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AdapterTemplateModelA TemplateModel that can be unwrapped and then it considers a provided desired (hint) class.Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
AllHttpScopesHashModelAn extension of SimpleHash that looks up keys in the hash, then in the request, session, and servlet context scopes.Classfreemarker.ext.servletFreeMarker Template
ArithmeticEngineClass to perform arithmetic operations.Classfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
ArrayModelA class that will wrap an arbitrary array into TemplateCollectionModel and TemplateSequenceModel interfaces.Classfreemarker.ext.beansFreeMarker Template
BeanModelA class that will wrap an arbitrary object into TemplateHashModel interface allowing calls to arbitrary property getters and invocation ofClassfreemarker.ext.beansFreeMarker Template
BeansModelCacheClassfreemarker.ext.beansFreeMarker Template
BeansWrapperObjectWrapper that is able to expose the Java API of arbitrary Java objects.Classfreemarker.ext.beansFreeMarker Template
BeansWrapperBuilderGets/creates a BeansWrapper singleton instance that's already configured as specified in the properties of this object; this is recommended over using the BeansWrapper constructors.Classfreemarker.ext.beansFreeMarker Template
BeansWrapperConfigurationHolds BeansWrapper configuration settings and defines their defaults.Classfreemarker.ext.beansFreeMarker Template
BooleanModelA class that will wrap instances of Boolean into a TemplateBooleanModel.Classfreemarker.ext.beansFreeMarker Template
BreakpointRepresents a breakpoint location consisting of a template name and a line number.Classfreemarker.debugFreeMarker Template
BugExceptionAn unexpected state was reached that is certainly caused by a bug in FreeMarker.Classfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
CacheStorageCache storage abstracts away the storage aspects of a cache - associating an object with a key, retrieval and removal via the key.Interfacefreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
CacheStorageWithGetSizeA cache storage that has a getSize() method for returning the current number of cache entries.Interfacefreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
CallPlaceCustomDataInitializationExceptionThrown by DirectiveCallPlace.Classfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
CaptureOutputA transform that captures the output of a block of FTL code and stores that in a variable.Classfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
ClassTemplateLoaderA TemplateLoader that can load templates from the classpath.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
ClassUtilThe exact reverse of primitiveClassToBoxingClass(java.Classfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
CollectionModelA special case of BeanModel that can wrap Java collections and that implements the TemplateCollectionModel in order to be usable Classfreemarker.ext.beansFreeMarker Template
Collections12Classfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
CollectionUtilsClassfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
CommandLineFreeMarker command-line utility, the Main-Class of freemarker.Classfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
ConcurrentCacheStorageAn optional interface for cache storage that knows whether it can be concurrently accessible without synchronization.Interfacefreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
ConfigurableThis is a common superclass of Configuration, Template, and Environment classes.Classfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
ConfigurationThe main entry point into the FreeMarker API; encapsulates the configuration settings of FreeMarker, also serves as a central template-loading and caching service.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
ConstantsFrequently used constant TemplateModel values.Classfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
CustomAttributeA class that allows one to associate custom data with a Configuration, a Template, or This API has similar approach to that of ThreadLocal (which allows one to associateClassfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
DateModelWraps arbitrary subclass of Date into a reflective model.Classfreemarker.ext.beansFreeMarker Template
DateUtilDate and time related utilities.Classfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
DebuggedEnvironmentRepresents the debugger-side mirror of a debugged Environment object in the remote VM.Interfacefreemarker.debugFreeMarker Template
DebuggerThe main debugger interface.Interfacefreemarker.debugFreeMarker Template
DebuggerClientA utility class that allows you to connect to the FreeMarker debugger service running on a specific host and port.Classfreemarker.debugFreeMarker Template
DebuggerListenerAn interface for components that wish to receive debugging events.Interfacefreemarker.debugFreeMarker Template
DebugModelRepresents the debugger-side mirror of a TemplateModel object, a Template object, or a Configuration object.Interfacefreemarker.debugFreeMarker Template
DeepUnwrapUtility methods for unwrapping TemplateModel-s.Classfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
DefaultArrayAdapterAdapts an array of a non-primitive elements to the corresponding TemplateModel interface(s), most importantly to TemplateHashModelEx.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
DefaultIteratorAdapterAdapts an Iterator to the corresponding TemplateModel interface(s), most importantly to TemplateCollectionModel.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
