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AboutBoxThis plugin implements the Help/About ImageJ command by opening the about.Classij.pluginImageJ
AnalyzerThis plugin implements ImageJ's Analyze/Measure and Analyze/Set Measurements commands.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
AnimatorThis plugin animates stacks.Classij.pluginImageJ
AppearanceOptionsThis plugin implements the Edit/Options/Appearance command.Classij.pluginImageJ
ArrowThis is an Roi subclass for creating and displaying arrows.Classij.guiImageJ
ArrowToolOptionsThis plugin implements the Edit/Options/Arrow Tool command.Classij.pluginImageJ
AutoThresholderAutothresholding methods (limited to 256 bin histograms) from the Auto_Threshold plugin (http://fiji.Classij.processImageJ
AVI_Reader ImageJ Plugin for reading an AVI file into an image stack (one slice per video frame)Classij.pluginImageJ
AVI_WriterThis plugin implements the File/Save As/AVI command.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
BackgroundSubtracterrolling ball algorithm described in Stanley Sternberg's article, "Biomedical ImageProcessing", IEEE Computer, January 1983.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
BatchConverterThis plugin implements the File/ /Convert command, which converts the images in a folder to a specified format.Classij.pluginImageJ
BatchMeasureThis plugin implements the File/Batch/Measure command, which measures all the images in a user-specified folder.Classij.pluginImageJ
BatchProcessorThis plugin implements the File/Batch/Macro and File/Batch/Virtual Stack commands.Classij.pluginImageJ
Benchmark results and additional benchmarks are available at "http://imagej.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
Binary and Fill Holes commands in the Process/Binary submenu.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
BinaryProcessorThis class processes binary images.Classij.processImageJ
BinnerThis plugin implements the Image/Transform/Bin command.Classij.pluginImageJ
BitBufferA class for reading arbitrary numbers of bits from a byte array.Classij.ioImageJ
BlitterImageJ bit blitting classes must implement this interface.Interfaceij.processImageJ
BMP_ReaderThis plugin reads BMP files.Classij.pluginImageJ
BMP_Writer http://www.Classij.pluginImageJ
BrowserLauncherThis plugin implements the File/Import/URL command and the commands in the Help menu that open web pages.Classij.pluginImageJ
ByteBlitterThis class does bit blitting of byte images.Classij.processImageJ
ByteProcessorThis is an 8-bit image and methods that operate on that image.Classij.processImageJ
ByteStatistics8-bit image statistics, including histogram.Classij.processImageJ
CalibrationCalibration objects contain an image's spatial and density calibration data.Classij.measureImageJ
CalibrationBarThis plugin implements the Analyze/Tools/Calibration Bar command.Classij.pluginImageJ
CanvasResizerThis plugin implements the Image/Adjust/Canvas Size command.Classij.pluginImageJ
ChannelArrangerThis plugin implements the Image/Colors/Arrange Channels command, which allows the user to change the order of channels.Classij.pluginImageJ
ChannelsDisplays the ImageJ Channels window.Classij.plugin.frameImageJ
ChannelSplitterThis plugin implements the Image/Color/Split Channels command.Classij.pluginImageJ
CircularRoiMakerThis class implements the Process/FFT/Make Circular Selection command.Classij.pluginImageJ
ClassCheckerChecks for duplicate class and JAR files in the plugins folders and deletes older duplicates.Classij.pluginImageJ
ClipboardCopies/pastes images to/from the system clipboard.Classij.pluginImageJ
ColorBlitterThis class does bit blitting of RGB images.Classij.processImageJ
ColorChooserDisplays a dialog that allows the user to select a color using three sliders.Classij.guiImageJ
ColorProcessorThis is an 32-bit RGB image and methods that operate on that image.Classij.processImageJ
ColorsThis plugin implements most of the Edit/Options/Colors command.Classij.pluginImageJ
ColorSpaceConverter Created Jan 15, 2004 Version 3 posted on ImageJ Mar 12, 2006 by Duane SchwartzwaldClassij.processImageJ
ColorStatisticsRGB image statistics, including histogram.Classij.processImageJ
