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AccessControlEntryAn AccessControlEntry represents the association of one or more Privilege objects with a specific Principal.Interfacejavax.jcr.securityJCR
AccessControlExceptionException thrown by access control related methods of AccessControlManager.Classjavax.jcr.securityJCR
AccessControlListThe AccessControlList is an AccessControlPolicy representing a list of access control entries.Interfacejavax.jcr.securityJCR
AccessControlManagerThe AccessControlManager object is accessed via Session.Interfacejavax.jcr.securityJCR
AccessControlPolicyThe AccessControlPolicy is a marker interface for all kind of access control policies.Interfacejavax.jcr.securityJCR
AccessControlPolicyIteratorAllows easy iteration through a list of AccessControlPolicys with nextAccessControlPolicy as well as a skipInterfacejavax.jcr.securityJCR
AccessDeniedExceptionException thrown by access-related methods.Classjavax.jcrJCR
ActivityViolationExceptionException will be thrown by Node.Classjavax.jcr.versionJCR
AndPerforms a logical conjunction of two other constraints.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
BinaryA Binary object holds a JCR property value of type BINARY.Interfacejavax.jcrJCR
BindVariableValueEvaluates to the value of a bind variable.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
ChildNodeTests whether the selector node is a child of a node reachable by absolute path path.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
ChildNodeJoinConditionTests whether the childSelector node is a child of the parentSelector node.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
ColumnDefines a column to include in the tabular view of query results.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
ComparisonFilters node-tuples based on the outcome of a binary operation.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
ConstraintFilters the set of node-tuples formed by evaluating the query's selectors and the joins between them.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
ConstraintViolationExceptionException thrown when an action would violate a constraint on repository structure.Classjavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
CredentialsInterface for all credentials that may be passed to the Repository.Interfacejavax.jcrJCR
DescendantNodeTests whether the selector node is a descendant of a node reachable by absolute path path.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
DescendantNodeJoinConditionTests whether the descendantSelector node is a descendant of the ancestorSelectorInterfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
EquiJoinConditionTests whether the value of a property in a first selector is equal to the value of a property in a second selector.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
EventAn event fired by the observation mechanism.Interfacejavax.jcr.observationJCR
EventIteratorAllows easy iteration through a list of Events with nextEvent as well as a skip method inherited fromInterfacejavax.jcr.observationJCR
EventJournalAn EventJournal is an extension of EventIterator that provides the additional method skipTo(long).Interfacejavax.jcr.observationJCR
EventListener An EventListener can be registered via the ObservationManager object.Interfacejavax.jcr.observationJCR
EventListenerIteratorAllows easy iteration through a list of EventListeners with nextEventListener as well as a skip methodInterfacejavax.jcr.observationJCR
FullTextSearchPerforms a full-text search.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
FullTextSearchScoreEvaluates to a DOUBLE value equal to the full-text search score Full-text search score ranks a selector's nodes by their relevance to theInterfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
GuestCredentialsGuestCredentials implements the Credentials interface and is used to obtain a "guest", "public" or "anonymous" session.Classjavax.jcrJCR
HoldHold represents a hold that can be applied to an existing node in order to prevent the node from being modified or removed.Interfacejavax.jcr.retentionJCR
ImportUUIDBehaviorThe possible actions specified by the uuidBehavior parameter in Workspace.Interfacejavax.jcrJCR
InvalidItemStateExceptionException thrown by the write methods of Node and Property and by Session.Classjavax.jcrJCR
InvalidLifecycleTransitionExceptionException thrown by Lifecycle management-related methods.Classjavax.jcrJCR
InvalidNodeTypeDefinitionExceptionException thrown when an attempt is made to register an invalid node type definition template.Classjavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
