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AbstractInjectorGrapherAbstract injector grapher that builds the dependency graph but doesn't render Guice Guice
AbstractModuleA support class for Modules which reduces repetition and results in a more readable Guice
AliasAlias between two Guice
AliasCreatorCreator of node Guice
AnnotatedBindingBuilderSee the EDSL examples at Guice
AnnotatedConstantBindingBuilderSee the EDSL examples at Guice
AnnotatedElementBuilderSee the EDSL examples at Guice
ArrowTypeArrow symbols that are available from Guice
AssistedAnnotates an injected parameter or field whose value comes from an argument to a factory Guice
AssistedInject When used in tandem with FactoryModuleBuilder, constructors annotated with @AssistedInject indicate that multiple constructors can be injected, each with Guice
AssistedInjectBindingA binding for a factory created by Guice
AssistedInjectTargetVisitorA visitor for the AssistedInject Guice
AssistedMethodDetails about how a method in an assisted inject factory will be Guice
BindAnnotation used by BoundFieldModule to indicate that a field should be bound to itsSee Guice
BinderCollects configuration information (primarily bindings) which will be used to create an Guice
BindingA mapping from a key (type and optional annotation) to the strategy for getting instances of the Guice
BindingAnnotationAnnotates annotations which are used for Guice
BindingEdgeEdge that connects an interface to the type or instance that is bound to implement Guice
BindingScopingVisitorVisits each of the strategies used to scope an Guice
BindingTargetVisitorVisits each of the strategies used to find an instance to satisfy an Guice
BoundFieldModuleAutomatically creates Guice bindings for fields in an object annotated with Guice
CheckedProviderAlternative to the Guice Provider that throws a checked Guice
CheckedProvidesAnnotates methods of a Module to create a CheckedProvider method binding that can throw Guice
CompassPointEnum for the compass point values used to control where edge end points appear on the Guice
ConfigurationExceptionThrown when a programming error such as a misplaced annotation, illegal binding, or unsupported scope is Guice
ConstantBindingBuilderBinds to a constant Guice
ConstructorBindingA binding to the constructor of a concrete Guice
ConvertedConstantBindingA binding created from converting a bound instance to a new Guice
CreationExceptionThrown when errors occur while creating a Guice
DaggerAdapterA utility to adapt classes annotated with Guice
DefaultBindingScopingVisitorNo-op visitor for Guice
DefaultBindingTargetVisitorNo-op visitor for Guice
DefaultElementVisitorNo-op visitor for Guice Guice
DependencyA variable that can be resolved by an Guice
DependencyAndSourceA combination of a Dependency and the source where the dependency was Guice
DependencyEdgeEdge from a class or InjectionPoint to the interface node that will satisfy Guice
DisableCircularProxiesOptionA request to disable circular Guice
DynamicFinderUtility that helps you introspect dynamic finder Guice
EdgeEdge in a guice dependency Guice
EdgeCreatorCreator of graph edges to Guice
EdgeStyle See: Guice
ElementA core component of a module or Guice
ElementsExposes elements of a module so they can be inspected, validated or Guice
ElementSourceContains information about where and how an element was The declaring source refers to a location Guice
ElementVisitorVisit a mapping from a key (type and optional annotation) to the strategy for getting instances of the Guice
ExposedBindingA binding to a key exposed from an enclosed private Guice
FactoryModuleBuilderProvides a factory that combines the caller's arguments with injector-supplied values to Create an interface whose methods return the constructed type, or any of its Guice Guice
FinderMarks a method stub as a dynamic Guice
GraphvizEdgeData object to encapsulate the attributes of Graphviz edges that we're interested in Guice
GraphvizGrapherInjectorGrapher implementation that writes out a Graphviz DOT file of the Guice
GraphvizModuleModule that provides classes needed by Guice
GraphvizNodeData object to encapsulate the attributes of Graphviz nodes that we're interested in Guice
GuiceThe entry point to the Guice Guice
GuiceFilter Apply this filter in Guice Guice
GuiceServletContextListenerAs of Guice Guice
HasDependenciesReturns the known dependencies for this Guice
ImplementationNodeNode for types that have Dependencys and are bound to Guice
InjectAnnotates members of your implementation class (constructors, methods and fields) into which the Injector should inject Guice
InjectionListenerListens for injections into instances of type Guice
InjectionPointA constructor, field or method that can receive Guice
InjectionRequestA request to inject the instance fields and methods of an Guice
InjectorBuilds the graphs of objects that make up your Guice
InjectorGrapherGuice injector Guice
InstanceBindingA binding to a single Guice
InstanceFilterBindingA binding to a single instance of a Guice
InstanceNodeNode for Guice
InstanceServletBindingA binding to a single instance of a Guice
InterceptorBindingRegistration of interceptors for matching methods of matching Guice
InterfaceNodeNode for an interface type that has been bound to an implementation class or Guice
JndiIntegrationIntegrates Guice with Guice
JpaPersistModuleJPA provider for guice Guice
KeyBinding key consisting of an injection type and an optional Guice
LinkedBindingBuilderSee the EDSL examples at Guice
LinkedFilterBindingA linked binding to a Guice
LinkedKeyBindingA binding to a linked Guice
LinkedServletBindingA linked binding to a Guice
ManagedBindingMBeanJMX interface to Guice
ManagerProvides a JMX interface to Guice
MapBinderAn API to bind multiple map entries separately, only to later inject them as a complete Guice
MapBinderBindingA binding for a Guice