ColorThresholderSelects pixels according to hsb or rgb components.Classij.plugin.frameImageJ
CommandListenerPlugins that implement this interface are notified when ImageJ is about to run a menu command.InterfaceijImageJ
CommandListerThis class is used by the Plugins/Shortcuts/List Shortcuts command to display a list keyboard shortcuts.Classij.pluginImageJ
CommandsRuns miscellaneous File and Window menu commands.Classij.pluginImageJ
CompilerCompiles and runs plugins using the javac compiler.Classij.pluginImageJ
CompositeConverterThis plugin implements the Image/Color/Make Composite command.Classij.pluginImageJ
ConcatenatorThis plugin, which concatenates two or more images or stacks, implements the Image/Stacks/Tools/Concatenate command.Classij.pluginImageJ
ContrastAdjusterThis plugin implements the Brightness/Contrast, Window/level and Color Balance commands, all in the Image/Adjust sub-menu.Classij.plugin.frameImageJ
ControlPanel This plugin displays a panel with ImageJ commands in a hierarchical tree structure.Classij.pluginImageJ
ConvolverThis plugin convolves images using user user defined kernels.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
CurveFitterCurve fitting class based on the Simplex method in the Minimizer class Notes on fitting polynomial functions:Classij.measureImageJ
DialogListenerPlugIns or PlugInFilters that want to listen to changes in a GenericDialog without adding listeners for each dialog field should implementthis method.Interfaceij.guiImageJ
DICOMThis plugin decodes DICOM files.Classij.pluginImageJ
DirectoryChooserThis class displays a dialog box that allows the user can select a directory.Classij.ioImageJ
DistributionThis plugin implements the Analyze/Distribution command.Classij.pluginImageJ
DownsizeTableA table for easier downsizing by convolution with a kernel.Classij.processImageJ
DragAndDropThis class opens images, roi's, luts and text files dragged and dropped on the "ImageJ" window.Classij.pluginImageJ
DuplicatorThis plugin implements the Image/Duplicate command.Classij.pluginImageJ
EditorThis is a simple TextArea based editor for editing and compiling plugins.Classij.plugin.frameImageJ
EDMThis plugin implements the Euclidean Distance Map (EDM), Watershed, Ultimate Eroded Points and Voronoi commands in the Process/Binary submenu.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
EllipseFitterThis class fits an ellipse to an ROI.Classij.processImageJ
EllipseRoiElliptical region of interest.Classij.guiImageJ
EventListenerThis plugin implements the Plugins/Utilities/Monitor Events command.Classij.pluginImageJ
ExecuterRuns ImageJ menu commands in a separate thread.ClassijImageJ
ExtendedPlugInFilterImageJ plugins that process an image may implement this interface.Interfaceij.plugin.filterImageJ
FFTThis class implements the FFT, Inverse FFT and Redisplay Power Spectrum commands in the Process/FFT submenu.Classij.pluginImageJ
FFTCustomFilterThis class implements the Process/FFT/Custom Filter command.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
FFTFilterThis class implements the Process/FFT/Bandpass Filter command.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
FFTMathThe class implements the Process/FFT/Math command.Classij.pluginImageJ
FHTThis class contains a Java implementation of the Fast HartleyTransform.Classij.processImageJ
FileInfoThis class consists of public fields that describe an image file.Classij.ioImageJ
FileInfoVirtualStackThis plugin opens a multi-page TIFF file as a virtual stack.Classij.pluginImageJ
FileOpenerOpens or reverts an image specified by a FileInfo object.Classij.ioImageJ
FileSaverSaves images in tiff, gif, jpeg, raw, zip and text format.Classij.ioImageJ
FillerThis plugin implements ImageJ's Fill, Clear, Clear Outside and Draw commands.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
FiltersThis plugin implements the Invert, Smooth, Sharpen, Find Edges, and Add Noise commands.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
FITS_ReaderOpens and displays FITS images.Classij.pluginImageJ
FITS_WriterThis plugin saves a 16 or 32 bit image in FITS format.Classij.pluginImageJ
FitterImageJ plugin that does curve fitting using the modified CurveFitter class.Classij.plugin.frameImageJ
