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# Classes and Interfaces in #Mesos - 7 results found.
ExecutorCallback interface to be implemented by frameworks' executors.Interfaceorg.apacheMesosjavadoc
ExecutorDriverAbstract interface for connecting an executor to Mesos.Interfaceorg.apacheMesosjavadoc
LogProvides access to a distributed append only log.Classorg.apacheMesosjavadoc
MesosExecutorDriverConcrete implementation of an ExecutorDriver that connects an Executor with a Mesos slave.Classorg.apacheMesosjavadoc
MesosSchedulerDriverConcrete implementation of a SchedulerDriver that connects a Scheduler with a Mesos master.Classorg.apacheMesosjavadoc
SchedulerCallback interface to be implemented by frameworks' schedulers.Interfaceorg.apacheMesosjavadoc
SchedulerDriverAbstract interface for connecting a scheduler to Mesos.Interfaceorg.apacheMesosjavadoc

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