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AbstractBoxMullerProvides the ability for subclasses to generate normally distributed random numbers.Classorg.encog.mathutil.randomize.generateHeatonReasearch
AbstractGenerateRandomProvides a foundation for most random number generation.Classorg.encog.mathutil.randomize.generateHeatonReasearch
AbstractGeneratorAbstract class that forms the foundation of most code
AbstractGenomeComparatorProvides base functionality for comparing
AbstractPNNAbstract class to build PNN networks upon.Classorg.encog.neural.pnnHeatonReasearch
AbstractPrgGeneratorThe abstract base for Full and Grow program
AbstractTemplateGeneratorProvides a basic implementation of a template
ActivationBiPolarBiPolar activation
ActivationBipolarSteepenedSigmoidThe bipolar sigmoid activation function is like the regular sigmoid activation function, except Bipolar sigmoid activation
ActivationClippedLinearLinear activation function that bounds the output to [-1,+1]
ActivationCompetitiveAn activation function that only allows a specified number, usually one, of the out-bound connection to
ActivationElliottComputationally efficient alternative to
ActivationElliottSymmetricComputationally efficient alternative to
ActivationFunctionThis interface allows various activation functions to be used with the neural
ActivationGaussianAn activation function based on the Gaussian
ActivationLinearThe Linear layer is really not an activation function at
ActivationLOGAn activation function based on the logarithm
ActivationRampA ramp activation
ActivationSigmoidThe sigmoid activation function takes on a sigmoidal
ActivationSINAn activation function based on the sin function, with a double
ActivationSoftMaxThe softmax activation
ActivationSteepenedSigmoidThe Steepened Sigmoid is an activation function typically used with
ActivationStepThe step activation function is a very simple activation
ActivationTANHThe hyperbolic tangent activation function takes the curved shape of the hyperbolic
ADALINEPatternConstruct an ADALINE neural network.Classorg.encog.neural.patternHeatonReasearch
AddressA URL
AdjustScoreScore adjusters adjust the score according to some
AnalystClassItemHolds a class item for the
AnalystClusterCSVUsed by the analyst to cluster a CSV
AnalystCodeGenerationErrorAnalyst code generation
AnalystErrorAn error has occured with the Encog
AnalystEvaluateCSVUsed by the analyst to evaluate a CSV
AnalystEvaluateRawCSVUsed by the analyst to evaluate a CSV
AnalystFieldHolds a field to be
AnalystFileFormatenum AnalystFileFormatCSV file formats used by the Encog
AnalystGoalWhat is the goal of the Encog Analyst?Enum Constant
AnalystListenerReports the progress of the Encog
AnalystNormalizeCSVNormalize, or denormalize, a CSV
AnalystNormalizeToEGBNormalize, or denormalize, a CSV
AnalystProcessPerform many different types of transformations on a
AnalystProcessScript holder for Encog Analyst
AnalystReportProduce a simple report on the makeup of the script and data to be
AnalystReportBridgeUsed to bridge the AnalystListerner to an StatusReportable
AnalystScriptHolds a script for the Encog
AnalystSegregateHolds all of the segregation targets for a
AnalystSegregateTargetThis class specifies a target for the segregation
AnalystTaskHolds a task in the
AnalystUtilityProvides an interface to the analyst usually used by other
AnalystWizardThe Encog Analyst Wizard can be used to create Encog Analyst script files from a CSV
AnalyzedFieldThis class represents a field that the Encog Analyst is in the process of
AnalyzeNetworkAllows the weights and bias values of the neural network to be analyzed.Classorg.encog.neural.networks.structureHeatonReasearch
AnnealFactoryA factory to create simulated annealing
ArchitectureLayerHolds the parse results for one
ArchitectureParseThis class is used to parse a Encog architecture
ArrayDataCODECA CODEC used for
ArrayGenomeAn array genome represents an array of "something", this allows array operators such as crossover and mutate to work on the
ARTAdaptive Resonance Theory (ART) is a form of neural network developed by Stephen Grossberg and Gail Carpenter.Classorg.encog.neural.artHeatonReasearch
ART1 recognize bipolar patterns as it is presented data.Classorg.encog.neural.artHeatonReasearch
ART1PatternPattern to create an ART-1 neural network.Classorg.encog.neural.patternHeatonReasearch
ATanErrorFunctionAn ATan based error function.Classorg.encog.neural.errorHeatonReasearch
BackpropagationThis class implements a backpropagation training algorithm for feed forward neural
BackPropFactoryA factory for backpropagation
BalanceCSVBalance a CSV
BAMBidirectional associative memory (BAM) is a type of neural network developed by Bart Kosko in 1988.Classorg.encog.neural.bamHeatonReasearch
BAMPatternConstruct a Bidirectional Access Memory (BAM) neural network.Classorg.encog.neural.patternHeatonReasearch
BarBufferA buffer of bar
Base64Encodes and decodes to and from Base64 notation.Classorg.encog.util.textHeatonReasearch
BaseBaumWelchThis class provides the base implementation for Baum-Welch learning for HMM'
BaseCachedColumnA basic cached
BasicActivationSummationProvides a basic implementation of an input summation.Classorg.encog.neural.freeform.basicHeatonReasearch
BasicActivationSummationFactoryA factory to create BasicFactivationSUmmation objects.Classorg.encog.neural.freeform.basicHeatonReasearch
BasicCachedFileForms the foundation of all of the cached files in Encog
BasicClusterHolds a cluster of MLData items that have been clustered by the KMeansClustering
BasicEAProvides a basic implementation of a multi-threaded Evolutionary
BasicFileMany of the Encog quant CSV processors are based upon this
BasicFreeformConnectionA basic freeform connection.Classorg.encog.neural.freeform.basicHeatonReasearch
BasicFreeformLayerFactoryA factory that creates BasicFreeformLayer objects.Classorg.encog.neural.freeform.basicHeatonReasearch
BasicFreeformNeuronThis class provides a basic implementation of a freeform neuron.Classorg.encog.neural.freeform.basicHeatonReasearch
BasicFreeformNeuronFactoryA factory to create BasicFreeformNeuron objects.Classorg.encog.neural.freeform.basicHeatonReasearch
BasicGenerateIDUsed to generate a unique id.Classorg.encog.util.identityHeatonReasearch
BasicGenerateRandomA wrapper over Java's built in random number generator.Classorg.encog.mathutil.randomize.generateHeatonReasearch
BasicGenomeA basic abstract
BasicHessianSome basic code used to calculate Hessian matrixes.Classorg.encog.mathutil.matrices.hessianHeatonReasearch
BasicInputFieldProvides basic functionality, such as min/max and current value for other input fields.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.inputHeatonReasearch
BasicLayerBasic functionality that most of the neural layers require.Classorg.encog.neural.networks.layersHeatonReasearch
BasicMLA class that provides basic property functionality for the MLPropertiesSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.encog.mlHeatonReasearch
BasicMLComplexDataThis class implements a data object that can hold complex
BasicMLDataBasic implementation of the MLData interface that stores the data in anAuthor:jheatonSee Also:Serialized
BasicMLDataCentroidA basic implementation of a
BasicMLDataPairA basic implementation of the MLDataPair
BasicMLDataPairCentroidA centroid for
BasicMLDataSetStores data in an
BasicMLSequenceSetA basic implementation of the
BasicNetworkThis class implements a neural network.Classorg.encog.neural.networksHeatonReasearch
BasicNeuralDataThis is an alias class for Encog
BasicNeuralDataPairThis is an alias class for Encog
BasicNeuralDataSetThis is an alias class for Encog
BasicNormalizationStrategyProvides a basic normalization strategy that will work with most models built into
BasicOutputFieldProvides very basic functionality for output fields.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.outputHeatonReasearch
BasicOutputFieldGroupProvides very basic functionality that other output field groups will use.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.outputHeatonReasearch