FloatBlitterThis class does bit blitting of 32-bit floating-point images.Classij.processImageJ
FloatPolygonUsed by the Roi classes to return float coordinate arrays and to determine if a point is inside or outside of spline fitted selections.Classij.processImageJ
FloatProcessorThis is an 32-bit floating-point image and methods that operate on that image.Classij.processImageJ
FloatStatistics32-bit (float) image statistics, including histogram.Classij.processImageJ
FloodFillerThis class, which does flood filling, is used by the floodFill() macro function and by the particle analyzerClassij.processImageJ
FolderOpener opens a folder of images as a stack.Classij.pluginImageJ
FractalBoxCounterCalculate the so-called "capacity" fractal dimension.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
FreehandRoiFreehand region of interest or freehand line of interestSee Also:Serialized FormClassij.guiImageJ
FunctionFinderThis class implements the text editor's Macros/Find Functions command.Classij.macroImageJ
FunctionsThis class implements the built-in macro functions.Classij.macroImageJ
GaussianBlurThis plug-in filter uses convolution with a Gaussian function for smoothing.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
GelAnalyzerThis plugin generates gel profile plots that can be analyzed usingthe wand tool.Classij.pluginImageJ
GenericDialogThis class is a customizable modal dialog box.Classij.guiImageJ
GIF_ReaderThis plugin opens GIFs and Animated GIFs.Classij.pluginImageJ
GridThis class implements the Analyze/Tools/Grid command.Classij.pluginImageJ
GroupedZProjectorThis plugin implements the Image/Stacks/Tools/Grouped Z Project command.Classij.pluginImageJ
GUIThis class consists of static GUI utility methods.Classij.guiImageJ
HistogramThis plugin implements the Analyze/Histogram command.Classij.pluginImageJ
HistogramWindowThis class is an extended ImageWindow that displays histograms.Classij.guiImageJ
HTMLDialogThis is modal or non-modal dialog box that displays HTML formated text.Classij.guiImageJ
HyperStackConverter and "HyperStack to Stack" commands.Classij.pluginImageJ
HyperStackMakerThis plugin implements the File/New/Hyperstack command.Classij.pluginImageJ
IJThis class consists of static utility methods.ClassijImageJ
IJEventListenerPlugins that implement this interface are notified when the user changes the foreground color, changes the background color,InterfaceijImageJ
ImageCalculatorThis plugin implements the Process/Image Calculator command.Classij.pluginImageJ
ImageCanvasThis is a Canvas used to display images in a Window.Classij.guiImageJ
ImageConverterThis class converts an ImagePlus object to a different type.Classij.processImageJ
ImageJThis frame is the main ImageJ class.ClassijImageJ
ImageJ_UpdaterThis plugin implements the Help/Update ImageJ command.Classij.pluginImageJ
ImageJAppletRuns ImageJ as an applet and optionally opens up to nine images using URLs passed as a parameters.ClassijImageJ
ImageLayoutThis is a custom layout manager that supports resizing of zoomedimages.Classij.guiImageJ
ImageListenerPlugins that implement this interface are notified when an image is opened, closed or updated.InterfaceijImageJ
ImageMathThis plugin implements ImageJ's Process/Math submenu.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
ImagePanelThis class is used by GenericDialog to add images to dialogs.Classij.guiImageJ
ImagePlusAn ImagePlus contain an ImageProcessor (2D image) or an ImageStack (3D, 4D or 5D image).ClassijImageJ
ImageProcessorThis abstract class is the superclass for classes that processthe four data types (byte, short, float and RGB) supported by ImageJ.Classij.processImageJ
ImageReaderReads raw 8-bit, 16-bit or 32-bit (float or RGB) images from a stream or URL.Classij.ioImageJ
ImageRoiAn ImageRoi is an Roi that overlays an image.Classij.guiImageJ
ImageStackThis class represents an expandable array of images.ClassijImageJ
ImageStatisticsStatistics, including the histogram, of an image or selection.Classij.processImageJ
ImageWindowA frame for displaying images.Classij.guiImageJ
ImageWriterWrites a raw image described by a FileInfo object to an OutputStream.Classij.ioImageJ
ImportDialogThis is a dialog box used to imports raw 8, 16, 24 and 32-bit images.Classij.ioImageJ
