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AttrThe Attr interface represents an attribute in an Element object.Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
AttributeListInterface for an element's attribute specifications.Interfaceorg.xml.saxJaxP
AttributeListImplDefault implementation for AttributeList.Classorg.xml.sax.helpersJaxP
AttributesInterface for a list of XML attributes.Interfaceorg.xml.saxJaxP
Attributes2SAX2 extension to augment the per-attribute information provided though Attributes.Interfaceorg.xml.sax.extJaxP
Attributes2ImplSAX2 extension helper for additional Attributes information, implementing the Attributes2 interface.Classorg.xml.sax.extJaxP
AttributesImplDefault implementation of the Attributes interface.Classorg.xml.sax.helpersJaxP
CDATASectionCDATA sections are used to escape blocks of text containing characters that would otherwise be regarded as markup.Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
CharacterDataThe CharacterData interface extends Node with a set of attributes and methods for accessing character data in the DOM.Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
CommentThis interface inherits from CharacterData and represents the content of a comment, i.Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
ContentHandlerReceive notification of the logical content of a document.Interfaceorg.xml.saxJaxP
DOMConfigurationThe DOMConfiguration interface represents the configuration of a document and maintains a table of recognized parameters.Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
DOMErrorDOMError is an interface that describes an error.Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
DOMErrorHandlerDOMErrorHandler is a callback interface that the DOM implementation can call when reporting errors that happens while Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
DOMExceptionDOM operations only raise exceptions in "exceptional" circumstances, i.Classorg.w3c.domJaxP
DOMImplementationThe DOMImplementation interface provides a number of methods for performing operations that are independent of any particular instance Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
DOMImplementationLSDOMImplementationLS contains the factory methods for creating Load and Save objects.Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.lsJaxP
DOMImplementationListThe DOMImplementationList interface provides the abstraction of an ordered collection of DOM implementations, without defining or Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
DOMImplementationRegistryA factory that enables applications to obtain instances of // get an instance of the DOMImplementation registryClassorg.w3c.dom.bootstrapJaxP
DOMImplementationSourceThis interface permits a DOM implementer to supply one or more implementations, based upon requested features and versions, as specified Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
DOMLocatorIndicates the position of a node in a source DOM, intended primarily for error reporting.Interfacejavax.xml.transform.domJaxP
DOMLocatorDOMLocator is an interface that describes a location (e.Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
DOMResultActs as a holder for a transformation result tree in the form of a Document Object Model (DOM) tree.Classjavax.xml.transform.domJaxP
DOMSourceActs as a holder for a transformation Source tree in the form of a Document Object Model (DOM) tree.Classjavax.xml.transform.domJaxP
DOMStringListThe DOMStringList interface provides the abstraction of an ordered collection of DOMString values, without defining or Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
DTDHandlerReceive notification of basic DTD-related events.Interfaceorg.xml.saxJaxP
DatatypeConfigurationExceptionIndicates a serious configuration error.Classjavax.xml.datatypeJaxP
DatatypeConstantsUtility class to contain basic Datatype values as constants.Classjavax.xml.datatypeJaxP
DatatypeFactoryFactory that creates new javax.Classjavax.xml.datatypeJaxP
DeclHandlerSAX2 extension handler for DTD declaration events.Interfaceorg.xml.sax.extJaxP
DefaultHandlerDefault base class for SAX2 event handlers.Classorg.xml.sax.helpersJaxP
DefaultHandler2This class extends the SAX2 base handler class to support the SAX2 LexicalHandler, DeclHandler, andClassorg.xml.sax.extJaxP
DocumentThe Document interface represents the entire HTML or XML document.Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
DocumentBuilderDefines the API to obtain DOM Document instances from an XML document.Classjavax.xml.parsersJaxP