InvalidQueryExceptionThrown by methods of Query.Classjavax.jcr.queryJCR
InvalidSerializedDataExceptionException thrown by the deserialization methods of Session if the serialized data being input has an invalid format.Classjavax.jcrJCR
ItemDefinitionSuperclass of NodeDefinition and PropertyDefinition.Interfacejavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
ItemExistsExceptionAn exception thrown when an attempt is made to place an item in a position where another item already exists.Classjavax.jcrJCR
ItemNotFoundExceptionException thrown by methods of Item, Node and Workspace when an item is not found.Classjavax.jcrJCR
ItemVisitorThis interface defines two signatures of the visit method; one taking a Node, the other a Property.Interfacejavax.jcrJCR
JoinPerforms a join between two node-tuple sources.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
LabelExistsVersionExceptionException thrown by VersionHistory.Classjavax.jcr.versionJCR
LengthEvaluates to the length (or lengths, if multi-valued) of a property.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
LiteralEvaluates to a literal value.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
LockRepresents a lock placed on an item.Interfacejavax.jcr.lockJCR
LockExceptionException thrown by when a lock-related error occurs.Classjavax.jcr.lockJCR
LockManagerThis interface encapsulates methods for the management of locks.Interfacejavax.jcr.lockJCR
LoginExceptionException thrown by Repository.Classjavax.jcrJCR
LowerCaseEvaluates to the lower-case string value (or values, if multi-valued) of If operand does not evaluate to a string value, its valueInterfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
MergeExceptionException thrown by Node.Classjavax.jcrJCR
NamedAccessControlPolicyAn NamedAccessControlPolicy is an opaque access control policy that is described by a JCR name and optionally a description.Interfacejavax.jcr.securityJCR
NamespaceExceptionException thrown by Session.Classjavax.jcrJCR
NamespaceRegistryEach repository has a single, persistent namespace registry represented by the NamespaceRegistry object, accessed via Workspace.Interfacejavax.jcrJCR
NodeThe Node interface represents a node in a workspace.Interfacejavax.jcrJCR
NodeDefinitionA node definition.Interfacejavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
NodeDefinitionTemplateThe NodeDefinitionTemplate interface extends NodeDefinition with the addition of write methods, enabling theInterfacejavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
NodeIteratorAllows easy iteration through a list of Nodes with nextNode as well as a skip method inherited fromInterfacejavax.jcrJCR
NodeTypeA NodeType object represents a "live" node type that is registered in the repository.Interfacejavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
NodeTypeDefinitionThe NodeTypeDefinition interface provides methods for discovering the static definition of a node type.Interfacejavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
NodeTypeExistsExceptionException thrown when an attempt is made to register a node type that already exists, and allowUpdate has not been set to true.Classjavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
NodeTypeIteratorAn iterator for NodeType objects.Interfacejavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
NodeTypeManagerAllows for the retrieval and (in implementations that support it) the registration of node types.Interfacejavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
NodeTypeTemplateThe NodeTypeTemplate interface is used to define node types which are then registered through the NodeTypeManager.Interfacejavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
NoSuchNodeTypeExceptionException thrown by node type-related methods.Classjavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
NoSuchWorkspaceExceptionException thrown by Repository.Classjavax.jcrJCR
NotPerforms a logical negation of another constraint.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
ObservationManagerThe ObservationManager object.Interfacejavax.jcr.observationJCR
OnParentVersionActionThe possible actions specified by the onParentVersion attribute in a property definition within a node type definition.Classjavax.jcr.versionJCR
OrPerforms a logical disjunction of two other constraints.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
OrderingDetermines the relative order of two node-tuples by evaluating operand for each.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
PathNotFoundExceptionException thrown when no Item exists at the specified path or when the specified path implies intermediary Nodes that do notClassjavax.jcrJCR