DefaultListAdapterAdapts a List to the corresponding TemplateModel interface(s), most importantly to TemplateSequenceModel.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
DefaultMapAdapterAdapts a Map to the corresponding TemplateModel interface(s), most importantly to TemplateHashModelEx.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
DefaultNonListCollectionAdapterExperimental - subject to change: Adapts a non-List Java Collection to the corresponding TemplateModel interface(s), most importantly to TemplateCollectionModelEx.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
DefaultObjectWrapperThe default implementation of the ObjectWrapper interface.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
DefaultObjectWrapperBuilderGets/creates a DefaultObjectWrapper singleton instance that's already configured as specified in the properties of this object; this is recommended over using the DefaultObjectWrapper constructors.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
DefaultObjectWrapperConfigurationHolds DefaultObjectWrapper configuration settings and defines their defaults.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
DirectiveCallPlaceGives information about the place where a directive is called from, also lets you attach a custom data object to that place.Interfacefreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
DOMNodeModelA convenient wrapper class for wrapping a Node in the W3C DOM API.Classfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
EnumerationModelA class that adds TemplateModelIterator functionality to the Enumeration interface implementers.Classfreemarker.ext.beansFreeMarker Template
EnvironmentObject that represents the runtime environment during template processing.Classfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
EnvironmentSuspendedEventEvent describing a suspension of an environment (ie because it hit aSee Also:Serialized FormClassfreemarker.debugFreeMarker Template
EventForwardingAn instance of this class should be registered as a in the web.Classfreemarker.ext.jspFreeMarker Template
ExecuteGives FreeMarker the the ability to execute external commands.Classfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
FileTemplateLoaderA TemplateLoader that uses files inside a specified directory as the source of templates.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
FreemarkerServletFreeMarker MVC View servlet that can be used similarly to JSP views.Classfreemarker.ext.servletFreeMarker Template
FreemarkerTagSimple implementation of JSP tag to allow use of FreeMarker templates in JSP.Classfreemarker.ext.jspFreeMarker Template
FreeMarkerTreeAllows exposure of a FreeMarker template's AST as a Swing tree.Classfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
FreemarkerXmlTaskThis is an Ant task for transforming XML documents using FreeMarker templates.Classfreemarker.ext.antFreeMarker Template
HashAdapterClassfreemarker.ext.beansFreeMarker Template
HtmlEscapePerforms an HTML escape of a given template fragment.Classfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
HttpRequestHashModelTemplateHashModel wrapper for a HttpServletRequest attributes.Classfreemarker.ext.servletFreeMarker Template
HttpRequestParametersHashModelTemplateHashModel wrapper for a HttpServletRequest parameters.Classfreemarker.ext.servletFreeMarker Template
HttpSessionHashModelTemplateHashModel wrapper for a HttpSession attributes.Classfreemarker.ext.servletFreeMarker Template
IdentityHashMapA variant of HashMap that uses System.Classfreemarker.ext.utilFreeMarker Template
IncludePageA model that when invoked with a 'path' parameter will perform a servlet include.Classfreemarker.ext.servletFreeMarker Template
InvalidPropertyExceptionAn exception thrown when there is an attempt to access an invalid bean property when we are in a strict bean modeClassfreemarker.ext.beansFreeMarker Template
InvalidReferenceExceptionA subclass of TemplateException that says that an FTL expression has evaluated to null or it refers to something that doesn't exist.Classfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
IteratorModelA class that adds TemplateModelIterator functionality to the Iterator interface implementers.Classfreemarker.ext.beansFreeMarker Template
JythonAntTaskUsed internally, public for technical reasons only.Classfreemarker.ext.antFreeMarker Template
JythonHashModelModel for Jython dictionaries (PyDictionary Note that the basic JythonModel already provides access to theClassfreemarker.ext.jythonFreeMarker Template
JythonModelGeneric model for arbitrary Jython objects.Classfreemarker.ext.jythonFreeMarker Template
JythonNumberModelClassfreemarker.ext.jythonFreeMarker Template
JythonRuntimeClassfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
JythonSequenceModelModel for Jython sequence objects (PySequence descendants).Classfreemarker.ext.jythonFreeMarker Template
JythonVersionAdapterFunctions that has a different implementation depending on the Jython version used.Classfreemarker.ext.jythonFreeMarker Template
JythonWrapperClassfreemarker.ext.jythonFreeMarker Template
LocalizedStringAn abstract base class for scalars that vary by locale.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
LoggerDelegates logger creation to an actual logging library.Classfreemarker.logFreeMarker Template
MalformedTemplateNameExceptionIndicates that the template name given was malformed according the TemplateNameFormat in use.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
MapModelA special case of BeanModel that adds implementation for TemplateMethodModelEx on map objects that is a shortcut for theClassfreemarker.ext.beansFreeMarker Template