BasicPNNThis class implements either a: Probabilistic Neural Network (PNN)Classorg.encog.neural.pnnHeatonReasearch
BasicPopulationDefines the basic functionality for a population of
BasicQueryProvides basic functionality for a Bayesian
BasicRandomFactoryBasic random number generator factory.Classorg.encog.mathutil.randomize.factoryHeatonReasearch
BasicRandomizerProvides basic functionality that most randomizers will need.Classorg.encog.mathutil.randomizeHeatonReasearch
BasicRBFBasic radial basis function.Classorg.encog.mathutil.rbfHeatonReasearch
BasicRuleHolderBasic implementation of a rule
BasicSpeciesProvides basic functionality for a
BasicTrainingAn abstract class that implements basic training for most training
BasicTrainSOMThis class implements competitive training, which would be used in a winner-take-all neural network, such as the self organizing map (SOM)
BatchSizeThe batch size.Interfaceorg.encog.neural.networks.trainingHeatonReasearch
BayesEstimatorAn estimator is used during Bayesian training to determine optimal probability
BayesianChoiceA choice in a Bayesian
BayesianErrorThrown when an error occurs working with Bayesian
BayesianEventEvents make up a Bayesian
BayesianFactoryFactory to create bayesian
BayesianInitThe method by which a Bayesian network should be
BayesianQueryA Bayesian
BayesianTableHolds a Bayesian truth
BayesSearchSearch for a good Bayes
BestMatchingUnitThe "Best Matching Unit" or BMU is a very important concept in the training for a
BestReturnGet the best
BIFDefinitionHolds a BIF
BIFHandlerHandler, used to parse the XML BIF
BIFUtilA utility class to read and write Bayesian networks in BIF
BinaryDataLoaderThis class is used, together with a CODEC, to move data to/from the Encog binary training file
BiPolarNeuralDataA NeuralData implementation designed to work with bipolar
BiPolarUtilThis class contains a number of utility methods used to work with bipolar numbers.Classorg.encog.mathutil.matricesHeatonReasearch
BoltzmannPatternPattern to create a Boltzmann machine.Classorg.encog.neural.patternHeatonReasearch
BotErrorUsed to represent any error that occurs in the bot part of Encog.Classorg.encog.botHeatonReasearch
BotUtilUtility class for bots.Classorg.encog.botHeatonReasearch
BoundMathJava will sometimes return Math.Classorg.encog.mathutilHeatonReasearch
BPROPJobA training definition for BPROP
BrowseErrorThrown when any sort of error related to web browsing is
BrowserThe main class for web
BufferedDataErrorAn error occurs working with the Encog binary training
BufferedDataSetIteratorAn iterator for the
BufferedMLDataSetThis class is not memory based, so very long files can be used, without running out of
CalculateScoreUsed by simulated annealing and genetic algorithms to calculate the score for a machine learning method.Interfaceorg.encog.mlHeatonReasearch
ChainRuleWorkerA threaded worker that is used to calculate the first derivatives of the output of the neural network.Classorg.encog.mathutil.matrices.hessianHeatonReasearch
CholeskyDecompositionCholesky Decomposition.Classorg.encog.mathutil.matrices.decompositionHeatonReasearch
ChooseObjectThis class is used to choose between several objects with a specified probability.Classorg.encog.util.objHeatonReasearch
ClustersClusters used for the KMeans HMM training
ClusterSOMFactoryCreate a trainer that uses the SOM cluster training
CmdBase class for Encog Analyst
CmdBalancePerforms the balance
CmdClusterThis command is used to randomize the lines in a CSV
CmdCodeThis command is used to generate the binary EGB file from a CSV
CmdCreateThe Encog Analyst create
CmdEvaluateThis class is used to evaluate a machine learning
CmdEvaluateRawThis class is used to evaluate a machine learning
CmdGenerateThis command is used to generate the binary EGB file from a CSV
CmdNormalizeThe normalize command is used to normalize
CmdProcessThis command is used to preprocess a CSV
CmdRandomizeThis command is used to randomize the lines in a CSV
CmdResetAnalyst command that allows all properties to be reset to what they were originally loaded from the Encog EGA
CmdSegregateThis command is used to segregate one CSV file into
CmdSetThe set command allows a script to override a property
CodeDataUnitA data unit that holds
ColumnDefinitionDefines a column
ColumnTypeThe type of column, defined using level of
CommonRenderCommon functions for some renders.Classorg.encog.parse.expressionHeatonReasearch
CompareEncogProgramCompare two Encog programs for
ComplexityAdjustedScoreAdjust scores to penalize
ComplexNumberA complex number class.Classorg.encog.mathutilHeatonReasearch
CompoundOperatorA compound operator randomly chooses sub-operators to perform the actual
ComputeHessianCompute (estimate) the Hessian matrix.Interfaceorg.encog.mathutil.matrices.hessianHeatonReasearch
ConcurrentJobThis class forms the basis for a job that can be run concurrently.Classorg.encog.util.concurrency.jobHeatonReasearch
ConcurrentTrainingManagerConcurrent training
ConcurrentTrainingPerformerPerformers actually perform the
ConcurrentTrainingPerformerCPUThis performer allows jobs to be performed by the
ConsistentRandomizerA randomizer that takes a seed and will always produce consistent results.Classorg.encog.mathutil.randomizeHeatonReasearch
ConsoleAnalystListenerA console implementation of the Encog Analyst
ConsoleStatusReportableA simple status report that goes to the console.Classorg.encogHeatonReasearch
ConstMutationMutate the constant nodes of an Encog
ConstraintRuleDefines a
ConstRandomizerA randomizer that will create always set the random number to a const value, used mainly for testing.Classorg.encog.mathutil.randomizeHeatonReasearch
ContinousDistributionA continuous distribution represents an infinite range of choices between two real
ConvertThis class is used to convert strings into numeric values.Classorg.encog.mathutilHeatonReasearch
ConvertStringConstConvert several Analyst String to the correct
CookieUtilityThis class allows URLConnection objects to process cookies.Classorg.encog.util.httpHeatonReasearch
CPNCounterpropagation Neural Networks (CPN) were developed by Professor Robert Hecht-Nielsen in 1987.Classorg.encog.neural.cpnHeatonReasearch
CPNPatternPattern that creates a CPN neural network.Classorg.encog.neural.patternHeatonReasearch
CrossTrainingBase class for cross training
CrossValidationKFoldTrain using K-Fold cross
CSVDataCODECA CODEC used to read/write data from/to a CSV data
CSVDataSourceAllow a CSV file to serve as a source for the versatile data
CSVErrorAn error has occured while working with CSV data.Classorg.encog.util.csvHeatonReasearch
CSVFormatSpecifies a CSV format.Classorg.encog.util.csvHeatonReasearch
CSVHeadersUtility class to help deal with CSV
CSVNeuralDataSetAn implementation of the NeuralDataSet interface designed to provide a CSV file to the neural
DataDivisionA division of data inside of a versatile data
DataFieldHolds stats on a data field for the Encog
DataNormalizationThis class is used to normalize both input and ideal data for neural networks.Classorg.encog.util.normalizeHeatonReasearch
DataSetCODECA CODEC is used to encode and decode
DataUnitData units are very abstract pieces of data that the browser
DateUtilSimple date utility class.Classorg.encog.util.timeHeatonReasearch
DepthFirstTraversalPerforms a depth-first
DeriveMinimumThis class determines optimal values for multiple sigmas in a PNN
DetermineWorkloadUsed by several Encog training methods to break up a workload.Classorg.encog.util.concurrencyHeatonReasearch
DimensionConstraintSpecifies a constraint for dimensions, using a lower and upper bound.Classorg.encog.mathutil.dimensionHeatonReasearch
DirectoryDirectory utilities.Classorg.encog.util.fileHeatonReasearch
DiscardMissingHandle missing values by discarding
DiscreteDistributionA discrete distribution is a distribution with a finite set of states that itSee Also:Serialized
DistortA randomizer that distorts what is already present in the neural network.Classorg.encog.mathutil.randomizeHeatonReasearch
