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AIDemoThis class is meant to be an illustrative example of how to use the adjudication routines to evaluate moves, as might be neededClassdipJDIP
AboutDialog A cached copy is kept since this dialog takes about 600+ ms to construct.Classdip.guiJDIP
AbstractCFPListenerAn Abstract ClientFrame PropertyChangeListener.ClassdipJDIP
AdjudicatorAdjudicator interface.InterfacedipJDIP
AdjustmentCalculates Adjustments (how many units a power may build or must remove).ClassdipJDIP
AdjustmentParserParses the Adjustment information block.Classdip.judgeJDIP
BCSpinnerCreates a Year spinner that (if enabled) correctly handles BC years ('negative' years), and uses YearType objects toClassdip.gui.dialogJDIP
BorderA Border limits movement or support between 2 provinces.ClassdipJDIP
BorderDataTemporary holder for Border data after XML
BouncedResultSimilar to an OrderResult, but allows the optional specification of: the unit with which this unit bouncesthe attack and defense strengthsClassdip.orderJDIP
BuildSee Also:Serialized FormFields inherited from class dip.ClassdipJDIP
ClientFrameThe main class for starting the client.ClassdipJDIP
ClientMenu This is fully internationlizable (il8n) via the il8n.ClassdipJDIP
CoastCoasts are essential to determining connectivity between Provinces.ClassdipJDIP
ColorRectIconCreates an Icon that is a solid color within a 1-pixel black rectangular border.Classdip.guiJDIP
ControlBarAll ControlBars must extend this Control bar.Classdip.guiJDIP
ConvertConverts JUDGE map files to jDip XML adjacency format.ClassdipJDIP
ConvoyPathResultAn OrderResult that contains the path taken by a successfully convoyed Move.Classdip.orderJDIP
DOMUIEventHandlerHandles MapPanel DOM UI Events, such as KeyEvents and MouseEvents.Interfacedip.guiJDIP
DOMUIEventListenerHandles DOM UI Events, and dispatches the events (after some decoding) to the DOMUIEventHandler that is set.Classdip.guiJDIP
DefaultGUIGameSetupThe Default GameSetup.ClassdipJDIP
DefaultMapRenderer2Default Rendering logic.Classdip.guiJDIP
DefaultPressStoreA PressStore object is returned by the World object, and facilitates the storage and retrieval of Press messages.Classdip.netJDIP
DefineState This order is used to 'build' units, but typicallySee Also:Serialized FormClassdipJDIP
DependentMoveFailedResultAn OrderResult that applies specifically to Move orders that fail because they depend upon another Move to succeed (and Classdip.orderJDIP
DisbandSee Also:Serialized FormFields inherited from class dip.ClassdipJDIP
DislodgedResultSimilar to an OrderResult, but allows the optional specification of: valid Locations to which a unit may retreat (if any)the unit that dislodged this unitthe attack and defense strengthsClassdip.orderJDIP
DisplayPreferencePanel Static methods are included to access (in a controlled manner) preference-controlledSee Also:Serialized FormClassdip.gui.dialogJDIP
EditControlBarCreates a ControlBar that allows units to be placed or removed, Supply Centers to See Also:Serialized FormClassdip.guiJDIP
EmptyControlBarDoes nothing, except take up space.Classdip.guiJDIP
ErrorDialogVarious error dialogs, which use HTML templates to display errors.Classdip.guiJDIP
ExportPreferencePanel Static methods are included to access (in a controlled manner) preference-controlledSee Also:Serialized FormClassdip.gui.dialogJDIP
F2FGUIGameSetupThe Default GameSetup.ClassdipJDIP
F2FOrderDisplayPanelThe F2FOrderDisplayPanel: displayer of orders for Face-to-Face (F2F) games.ClassdipJDIP
FastEntityResolverResolves Entity definitions to an empty InputSource, unless validation is enabled, in which case we actually do resolve the
FlocImportDialogDialog for importing a game from floc.Classdip.judgeJDIP
GUIBuildGUIOrder implementation of Build order.Classdip.guiJDIP
GUIConvoyGUIOrder subclass of Convoy order.Classdip.guiJDIP
GUIDefineStateGUIOrder subclass of DefineState order.Classdip.guiJDIP
GUIDisbandGUIOrder implementation of Disband order.Classdip.guiJDIP
GUIExceptionHandlerHandles uncaught exceptions from an AWT event thread.ClassdipJDIP