InfoThis plugin implements the Image/Show Info command.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
InterpreterThis is the recursive descent parser/interpreter for the ImageJ macro language.Classij.macroImageJ
Java2This class contains static methods that use the Java 2 API.Classij.utilImageJ
JavaPropertiesDisplays the Java system properties in a text window.Classij.pluginImageJ
JavaScriptEvaluator on systems running Java 1.Classij.pluginImageJ
JpegWriterThe File/Save As/Jpeg command (FileSaver.Classij.pluginImageJ
LineThis class represents a straight line selection.Classij.guiImageJ
LineWidthAdjusterAdjusts the width of line selections.Classij.plugin.frameImageJ
ListVirtualStackThis plugin opens images specified by list of file paths as a virtual stack.Classij.pluginImageJ
LogStreamThis class provides the functionality to divert output sent to the System.Classij.ioImageJ
LookUpTableThis class represents a color look-up table.ClassijImageJ
LUTThis is an indexed color model that allows an lower and upper bound to be specified.Classij.processImageJ
LutApplierThis plugin implements the Image/Lookup Tables/Apply LUT command.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
LutLoaderOpens NIH Image look-up tables (LUTs), 768 byte binary LUTs (256 reds, 256 greens and 256 blues), LUTs in text format, Classij.pluginImageJ
LutViewerDisplays the active image's look-up table.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
MacroThe class contains static methods that perform macro operations.ClassijImageJ
Macro_RunnerThis class runs macros and scripts installed in the Plugins menu as well as macros and scripts opened using the Plugins/Macros/Run command.Classij.pluginImageJ
MacroInstallerThis plugin implements the Plugins/Macros/Install Macros command.Classij.pluginImageJ
MacroRunnerThis class runs macros in a separate thread.Classij.macroImageJ
MaximumFinderThis ImageJ plug-in filter finds the maxima (or minima) of an image.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
MeasurementsWriterWrites measurements to a csv or tab-delimited text file.Classij.pluginImageJ
MedianCutConverts an RGB image to 8-bit index color using Heckbert's median-cut color quantization algorithm.Classij.processImageJ
MemoryThis plugin implements the Edit/Options/Memory command.Classij.pluginImageJ
MemoryMonitorThis plugin continuously plots ImageJ's memory utilization.Classij.plugin.frameImageJ
MenusThis class installs and updates ImageJ's menus.ClassijImageJ
MessageDialogA modal dialog box that displays information.Classij.guiImageJ
MinimizerMinimizer based on Nelder-Mead simplex method (also known as polytope method), including the 'outside contraction' as described in:Classij.measureImageJ
MultiLineLabelCustom component for displaying multiple lines.Classij.guiImageJ
NewImageNew image dialog box plus several static utility methods for creating images.Classij.guiImageJ
NewPluginThis class creates a new macro or the Java source for a new plugin.Classij.pluginImageJ
NonBlockingGenericDialogThis is an extension of GenericDialog that is non-model.Classij.guiImageJ
OpenDialogThis class displays a dialog window from which the user can select an input file.Classij.ioImageJ
OpenerOpens tiff (and tiff stacks), dicom, fits, pgm, jpeg, bmp or gif images, and look-up tables, using a file open dialog or a path.Classij.ioImageJ
OptionsThis plugin implements most of the commands in the Edit/Options sub-menu.Classij.pluginImageJ
Orthogonal_ViewsThis plugin projects dynamically orthogonal XZ and YZ views of a stack.Classij.pluginImageJ
OvalRoiOval region of interestSee Also:Serialized FormClassij.guiImageJ
OverlayAn Overlay is a list of ROIs that can be drawn non-destructively on an Image.Classij.guiImageJ
OverlayCommandsThis plugin implements the commands in the Image/Overlay menu.Classij.pluginImageJ
OverlayLabelsThis plugin implements the Image/Overlay/Labels command.Classij.pluginImageJ
ParticleAnalyzer for each line do for each pixel in this line doClassij.plugin.filterImageJ
PGM_ReaderThis plugin opens PxM format images.Classij.pluginImageJ
PixelInspectionToolThis plugin continuously displays the pixel values of the cursor and its surroundings.Classij.plugin.toolImageJ