DivA document range that represents the beginning and ending DIV tag, as well as any tages embedded between
DocumentRangeBase class that represents a document
DoubleArrayGenomeA genome made up of continuous
DoubleArrayGenomeFactoryA factory that creates DoubleArrayGenome objects of a specific
DownsampleUtility to downsample an image.Interfaceorg.encog.util.downsampleHeatonReasearch
DumpMatrixA utility for writing matrixes to the log.Classorg.encog.util.loggingHeatonReasearch
EACompileErrorThe genome has generated a compile error and is
EAErrorA general evolutionary algorithm
EarlyStoppingStrategyStop early when validation set no longer
EARuntimeErrorAn error has occurred while running a phenotype (or genome)
EAWorkerA worker thread for an Evolutionary
EigenvalueDecompositionEigenvalues and eigenvectors of a real matrix.Classorg.encog.mathutil.matrices.decompositionHeatonReasearch
ElmanPatternThis class is used to generate an Elman style recurrent neural network.Classorg.encog.neural.patternHeatonReasearch
EmptyScoreFunctionAn empty score
EncoderTrainingFactoryThis benchmark implements a Fahlman Encoder.Classorg.encog.util.benchmarkHeatonReasearch
EncodeSVMProblemEncode an Encog dataset as a SVM
EncogMain Encog class, does little more than provide version information.Classorg.encogHeatonReasearch
EncogAnalystThe Encog Analyst runs Encog Analyst Script files (EGA) to perform many common machine learning
EncogArgTypeThe type of
EncogBenchmarkBenchmark Encog with several network types.Classorg.encog.util.benchmarkHeatonReasearch
EncogCodeGenerationPerform Encog code
EncogDirectoryPersistenceHandles Encog persistence for a directory.Classorg.encog.persistHeatonReasearch
EncogEGBFileUsed to access an Encog Binary Training file (*
EncogErrorGeneral error class for Encog.Classorg.encogHeatonReasearch
EncogFileSectionThis class is used internally to parse Encog files.Classorg.encog.persistHeatonReasearch
EncogFormatterA simple formatter for logging.Classorg.encog.util.loggingHeatonReasearch
EncogGenProgramHolds a generated Encog
EncogLoggingThis class provides logging for Encog.Classorg.encog.util.loggingHeatonReasearch
EncogMathSeveral useful math functions for Encog.Classorg.encog.mathutilHeatonReasearch
EncogMathErrorThrown when a math error happens.Classorg.encog.mathutilHeatonReasearch
EncogModelEncog model is designed to allow you to easily swap between different model types and automatically normalize
EncogOpcodeRegistryenum EncogOpcodeRegistryHolds all known EPL
EncogPersistorThis interface defines an Encog Persistor.Interfaceorg.encog.persistHeatonReasearch
EncogPluginBaseThe base plugin for Encog.Interfaceorg.encog.pluginHeatonReasearch
EncogPluginLogging1A plugin that supports logging.Interfaceorg.encog.pluginHeatonReasearch
EncogPluginService1A service plugin provides services, such as the creation of activation functions, machine learning methods and training methods.Interfaceorg.encog.pluginHeatonReasearch
EncogProgramHolds an Encog Programming Language (EPL)
EncogProgramArgA function argument for Encog created
EncogProgramContextEvery EncogProgram must belong to a
EncogProgramNodeA node that holds a
EncogProgramVariablesThis class stores the actual variable values for an Encog
EncogReadHelperUsed to read an Encog EG/EGA file.Classorg.encog.persistHeatonReasearch
EncogTreeNodeA tree node that represents code to be
EncogUtilityGeneral utility class for Encog.Classorg.encog.util.simpleHeatonReasearch
EncogValidateUsed to validate if training is valid.Classorg.encog.utilHeatonReasearch
EncogWriteHelperUsed to write an Encog EG/EGA file.Classorg.encog.persistHeatonReasearch
EngineArraySome array functions used by Encog.Classorg.encog.utilHeatonReasearch
EngineConcurrencyThis class abstracts thread pools, and potentially grids and other types of concurrency.Classorg.encog.util.concurrencyHeatonReasearch
EngineTaskAn individual task that can be submitted to the EncogCurrency utility.Interfaceorg.encog.util.concurrencyHeatonReasearch
EnglishTimeUnitNamesClass used to get the English names for TimeUnits.Classorg.encog.util.timeHeatonReasearch
EnumerationQueryAn enumeration query allows probabilistic queries on a Bayesian
EquilateralUsed to produce an array of activations to classify data into groups.Classorg.encog.mathutilHeatonReasearch
ErrorCalculationCalculate the error of a neural network.Classorg.encog.mathutil.errorHeatonReasearch
ErrorCalculationModeenum ErrorCalculationModeSelects the error calculation mode for Encog.Classorg.encog.mathutil.errorHeatonReasearch
ErrorFunctionAn error function.Interfaceorg.encog.neural.errorHeatonReasearch
EstimatorNoneA simple estimator that does
EvaluateUsed to evaluate the training time for a network.Classorg.encog.util.benchmarkHeatonReasearch
EventStateHolds the state of an event during a
EventTypeThe type of event for a Bayesian
EvolutionaryAlgorithmThis interface defines the basic functionality of an Evolutionary
EvolutionaryOperatorAn evolutionary operator is used to create new offspring genomes based on parent
ExcelCODECA CODEC that can read/write Microsoft Excel (*
ExcludedFieldUsed internally to track excluded fields from the
ExpressionNodeTypeenum ExpressionNodeTypeEnum Constant SummaryClassorg.encog.parse.expressionHeatonReasearch
ExpressionValueAn EncogProgram expression
FactorHyperNEATGenomeCreate a Genome for use with HyperNEAT.Classorg.encog.neural.hyperneatHeatonReasearch
FactorNEATGenomeThis factory is used to create NEATGenomes.Classorg.encog.neural.neatHeatonReasearch
FanInRandomizerA randomizer that attempts to create starting weight values that are conducive to propagation training.Classorg.encog.mathutil.randomizeHeatonReasearch
FeedforwardConfigConfig class for EncogModel to use a feedforward neural
FeedforwardFactoryA factor to create feedforward
FeedForwardPatternUsed to create feedforward neural networks.Classorg.encog.neural.patternHeatonReasearch
FileDataA column that is based off of a column in a CSV
FileSectionThe section of the BIF file that we are currently
FilterCSVThis class can be used to remove certain rows from a
FitnessObjectiveA fitness
FlatLayerUsed to configure a flat layer.Classorg.encog.neural.flatHeatonReasearch
FlatNetwork meant to be a very highly efficient feedforward, or simple recurrent, neural network.Classorg.encog.neural.flatHeatonReasearch
FlatNetworkRBFA flat network designed to handle an RBF.Classorg.encog.neural.flatHeatonReasearch
FoldedDataSetA folded data set allows you to "fold" the data into several equal(or nearly equal)
FoldedIteratorUsed to iterate over a folded data
FormA document range that represents a form, and all embedded
FormatProvides the ability for Encog to format numbers and times.Classorg.encog.utilHeatonReasearch
FormElementA document range that represents one individual component to a
FormUtilityThis class is used to construct responses to HTML forms.Classorg.encog.util.httpHeatonReasearch
ForwardBackwardCalculatorThe forward-backward algorithm is an inference algorithm for hidden Markov models which computes the posterior marginals of all hidden state
ForwardBackwardScaledCalculatorThe forward-backward algorithm is an inference algorithm for hidden Markov models which computes the posterior marginals of all hidden state
FreeformBackPropagationPerform backpropagation for a freeform neural network.Classorg.encog.neural.freeform.trainingHeatonReasearch
FreeformConnectionDefines a freeform connection between neurons.Interfaceorg.encog.neural.freeformHeatonReasearch
FreeformConnectionFactoryA factory that creates connections.Interfaceorg.encog.neural.freeform.factoryHeatonReasearch
FreeformContextNeuronDefines a freeform context neuron.Classorg.encog.neural.freeformHeatonReasearch
FreeformLayerDefines a freeform layer.Interfaceorg.encog.neural.freeformHeatonReasearch
FreeformLayerFactoryA factory that creates layers.Interfaceorg.encog.neural.freeform.factoryHeatonReasearch
FreeformNetwork much more advanced structures than the flat networks that the Encog BasicNetwork implements.Classorg.encog.neural.freeformHeatonReasearch
