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XSLTransformerA convenience class to handle simple transformations.Classorg.jdom2.transformJDom
XSLTransformExceptionThrown when an XSL stylesheet fails to compile or an XSL transform failsAuthor:Jason HunterSee Also:Serialized FormClassorg.jdom2.transformJDom
XPathExpressionXPathExpression is a representation of a compiled XPath query and any Namespace or variable references the query may require.Interfaceorg.jdom2.xpathJDom
XPathFactoryXPathFactory allows JDOM users to configure which XPath implementation to use when evaluating XPath expressions.Classorg.jdom2.xpathJDom
XPathHelperProvides a set of utility methods to generate XPath expressions to select a given node in a document.Classorg.jdom2.xpathJDom
XPathA utility class for performing XPath calls on JDOM nodes, with a factory interface for obtaining a first XPath instance.Classorg.jdom2.xpathJDom
XPathBuilderA helper class for creating XPathExpression instances without having to manage your own Namespace and Variable contexts.Classorg.jdom2.xpathJDom
XPathDiagnosticClass representing the results of an XPath query allowing JDOM users to trace whether an item returned from an XPath query is subsequently filtered by theInterfaceorg.jdom2.xpathJDom
XPathDiagnosticImplA diagnostic implementation useful for diagnosing problems in XPath results.Classorg.jdom2.xpath.utilJDom
XMLReaderSAX2FactoryCreate XMLReaders directly from the SAX2.Classorg.jdom2.input.saxJDom
XMLReaderSchemaFactoryThis XMLReaderJDOMFactory class returns XMLReaders configured to validate against the supplied Schema instance.Classorg.jdom2.input.saxJDom
XMLReaderXSDFactoryThis XMLReaderJDOMFactory class returns XMLReaders configured to validate against the supplied XML Schema (XSD) instance.Classorg.jdom2.input.saxJDom
XMLOutputterOutputs a JDOM document as a stream of bytes.Classorg.jdom2.outputJDom
XMLReaderJAXPFactoryCreate XMLReaders directly from the javax.Classorg.jdom2.input.saxJDom
XMLReaderJDOMFactoryThis interface can be used to supply custom XMLReaders to SAXBuilder.Interfaceorg.jdom2.input.saxJDom
XMLReadersAn enumeration of XMLReaderJDOMFactory that allows for a single central location to create XMLReaders.Classorg.jdom2.input.saxJDom
WalkerTRIMThis Walker implementation will produce trimmed text content.Classorg.jdom2.output.supportJDom
WalkerTRIM_FULL_WHITEThis Walker implementation will produce trimmed text content.Classorg.jdom2.output.supportJDom
XMLOutputProcessorThis interface provides a base support for the XMLOutputter.Interfaceorg.jdom2.output.supportJDom
UncheckedJDOMFactorySpecial factory for building documents without any content or structure checking.Classorg.jdom2JDom
VerifierA utility class to handle well-formedness checks on names, data, and other verification tasks for JDOM.Classorg.jdom2JDom
WalkerA model for walking the (potentially formatted) content of an Element.Interfaceorg.jdom2.output.supportJDom
WalkerNORMALIZEThis Walker implementation will produce trimmed text content.Classorg.jdom2.output.supportJDom
WalkerPRESERVEThis Walker implementation walks a list of Content in it's original RAW format.Classorg.jdom2.output.supportJDom
StAXStreamOutputterOutputs a JDOM document as a StAX XMLStreamWriter of bytes.Classorg.jdom2.outputJDom
StAXStreamProcessorThis interface provides a base support for the XMLOutputter.Interfaceorg.jdom2.output.supportJDom
TextAn XML character sequence.Classorg.jdom2JDom
StAXEventBuilderBuilds a JDOM Document from a StAX-based XMLEventReader.Classorg.jdom2.inputJDom
StAXEventOutputterOutputs a JDOM document as a StAX XMLEventConsumer of bytes.Classorg.jdom2.outputJDom
StAXEventProcessorThis interface provides a base support for the XMLOutputter.Interfaceorg.jdom2.output.supportJDom
StAXFilterIn StAX Processing it is possible to read fragments of XML.Interfaceorg.jdom2.input.staxJDom
StAXStreamBuilderBuilds a JDOM Document from a StAX-based XMLStreamReader.Classorg.jdom2.inputJDom
SAXOutputterOutputs a JDOM document as a stream of SAX2 events.Classorg.jdom2.outputJDom
SlimJDOMFactoryThis JDOMFactory instance reduces the amount of memory used by JDOM content.Classorg.jdom2JDom
SAXHandlerA support class for SAXBuilder which listens for SAX events.Classorg.jdom2.input.saxJDom
