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# Classes and Interfaces in #OpenCSV - 23 results found.
AbstractCSVToBeanConverts CSV data to objects.Classcom.opencsv.beanOpenCSVjavadoc
BeanFieldUsed to extend the Field class to add a required flag.Classcom.opencsv.beanOpenCSVjavadoc
BeanToCsvAllows to export Java beans content to a new CSV spreadsheet file.Classcom.opencsv.beanOpenCSVjavadoc
ColumnPositionMappingStrategyAllows for the mapping of columns with their positions.Classcom.opencsv.beanOpenCSVjavadoc
CSVIteratorProvides an Iterator over the data found in opencsv.Classcom.opencsvOpenCSVjavadoc
CSVParserA very simple CSV parser released under a commercial-friendly license.Classcom.opencsvOpenCSVjavadoc
CSVParserBuilderBuilder for creating a CSVParser.Classcom.opencsvOpenCSVjavadoc
CSVReaderA very simple CSV reader released under a commercial-friendly license.Classcom.opencsvOpenCSVjavadoc
CSVReaderBuilderBuilder for creating a CSVReader.Classcom.opencsvOpenCSVjavadoc
CSVReaderNullFieldIndicatorenum CSVReaderNullFieldIndicatorEnumeration used to tell the CSVParser what to consider null.Classcom.opencsv.enumsOpenCSVjavadoc
CsvToBeanConverts CSV data to objects.Classcom.opencsv.beanOpenCSVjavadoc
CsvToBeanFilterHere's an example showing how to use CsvToBean with a column name mapping and line filtering.Interfacecom.opencsv.beanOpenCSVjavadoc
CSVWriterA very simple CSV writer released under a commercial-friendly license.Classcom.opencsvOpenCSVjavadoc
HeaderColumnNameMappingStrategyMaps data to objects using the column names in the first row of the csv file as reference.Classcom.opencsv.beanOpenCSVjavadoc
HeaderColumnNameTranslateMappingStrategyExpands on HeaderColumnNameMappingStrategy by allowing the user to pass in a map of column names to bean names.Classcom.opencsv.beanOpenCSVjavadoc
IterableCSVToBeanConverts CSV strings to objects.Classcom.opencsv.beanOpenCSVjavadoc
IterableCSVToBeanBuilderBuilder for creating a IterableCSVToBean.Classcom.opencsv.beanOpenCSVjavadoc
LineReaderThis class was created for issue #106 (
MappingStrategyThe interface for the classes that handle translating between the columns in the csv file to an actual object.Interfacecom.opencsv.beanOpenCSVjavadoc
ResultSetColumnNameHelperServiceHelper class for processing JDBC ResultSet objects allowing the user to process a subset of columns and set custom header names.Classcom.opencsvOpenCSVjavadoc
ResultSetHelperInterface for the ResultSetHelperService.Interfacecom.opencsvOpenCSVjavadoc
ResultSetHelperServicehelper class for processing JDBC ResultSet objects.Classcom.opencsvOpenCSVjavadoc

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