FreeformNetworkErrorFreeform neural network error.Classorg.encog.neural.freeformHeatonReasearch
FreeformNeuronThis interface defines a freeform neuron.Interfaceorg.encog.neural.freeformHeatonReasearch
FreeformNeuronFactoryA factory that creates neurons.Interfaceorg.encog.neural.freeform.factoryHeatonReasearch
FreeformPropagationTrainingProvides basic propagation functions to other trainers.Classorg.encog.neural.freeform.trainingHeatonReasearch
FunctionFactoryA function factory maps the opcodes contained in the EncogOpcodeRegistry into an
GaussianFunctionMulti-dimensional gaussian function.Classorg.encog.mathutil.rbfHeatonReasearch
GaussianRandomizerGenerally, you will not want to use this randomizer as a pure neural network randomizer.Classorg.encog.mathutil.randomizeHeatonReasearch
GenerateIDInterface that defines a unique ID generator.Interfaceorg.encog.util.identityHeatonReasearch
GenerateRandomInterface that defines how random numbers are generated.Interfaceorg.encog.mathutil.randomize.generateHeatonReasearch
GenerateWorkerUsed to thread the generation
GenerationUtilUtility class used to create training data from a function.Classorg.encog.util.dataHeatonReasearch
GeneticCODECA CODEC defines how to transfer between a genome and
GeneticErrorAn error raised by the genetic
GeneticFactoryA factory to create genetic algorithm
GenomeA genome is the basic blueprint for creating an phenome (organism) in
GenomeAsPhenomeCODECThis is a simple pass-through
GenomeComparatorDefines methods for comparing
GenomeFactoryDefines a factory that produces
GlobalMinimumSearchSearch sigma's for a global
GradientWorkerWorker class for the mulithreaded training of flat
GreedyA simple greedy
HasFixedLengthIs this input field of a fixed length, such as an array? Or is it read "iterator style" where we call "next" until there is no more Interfaceorg.encog.util.normalize.inputHeatonReasearch
HessianCRCalculate the Hessian matrix using the chain rule method.Classorg.encog.mathutil.matrices.hessianHeatonReasearch
HessianFDCalculate the Hessian matrix using the finite difference method.Classorg.encog.mathutil.matrices.hessianHeatonReasearch
HiddenLayerParamsSpecifies the minimum and maximum neuron counts for a layer.Classorg.encog.neural.pruneHeatonReasearch
HiddenMarkovModelA Hidden Markov Model (HMM) is a Machine Learning Method that allows for predictions to be made about the hidden states and observations of a
HopfieldPatternCreate a Hopfield pattern.Classorg.encog.neural.patternHeatonReasearch
HybridStrategyA hybrid stragey allows a secondary training algorithm to be
ImageMLDataAn extension of the BasicNeuralData class that is designed to hold images for input into a neural
ImageMLDataSetStore a collection of images for training with a neural
ImageSizeSimple class to determine the size of an image.Classorg.encog.utilHeatonReasearch
IndexedNormalizerNormalize ordinal/nominal values to a single value that is simply the index of the class in the
IndexRangeSegregatorAn index segregator is used to segregate the data according to its index.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.segregate.indexHeatonReasearch
IndexSampleSegregatorAn index segregator is used to segregate the data according to its index.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.segregate.indexHeatonReasearch
IndexSegregatorThe index segregator.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.segregate.indexHeatonReasearch
IndicatorAn indicator, used by
InputA form element that represents for input for
InputFieldA Normalization input field.Interfaceorg.encog.util.normalize.inputHeatonReasearch
InputFieldArray1DAn input field that comes from a 1D array.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.inputHeatonReasearch
InputFieldArray2DAn input field that comes from a 2D array.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.inputHeatonReasearch
InputFieldCSVAn input field based on a CSV file.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.inputHeatonReasearch
InputFieldCSVTextAn input field based on a CSV file.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.inputHeatonReasearch
InputFieldMLDataSetAn input field based on an Encog NeuralDataSet.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.inputHeatonReasearch
InputSummationSpecifies how the inputs to a neuron are to be summed.Interfaceorg.encog.neural.freeformHeatonReasearch
InputSummationFactoryFactory that creates input summations.Interfaceorg.encog.neural.freeform.factoryHeatonReasearch
IntegerArrayGenomeA genome that is an array of discrete integer
IntegerArrayGenomeFactoryA factory to create integer genomes of a specific
IntegerBalanceSegregatorBalance based on an input value.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.segregateHeatonReasearch
IntRangeA range of integers.Classorg.encog.mathutilHeatonReasearch
InverseMultiquadricFunctionMulti-dimensional Inverse Multiquadric function.Classorg.encog.mathutil.rbfHeatonReasearch
JobUnitContextThe job unit context contains context information to be passed to a job unit.Classorg.encog.util.concurrency.jobHeatonReasearch
JobUnitWorkerAn individual worker, that will be submitted to the thread pool.Classorg.encog.util.concurrency.jobHeatonReasearch
JordanPatternThis class is used to generate an Jordan style recurrent neural network.Classorg.encog.neural.patternHeatonReasearch
KernelTypeThe type of SVM kernel in
KMeansClusteringThis class performs a basic K-Means
KMeansUtilGeneric KMeans clustering object.Classorg.encog.util.kmeansHeatonReasearch
KullbackLeiblerDistanceCalculatorThis class produces a Kullback-Leibler estimation of the distance between two
LanguageSpecificGeneratorThis interface defines a language specific
LayerThis interface defines all necessary methods for a neural network layer.Interfaceorg.encog.neural.networks.layersHeatonReasearch
LearningRateSpecifies that a training algorithm has the concept of a learning rate.Interfaceorg.encog.neural.networks.trainingHeatonReasearch
LevelHolderThe level holder class is passed down as a tree is
LevenbergMarquardtTrainingTrains a neural network using a Levenberg Marquardt algorithm (LMA)
LinearCongruentialRandomA Linear Congruential random number generator.Classorg.encog.mathutil.randomize.generateHeatonReasearch
LinearErrorFunctionThe standard linear error function, simply returns the difference between the actual and ideal.Classorg.encog.neural.errorHeatonReasearch
LinkA document range that represents a hyperlink, and any embedded tags and
LMAFactoryThis class is a factory to create the LMA training
LoadedMarketDataThis class contains market data that was loaded for a specific ticker symbol and a specific
LoadedRowA row of a CSV file loaded to
LoaderErrorUsed to represent any error that occurs in the loader part of
LoaderErrorAn error that occurs when financial data is being
LoadWebPageCalled to actually load a web
LUDecomposition For an m-by-n matrix A with m >= n, the LU decomposition is an m-by-n unit lower triangular matrix L, an n-by-n upper triangular matrix U, and aClassorg.encog.mathutil.matrices.decompositionHeatonReasearch
ManhattanFactoryA factory for Manhattan
ManhattanPropagationOne problem that the backpropagation technique has is that the magnitude of the partial derivative may be calculated too large or too
MappedRangeSimple class that is used internally to hold a range mapping.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.output.mappedHeatonReasearch
MarketDataDescriptionThis class is used to describe the type of financial data that is
MarketDataTypeThe types of market data that can be
MarketErrorThrown when an error occurs processing market
MarketMLDataSetA data set that is designed to hold market
MarketPointHold one market
MarkovGeneratorThis class is used to generate random sequences based on a Hidden Markov
MathConstMath constants needed by Encog.Classorg.encog.mathutilHeatonReasearch
MatrixThis class implements a mathematical matrix.Classorg.encog.mathutil.matricesHeatonReasearch
MatrixErrorUsed by the matrix classes to indicate an error.Classorg.encog.mathutil.matricesHeatonReasearch