PlotThis class creates an image that line graphs, scatter plots and plots of vector fields (arrows) can be drawn on and displayed.Classij.guiImageJ
PlotCanvasThis subclass of ImageCanvas has special provisions for plots: - Zooming: sets the plot rangeClassij.guiImageJ
PlotMakerPlugins that generate "Live" profile plots (Profiler and ZAxisProfiler) displayed in PlotWindows implement this interface.Interfaceij.guiImageJ
PlotWindowThis class implements the Analyze/Plot Profile command.Classij.guiImageJ
PlugInPlugins that acquire images or display windows should implement this interface.Interfaceij.pluginImageJ
PluginClassLoaderImageJ uses this class loader to load plugins and resources from the plugins directory and immediate subdirectories.Classij.ioImageJ
PlugInDialogThis is a non-modal dialog that plugins can extend.Classij.plugin.frameImageJ
PlugInFilterImageJ plugins that process an image should implement this interface.Interfaceij.plugin.filterImageJ
PlugInFrameThis is a closeable window that plugins can extend.Classij.plugin.frameImageJ
PluginInstallerInstalls plugins dragged and dropped on the "ImageJ" window, or plugins, macros or scripts opened using the Plugins/Install command.Classij.pluginImageJ
PlugInInterpreterPlugins that run scripts (e.Classij.pluginImageJ
PNG_WriterSaves in PNG format using the ImageIO classes.Classij.pluginImageJ
PointRoiThis class represents a collection of points.Classij.guiImageJ
PointToolOptionsThis plugin implements the Edit/Options/Point Tool command.Classij.pluginImageJ
PolygonFillerThis class fills polygons using the scan-line filling algorithm described at "http://www.Classij.processImageJ
PolygonRoiThis class represents a polygon region of interest or polyline of interest.Classij.guiImageJ
PrefsThis class contains the ImageJ preferences, which are loaded from the "IJ_Props.ClassijImageJ
PrinterThis plugin implements the File/Page Setup and File/Print commands.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
ProfilePlotCreates a density profile plot of a rectangular selection or line selection.Classij.guiImageJ
ProgramAn object of this type is a tokenized macro file and the associated symbol table.Classij.macroImageJ
ProgressBarThis is the progress bar that is displayed in the lower right hand corner of the ImageJ window.Classij.guiImageJ
ProjectorThis plugin creates a sequence of projections of a rotating volume (stack of slices) onto a plane usingnearest-point (surface), brightest-point, or mean-value projection or a weighted combination of nearest-Classij.pluginImageJ
ProxySettingsThis plugin implements the Plugins/Utilities/Proxy Settings command.Classij.pluginImageJ
RandomAccessStreamThis class uses a memory cache to allow seeking within an InputStream.Classij.ioImageJ
RankFiltersThis plugin implements the Mean, Minimum, Maximum, Variance, Median, Open Maxima, Close Maxima, Remove Outliers, Remove NaNs and Despeckle commands.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
RawThis plugin implements the File/Import/Raw command.Classij.pluginImageJ
RecentOpenerOpens, in a separate thread, files selected from the File/Open Recent submenu.ClassijImageJ
RecorderThis is ImageJ's macro recorder.Classij.plugin.frameImageJ
RectToolOptionsThis plugin implements the rounded rectangle tool dialog box.Classij.pluginImageJ
ResizerThis plugin implements the Edit/Crop and Image/Adjust/Size commands.Classij.pluginImageJ
ResultsSorterThis plugin implements the Results Table's Sort command.Classij.pluginImageJ
ResultsTableThis is a table for storing measurement results and strings as columns of values.Classij.measureImageJ
RGBStackConverterConverts a 2 or 3 slice stack, or a hyperstack, to RGB.Classij.pluginImageJ
RGBStackMergeThis plugin implements the Image/Color/Merge Channels command.Classij.pluginImageJ
RGBStackSplitterDeprecated; replaced by ij.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
RoiA rectangular region of interest and superclass for the other ROI classes.Classij.guiImageJ
RoiDecoderDecodes an ImageJ, NIH Image or Scion Image ROI file.Classij.ioImageJ
RoiEncoderSaves an ROI to a file or stream.Classij.ioImageJ