SAXHandlerFactoryProvides SAXBuilder with SAXHandler instances to support SAX parsing.Interfaceorg.jdom2.input.saxJDom
SAXOutputProcessorThis interface provides a base support for the SAXOutputter.Interfaceorg.jdom2.output.supportJDom
ReflectionConstructorUtility class that handles constructing a class using reflection, and a no-argument 'default' constructor.Classorg.jdom2.internalJDom
SAXBuilderBuilds a JDOM Document using a SAX parser.Classorg.jdom2.inputJDom
SAXBuilderEngineBuilds a JDOM document from files, streams, readers, URLs, or a SAX InputSource instance using a SAX parser.Classorg.jdom2.input.saxJDom
SAXEngineSAXEngine provides an interface to interact with either the SAXBuilder or the SAXBuilderEngine.Interfaceorg.jdom2.input.saxJDom
ProcessingInstructionAn XML processing instruction.Classorg.jdom2JDom
NamespaceAn XML namespace representation, as well as a factory for creating XML namespace objects.Classorg.jdom2JDom
NamespaceAwareClasses implementing this interface are all sensitive to their Namespace context.Interfaceorg.jdom2JDom
NamespaceStackA high-performance stack for processing those Namespaces that are introduced or are in-scope at a point in an Element hierarchy.Classorg.jdom2.utilJDom
ParentInterface for JDOM objects which are allowed to contain Content content - Element and Document.Interfaceorg.jdom2JDom
LocatedJDOMFactoryAll Content instances (Element, Comment, CDATA, DocType, Text, EntityRef, and ProcessingInstruction) will implement Located, and willClassorg.jdom2.locatedJDom
LocatedProcessingInstructionAn XML processing instruction.Classorg.jdom2.locatedJDom
LocatedTextAn XML character sequence.Classorg.jdom2.locatedJDom
LocatedDocTypeAn XML DOCTYPE declaration.Classorg.jdom2.locatedJDom
LocatedElementThis Element specialization contains the location information as parsed.Classorg.jdom2.locatedJDom
LocatedEntityRefAn XML entity reference.Classorg.jdom2.locatedJDom
LineSeparatorAn enumeration of common separators that are used for JDOM output.Classorg.jdom2.outputJDom
Located While it would seem intuitive that this represents the location where the content starts, in fact, if the data is populated by a SAX parser the lineInterfaceorg.jdom2.locatedJDom
LocatedCDATAAn XML CDATA section.Classorg.jdom2.locatedJDom
LocatedCommentAn XML comment.Classorg.jdom2.locatedJDom
JDOMResultA holder for an XSL Transformation result, generally a list of nodes although it can be a JDOM Document also.Classorg.jdom2.transformJDom
JDOMSourceA holder for an XML Transformation source: a Document, Element, or list of The is provides input to aClassorg.jdom2.transformJDom
JDOMXPathA concrete XPath implementation for Jaxen.Classorg.jdom2.xpath.jaxenJDom
JDOMExceptionThe top level 'checked' exception that JDOM classes can throw.Classorg.jdom2JDom
JDOMFactoryAn interface to be used by builders when constructing JDOM objects.Interfaceorg.jdom2JDom
JDOMLocatorAn implementation of the SAX Locator interface that exposes the JDOM node being processed by SAXOutputter.Interfaceorg.jdom2.outputJDom
JDOMParseExceptionThrown during parse errors, with information about where the parse error occurred as well as access to the partially built document.Classorg.jdom2.inputJDom
IteratorIterableAn interface that represents both a java.Interfaceorg.jdom2.utilJDom
JaxenXPathFactoryThis simple Factory creates XPath instances tailored to the Jaxen library.Classorg.jdom2.xpath.jaxenJDom
JAXPDOMAdapterA DOMAdapter that uses JAXP to obtain a org.Classorg.jdom2.adaptersJDom
JDOMConstantsA collection of constants that may be useful to JDOM users.Classorg.jdom2JDom
IllegalDataExceptionThrown when illegal text is supplied to a JDOM construct.Classorg.jdom2JDom
IllegalNameExceptionThrown when a name is supplied in construction of a JDOM construct whose where the name breaks XML naming conventions.Classorg.jdom2JDom
IllegalTargetExceptionThrown when a target is supplied in construction of a JDOM ProcessingInstruction, and that name breaks XML naming conventions.Classorg.jdom2JDom
FormatClass to encapsulate XMLOutputter format options.Classorg.jdom2.outputJDom
FormatStackFormatStack implements a mechanism where the formatting details can be changed mid-tree, but then get reverted when that tree segment isClassorg.jdom2.output.supportJDom