MatrixMathThis class can perform many different mathematical operations on matrixes.Classorg.encog.mathutil.matricesHeatonReasearch
MatrixMLDataSetThe MatrixMLDataSet can use a large 2D matrix of doubles to internally hold
MaximizeAdjustedScoreCompUse this comparator to maximize the adjusted
MaximizeScoreCompUse this comparator to maximize the
MeanMissingHandlerHandle missing data by using the mean value of that
MemoryDataLoaderThis class is used, together with a CODEC, load training data from some external file into an Encog memory-based training
MersenneTwisterGenerateRandomThe Mersenne twister is a pseudo random number generator developed in 1997 by Makoto Matsumoto and Takuji Nishimura that is based on a matrix linear recurrence over a finite binary field F2.Classorg.encog.mathutil.randomize.generateHeatonReasearch
MethodConfigDefine normalization for a specific
MexicanHatFunctionMulti-dimensional Mexican Hat, or Ricker wavelet, function.Classorg.encog.mathutil.rbfHeatonReasearch
MinimizeAdjustedScoreCompUse this comparator to minimize the adjusted
MinimizeScoreCompUse this comparator to minimize the
MissingHandlerSpecifies how to handle missing
MLAutoAssocationDefines a MLMethod that can handle autoassocation.Interfaceorg.encog.mlHeatonReasearch
MLClassificationThis interface defines a MLMethod that is used for classification.Interfaceorg.encog.mlHeatonReasearch
MLClusterDefines a cluster.Interfaceorg.encog.mlHeatonReasearch
MLClusteringA machine learning method that is used to break data into clusters.Interfaceorg.encog.mlHeatonReasearch
MLComplexDataThis class implements a data object that can hold complex
MLContextDefines a MLMethod that can hold context.Interfaceorg.encog.mlHeatonReasearch
MLDataDefines an array of
MLDataErrorUsed by the machine learning methods classes to indicate a data
MLDataFieldHolderSimple holder class used internally for Encog.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.inputHeatonReasearch
MLDataPairTraining data is stored in two ways, depending on if the data is for supervised, or unsupervised
MLDataSetAn interface designed to abstract classes that store machine learning
MLEncodableDefines a Machine Learning Method that can be encoded to a double array.Interfaceorg.encog.mlHeatonReasearch
MLEncodableCODECA CODEC for IMLEncodable
MLFactoryThis interface defines the fact that a class, or object, is having the ability to generate an Encog factory code from the objects instanciatedInterfaceorg.encog.mlHeatonReasearch
MLInputDefines a MLMethod that accepts input.Interfaceorg.encog.mlHeatonReasearch
MLInputOutputThis is a convenience interface that combines MLInput and MLOutput.Interfaceorg.encog.mlHeatonReasearch
MLMethodThis interface is the base for all Encog Machine Learning methods.Interfaceorg.encog.mlHeatonReasearch
MLMethodFactoryThis factory is used to create machine learning
MLMethodGeneticAlgorithm (MLEncodable) to be
MLMethodGenome using a genetic
MLMethodGenomeFactoryA factory to create MLMethod based
MLOutputDefines a MLMethod that produces output.Interfaceorg.encog.mlHeatonReasearch
MLPropertiesDefines a Machine Learning Method that holds properties.Interfaceorg.encog.mlHeatonReasearch
MLRegressionDefines a Machine Learning Method that supports regression.Interfaceorg.encog.mlHeatonReasearch
MLResettableDefines a Machine Learning Method that can be reset to an untrained starting point.Interfaceorg.encog.mlHeatonReasearch
MLSequenceSetA sequence set is a collection of data
MLStateSequenceA state sequence ML method, for example a Hidden Markov Model.Interfaceorg.encog.mlHeatonReasearch
MLTrainDefines a training method for a machine learning
MLTrainFactoryThis factory is used to create trainers for machine learning
MomentumSpecifies that a training algorithm has the concept of a momentum.Interfaceorg.encog.neural.networks.trainingHeatonReasearch
MovingAverageA simple moving
MultiDimensionHandle multi-dimensional integer-based dimensions.Classorg.encog.mathutil.dimensionHeatonReasearch
MultiObjectiveFitnessA multi-objective fitness
MultiplicativeGroupUsed to group multiplicative fields together.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.output.multiplicativeHeatonReasearch
MultiplyWithCarryGenerateRandomIn Multiply with Carry (MWC) is a pseudo random number generator computer science, multiply-with-carry (MWC) is a method invented by George Marsaglia for generating sequences of random integers based on an initial setClassorg.encog.mathutil.randomize.generateHeatonReasearch
MultiquadricFunctionMulti-dimensional Multiquadric function.Classorg.encog.mathutil.rbfHeatonReasearch
MultiThreadableDefines that a class is multi-threadable.Interfaceorg.encog.util.concurrencyHeatonReasearch
MutateLinkWeightThis interface defines various ways that a NEAT network can have its link
MutatePerturbA simple mutation based on random
MutatePerturbLinkWeightMutate weight links by perturbing their
MutateResetLinkWeightMutate weight links by reseting the weight to an entirely new
MutateShuffleA simple mutation where genes are
NEATBaseGeneDefines a base class for NEAT genes.Classorg.encog.neural.neat.trainingHeatonReasearch
NEATCODECThis CODEC is used to create phenomes (NEATNetwork) objects using a genome (NEATGenome).Classorg.encog.neural.neatHeatonReasearch
NEATConfigConfig class for EncogModel to use a NEAT neural
NEATCrossoverCrossover is performed by mixing the link genes between the parents to produce an
NEATFactoryA factor to create feedforward
NEATGAFactoryA factory to create genetic algorithm
NEATGenome ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.Classorg.encog.neural.neat.trainingHeatonReasearch
NEATGenomeFactoryThis interface defines additional methods defined to create NEAT genomes.Interfaceorg.encog.neural.neatHeatonReasearch
NEATInnovation previously tried with a neural network.Classorg.encog.neural.neat.trainingHeatonReasearch
NEATInnovationList NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies (NEAT) is a genetic algorithm for the generation of evolving artificial neural networks.Classorg.encog.neural.neat.trainingHeatonReasearch
NEATInnovationTypeenum NEATInnovationTypeThe type of NEAT innovation.Classorg.encog.neural.neat.trainingHeatonReasearch
NEATLink NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies (NEAT) is a genetic algorithm for the generation of evolving artificial neural networks.Classorg.encog.neural.neatHeatonReasearch
NEATLinkGene NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies (NEAT) is a genetic algorithm for the generation of evolving artificial neural networks.Classorg.encog.neural.neat.trainingHeatonReasearch
NEATMutateAddLinkMutates a NEAT genome by adding a
NEATMutateAddNodeMutate a genome by adding a new
NEATMutateRemoveLinkMutate a genome by removing a random
NEATMutateWeightsMutate the weights of a
NEATMutationThis class represents a NEAT
NEATNetworkNEAT networks relieve the programmer of the need to define the hidden layer structure of the neural network.Classorg.encog.neural.neatHeatonReasearch
NEATNeuronGene NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies (NEAT) is a genetic algorithm for the generation of evolving artificial neural networks.Classorg.encog.neural.neat.trainingHeatonReasearch
NEATNeuronTypeThe types of neurons supported by NEAT.Classorg.encog.neural.neatHeatonReasearch
NEATPopulationA population for a NEAT or HyperNEAT system.Classorg.encog.neural.neatHeatonReasearch
NEATUtilNEAT does not make use of a special trainer.Classorg.encog.neural.neatHeatonReasearch
NeighborhoodBubbleA neighborhood function that uses a simple
NeighborhoodFunctionDefines how a neighborhood function should work in competitive
NeighborhoodRBF1DA neighborhood function based on an RBF
NeighborhoodSingleA very simple neighborhood function that will return
NeighborhoodSOMFactoryTrain an SOM network with a neighborhood
NelderMeadTrainingThe Nelder-Mead method is a commonly used parameter optimization method that can be used for neural network