DocumentBuilderFactoryDefines a factory API that enables applications to obtain a parser that produces DOM object trees from XML documents.Classjavax.xml.parsersJaxP
DocumentEventThe DocumentEvent interface provides a mechanism by which the user can create an Event of a type supported by the implementation.Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.eventsJaxP
DocumentFragmentDocumentFragment is a "lightweight" or "minimal" Document object.Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
DocumentHandlerReceive notification of general document events.Interfaceorg.xml.saxJaxP
DocumentRangeSee also the Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 Traversal and Range Specification.Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.rangesJaxP
DocumentTraversalDocumentTraversal contains methods that create NodeIterators and TreeWalkers to traverse a Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.traversalJaxP
DocumentTypeEach Document has a doctype attribute whose value is either null or a DocumentType object.Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
DurationImmutable representation of a time span as defined in the W3C XML Schema 1.Classjavax.xml.datatypeJaxP
ElementThe Element interface represents an element in an HTML or XML document.Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
EntityThis interface represents a known entity, either parsed or unparsed, in an XML document.Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
EntityReferenceEntityReference nodes may be used to represent an entity reference in the tree.Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
EntityResolverBasic interface for resolving entities.Interfaceorg.xml.saxJaxP
EntityResolver2 sources, or providing a missing external subset.Interfaceorg.xml.sax.extJaxP
ErrorHandlerBasic interface for SAX error handlers.Interfaceorg.xml.saxJaxP
ErrorListenerTo provide customized error handling, implement this interface and use the setErrorListener method to register an instance of theInterfacejavax.xml.transformJaxP
EventThe Event interface is used to provide contextual information about an event to the handler processing the event.Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.eventsJaxP
EventExceptionEvent operations may throw an EventException as specified in their method descriptions.Classorg.w3c.dom.eventsJaxP
EventListenerThe EventListener interface is the primary method for handling events.Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.eventsJaxP
EventTargetThe EventTarget interface is implemented by all Nodes in an implementation which supports the DOM Event Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.eventsJaxP
FactoryConfigurationErrorThrown when a problem with configuration with the Parser Factories exists.Classjavax.xml.parsersJaxP
HandlerBaseDefault base class for handlers.Classorg.xml.saxJaxP
InputSourceA single input source for an XML entity.Classorg.xml.saxJaxP
LSExceptionParser or write operations may throw an LSException if the processing is stopped.Classorg.w3c.dom.lsJaxP
LSInputThis interface represents an input source for data.Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.lsJaxP
LSLoadEventThis interface represents a load event object that signals the completion of a document load.Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.lsJaxP
LSOutputThis interface represents an output destination for data.Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.lsJaxP
LSParserAn interface to an object that is able to build, or augment, a DOM tree from various input sources.Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.lsJaxP
LSParserFilterLSParserFilters provide applications the ability to examine nodes as they are being constructed while parsing.Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.lsJaxP
LSProgressEventThis interface represents a progress event object that notifies the application about progress as a document is parsed.Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.lsJaxP
LSResourceResolverLSResourceResolver provides a way for applications to redirect references to external resources.Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.lsJaxP
LSSerializerA LSSerializer provides an API for serializing (writing) a DOM document out into XML.Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.lsJaxP
LSSerializerFilterLSSerializerFilters provide applications the ability to examine nodes as they are being serialized and decide what nodes should Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.lsJaxP
LexicalHandlerSAX2 extension handler for lexical events.Interfaceorg.xml.sax.extJaxP
LocatorInterface for associating a SAX event with a document location.Interfaceorg.xml.saxJaxP