RoiEnlargerThis plugin, which enlarges or shrinks selections, implements the Edit/Selection/Enlarge command.Classij.pluginImageJ
RoiInterpolatorThis class interpolates between ROIs in the ROI Manager.Classij.pluginImageJ
RoiListenerPlugins that implement this interface are notified when an ROI is created, modified or deleted.Interfaceij.guiImageJ
RoiManagerThis plugin implements the Analyze/Tools/ROI Manager command.Classij.plugin.frameImageJ
RoiPropertiesDisplays a dialog that allows the user to specify ROI properties such as color and line width.Classij.guiImageJ
RoiReaderOpens ImageJ, NIH Image and Scion Image for windows ROI outlines.Classij.pluginImageJ
RoiRotatorThis plugin implements the Edit/Selection/Rotate command.Classij.pluginImageJ
RoiScalerThis plugin implements the Edit/Selection/Scale command.Classij.pluginImageJ
RoiWriterSaves the current ROI outline to a file.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
RotatorThis plugin implements the Image/Rotate/Arbitrarily command.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
SaveChangesDialogA modal dialog box with a one line message and "Don't Save", "Cancel" and "Save" buttons.Classij.guiImageJ
SaveDialogThis class displays a dialog window from which the user can save a file.Classij.ioImageJ
ScaleBarThis plugin implements the Analyze/Tools/Draw Scale Bar command.Classij.pluginImageJ
ScalerThis plugin implements the Image/Scale command.Classij.pluginImageJ
ScreenGrabberThis plugin implements the Plugins/Utilities/Capture Screen and Plugins/Utilities/Capture Image commands.Classij.pluginImageJ
ScrollbarWithLabelThis class, based on Joachim Walter's Image5D package, adds "c", "z" labels and play-pause icons (T) to the stack and hyperstacks dimension sliders.Classij.guiImageJ
SelectionThis plugin implements the commands in the Edit/Section submenu.Classij.pluginImageJ
ShapeRoiA subclass of ij.Classij.guiImageJ
ShortBlitterThis class does bit blitting of 16-bit images.Classij.processImageJ
ShortProcessorShortProcessors contain a 16-bit unsigned image and methods that operate on that image.Classij.processImageJ
ShortStatistics16-bit image statistics, including histogram.Classij.processImageJ
SimpleCommandsThis plugin implements the Plugins/Utilities/Unlock, Image/Rename and Plugins/Utilities/Search commands.Classij.pluginImageJ
Slicer for FREELINE or POLYLINE ROI, spatial calibration is ignored: the image is sampled at constant _pixel_ increments (distance 1), so Classij.pluginImageJ
SpecifyROIThis plugin implements the Edit/Selection/Specify command.Classij.pluginImageJ
SplineFitterThis class fits a spline function to a set of points.Classij.measureImageJ
Stack_StatisticsThis plugin implements the Image/Stacks/Statistics command.Classij.pluginImageJ
StackCombinerThis plugin implements the Image/Stacks/Combine command.Classij.pluginImageJ
StackConverterThis class does stack type conversions.Classij.processImageJ
StackInserterThis plugin, which implements the Image/Stacks/Tools/Insert command, inserts an image or stack into another image or stack.Classij.pluginImageJ
StackLabelerThis plugin implements the Image/Stacks/Label command.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
StackMakerThe plugin implements the Image/Stacks/Tools/Montage to Stack command.Classij.pluginImageJ
StackProcessorThis class processes stacks.Classij.processImageJ
StackReducerThis plugin implements the Image/Stacks/Tools/Reduce command.Classij.pluginImageJ
StackReverserThis plugin implements the Image/Transform/Flip Z and Image/Stacks/Tools/Reverse commands.Classij.pluginImageJ
StackStatisticsStatistics, including the histogram, of a stack.Classij.processImageJ
StackWindowThis class is an extended ImageWindow that displays stacks and hyperstacks.Classij.guiImageJ
StackWriterThis plugin, which saves the images in a stack as separate files, implements the File/Save As/Image Sequence command.Classij.pluginImageJ
StartupThis plugin implements the Edit/Options/Startup command.Classij.pluginImageJ
StraightenerThis plugin implements the Edit/Selection/Straighten command.Classij.pluginImageJ
StringSorterA simple QuickSort for String arrays.Classij.utilImageJ
SubHyperstackMakerThis plugin is used by the Image/Stacks/Tools/Make Substack command to create substacks of hyperstacks.Classij.pluginImageJ