NetworkCODECThis class will extract the "long term memory" of a neural network, that is the weights and bias values into an array.Classorg.encog.neural.networks.structureHeatonReasearch
NetworkFoldThe network for one fold of a cross
NetworkPatternSpecify which network pattern to use.Classorg.encog.neural.pruneHeatonReasearch
NeuralDataThis is an alias class for Encog 2.Interfaceorg.encog.neural.dataHeatonReasearch
NeuralDataMappingUsed to map one neural data object to another.Classorg.encog.neural.networksHeatonReasearch
NeuralDataPairThis is an alias class for Encog 2.Interfaceorg.encog.neural.dataHeatonReasearch
NeuralDataSetThis is an alias class for Encog 2.Interfaceorg.encog.neural.dataHeatonReasearch
NeuralDataSetCODECA CODEC that works with the NeuralDataSet
NeuralNetworkErrorUsed by the neural network classes to indicate an error.Classorg.encog.neuralHeatonReasearch
NeuralNetworkPatternPatterns are used to create common sorts of neural networks.Interfaceorg.encog.neural.patternHeatonReasearch
NeuralPSOIteratively trains a population of neural networks by applying particle swarm optimisation (PSO)
NeuralPSOWorkerPSO multi-treaded
NeuralSimulatedAnnealingThis class implements a simulated annealing training algorithm for neural
NeuralSimulatedAnnealingHelperSimple class used by the neural simulated
NeuralStructureHolds "cached" information about the structure of the neural network.Classorg.encog.neural.networks.structureHeatonReasearch
NeuronTaskDefines a task that is carried out for every neuron.Interfaceorg.encog.neural.freeform.taskHeatonReasearch
NguyenWidrowRandomizer default weight initialization used by Encog, as it generally provides the most train-able neural network.Classorg.encog.mathutil.randomizeHeatonReasearch
NinjaFileConvertA simple class that shows how to convert financial data into the form that NinjaTrader can
NinjaStreamWriterCan be used from within NinjaTrader to export
NodeTypeThe node
NormalizationActionenum NormalizationActionNormalization actions desired.Classorg.encog.util.arrayutilHeatonReasearch
NormalizationErrorUsed for normalization errors.Classorg.encog.util.normalizeHeatonReasearch
NormalizationHelperThis class is used to perform normalizations for methods trained with theSee Also:Serialized
NormalizationStorageDefines a means by which normalized data can be stored.Interfaceorg.encog.util.normalize.targetHeatonReasearch
NormalizationStorageArray1DOutput the normalized data to a 1D array.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.targetHeatonReasearch
NormalizationStorageArray2DOutput the normalized data to a 2D array.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.targetHeatonReasearch
NormalizationStorageCSVStore normalized data to a CSV file.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.targetHeatonReasearch
NormalizationStorageNeuralDataSetStore the normalized data to a neural data set.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.targetHeatonReasearch
NormalizationStrategyDefines the interface to a normalization
NormalizeArrayNormalization is the process where data is adjusted to be inside a range.Classorg.encog.util.arrayutilHeatonReasearch
NormalizedFieldThis object holds the normalization stats for a column.Classorg.encog.util.arrayutilHeatonReasearch
NormalizerThe normalizer interface defines how to normalize a
NormalizeRangeThe normalization range that the Encog Analyst Wizard should
NullStatusReportableA report object that does nothing.Classorg.encogHeatonReasearch
NumberListClass used to handle lists of numbers.Classorg.encog.util.csvHeatonReasearch
NumericRangeA numeric range has a high, low, mean, root-mean-square, standard deviation, and the count of how many samples it contains.Classorg.encog.mathutilHeatonReasearch
ObjectClonerA simple Object cloner that uses serialization.Classorg.encog.util.objHeatonReasearch
ObjectHolderHolds an object of the specified type.Classorg.encog.util.objHeatonReasearch
OneOfNNormalizerNormalize to one-of-n for nominal
OperationListThis class holds a list of evolutionary
OriginalNEATSpeciationThe original NEAT Speciation
OutputEquilateralAllows nominal items to be encoded using the equilateral method.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.output.nominalHeatonReasearch
OutputFieldAn output field, this represents the actual output from the normalization.Interfaceorg.encog.util.normalize.outputHeatonReasearch
OutputFieldDirectA direct output field, will simply pass the input value to the output.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.outputHeatonReasearch
OutputFieldEncodeAn encoded output field.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.output.mappedHeatonReasearch
OutputFieldGroupOutput fields can be grouped together if they are calculated together.Interfaceorg.encog.util.normalize.outputHeatonReasearch
OutputFieldGroupedDefines an output field that can be grouped.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.outputHeatonReasearch
OutputFieldMultiplicativeBoth the multiplicative and z-axis normalization types allow a group of outputs to be adjusted so that the "vector length" is 1.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.output.multiplicativeHeatonReasearch
OutputFieldRangeMappedA ranged mapped output field.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.outputHeatonReasearch
OutputFieldZAxisBoth the multiplicative and z-axis normalization types allow a group of outputs to be adjusted so that the "vector length" is 1.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.output.zaxisHeatonReasearch
OutputFieldZAxisSyntheticThis field represents the synthetic value used in Z-Axis normalization.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.output.zaxisHeatonReasearch
OutputOneOfAn output field that uses the "on of" technique to represent input data.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.output.nominalHeatonReasearch
ParallelScoreThis class is used to calculate the scores for an entire
ParallelScoreTaskAn individual threadable task for the parallel score
ParamsHolderA class that can be used to parse parameters stored in a map.Classorg.encog.utilHeatonReasearch
ParamTemplateProvides a template for parameters to the
ParseCommonExpressionThis class is used to process a common format equation (in-fix) into the tree format that Encog uses.Classorg.encog.parse.expression.commonHeatonReasearch
ParsedProbabilityA probability that has been
ParseEPLParse an EPL string.Classorg.encog.parse.expression.eplHeatonReasearch
ParseErrorIndicates an error has occured in one of the parsers.Classorg.encog.parseHeatonReasearch
ParseProbabilityUsed to parse probability strings for the Bayes
PassThroughNormalizerA normalizer that simply passes the value through
PatternErrorThis class is thrown when an error occurs while using one of the neural network pattern classes.Classorg.encog.neural.patternHeatonReasearch
PeekableInputStreamThis is a special input stream that allows the program to peek one or more characters ahead in the file.Classorg.encog.parseHeatonReasearch
PerformAnalysisThis class is used to perform an analysis of a CSV
PerformDataDivisionPerform a data
PerformerTaskA task to be
PersistART1Persist an ART1 network.Classorg.encog.neural.artHeatonReasearch
PersistBAMPersist the BAM network.Classorg.encog.neural.bamHeatonReasearch
PersistBasicNetworkPersist a basic network.Classorg.encog.neural.networksHeatonReasearch
PersistBayesPersist a Bayesian
PersistBoltzmannPersist the Boltzmann machine.Classorg.encog.neural.thermalHeatonReasearch
PersistConstSome common persistance constants.Classorg.encog.persistHeatonReasearch
PersistCPNPersist a CPN network.Classorg.encog.neural.cpnHeatonReasearch
PersistErrorGeneral error class for Encog persistence.Classorg.encog.persistHeatonReasearch
PersistHopfieldPersist the Hopfield network.Classorg.encog.neural.thermalHeatonReasearch
PersistNEATPopulationPersist a NEAT or HyperNEAT network.Classorg.encog.neural.neatHeatonReasearch
PersistorRegistryRegistry to hold persistors.Classorg.encog.persistHeatonReasearch