Locator2SAX2 extension to augment the entity information provided If an implementation supports this extension, the LocatorInterfaceorg.xml.sax.extJaxP
Locator2ImplSAX2 extension helper for holding additional Entity information, implementing the Locator2 interface.Classorg.xml.sax.extJaxP
LocatorImplProvide an optional convenience implementation of Locator.Classorg.xml.sax.helpersJaxP
MouseEventThe MouseEvent interface provides specific contextual information associated with Mouse events.Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.eventsJaxP
MutationEventThe MutationEvent interface provides specific contextual information associated with Mutation events.Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.eventsJaxP
NameListThe NameList interface provides the abstraction of an ordered collection of parallel pairs of name and namespace values (which could be Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
NamedNodeMapObjects implementing the NamedNodeMap interface are used to represent collections of nodes that can be accessed by name.Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
NamespaceContextInterface for read only XML Namespace context processing.Interfacejavax.xml.namespaceJaxP
NamespaceSupportEncapsulate Namespace logic for use by applications using SAX, or internally by SAX drivers.Classorg.xml.sax.helpersJaxP
NodeThe Node interface is the primary datatype for the entire Document Object Model.Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
NodeFilterFilters are objects that know how to "filter out" nodes.Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.traversalJaxP
NodeIteratorNodeIterators are used to step through a set of nodes, e.Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.traversalJaxP
NodeListThe NodeList interface provides the abstraction of an ordered collection of nodes, without defining or constraining how this collection Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
NotationThis interface represents a notation declared in the DTD.Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
OutputKeysProvides string constants that can be used to set output properties for a Transformer, or to retrieveClassjavax.xml.transformJaxP
ParserBasic interface for SAX (Simple API for XML) parsers.Interfaceorg.xml.saxJaxP
ParserAdapterAdapt a SAX1 Parser as a SAX2 XMLReader.Classorg.xml.sax.helpersJaxP
ParserConfigurationExceptionIndicates a serious configuration error.Classjavax.xml.parsersJaxP
ParserFactoryJava-specific class for dynamically loading SAX parsers.Classorg.xml.sax.helpersJaxP
ProcessingInstructionThe ProcessingInstruction interface represents a "processing instruction", used in XML as a way to keep processor-specific information Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
QNameQName represents a qualified name as defined in the XML specifications: XML Schema Part2:Classjavax.xml.namespaceJaxP
RangeSee also the Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 Traversal and Range Specification.Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.rangesJaxP
RangeExceptionRange operations may throw a RangeException as specified in their method descriptions.Classorg.w3c.dom.rangesJaxP
ResultAn object that implements this interface contains the information needed to build a transformation result tree.Interfacejavax.xml.transformJaxP
SAXExceptionEncapsulate a general SAX error or warning.Classorg.xml.saxJaxP
SAXNotRecognizedExceptionException class for an unrecognized identifier.Classorg.xml.saxJaxP
SAXNotSupportedExceptionException class for an unsupported operation.Classorg.xml.saxJaxP
SAXParseExceptionEncapsulate an XML parse error or warning.Classorg.xml.saxJaxP
SAXParserDefines the API that wraps an XMLReader implementation class.Classjavax.xml.parsersJaxP
SAXParserFactoryDefines a factory API that enables applications to configure and obtain a SAX based parser to parse XML documents.Classjavax.xml.parsersJaxP
SAXResultActs as an holder for a transformation Result.Classjavax.xml.transform.saxJaxP
SAXSourceActs as an holder for SAX-style Source.Classjavax.xml.transform.saxJaxP
SAXTransformerFactoryThis class extends TransformerFactory to provide SAX-specific factory methods.Classjavax.xml.transform.saxJaxP
SchemaImmutable in-memory representation of grammar.Classjavax.xml.validationJaxP
SchemaFactoryFactory that creates Schema objects.Classjavax.xml.validationJaxP
SourceAn object that implements this interface contains the information needed to act as source input (XML source or transformation instructions).Interfacejavax.xml.transformJaxP