PrivilegeA privilege represents the capability of performing a particular set of operations on items in the JCR repository.Interfacejavax.jcr.securityJCR
PropertyA Property object represents the smallest granularity of content storage.Interfacejavax.jcrJCR
PropertyDefinitionA property definition.Interfacejavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
PropertyDefinitionTemplateThe PropertyDefinitionTemplate interface extends PropertyDefinition with the addition of write methods, enablingInterfacejavax.jcr.nodetypeJCR
PropertyExistenceTests the existence of a property.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
PropertyIteratorAllows easy iteration through a list of Propertys with nextProperty as well as a skip method.Interfacejavax.jcrJCR
PropertyTypeThe property types supported by the JCR standard.Classjavax.jcrJCR
PropertyValueEvaluates to the value (or values, if multi-valued) of a property.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
QueryManagerThis interface encapsulates methods for the management of search queries.Interfacejavax.jcr.queryJCR
QueryObjectModelA query in the JCR query object model.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
QueryObjectModelConstantsDefines constants used in the query object model.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
QueryObjectModelFactoryA QueryObjectModelFactory creates instances of the JCR query Refer to QueryObjectModel for a description of the query objectInterfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
QueryResultA QueryResult object.Interfacejavax.jcr.queryJCR
RangeIterator getSize and getPosition methods.Interfacejavax.jcrJCR
ReferentialIntegrityExceptionException thrown on referential integrity violation.Classjavax.jcrJCR
RepositoryThe entry point into the content repository.Interfacejavax.jcrJCR
RepositoryExceptionMain exception thrown by classes in this package.Classjavax.jcrJCR
RepositoryFactoryRepositoryFactory is a factory for Repository An implementation of this interface must have a zero-argument publicInterfacejavax.jcrJCR
RetentionManagerThe RetentionManager object is accessed via Session.Interfacejavax.jcr.retentionJCR
RetentionPolicyAn RetentionPolicy is an object with a name and an optionalSince:JCR 2.Interfacejavax.jcr.retentionJCR
RowA row in the query result table.Interfacejavax.jcr.queryJCR
RowIteratorAllows easy iteration through a list of Rows with nextRow as well as a skip method inherited fromInterfacejavax.jcr.queryJCR
SameNodeTests whether the selector node is reachable by absolute path path.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
SameNodeJoinConditionTests whether two nodes are "the same" according to the isSame method of javax.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
SelectorSelects a subset of the nodes in the repository based on node type.Interfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
SessionThe Session object provides read and (in level 2) write access to the content of a particular workspace in the repository.Interfacejavax.jcrJCR
SimpleCredentialsSimpleCredentials implements the Credentials interface and represents simple user ID/password credentials.Classjavax.jcrJCR
TraversingItemVisitorAn implementation of ItemVisitor.Classjavax.jcr.utilJCR
UnsupportedRepositoryOperationExceptionThrown by methods that are not supported by a particular implementation.Classjavax.jcrJCR
UpperCaseEvaluates to the upper-case string value (or values, if multi-valued) of If operand does not evaluate to a string value, its valueInterfacejavax.jcr.query.qomJCR
ValueA generic holder for the value of a property.Interfacejavax.jcrJCR
ValueFactoryThe ValueFactory object provides methods for the creation Value objects that can then be used to set properties.Interfacejavax.jcrJCR
ValueFormatExceptionException thrown when an attempt is made to assign a value to a property that has an invalid format, given the type of the property.Classjavax.jcrJCR
VersionA Version object wraps an nt:version node.Interfacejavax.jcr.versionJCR
VersionExceptionException thrown by Version.Classjavax.jcr.versionJCR
VersionHistoryA VersionHistory object wraps an nt:versionHistory node.Interfacejavax.jcr.versionJCR
VersionIteratorAllows easy iteration through a list of Versions objects with nextVersion as well as a skip method inherited fromInterfacejavax.jcr.versionJCR
VersionManagerThe VersionManager object is accessed via Workspace.Interfacejavax.jcr.versionJCR
WorkspaceA Workspace object represents a view onto a persitent workspace within a repository.Interfacejavax.jcrJCR