PersistPrgPopulationPersist the Encog
PersistRBFNetworkPersist a RBF network.Classorg.encog.neural.rbfHeatonReasearch
PersistTrainingContinuationPersist the training
PNNConfigConfig class for EncogModel to use a PNN neural
PNNFactoryA factory to create PNN
PNNKernelTypeSpecifies the kernel type for the PNN.Classorg.encog.neural.pnnHeatonReasearch
PNNOutputModeThe output mode that will be used by the PNN.Classorg.encog.neural.pnnHeatonReasearch
PNNPatternPattern to create a PNN.Classorg.encog.neural.patternHeatonReasearch
PNNTrainFactoryA factory used to create PNN
PoolItemAn Encog task being executed by the Java thread pool.Classorg.encog.util.concurrencyHeatonReasearch
PopulationDefines a population of
PopulationGeneratorGenerate a random
PreprocessActionenum PreprocessActionEnum Constant
PrgCODECEncode and decode an Encog program between genome and
PrgFullGeneratorThe full generator works by creating program trees that do not stop
PrgGeneratorGenerate a random Encog
PrgGenomeFactoryA GenomeFactory that creates EncogProgram
PrgGrowGeneratorThe grow generator creates a random program by choosing a random node from both the "function and terminal" sets until the maximum depth is
PrgPopulationA population that contains EncogProgram'
PrgSpeciationPerform speciation for two Encog
ProcessFieldHolds one field for Encog analyst
ProcessIndicatorsProcess indicators and generate
ProgramExtensionTemplateDefines an
ProgramGeneratorThis interface defines a generator that works from program blocks, rather than a
ProgramNodeRepresents a program node in an EPL
PropertyConstraintsHolds constant type information for each of the properties that the script might
PropertyEntryA property entry for the Encog
PropertyTypeThe property types supported for Encog
PruneIncrementalThis class is used to help determine the optimal configuration for the hidden layers of a neural network.Classorg.encog.neural.pruneHeatonReasearch
PruneSelectivePrune a neural network selectively.Classorg.encog.neural.pruneHeatonReasearch
PSOFactoryA factory for quick propagation
QRDecomposition For an m-by-n matrix A with m >= n, the QR decomposition is an m-by-n orthogonal matrix Q and an n-by-n upper triangular matrix R so that A = Q*R.Classorg.encog.mathutil.matrices.decompositionHeatonReasearch
QuantErrorUsed to represent any error that occurs in the quant part of
QuantTaskDefines an interface for Encog quant
QuickPropagationQPROP is an efficient training method that is based on Newton's
QuickPropFactoryA factory for quick propagation
RadialBasisFunctionA multi-dimension RBF.Interfaceorg.encog.mathutil.rbfHeatonReasearch
RadialBasisPatternA radial basis function (RBF) network uses several radial basis functions to provide a more dynamic hidden layer activation function than many other typesClassorg.encog.neural.patternHeatonReasearch
RampedHalfAndHalfBecause neither the grow or full method provide a very wide array of sizes or shapes on their own, Koza (1992) proposed a combination called
RandomChoiceGenerate random choices unevenly.Classorg.encog.mathutil.randomizeHeatonReasearch
RandomizerDefines the interface for a class that is capable of randomizing the weights and bias values of a neural network.Interfaceorg.encog.mathutil.randomizeHeatonReasearch
RandomTrainingFactoryClass used to generate random training sets.Classorg.encog.util.benchmarkHeatonReasearch
RangeNormalizerA a range normalizer forces a value to fall in a specific
RangeOrdinalNormalize an ordinal into a specific
RangeSegregatorRange segregators are used to segregate data and include or exclude if it is within a certain range.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.segregateHeatonReasearch
RBFEnumThe implemented function types of the RBFs.Classorg.encog.mathutil.rbfHeatonReasearch
RBFNetworkConfigConfig class for EncogModel to use a RBF neural
RBFNetworkFactoryA factory to create RBF
RBFSVDFactoryThis factory is used to create a SVD trainer for an RBF
ReadCSVRead and parse CSV format files.Classorg.encog.util.csvHeatonReasearch
ReadHTMLThis class is designed to parse HTML documents.Classorg.encog.parse.tags.readHeatonReasearch
ReadTagsBase class used to read tags.Classorg.encog.parse.tags.readHeatonReasearch
ReadXMLThis class is designed to read XML.Classorg.encog.parse.tags.readHeatonReasearch
ReflectionUtilThis class includes some utilities to be used with reflection.Classorg.encog.util.objHeatonReasearch
RenderCommonExpressionRender a common expression.Classorg.encog.parse.expression.commonHeatonReasearch
RequiredImprovementStrategyThe reset strategy will reset the weights if the neural network fails to improve by the specified amount over a number of
ResetStrategyThe reset strategy will reset the weights if the neural network fails to fall below a specified error by a specified number of
ResilientPropagationOne problem with the backpropagation algorithm is that the magnitude of the partial derivative is usually too large or too
ResourceLoaderUsed to load resources from the JAR file.Classorg.encog.utilHeatonReasearch
RewriteAlgebraicThis class is used to rewrite algebraic expressions into more simple
RewriteBooleanBasic rewrite rules for boolean
RewriteConstantsRewrite any parts of the tree that are constant with a simple constant
RewriteRuleDefines a rewrite
RGBDownsampleDownsample an image keeping the RGB colors.Classorg.encog.util.downsampleHeatonReasearch
RowComparatorUsed to compare two LoadedRow
RPROPConstConstants used for Resilient Propagation (RPROP)
RPROPFactoryA factory that creates RPROP
RPROPJobA training definition for RPROP
RPROPTypeAllows the type of RPROP to be
RSSThis is the class that actually parses the RSS and builds a collection of
RuleHolderHolds a set of rules for an
SamplingQueryA sampling query allows probabilistic queries on a Bayesian
ScaledConjugateGradientThis is a training class that makes use of scaled conjugate gradient
SCGFactoryA factory used to create SCG
ScriptLoadUsed to load an Encog Analyst
ScriptOpcodeAn opcode, stored in the
ScriptPropertiesHolds all of the properties for a
ScriptSaveUsed to save an Encog Analyst
SearchK2Search for optimal Bayes structure with
SearchNoneSimple class to perform no search for optimal network
SecureGenerateRandomA wrapper over Java's crypto secure random number generator.Classorg.encog.mathutil.randomize.generateHeatonReasearch
SegregateCSVThis class is used to segregate a CSV file into several
SegregateTargetPercentSpecifies a segregation target, and what percent that target should
SegregationRangeSpecifies a range that might be included or excluded.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.segregateHeatonReasearch
SegregatorSegregators are used to exclude certain rows.Interfaceorg.encog.util.normalize.segregateHeatonReasearch
SelectFixedSelect a fixed number of link
SelectionOperatorProvides the interface to a selection
SelectLinksThis interface defines ways that NEAT links can be chosen for
SelectProportionSelect a random proportion of links to
SerializeObjectLoad or save an object using Java serialization.Classorg.encog.util.objHeatonReasearch
ShuffleCSVRandomly shuffle the lines of a CSV
SimpleEarlyStoppingStrategyA simple early stopping strategy that halts training when the validation set no longer
SimpleEstimatorA simple probability
SimpleIntensityDownsampleDownsample an image using a simple intensity scale.Classorg.encog.util.downsampleHeatonReasearch
SimulatedAnnealingSimulated annealing is a common training
SingleSpeciationThis speciation strategy simply creates a single species that contains the entire
SingularValueDecompositionSingular Value Decomposition.Classorg.encog.mathutil.matrices.decompositionHeatonReasearch
SmartLearningRateAttempt to automatically set the learning rate in a learning method that supports a learning
SOMA self organizing map neural network.Classorg.encog.neural.somHeatonReasearch
SOMClusterCopyTrainingSOM cluster copy is a very simple trainer for SOM'
SOMFactoryA factory that is used to produce self-organizing
SOMPatternA self organizing map is a neural network pattern with an input and output layer.Classorg.encog.neural.patternHeatonReasearch
