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# Classes and Interfaces in #Geomajas - 8 results found.
GeometryAreaCommand This command calculates the (approximate) geographical area of a geometry.ClassGeomajas
GeometryBufferCommand This command applies a buffer on multiple geometries.ClassGeomajas
GeometryConvexHullCommand This command returns the convex hull of the given geometries.ClassGeomajas
GeometryMergeCommand This command merges multiple geometries into a single geometry.ClassGeomajas
GeometrySplitCommandCommand that splits up a given geometry using a splitting line.ClassGeomajas
MergePolygonCommand This command merges an array of polygons.ClassGeomajas
SplitPolygonCommand This command splits a polygon or multipolygon by a linestring, and returns an array of resulting polygons/multipolygons.ClassGeomajas
TransformGeometryCommandCommand to perform CRS transformations on various geometry types: bounding box, geometry, geometry collection.ClassGeomajas