IllegalAddExceptionThrown when trying to add an illegal object to a JDOM construct.Classorg.jdom2JDom
EntityRefAn XML entity reference.Classorg.jdom2JDom
EscapeStrategyLogic to determine which characters should be formatted as characterAuthor:Alex Rosen, Bradley S.Interfaceorg.jdom2.outputJDom
FilterA generalized filter to restrict visibility or mutability on a list.Interfaceorg.jdom2.filterJDom
FiltersFactory class of convenience methods to create Filter instances of common types.Classorg.jdom2.filterJDom
DOMOutputterOutputs a JDOM org.Classorg.jdom2.outputJDom
DTDParserParses out key information from a single String representing a DOCTYPE declaration.Classorg.jdom2.input.staxJDom
ElementAn XML element.Classorg.jdom2JDom
ElementFilterA Filter that only matches Element objects.Classorg.jdom2.filterJDom
DocTypeAn XML DOCTYPE declaration.Classorg.jdom2JDom
DocumentAn XML document.Classorg.jdom2JDom
DOMAdapterDefines a standard set of adapter methods for interfacing with a DOM parser and obtaining a DOM org.Interfaceorg.jdom2.adaptersJDom
DOMBuilderBuilds a JDOM Document from a pre-existing DOM org.Classorg.jdom2.inputJDom
DOMOutputProcessorThis interface provides a base support for the DOMOutputter.Interfaceorg.jdom2.output.supportJDom
DefaultJDOMFactoryCreates the standard top-level JDOM classes (Element, Document, Comment, etc).Classorg.jdom2JDom
DefaultSAXHandlerFactoryThis SAXHandlerFactory instance provides default-configured SAXHandler instances for all non-custom situations.Classorg.jdom2.input.saxJDom
DefaultStAXFilterThis DefaultStAXFilter includes all content and prunes nothing.Classorg.jdom2.input.staxJDom
ContentFilterA general purpose Filter able to represent all legal JDOM objects or a specific subset.Classorg.jdom2.filterJDom
DataConversionExceptionThrown when a data conversion from a string to value type fails, such as can happen with the Attribute convenience getter functions.Classorg.jdom2JDom
BuilderErrorHandlerThe standard JDOM error handler implementation.Classorg.jdom2.input.saxJDom
CDATAAn XML CDATA section.Classorg.jdom2JDom
CommentAn XML comment.Classorg.jdom2JDom
ContentSuperclass for JDOM objects which can be legal child contentAuthor:Bradley S.Classorg.jdom2JDom
ArrayCopyThe copyOf methods on java.Classorg.jdom2.internalJDom
AttributeAn XML attribute.Classorg.jdom2JDom
AttributeFilterA Filter that only matches Attribute objects.Classorg.jdom2.filterJDom
AttributeTypeUse a simple enumeration for the Attribute TypesEnum Constant SummaryClassorg.jdom2JDom
AbstractStAXStreamProcessorThis class provides a concrete implementation of StAXStreamProcessor for supporting the StAXStreamOutputter.Classorg.jdom2.output.supportJDom
AbstractXMLOutputProcessorThis class provides a concrete implementation of XMLOutputProcessor for supporting the XMLOutputter.Classorg.jdom2.output.supportJDom
AbstractXPathCompiledA mostly-implemented XPathExpression that only needs two methods to be implemented in order to satisfy the complete API.Classorg.jdom2.xpath.utilJDom
AbstractSAXOutputProcessorOutputs a JDOM document as a stream of SAX2 events.Classorg.jdom2.output.supportJDom
AbstractStAXEventProcessorThis class provides a concrete implementation of StAXEventProcessor for supporting the StAXEventOutputter.Classorg.jdom2.output.supportJDom
AbstractOutputProcessorMethods common/useful for all Outputter processors.Classorg.jdom2.output.supportJDom
AbstractReaderSchemaFactoryThis AbstractReaderSchemaFactory class returns XMLReaders configured to validate against the supplied Schema instance.Classorg.jdom2.input.saxJDom
AbstractReaderXSDFactoryThis AbstractReaderJDOMFactory class returns XMLReaders configured to validate against the supplied XML Schema (XSD) instance.Classorg.jdom2.input.saxJDom
AbstractFilterPartial implementation of Filter.Classorg.jdom2.filterJDom
AbstractFormattedWalkerThis Walker implementation walks a list of Content in a Formatted form of The JDOM content can be loosely categorised in to 'Text-like' contentClassorg.jdom2.output.supportJDom
AbstractDOMAdapterA DOMAdapter utility abstract base class.Classorg.jdom2.adaptersJDom
AbstractDOMOutputProcessorThis class provides a concrete implementation of DOMOutputProcessor for supporting the DOMOutputter.Classorg.jdom2.output.supportJDom