple.Classdatafu.pig.utilDataFu
UnorderedPairsGenerates pairs of all items in a bag.Classdatafu.pig.bagsDataFu
UserAgentClassifyGiven a user agent string, this UDF classifies clients to 'mobile' and 'desktop'.Classdatafu.pig.urlsDataFu
VARGenerates the Variance of a set of Values.Classdatafu.pig.statsDataFu
WeightedSamplePerforms weighted bernoulli sampling on a bag.Classdatafu.pig.samplingDataFu
WilsonBinConfComputes the Wilsonian binomial proportion confidence interval Constructor requires the confidence interval (alpha) parameter, and theClassdatafu.pig.statsDataFu