GUIGameSetupThe base class for all GUI GameSetup operations.InterfacedipJDIP
GUIHoldGUIOrder subclass of Hold order.Classdip.guiJDIP
GUIMoveGUIOrder subclass of Move order.Classdip.guiJDIP
GUIMoveExplicitGUIOrder subclass of Move order.Classdip.guiJDIP
GUIOrderGUI extension of Orderable that is used for GUI input/handling and GUI order rendering.Interfacedip.guiJDIP
GUIOrderFactoryCreates GUIOrders.Classdip.guiJDIP
GUIRemoveGUIOrder implementation of Remove order.Classdip.guiJDIP
GUIRetreatGUIOrder subclass of Retreat order.Classdip.guiJDIP
GUISupportGUIOrder subclass of Support order.Classdip.guiJDIP
GUIWaiveGUIOrder implementation of the Waive order.Classdip.guiJDIP
GameMetadataContains MetaData about the entire game.Classdip.worldJDIP
GameSetupA GameSetup is an object set in the World object that contains the required functionality to restore a savedInterfacedipJDIP
GeneralPreferencePanelGeneral preferences.Classdip.gui.dialogJDIP
GradientJLabelA gradient-shaded background JLabel.Classdip.guiJDIP
HTMLFormatFormats HTML text (or, really, any text) similar to MessageFormat but with the following features:ClassdipJDIP
HeaderDialogA Dialog with an HTML message header at the top, which may be of fixed height (or adjust to fit).Classdip.guiJDIP
HelpEncapsulates JavaHelp for the utmost in simplicity of adding help to GUI elements.ClassdipJDIP
HoldSee Also:Serialized FormFields inherited from class dip.ClassdipJDIP
InitialStateSets the Initial State (position) for a
InvalidWorldExceptionAn exception typically thrown if there is a problem during World creation.ClassdipJDIP
JudgeImportImports text or reads a file, that is a Judge history file or listing.Classdip.judgeJDIP
JudgeOrderParserParses Move, Retreat, and Adjustment phase orders.Classdip.judgeJDIP
JudgeParserFirst stage of Judge output parsing.Classdip.judgeJDIP
LocationA Location defines where an object on the map exists.ClassdipJDIP
LogA very simple logging class that logs all data to stdout.ClassdipJDIP
MIDAn Message Identifier, which identifies a sender or recipient of a message.Classdip.netJDIP
MapA Map is a list of Provinces and Powers, and methods for obtaining and parsing these Provinces and Powers.ClassdipJDIP
MapExceptionSee Also:Serialized FormConstructor SummaryMapException()Classdip.guiJDIP
MapGraphicConstructor SummaryMapGraphic(
MapMetadataExtracts map information, and SVG Elements, from the SVG file.Classdip.guiJDIP
MapPanelThe Main Map display component.Classdip.guiJDIP
MapPanelSVGActionActions for SVG, including: Takes care of error handling--errors go to a popup dialog.Classdip.guiJDIP
MapPickerThis redisplays the Map and Symbols tab from the New Game Dialog, allowing the user to change Map and Symbol parameters for a gameClassdip.guiJDIP
MapRenderer2Base class for the new MapRenderer.Classdip.guiJDIP
MessageMenuHandlerThe ClientMenu class requires a MessageMenuHandler to support (and display) the Message Menu.ClassdipJDIP
MetadataDialogMetadata Editing/Viewing dialog Although the PlayerMetadata object supports multiple email addresses per player, theClassdip.guiJDIP
Move This has been updated to support the 2003-Dec-16 DATC, specifically, See Also:Serialized FormClassdipJDIP
MultiOrderEntryModal dialog for entering multiple orders Returns exceptions as a group, HTML-formatted.Classdip.guiJDIP
NGDMapAndUnitsAllows for the selection of the Variant Map and Units,See Also:Serialized FormClassdip.gui.dialogJDIP
NGDRuleOptionsDefines the game starting options for the New Game dialog.Classdip.gui.dialogJDIP
NGDStartOptionsDefines the game starting options for the New Game dialog.Classdip.gui.dialogJDIP
NGDVariantSelectPanel for New Game Dialog that allows selection of a map / variant / map graphic.Classdip.gui.dialogJDIP
NJudgeOrderParserParses nJudge-format orders into Orders and Results This handles all 3 phases (Movement, Retreat, and Adjustment).ClassdipJDIP
NewGameDialogThe New game dialog, for starting new games.Classdip.gui.dialogJDIP
NoVariantsExceptionNo Variants are available.Classdip.worldJDIP
OrderDisplayPanelThe OrderDisplayPanel: displayer of orders.ClassdipJDIP