SortCSVUsed to sort a CSV file by one, or more,
SortedFieldSpecifies how a field is to be sorted by
SortGenomesForSpeciesSort the gnomes for
SpanA document range that specifies a span tag, and any embedded
SpeciationDefines a speciation
SpeciesComparatorThis comparator is used to compare two
SpliceA simple cross over where genes are simply "spliced"
SpliceNoRepeatA simple cross over where genes are simply "spliced"
SQLCODECA CODEC that is designed to read data from an SQL
SQLNeuralDataSetA dataset based on a SQL query.Classorg.encog.platformspecific.j2se.dataHeatonReasearch
SRNFactoryA factory that creates simple recurrent neural networks (SRN's),
StandardExtensionsThis class defines the standard opcodes for Encog
StateDistributionThis class represents a "state distribution"
StatusReportableThis class allows for Encog jobs to report their current status, as they run.Interfaceorg.encogHeatonReasearch
StopTrainingStrategyThis strategy will indicate once training is no longer improving the neural network by a specified amount, over a specified number of
StopwatchA stopwatch, meant to emulate the C# Stopwatch class.Classorg.encog.utilHeatonReasearch
StrategyTraining strategies can be added to training
SubstrateThe substrate defines the structure of the produced HyperNEAT network.Classorg.encog.neural.hyperneat.substrateHeatonReasearch
SubstrateFactoryProduce substrates for various topologies.Classorg.encog.neural.hyperneat.substrateHeatonReasearch
SubstrateLink ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.Classorg.encog.neural.hyperneat.substrateHeatonReasearch
SubstrateNodeA substrate node.Classorg.encog.neural.hyperneat.substrateHeatonReasearch
SubtreeCrossoverPerform a type-safe subtree
SubtreeMutationPerform a type-safe subtree
SVDPerform a SVD decomp on a matrix.Classorg.encog.neural.rbf.trainingHeatonReasearch
SVDTrainingTrain a RBF neural network using a SVD.Classorg.encog.neural.rbf.trainingHeatonReasearch
SVMThis is a network that is backed by one or more Support Vector Machines (SVM)
svm_modelThis class was taken from the libsvm package.Classorg.encog.mathutil.libsvmHeatonReasearch
svm_nodeThis class was taken from the libsvm package.Classorg.encog.mathutil.libsvmHeatonReasearch
svm_parameterThis class was taken from the libsvm package.Classorg.encog.mathutil.libsvmHeatonReasearch
svm_print_interfaceThis class was taken from the libsvm package.Interfaceorg.encog.mathutil.libsvmHeatonReasearch
svm_problemThis class was taken from the libsvm package.Classorg.encog.mathutil.libsvmHeatonReasearch
SVMConfigConfig class for EncogModel to use an
SVMFactoryA factory that is used to create support vector machines (SVM)
SVMFactoryA factory to create SVM
SVMPatternA pattern to create support vector machines.Classorg.encog.neural.patternHeatonReasearch
SVMSearchFactoryA factory that creates SVM-search
SVMSearchTrainProvides training for Support Vector Machine
SVMTrainProvides training for Support Vector Machine
SVMTypeSupports both class and new support vector calculations, as well as one-class For more information about the two "new" support vector types, as well as
SystemLoggingPluginThis is the built-in logging plugin for Encog.Classorg.encog.plugin.systemHeatonReasearch
SystemMethodsPluginThe system machine learning methods plugin.Classorg.encog.plugin.systemHeatonReasearch
TableLineA line from a Bayesian truth
TagHTMLTag: This class holds a single HTML tag.Classorg.encog.parse.tagsHeatonReasearch
TagConstConstants to use while parsing the tags.Classorg.encog.parse.tagsHeatonReasearch
TagDataUnitA data unit that holds a
TargetLanguageSpecifies the target language for Encog code
TaskCountNodesCount the nodes in an acyclic
TaskGetNodeIndexGet a node by
TaskGroupA task group is a group of tasks that you would like to execute at once.Classorg.encog.util.concurrencyHeatonReasearch
TaskReplaceNodeTask to replace a
TemplateGeneratorThis interface defines a generator that works by
TemporalDataDescriptionThis class describes one unit of input, or output, to a temporal neural
TemporalErrorError occurred processing temporal
TemporalMLDataSetThis class implements a temporal neural data
TemporalPointA temporal point is all of the data captured at one point in time to be used for
TemporalTypeOperations that the temporal class may perform on fields.Classorg.encog.util.arrayutilHeatonReasearch
TemporalWindowArrayProduce a time-series from an array.Classorg.encog.util.arrayutilHeatonReasearch
TextDataUnitA data unit that holds
ThermalNetworkThe thermal network forms the base class for Hopfield and Boltzmann machines.Classorg.encog.neural.thermalHeatonReasearch
ThresholdSpeciationSpeciate based on
TickerSymbolHolds a ticker symbol and
TimeSeriesUtilA utility used to breat data into time-series lead and
TimeSpanA timespan between two Dates.Classorg.encog.util.timeHeatonReasearch
TimeUnitNamesGet the name or code for a time unit.Interfaceorg.encog.util.timeHeatonReasearch
TournamentSelectionTournament select can be used to select a fit (or unfit) genome from a
TrainThis is an alias class for Encog 2.Interfaceorg.encog.neural.networks.trainingHeatonReasearch
TrainAdalineTrain an ADALINE neural
TrainBaumWelchBaum Welch Learning allows a HMM to be constructed from a series of sequence
TrainBaumWelchScaledBaum Welch Learning allows a HMM to be constructed from a series of sequence
TrainBayesianTrain a Bayesian
TrainEAProvides a MLTrain compatible class that can be used to train
TrainingContinuationAllows training to be
TrainingDialogDisplay a training dialog.Classorg.encog.platformspecific.j2seHeatonReasearch
TrainingErrorThrown when a training error occurs.Classorg.encog.neural.networks.trainingHeatonReasearch
TrainingImplementationTypeenum TrainingImplementationTypeSpecifies the type of training that an object provides.Classorg.encog.mlHeatonReasearch
TrainingJobBase class for all concurrent training
TrainingSetScoreCalculate a score based on a training set.Classorg.encog.neural.networks.trainingHeatonReasearch
TrainInstarUsed for Instar training of a CPN neural network.Classorg.encog.neural.cpn.trainingHeatonReasearch
TrainKMeansTrain a Hidden Markov Model (HMM) with the KMeans
TrainOutstarUsed for Instar training of a CPN neural network.Classorg.encog.neural.cpn.trainingHeatonReasearch
TreeTraversalDefines a method for traversing a
TreeTraversalTaskA task used to traverse the
TruncationSelectionTruncation selection chooses a random genome from the top genomes in the
URLUtilityURLUtility: A set of useful utilities for processing URL's.Classorg.encog.util.httpHeatonReasearch
VariableMappingA variable mapping defines the type for each of the variables in an EncogSee Also:Serialized
VectorAlgebraBasic vector algebra operators.Classorg.encog.mathutilHeatonReasearch
VectorWindowCreate a sliding window of double arrays.Classorg.encog.util.arrayutilHeatonReasearch
VersatileDataSourceDefines a data source for the versatile data
VersatileMLDataSetThe versatile dataset supports several advanced
ViterbiCalculatorThe Viterbi algorithm is used to find the most likely sequence of hidden states (called the Viterbi path) that results in a sequence of
WebPageHolds a web page that was loaded by the Browse
WindowDoubleThis class implements a simple sliding window.Classorg.encog.util.arrayutilHeatonReasearch
WizardMethodTypeenum WizardMethodTypeThe machine learning method that the Encog Analyst Wizard should
WriteTagsClass used to write out tags, such as XML or HTML.Classorg.encog.parse.tags.writeHeatonReasearch
WriteXMLContains specifics to writing XML.Classorg.encog.parse.tags.writeHeatonReasearch
YahooDownloadDownload financial data from
YahooFinanceLoaderThis class loads financial data from
YahooSearchYahooSearch: Perform a search using Yahoo.Classorg.encog.utilHeatonReasearch
ZAxisGroupUsed to group Z-Axis fields together.Classorg.encog.util.normalize.output.zaxisHeatonReasearch
ZeroEvalScoreFunctionThis is a very simple evaluation function that simply passes in all zeros for the input