MethodAppearanceFineTunerUsed for customizing how the methods are visible from templates, via BeansWrapper.Interfacefreemarker.ext.beansFreeMarker Template
ModelCacheClassfreemarker.ext.utilFreeMarker Template
ModelFactoryInterface used to create various wrapper models in the ModelCache.Interfacefreemarker.ext.utilFreeMarker Template
MruCacheStorageA cache storage that implements a two-level Most Recently Used cache.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
MultiTemplateLoaderA TemplateLoader that uses a set of other loaders to load the templates.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
NodeListModelProvides a template for wrapping JDOM objects.Classfreemarker.ext.jdomFreeMarker Template
NodeListModelA data model adapter for three widespread XML document object model representations: W3C DOM, dom4j, and JDOM.Classfreemarker.ext.xmlFreeMarker Template
NodeModelA base class for wrapping a W3C DOM Node as a FreeMarker template model.Classfreemarker.ext.domFreeMarker Template
NonBooleanExceptionIndicates that a TemplateBooleanModel value was expected, but the value had a different type.Classfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
NonDateExceptionIndicates that a TemplateDateModel value was expected, but the value had a different type.Classfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
NonExtendedHashExceptionIndicates that a TemplateHashModelEx value was expected, but the value had a different type.Classfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
NonHashExceptionIndicates that a TemplateHashModel value was expected, but the value had a different type.Classfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
NonMethodExceptionIndicates that a TemplateMethodModel value was expected, but the value had a different type.Classfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
NonNodeExceptionIndicates that a TemplateNodeModel value was expected, but the value had a different type.Classfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
NonNumericalExceptionIndicates that a TemplateNumberModel value was expected, but the value had a different type.Classfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
NonSequenceExceptionIndicates that a TemplateSequenceModel value was expected, but the value had a different type.Classfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
NonSequenceOrCollectionExceptionIndicates that a TemplateSequenceModel or TemplateCollectionModel value was expected, but the value had a different type.Classfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
NonStringExceptionIndicates that a TemplateScalarModel value was expected (or maybe something that can be automatically coerced to that), but the value had a different type.Classfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
NormalizeNewlinesTransformer that supports FreeMarker legacy behavior: all newlines appearing within the transformed area will be transformed into the platform's defaultClassfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
NullArgumentExceptionIndicates that an argument that must be non-null was null.Classfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
NullCacheStorageA cache storage that doesn't store anything.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
NullWriterA Writer that simply drops what it gets.Classfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
NumberModelWraps arbitrary subclass of Number into a reflective model.Classfreemarker.ext.beansFreeMarker Template
NumberUtilNumber- and math-related utilities.Classfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
ObjectConstructorAn object that you can make available in a template to instantiate arbitrary beans-wrapped objects in a template.Classfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
ObjectFactoryUsed for the trivial cases of the factory pattern.Interfacefreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
ObjectWrapperMaps Java objects to the type-system of FreeMarker Template Language (see the TemplateModel interfaces).Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
ObjectWrapperAndUnwrapperExperimental - subject to change: Adds functionality to ObjectWrapper that creates a plain Java object from a TemplateModel.Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
ObjectWrapperWithAPISupportExperimental - subject to change: Implemented by ObjectWrapper-s to help TemplateModel-s to implement the someValue?api operation.Interfacefreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
OptimizerUtilThis is needed to reverse the extreme conversions in arithmetic operations so that numbers can be meaningfully used with models thatClassfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
OptInTemplateClassResolverA TemplateClassResolver that resolves only the classes whose name was specified in the constructor.Classfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
OverloadedMethodsModelWraps a set of same-name overloaded methods behind TemplateMethodModel interface, like if it was a single method, chooses among them behind the scenes on call-time based on the argument values.Classfreemarker.ext.beansFreeMarker Template
ParseExceptionParsing-time exception in a template (as opposed to a runtime exception, a TemplateException).Classfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
ResourceBundleLocalizedStringA concrete implementation of LocalizedString that gets a localized string from a ResourceBundleClassfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
ResourceBundleModelA hash model that wraps a resource bundle.Classfreemarker.ext.beansFreeMarker Template
