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AbsAbs is a UGen that outputs the absolute value of its input.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
ADSRA UGen that plays input audio through a standard ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release) envelope based on time from noteOn and noteOff.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
AudioBufferAn AudioBuffer is a buffer of floating point samples corresponding to a single channel of streaming audio.Interfaceddf.minimMinim
AudioEffectAn AudioEffect is anything that can process one or two float arrays.Interfaceddf.minimMinim
AudioInputAn AudioInput is a connection to the current record source of the computer.Classddf.minimMinim
AudioListenerAn AudioListener can be used to monitor Recordable objects such as AudioPlayer, AudioOutput, and AudioInput.Interfaceddf.minimMinim
AudioMetaDataAudioMetaData provides information commonly found in ID3 tags.Classddf.minimMinim
AudioOutput An AudioOutput is a connection to the output of a computer's sound card.Classddf.minimMinim
AudioPlayerAn AudioPlayer provides a self-contained way of playing a sound file by streaming it from disk (or the internet).Classddf.minimMinim
AudioRecorderAn AudioRecorder can be used to record audio that is being played by a Recordable object such as an AudioOutput, Classddf.minimMinim
AudioSampleAn AudioSample keeps the entire file in an internal buffer and all you can do is trigger() the sound.Classddf.minimMinim
AudioSignalIf you want to write an audio generating class to work with Minim, you must implement the AudioSignal interface.Interfaceddf.minimMinim
AudioSourceAn AudioSource is a kind of wrapper around an AudioStream.Classddf.minimMinim
BalanceBalance is for controlling the left/right channel balance of a stereo signal.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
BartlettHannWindowA Bartlett-Hann window function.Classddf.minim.analysisMinim
BartlettWindowA Bartlett window function.Classddf.minim.analysisMinim
BeatDetectThe BeatDetect class allows you to analyze an audio stream for beats (rhythmic onsets).Classddf.minim.analysisMinim
BitCrushBitCrush is an effect that reduces the fidelity of the incoming signal.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
BlackmanWindowA Blackman window function.Classddf.minim.analysisMinim
Bypass The Bypass UGen allows you to wrap another UGen and then insert that UGen into your signal chain using Bypass in its place.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
ConstantJust outputs a constant value.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
ControllerController is the base class of all Minim classes that deal with audio I/O.Classddf.minimMinim
CosineWindowA Cosine window function.Classddf.minim.analysisMinim
DampA UGen that generates a simple envelope that changes from a starting value to a middle value during an "attack" phase and then changes to an ending value Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
DefaultInstrumentYou can use this default instrument to make sound if you don't want to write your own instrument.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
DelayThe Delay UGen is used to create delayed repetitions of the input audio.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
DFTDFT stands for Discrete Fourier Transform and is the most widely used Fourier Transform.Classddf.minim.analysisMinim
EffectableAn Effectable object is simply one that can have AudioEffects attached to it.Interfaceddf.minimMinim
EffectsChainAn EffectsChain is a list of AudioEffects that gives you the ability to enable and disable effects, as you would in a typical Classddf.minimMinim
EnvelopeFollowerAn EnvelopeFollower will analyze the audio coming into it and output a value that reflects the volume level of that audio.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
FFTFFT stands for Fast Fourier Transform.Classddf.minim.analysisMinim
FilePlayerThe FilePlayer UGen provides a way for you to play audio files in the same way that AudioPlayer does, allowing you to patch them into a UGen graph any way you choose.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
FlangerA Flanger is a specialized kind of delay that uses an LFO (low frequency oscillator) to vary the amount of delay applied to each sample.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
FourierTransformA Fourier Transform is an algorithm that transforms a signal in the time domain, such as a sample buffer, into a signal in the frequency domain, oftenClassddf.minim.analysisMinim
FrequencyFrequency is a class that represents an audio frequency.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
GainGain is another way of expressing an increase or decrease in the volume of something.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
GranulateRandomGranulateRandom is randomly varying version of GranulateSteady.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
GranulateSteadyA UGen which chops the incoming audio into steady grains of sound.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
HammingWindowA Hamming window function.Classddf.minim.analysisMinim
HannWindowA Hann window function.Classddf.minim.analysisMinim
InstrumentThe Instrument interface is expected by AudioOutput.Interfaceddf.minim.ugensMinim
LanczosWindowA Lanczos window function.Classddf.minim.analysisMinim
LineA UGen that starts at a value and changes linearly to another value over a specified time.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
LiveInputLiveInput is a way to wrap an input stream with the UGen interface so that you can easily route incoming audio through a UGen graph.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
Midi2HzMidi2Hz is a UGen that will convert a MIDI note number to a frequency in Hertz.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
Minim The Minim class is the starting point for most everything you will do with this library.Classddf.minimMinim
MoogFilterMoogFilter is a digital model of a Moog 24 dB/octave resonant VCF.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
MultiChannelBufferMultiChannelBuffer represents a chunk of multichannel (or mono) audio data.Classddf.minimMinim
MultiplierMultiplier is a UGen that will simply multiply the incoming signal by whatever its amplitude input is currently generating, which could be constant if Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
NoiseA UGen that can generate White, Pink, or Red/Brown noise.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
Oscil An Oscil is a UGen that generates audio by oscillating over a Waveform at a particular frequency.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
PanA UGen for panning a mono signal in a stereo field.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
PlayablePlayable defines functionality that you would expect from a tapedeck or CD player.Interfaceddf.minimMinim
PolyphonicPolyphonic describes an object that can have multiple AudioSignals attached to it.Interfaceddf.minimMinim
ReciprocalA UGen which simply returns the reciprocal value of it's input.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
RectangularWindowA Rectangular window function A Rectangular window is equivalent to using no window at all.Classddf.minim.analysisMinim
SamplerSampler is the UGen version of AudioSample and is the preferred method of triggering short audio files.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
SignalChainAn SignalChain is a list of AudioSignals that gives you the ability to enable (unmute) and disable (mute) signals.Classddf.minimMinim
SignalSplitterA SignalSplitter acts exactly like a headphone splitter.Classddf.minimMinim
SinkA Sink is similar to a Summer, but instead of summing all of the UGens patched to it, it simply ticks them and only generates silence.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
SummerA Summer allows you to sum the outputs of multiple UGens to be sent further down the chain.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
TickRateThe TickRate UGen can be used to control the generation rate of the UGen that is patched to it.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
TriangularWindowA Triangular window function.Classddf.minim.analysisMinim
UGenThe UGen class is an abstract class which provides the basis for all UGens in Minim.Classddf.minimMinim
UGenSignalGenerates a buffer of samples by ticking the wrapped UGen mono.Classddf.minimMinim
VocoderVocoder is a UGen that performs very basic vocoding.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
WaveformAn interface to represent a Waveform that can be sampled by using a value Author:Damien Di FedeInterfaceddf.minim.ugensMinim
WavesWaves provides some already constructed Wavetables for common waveforms, as well as methods for constructing some basic waveforms with non-standardClassddf.minim.ugensMinim
WaveShaperA UGen which provides waveshaping distortion.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
WavetableWavetable wraps a float array of any size and lets you sample the array using a normalized value [0,1].Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
WavetableGeneratorWavetableGenerator is a helper class for generating Wavetables.Classddf.minim.ugensMinim
WindowFunctionA Window function represents a curve which is applied to a sample buffer to reduce the introduction of spectral leakage in the Fourier transform.Classddf.minim.analysisMinim