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# Classes and Interfaces in #GWOptics - 50 results found.
ArgumentExceptionArgumentException is an throwable object which represents a problem with one of the passed arguments to a
Axis2DAxis2D is a straight forward object for drawing 2D
Axis3DAxis3D class produces 3D axes with many variable properties to suite
Camera3DCamera3D is a camera class designed to be integrated into a processing sketch with minimal
ColourmapNodeColourmapNode is a class that encapsulates the colour and location of a point, on
CoolColourmapCoolColourmap extends RGBColourmap and is a gradient of cyan at
EquationColourmapEquationColourmap implements the IColourmap interface to generate a colourmapfrom an equation, rather than nodes as in the alternative
FlipColourmapFlipColourmap extends RGBColourmap and is a custom made map with black in thecenter and bright for smaller and a larger
GaussModeGaussmode is a class that provides the mathematical framework for Gaussian
Graph2DGraph2D is a collection of Axis2D objects and IGraphTrace'
graphicsUtilsContains an assortment of functions that can help with some trickier graphicalConstructor SummarygraphicsUtils()
GrayScaleColourmapGrayScaleColourmap extends RGBColourmap and is a gradient of black at
GWColourSimple class that encapsulates the 4 colour components alpha, red, green and
HotColourmapHotColourmap extends RGBColourmap and is a gradient of black at
IColourmapIColourmap interface provides several functions that are required for a colourmap to be used by an
IColourmapEquationSimple interface which acts as a callback object for EquationColourmapto generate a colourmap from a specific
IGraph2DThis interface is used to pass to an IGraph2DTrace
IGraph2DTraceThis interface provides the functionality that is required of a trace object, to be used by theClasses implementing this interface should be programmed for efficiency, as they are called
IGraph3DCallbackIGraph3DCallback specifies a function computePoint() that represents the equation of a surface on a
ILine2DEquationThis interface should be implemented by objects that are to be represented by a trace on a
IRenderableBasic interface that defines commonly used functions for any rendered
ITraceColourEffectThis interface is consumed and implemented by the IGraphTrace
LabelPosenum LabelPosextends
Line2DTraceThe Line2DTrace is the default implementation of the IGraphTrace
LogoRenders a clickabled image of the gwOptics
LogoSizeenum LogoSizeextends
MapNeedsGeneratingExceptionThis exception is thrown by a colourmap when the user attempts to read a value from the map without generating it
mathUtilsMathutils is a class that provides a set of utility functions for
PresetColourmapsThis class defines only one static member to
Presetsenum Presetsextends
RenderableAn abstract class that can be inherited to provide some common functionality thatall rendered objects
RGBColourmapRGBColourmap is an object that allows various colourmaps to be generated from RGB
SquareGridMeshSquareGridMesh is a square shaped grid with variable resolution along both
SurfaceGraph3DThis class incorporates the Axis3D and SurfaceTrace3D objects to construct a3D Cartesian surface
SurfaceTrace3DThis class encapsulates a surface trace on a
Trace2DExceptionSee Also:Serialized FormConstructor SummaryTrace2DException(
TrigLookupThis class provides access to a much faster version of the cos and sin
ValueTypeenum ValueTypeextends
VersionSmall class that reads the manifest file and gets the Implementation-Version of the Jar file and returns as a
WarmColourmapWarmColourmap extends RGBColourmap and is a gradient of red at