SubstackMakerThis plugin implements the Image/Stacks/Tools/Make Substack command.Classij.pluginImageJ
SymbolObjects of this class are used as entries in the macro language symbol table.Classij.macroImageJ
SyncWindowsThis class "synchronizes" mouse input in multiple windows.Classij.plugin.frameImageJ
TextThis plugin implements the Edit/Options/Fonts command and the dialog displayed when you double click on the text tool.Classij.pluginImageJ
TextEncoderSaves an image described by an ImageProcessor object as a tab-delimited text file.Classij.ioImageJ
TextFileReaderThis plugin displays the contents of a text file in a window.Classij.pluginImageJ
TextPanelThis is an unlimited size text panel with tab-delimited,labeled and resizable columns.Classij.textImageJ
TextReaderThis plugin opens a tab or comma delimeted text file as an image.Classij.pluginImageJ
TextRoiThis class is a rectangular ROI containing text.Classij.guiImageJ
TextWindowUses a TextPanel to displays text in a window.Classij.textImageJ
TextWriterThis plugin implements the File/Save As/Text command, which saves the contents of Editor windows and TextWindows (e.Classij.pluginImageJ
ThreadListerDisplays thread information in a text window.Classij.pluginImageJ
ThresholdAdjusterAdjusts the lower and upper threshold levels of the active image.Classij.plugin.frameImageJ
ThresholderThis plugin implements the Process/Binary/Make Binary and Convert to Mask commands.Classij.pluginImageJ
TiffDecoderDecodes single and multi-image TIFF files.Classij.ioImageJ
TiffEncoderSaves an image described by a FileInfo object as an uncompressed, big-endian TIFF file.Classij.ioImageJ
TimerImageJ plugin for measuring the speed of various Java operations.Classij.pluginImageJ
TokenizerThis class converts an imageJ macro file file into a token stream.Classij.macroImageJ
ToolsThis class contains static utility methods.Classij.utilImageJ
TranslatorThis plugin implements the Image/Translate command.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
TrimmedButtonThis is an extended Button class used to reduce the width of the HUGE buttons on Mac OS X.Classij.guiImageJ
TypeConverterThis class converts an ImageProcessor to another data type.Classij.processImageJ
UndoThis class consists of static methods and fields that implement ImageJ's Undo command.ClassijImageJ
UnsharpMaskThis plugin-filter implements ImageJ's Unsharp Mask command.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
URLOpenerOpens TIFFs, ZIP compressed TIFFs, DICOMs, GIFs and JPEGs using a URL.Classij.pluginImageJ
UserFunctionA plugin should implement this interface for minimizing a single-valued function or fitting a curve with a custom fit function.Interfaceij.measureImageJ
VirtualStackThis class represents an array of disk-resident images.ClassijImageJ
WaitForUserDialogThis is a non-modal dialog box used to ask the user to perform some task while a macro or plugin is running.Classij.guiImageJ
WandThis class implements ImageJ's wand (tracing) tool.Classij.guiImageJ
WandToolOptionsThis plugin implements the Edit/Options/Wand Tool command.Classij.pluginImageJ
WildcardMatchThis class allows for simple wildcard pattern matching.Classij.utilImageJ
WindowManagerThis class consists of static methods used to manage ImageJ's windows.ClassijImageJ
WindowOrganizerThis class implements the Window menu's "Show All", "Main Window", "Cascade" and "Tile" commands.Classij.pluginImageJ
WriterThis plugin saves an image in tiff, gif, jpeg, bmp, png, text or raw format.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
XY_ReaderThis plugin implements the File/Import/XY Coordinates command.Classij.pluginImageJ
XYCoordinatesWrites the XY coordinates and pixel values of all non-background pixels to a tab-delimited text file.Classij.pluginImageJ
XYWriterSaves the XY coordinates of the current ROI boundary.Classij.plugin.filterImageJ
YesNoCancelDialogA modal dialog box with a one line message and "Yes", "No" and "Cancel" buttons.Classij.guiImageJ
ZoomThis plugin implements the commands in the Image/Zoom submenu.Classij.pluginImageJ
ZProjectorThis plugin performs a z-projection of the input stack.Classij.pluginImageJ