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# Classes and Interfaces in #ORMLite - 19 results found.
AndroidCompiledStatementAndroid implementation of the compiled statement.Classcom.j256.ormlite.androidORMLite
AndroidConnectionSourceAndroid version of the connection source.Classcom.j256.ormlite.androidORMLite
AndroidDatabaseConnectionDatabase connection for Android.Classcom.j256.ormlite.androidORMLite
AndroidDatabaseResultsAndroid implementation of our results object.Classcom.j256.ormlite.androidORMLite
AndroidLog To see log messages you will do something like: adb shell setprop log.Classcom.j256.ormlite.androidORMLite
ApiCompatibilityCompatibility interface to support various different versions of the Android
ApiCompatibilityUtilsUtility class which loads the various classes based on which API version is being
BasicApiCompatibilityBasic class which provides no-op methods for all Android
DatabaseTableConfigUtilClass which uses reflection to make the job of processing the DatabaseField annotation more efficient.Classcom.j256.ormlite.androidORMLite
JellyBeanApiCompatibilityBasic class which provides no-op methods for all Android
OpenHelperManagerThis helps organize and access database connections to optimize connection
OrmLiteBaseActivityBase class to use for activities in
OrmLiteBaseActivityGroupBase class to use for activity groups in
OrmLiteBaseListActivityBase class to use for Tab activities in
OrmLiteBaseServiceBase class to use for services in
OrmLiteBaseTabActivityBase class to use for Tab activities in
OrmLiteConfigUtilDatabase configuration file helper class that is used to write a configuration file into the raw resource sub-directory to speed up DAO
OrmLiteSqliteOpenHelperSQLite database open helper which can be extended by your application to help manage when the application needs to create or upgrade its
SqliteAndroidDatabaseTypeSqlite database type information for the Android OS that makes native calls to the Android OS database APIs.Classcom.j256.ormlite.dbORMLite