SourceLocatorThis interface is primarily for the purposes of reporting where an error occurred in the XML source or transformation instructions.Interfacejavax.xml.transformJaxP
StreamResultActs as an holder for a transformation result, which may be XML, plain Text, HTML, or some other form of markup.Classjavax.xml.transform.streamJaxP
StreamSourceActs as an holder for a transformation Source in the form of a stream of XML markup.Classjavax.xml.transform.streamJaxP
TemplatesAn object that implements this interface is the runtime representation of processed transformation instructions.Interfacejavax.xml.transformJaxP
TemplatesHandlerA SAX ContentHandler that may be used to process SAX parse events (parsing transformation instructions) into a Templates object.Interfacejavax.xml.transform.saxJaxP
TextThe Text interface inherits from CharacterData and represents the textual content (termed character data in XML) of an Element or Attr.Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
TransformerAn instance of this abstract class can transform a source tree into a result tree.Classjavax.xml.transformJaxP
TransformerConfigurationExceptionIndicates a serious configuration error.Classjavax.xml.transformJaxP
TransformerExceptionThis class specifies an exceptional condition that occured during the transformation process.Classjavax.xml.transformJaxP
TransformerFactoryA TransformerFactory instance can be used to create The system property that determines which Factory implementationClassjavax.xml.transformJaxP
TransformerFactoryConfigurationErrorThrown when a problem with configuration with the Transformer Factories exists.Classjavax.xml.transformJaxP
TransformerHandlerA TransformerHandler listens for SAX ContentHandler parse events and transformsInterfacejavax.xml.transform.saxJaxP
TreeWalkerTreeWalker objects are used to navigate a document tree or subtree using the view of the document defined by their Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.traversalJaxP
TypeInfoThe TypeInfo interface represents a type referenced from Element or Attr nodes, specified in the schemas Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
TypeInfoProviderThis class provides access to the type information determined by ValidatorHandler.Classjavax.xml.validationJaxP
UIEventThe UIEvent interface provides specific contextual information associated with User Interface events.Interfaceorg.w3c.dom.eventsJaxP
URIResolverAn object that implements this interface that can be called by the processor to turn a URI used in document(), xsl:import, or xsl:include into a Source object.Interfacejavax.xml.transformJaxP
UserDataHandlerWhen associating an object to a key on a node using Node.Interfaceorg.w3c.domJaxP
ValidatorA processor that checks an XML document against Schema.Classjavax.xml.validationJaxP
ValidatorHandlerStreaming validator that works on SAX stream.Classjavax.xml.validationJaxP
XMLConstantsUtility class to contain basic XML values as constants.Classjavax.xmlJaxP
XMLFilterInterface for an XML filter.Interfaceorg.xml.saxJaxP
XMLFilterImplBase class for deriving an XML filter.Classorg.xml.sax.helpersJaxP
XMLGregorianCalendarRepresentation for W3C XML Schema 1.Classjavax.xml.datatypeJaxP
XMLReaderInterface for reading an XML document using callbacks.Interfaceorg.xml.saxJaxP
XMLReaderAdapterAdapt a SAX2 XMLReader as a SAX1 Parser.Classorg.xml.sax.helpersJaxP
XMLReaderFactoryFactory for creating an XML reader.Classorg.xml.sax.helpersJaxP
XPathXPath provides access to the XPath evaluation environment and expressions.Interfacejavax.xml.xpathJaxP
XPathExceptionXPathException represents a generic XPath exception.Classjavax.xml.xpathJaxP
XPathExpressionXPathExpression provides access to compiled XPath expressions.Interfacejavax.xml.xpathJaxP
XPathExpressionExceptionXPathExpressionException represents an error in an XPath expression.Classjavax.xml.xpathJaxP
XPathFactoryAn XPathFactory instance can be used to createSee newInstance(String uri) for lookup mechanism.Classjavax.xml.xpathJaxP
XPathFactoryConfigurationExceptionXPathFactoryConfigurationException represents a configuration error in a XPathFactory environment.Classjavax.xml.xpathJaxP
XPathFunctionXPathFunction provides access to XPath functions.Interfacejavax.xml.xpathJaxP
XPathFunctionExceptionXPathFunctionException represents an error with an XPath function.Classjavax.xml.xpathJaxP
XPathFunctionResolverXPathFunctionResolver provides access to the set of user defined XPathFunctions.Interfacejavax.xml.xpathJaxP
XPathVariableResolverXPathVariableResolver provides access to the set of user defined XPath variables.Interfacejavax.xml.xpathJaxP