OrderExceptionAn OrderException indicates that an Order could not be created, or contains invalid parameters.ClassdipJDIP
OrderFormatOrderFormat formats orders according to the specified format string.ClassdipJDIP
OrderFormatOptionsThis object controls, in detail, how orders are formatted.ClassdipJDIP
OrderParserParses text to create an Order object.ClassdipJDIP
OrderResultA message sent to a specific Power that refers to a specific order.Classdip.orderJDIP
OrderStateOrderState objects keep track of the state of an order, during adjudication.ClassdipJDIP
OrderStatusPanelOrderStatusPanel: contains a label that displays the current phase, if a game is loaded.ClassdipJDIP
OrderWarningThis is a special type of OrderException that is given for possibly ambiguous orders.ClassdipJDIP
OrderableAll Order objects must implement this interface.InterfacedipJDIP
PathDetermines Convoy paths between points on a Map, and also minimum distances between two map points.ClassdipJDIP
PersistenceManagerManages saving / opening of game files, and creation of new games, and exiting of the program.ClassdipJDIP
PhaseA Phase object represents when a turn takes place, and contains the year, game phase (PhaseType), and Season information.ClassdipJDIP
PhaseSelectorManages all (except for select) items in the History menu.ClassdipJDIP
PlayerMetadataContains MetaData about a player.Classdip.worldJDIP
PositionStores all the mutable (state) information for a given TurnState.ClassdipJDIP
PositionParserParses static position list, if present.Classdip.judgeJDIP
PowerA Power represents player in the game.ClassdipJDIP
PreferenceDialogCreates a Preferences Dialog.Classdip.gui.dialogJDIP
PreferencePanelThis defines a Panel (tabbed Panel) in the PreferenceDialog.Classdip.gui.dialogJDIP
PressChannelDefines a Channel for sending Press messages.Interfacedip.netJDIP
PressConfiguration This object holds the general press options.Classdip.netJDIP
PressStoreA PressStore object is returned by the World object, and facilitates the storage and retrieval of Press messages.Interfacedip.netJDIP
PropertyCheckGiven 2 or more .ClassdipJDIP
ProvinceA Province represents a region on the map.ClassdipJDIP
RemoveSee Also:Serialized FormFields inherited from class dip.ClassdipJDIP
ResultA Result is a message that is sent from the adjudicator back to a power or all powers concerning turn processing.Classdip.orderJDIP
ResultWriterWrites a summary of adjudication results in HTML format.Classdip.guiJDIP
Retreat Note that a Retreat order is a Move order.ClassdipJDIP
RetreatCheckerRetreatChecker analyzes the current TurnState and the results of the previous TurnState to determine which (if any) retreat locations are acceptable for a ClassdipJDIP
RuleOptionsRuleOptions is an object for storing Options and OptionValues that describe rule variants.ClassdipJDIP
SCHistoryWriterWrites the Supply Center (SC) History as HTML.Classdip.guiJDIP
SVGColorParserParses SVG colors, and returns a java.Classdip.guiJDIP
SVGUtilsAssorted utilities for altering the Batik SVG DOM.Classdip.guiJDIP
SelectPhaseDialogShows a list of Phases, for a given world, so that the user may select a Phase.Classdip.guiJDIP
SharedPrefsThis is just a simple class to get a consistent preference node between packages; thus they will all SHARE the same preference ClassdipJDIP
SimpleFileFilterSimple File Filter class.ClassdipJDIP
StateWriterWrites the current game state as HTML.Classdip.guiJDIP
StatusBarUtilsConvenience methods for displaying information on the StatusBar.Classdip.guiJDIP
StdAdjudicatorStdAjudicator is adjudicates all phases of a typical game, using the standard rule set, as well as enhancements indicated in ClassdipJDIP
SubstitutedResultIf an adjudicator replaces an order (because it is invalid, for example) or creates an order (because no order was given), aClassdip.orderJDIP
Support While the ability to specify a narrowing order exists, it is not currently used.ClassdipJDIP
SymbolInjectorAdds Symbols from a SymbolPack into a Variant map.Classdip.guiJDIP
SymbolParserParses a SymbolPack