RhinoFunctionModelClassfreemarker.ext.rhinoFreeMarker Template
RhinoScriptableModelClassfreemarker.ext.rhinoFreeMarker Template
RhinoWrapperClassfreemarker.ext.rhinoFreeMarker Template
RichObjectWrapperExperimental - subject to change: Union of the interfaces that a typical feature rich ObjectWrapper is expected to implement.Interfacefreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
SecurityUtilitiesClassfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
ServletContextHashModelTemplateHashModel wrapper for a ServletContext attributes.Classfreemarker.ext.servletFreeMarker Template
SimpleCollectionA simple implementation of TemplateCollectionModel.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
SimpleDateA simple implementation of the TemplateDateModel interface.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
SimpleHashA simple implementation of the TemplateHashModelEx interface, using its own underlying Map or SortedMap for storing the hash entries.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
SimpleListThis is a trivial subclass that exists for backward compatibility with the SimpleList from FreeMarker Classic.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
SimpleMapModelModel used by BeansWrapper when simpleMapWrapper mode is enabled.Classfreemarker.ext.beansFreeMarker Template
SimpleMethodModelA class that will wrap a reflected method call into a TemplateMethodModel interface.Classfreemarker.ext.beansFreeMarker Template
SimpleNumberA simple implementation of the TemplateNumberModel interface.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
SimpleObjectWrapperA restricted object wrapper that will not expose arbitrary object, just those that directly correspond to the TemplateModel sub-interfaces (String, Map and such).Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
SimpleScalarA simple implementation of the TemplateScalarModel interface, using a String.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
SimpleSequenceA simple implementation of the TemplateSequenceModel interface, using its own underlying List for storing the list items.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
SingletonCustomizerMarker interface useful when used together with MethodAppearanceFineTuner and such customizer objects, to indicate that it doesn't contain reference to the ObjectWrapper (so beware with non-static innerInterfacefreemarker.ext.beansFreeMarker Template
SoftCacheStorageSoft cache storage is a cache storage that uses SoftReference objects to hold the objects it was passed, therefore allows the garbageClassfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
StandardCompressA filter that compresses each sequence of consecutive whitespace to a single line break (if the sequence contains a line break) or aClassfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
StatefulTemplateLoaderInterface that can be implemented by template loaders that maintain some sort of internal state (i.Interfacefreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
StopExceptionThis exception is thrown when a #stop directive is encountered.Classfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
StringModelSubclass of BeanModel that exposes the return value of the Object.Classfreemarker.ext.beansFreeMarker Template
StringTemplateLoaderA TemplateLoader that uses a Map with Strings as its source of In most case the regular way of loading templates from files will be fine.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
StringUtilSome text related utilities.Classfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
StrongCacheStorageStrong cache storage is a cache storage that simply wraps a Map.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
TaglibFactoryA hash model associated with a servlet context that can load JSP tag libraries associated with that servlet context.Classfreemarker.ext.jspFreeMarker Template
TemplateStores an already parsed template, ready to be processed (rendered) for unlimited times, possibly from Typically, you will use Configuration.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateBooleanModelboolean template language data type; same as in Java; either true or false.Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateCachePerforms caching and on-demand loading of the templates.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
TemplateClassResolverUsed by built-ins and other template language features that get a class based on a string.Interfacefreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
TemplateCollectionModelcollection template language data type: a collection of values that can be enumerated, but can't be or not meant to be accessed by index or key.Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateCollectionModelExExperimental - subject to change: "extended collection" template language data type: Adds size/emptiness querybility and "contains" test to TemplateCollectionModel.Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateDateModel"date", "time" and "date-time" template language data types: corresponds to Date.Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateDirectiveBodyRepresents the nested content of a directive (TemplateDirectiveModel) invocation.Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateDirectiveModel"directive" template language data type: used as user-defined directives (much like macros) in templates.Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateExceptionRuntime exception in a template (as opposed to a parsing-time exception: ParseException).Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateExceptionHandlerUsed for the template_exception_handler configuration setting; see Configurable.Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateHashModel"hash" template language data type: an object that contains other objects accessible through string keys (sub-variable names).Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateHashModelEx"extended hash" template language data type; extends TemplateHashModel by allowing iterating through its keys and values.Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateLoaderFreeMarker loads template "files" through objects that implement this interface, thus the templates need not be real files, and can come from any kind of data sourceInterfacefreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