MapKeyAllows users define customized key type annotations for map bindings by annotating an annotation of a Map's key Guice
MatcherReturns true or false for a given Guice
MatchersMatcher Guice
MembersInjectorInjects dependencies into the fields and methods on instances of type Guice
MembersInjectorLookupA lookup of the members injector for a Guice
MessageAn error message and the context in which it Guice
ModuleA module contributes configuration information, typically interface bindings, which will be used to create an Guice
ModuleAnnotatedMethodScannerAllows extensions to scan modules for annotated methods and bind those methods as providers, similar to @Provides Guice
ModuleAnnotatedMethodScannerBindingRepresents a call to Guice
ModulesStatic utility methods for creating and working with instances of Guice
MultibinderAn API to bind multiple values separately, only to later inject them as a complete Guice
MultibinderBindingA binding for a Guice
MultibindingsScannerScans a module for annotations that signal multibindings, mapbindings, and optional Guice
MultibindingsTargetVisitorA visitor for the multibinder Guice
NameFactoryInterface for a service that provides nice Strings that we can display in the graph for the types that come up Guice
NamesUtility methods for use with Guice
NodeNode in a guice dependency Guice
NodeCreatorCreator of graph Guice
NodeIdID of a node in the Guice
NodeShapeEnum for the shapes that are most interesting for Guice Guice
NodeStyleStyles for Guice
OptionalBinderAn API to bind optional values, optionally with a default Guice
OptionalBinderBindingA binding for a Guice
OutOfScopeExceptionThrown from Guice
PersistFilterApply this filter to enable the HTTP Request unit of work and to have guice-persist manage the lifecycle of active units of Guice Guice
PersistServicePersistence provider Guice
PortIdFactoryInterface for a service that returns Graphviz port IDs, used for naming the rows in ImplementationNode-displaying Guice Guice
PrivateBinderReturns a binder whose configuration information is hidden from its environment by Guice
PrivateElementsA private collection of elements that are hidden from the enclosing injector or module by Guice
PrivateModuleA module whose configuration information is hidden from its environment by Guice
ProvidedByA pointer to the default provider type for a Guice
ProviderAn object capable of providing instances of type Guice
ProviderBindingA binding to a Provider that delegates to the binding for the provided Guice
ProviderInstanceBindingA binding to a provider Guice
ProviderKeyBindingA binding to a provider Guice
ProviderLookupA lookup of the provider for a Guice
ProvidersStatic utility methods for creating and working with instances ofReturns a Guice-friendly Guice
ProviderWithDependenciesA provider with dependencies on other injected Guice
ProviderWithExtensionVisitorA Provider that is part of an extension which supports a custom Guice
ProvidesIntoMapAnnotates methods of a Module to add items to a Guice
ProvidesIntoOptionalAnnotates methods of a Module to add items to a Guice
ProvidesIntoSetAnnotates methods of a Module to add items to a Guice
ProvidesMethodBindingAn @Provides binding or binding produced by a Guice
ProvidesMethodTargetVisitorA visitor for the @Provides Guice
ProvisionExceptionIndicates that there was a runtime failure while providing an Guice
ProvisionListenerListens for provisioning of Guice
ProvisionListenerBindingBinds keys (picked using a Matcher) to a provision Guice
RequestScoperObject that can be used to apply a request scope to a block of Guice
RequireAtInjectOnConstructorsOptionA request to require explicit @Inject annotations on Guice
RequireExactBindingAnnotationsOptionA request to require exact binding Guice
RequireExplicitBindingsOptionA request to require explicit Guice
RootKeySetCreatorCreator of the default starting set of keys to Guice
ScopeA scope is a level of visibility that instances provided by Guice may Guice
ScopeAnnotationAnnotates annotations which are used for Guice
ScopeBindingRegistration of a scope annotation with the scope that implements Guice
ScopedBindingBuilderSee the EDSL examples at Guice
ScopesBuilt-in scope Guice
ScopingExceptionException thrown when there was a failure entering request Guice
ServletModuleConfigures the servlet scopes and creates bindings for the servlet API objects so you can inject the request, response, session, Guice
ServletModuleBindingA binding created by Guice
ServletModuleTargetVisitorA visitor for the servlet Guice Guice
ShortNameFactoryReasonable implementation for Guice
SpringIntegrationIntegrates Guice with Guice
StageThe stage we're running Guice
StaticInjectionRequestA request to inject the static fields and methods of a Guice
Struts2FactoryCleanup up version from Bob's Guice
Struts2GuicePluginModuleInitializes the Struts 2 Guice Guice
ThrowingProviderAlternative to the Guice Provider that throws a checked Guice
ThrowingProviderBinderBuilds a binding for a Guice
ToolableInstructs an Injector running in Guice
Transactional Any method or class marked with this annotation will be considered for Guice
TransitiveDependencyVisitorBindingTargetVisitor that returns a Collection of the Keys of each Binding' Guice
TypeConverterConverts constant string values to a different Guice
TypeConverterBindingRegistration of type converters for matching target Guice
TypeEncounterContext of an injectable type Guice
TypeListenerListens for Guice to encounter injectable Guice
TypeListenerBindingBinds types (picked using a Matcher) to an type Guice
TypeLiteralRepresents a generic type Guice
TypesStatic methods for working with Guice
UnitOfWorkThis interface is used to gain manual control over the unit of Guice
UntargettedBindingAn untargetted Guice
UriPatternTypeAn enumeration of the available URI-pattern matching stylesEnum Constant Guice