splashA very fast statup Splash screen, using AWT.ClassdipJDIP
TestParserA test harness that allows testing of the Order Parser (OrderParser.ClassdipJDIP
TestSuiteA very hastily-programmed Test harness.ClassdipJDIP
TextViewerDisplay and (optionally) edit Text inside a HeaderDialog.Classdip.guiJDIP
TimeResult Timestamp result, with an optional message.Classdip.orderJDIP
ToolManagerManages Tool plugins.ClassdipJDIP
ToolProxyProxy object which facilitates communication between a Tool and jDip internal data structures.InterfacedipJDIP
ToolProxyImplDefault, standard implementation of the ToolProxy object.ClassdipJDIP
TristateTrinary state object.ClassdipJDIP
TurnParserParses the Turns of a History file.Classdip.judgeJDIP
TurnStateA TurnState represents a snapshot of the game for the given Phase.ClassdipJDIP
UndoAddMultipleOrdersUndoAddMultipleOrders is created any time multiple orders are added.Classdip.guiJDIP
UndoAddOrderUndoAddOrder is created any time an order is entered.Classdip.guiJDIP
UndoClearAll Just a fancy name for a compound edit.Classdip.guiJDIP
UndoClearSelected Just a fancy name for a compound edit.Classdip.guiJDIP
UndoDeleteMultipleOrdersUndoDeleteMultipleOrders is created any time multiple orders are deleted.Classdip.guiJDIP
UndoDeleteOrderUndoDeleteOrder is created any time an order is deleted.Classdip.guiJDIP
UndoEditAddUnitUndoEditAddUnit is created any time a unit is added in Edit mode.Classdip.guiJDIP
UndoEditRemoveUnitUndoEditAddUnit is created any time a unit is added in Edit mode.Classdip.guiJDIP
UndoEditSCOwnerUndoEditSCOwner is created any time a supply center changes ownership.Classdip.guiJDIP
UndoRedoManagerManages Undo/Redo events, and associated Edit menu items involving This is not a singleton.Classdip.guiJDIP
UndoResolveUndoResolve is created when orders are resolved (adjudicated).Classdip.guiJDIP
UnitA Unit is an object that has an owner (power), a coast location, and a Type describing that unit.ClassdipJDIP
UtilsVarious static utilities used by GUI and non-GUI classes.ClassdipJDIP
ValidationOptionsControls how orders are validated.ClassdipJDIP
ValidationOptionsDialogAllows setting of validation options (from any legal validation options object)Classdip.guiJDIP
VariantInfoWriterWrites information about the current Variant as HTML, and, also displays the current rule settings (RuleOptions).Classdip.guiJDIP
VariantManagerFinds Variant-packs, which are of the format: *Variant.Classdip.worldJDIP
VariantParserParses a Variant
VictoryConditionsEstablishes the conditions required to determine who wins a game, and contains methods to evaluate if these condtions are met during adjudication.ClassdipJDIP
ViewControlBar This is the control bar that implements basic zooming and revert capability.Classdip.guiJDIP
WaiveA Waive order; a power may explicitly choose not to build a unit.ClassdipJDIP
WorldThe entire game World.ClassdipJDIP
WorldFactoryA WorldFactory creates World objects from XML map data.ClassdipJDIP
XAbstractUndoableEditXAbstractUndoableEdit is the base class for all jDip undoable edits.Classdip.guiJDIP
XDialog Automatically disposes dialog if close-button pressed, although this behavior can be changed by over-riding close()Classdip.guiJDIP
XJEditorPane Implements antialiased text.Classdip.guiJDIP
XJFileChooserA simplified and extended JFileChooser for single-file (only!) selections.ClassdipJDIP
XJPanel Implements antialiased text.Classdip.guiJDIP
XJSVGCanvasProvides for enhanced functionality over a standard JSVGCanvas.Classdip.guiJDIP
XJSVGScrollerModified Batik JSVGScrollPane classSee Also:Serialized FormClassdip.guiJDIP
XJScrollPane Modified to always show scrollbars (both) on Mac OS X.Classdip.guiJDIP
XJTextField Converts unicode arrows (?) to -> arrows, if the component font is not Unicode-aware.Classdip.guiJDIP
XJTextPane Implements antialiased text.Classdip.guiJDIP
XMLErrorHandlerA simple error handler for the XML
XMLProvinceParserParses an XML ProvinceData
XMLSymbolParserParses a SymbolPack
XMLUtilsVarious static utilities used to parse and format XML (and SVG).ClassdipJDIP
XMLVariantParserParses an XML Variant