TemplateLookupContextUsed as the parameter of TemplateLookupStrategy.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
TemplateLookupResultThe return value of TemplateLookupStrategy.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
TemplateLookupStrategyFinds the TemplateLoader-level (storage-level) template source for the template name witch which the template was requested (as in Configuration.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
TemplateMethodModel"method" template language data type: Objects that act like functions.Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateMethodModelEx"extended method" template language data type: Objects that act like functions.Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateModelThe common super-interface of the interfaces that stand for the FreeMarker Template Language (FTL) data types.Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateModelAdapter some other object model.Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateModelExceptionTemplateModel methods throw this exception if the requested data can't be retrieved.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateModelIteratorUsed to iterate over a set of template models once; usually returned from TemplateCollectionModel.Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateModelListSequenceA sequence that wraps a List of TemplateModel-s.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateModelWithAPISupportExperimental - subject to change: A TemplateModel on which the ?api operation can be applied.Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateNameFormatSymbolized template name format.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
TemplateNodeModel"node" template language data type: an object that is a node in a tree.Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateNotFoundExceptionThrown when Configuration.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateNumberModel"number" template language data type; an object that stores a number.Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateScalarModel"string" template language data-type; like in Java, an unmodifiable UNICODE character sequence.Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateSequenceModel"sequence" template language data type; an object that contains other objects accessible through an integer 0-based Used in templates like: mySeq[index], <#list mySeq as i>.Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
TemplateTransformModel"transform" template language data type: user-defined directives (much like macros) specialized on filtering output; you should rather use the newer TemplateDirectiveModelInterfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
ToCanonicalRead in a template and convert it to a canonical format.Classfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
TransformA class that contains a main() method for command-line invocation of a FreeMarker XML transformation.Classfreemarker.ext.domFreeMarker Template
TransformControlAn interface that can be implemented by writers returned from TemplateTransformModel.Interfacefreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
UndeclaredThrowableExceptionThe equivalent of JDK 1.Classfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
UnexpectedTypeExceptionThe type of a value differs from what was expected.Classfreemarker.coreFreeMarker Template
UnlinkedJythonOperationsImplUsed internally, public for technical reasons only.Classfreemarker.ext.antFreeMarker Template
UnrecognizedTimeZoneExceptionIndicates that the time zone name is not recognized.Classfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
UnsupportedNumberClassExceptionThrown when FreeMarker runs into a Number subclass that it doesn't yet support.Classfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
URLTemplateLoaderThis is an abstract template loader that can load templates whose location can be described by an URL.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
VersionRepresents a version number plus the further qualifiers and build info.Classfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
WebappTemplateLoaderA TemplateLoader that uses streams reachable through ServletContext.Classfreemarker.cacheFreeMarker Template
WrapperTemplateModelA generic interface for template models that wrap some underlying object, and wish to provide access to that wrapped object.Interfacefreemarker.ext.utilFreeMarker Template
WrappingTemplateModelClassfreemarker.templateFreeMarker Template
WriteProtectable configuration JavaBean properties, so that the object can be safely shared among independently developed components.Interfacefreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
XmlEscapePerforms an XML escaping of a given template fragment.Classfreemarker.template.utilityFreeMarker Template
XPathSupportInterfacefreemarker.ext.domFreeMarker Template