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Gertboard The Gertboard has an on-board Digital to Analog (DAC) converter and an Analog to Digital (ADC) converters.Classcom.pi4j.wiringpiPI4J
GpioWiringPi GPIO Control Some of the functions in the WiringPi library are designed to mimic those in the Arduino WiringClasscom.pi4j.wiringpiPI4J
GpioControllerGpio controller
GpioFactoryThis factory class provides a static method to create new 'GpioController'
GpioInterrupt This class provides static methods to configure the native Pi4J library to listen to GPIO interrupts and invoke callbacks into this class.Classcom.pi4j.wiringpiPI4J
GpioInterruptEvent This class provides the event object for GPIO interrupt state changes.Classcom.pi4j.wiringpiPI4J
GpioInterruptListenerThis interface implements the callback event handler for GPIO interrupt state changes.Interfacecom.pi4j.wiringpiPI4J
GpioPinGpio pin
GpioPinAnalogGpio analog pin
GpioPinAnalogInputAnalog input pin
GpioPinAnalogOutputGpio analog output pin
GpioPinAnalogValueChangeEventGPIO analog pin value change
GpioPinDigitalGpio digital pin
GpioPinDigitalInputThis is a decorator interface to describe digital input
GpioPinDigitalMultipurposeGpio digital pin
GpioPinDigitalOutputGpio digital output pin
GpioPinDigitalStateChangeEventGPIO digital state pin value change
GpioPinExistsExceptionGPIO pin already exists
GpioPinInputGpio input pin
GpioPinListenerThis interface implements the callback event handler for GPIO pin state
GpioPinListenerAnalogThis interface implements the callback event handler for GPIO pin state
GpioPinListenerDigital This interface implements the callback event handler for GPIO pin state
GpioPinNotProvisionedExceptionGPIO pin not provisioned
GpioPinOutputGpio pin output decorator
GpioPinPwmGpio input pin
GpioPinPwmOutputGpio output pwm pin
GpioPinShutdownGpio shutdown pin
GpioProviderGpio provider
GpioProviderBaseAbstract base implementation of
GpioProviderPinCacheThis class provides cache for gpio pin
GpioUtilThis utility class is provided to export, unexport, and manipulate pin direction.Classcom.pi4j.wiringpiPI4J
I2C Set of native methods for interacting with i2c bus on RPi.Classcom.pi4j.jniPI4J
I2CBusThis is abstraction of i2c
I2CBusImplThis is implementation of i2c
I2CBusImplBananaPiThis is implementation of i2c
I2CDeviceThis is abstraction of an i2c
I2CFactoryI2C factory - it returns instances of I2CBus
InvalidPinExceptionInvalid pin
InvalidPinModeExceptionInvalid pin mode
Lcd Part of wiringPi is a library to allow access to parallel interface LCD displays (Those that use the popular Hitachi HD44780U or compatible controllers)Classcom.pi4j.wiringpiPI4J
NativeLibraryLoaderLoads library from classpath The file from classpath is copied into system temporary directory and then loaded.Classcom.pi4j.utilPI4J
Nes Before using the Pi4J library, you need to ensure that the Java VM in configured with access to the following system libraries:Classcom.pi4j.wiringpiPI4J
PiFacePinRaspberry Pi pin
PinThis interface describes a
PinAnalogValueChangeEventGPIO analog pin value change
PinDigitalStateChangeEventGPIO digital pin state change
PinEdgePin edge
PinListenerPin Listener Interface This interface implements the callback event handler for Pin state
PinModePin edge
PinProviderExceptionPin provider
PinPullResistanceenum PinPullResistancePin pull up/down resistance
PinStatePin edge
RaspiGpioProviderRaspberry PI GpioProvider
RaspiPinRaspberry Pi pin
RCMPinRaspberry Pi Compute Module pin
SerialThis interface provides a set of functions for 'Serial'
Serial WiringPi includes a simplified serial port handling library.Classcom.pi4j.wiringpiPI4J
SerialDataEvent This class provides the serial data event
SerialDataListener This interface implements the callback event handler for Serial Data
SerialDataMonitorThread This implementation class implements the 'Serial' monitoring thread to poll the serial received buffer and notify registered event listeners when data is
SerialFactory This factory class provide a static method to create new 'Serial'
SerialImpl This implementation class implements the 'Serial' interface using the WiringPi Serial
SerialPortException This class represents Exception that might occur in Serial
ShiftWiringPi Shift Library WiringPi includes a shift library which more or less mimics the one in the Arduino system.Classcom.pi4j.wiringpiPI4J
SoftPwm WiringPi includes a software-driven PWM handler capable of outputting a PWM signal on any of the Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins.Classcom.pi4j.wiringpiPI4J
SpiFactorySPI factory - it returns instances of SpiDevice
TemperatureScaleenum TemperatureScaleEnum Constant SummaryClasscom.pi4j.temperaturePI4J
UnsupportedPinModeExceptionUnsupported pin
UnsupportedPinPullResistanceExceptionUnsupported pin pull up/down resistence