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stdlibClassPrinceton Standard Library
StdInThe StdIn class provides static methods for reading strings and numbers from standard input.ClassjavadocPrinceton Standard Library
StdOutThis class provides methods for printing strings and numbers to standard output.ClassjavadocPrinceton Standard Library
StdDrawThe StdDraw class provides a basic capability for creating drawings with your programs.ClassjavadocPrinceton Standard Library
StdAudioStandard audio.ClassjavadocPrinceton Standard Library
StdRandomThe StdRandom class provides static methods for generating random number from various discrete and continuous distributions, ClassjavadocPrinceton Standard Library
StdStatsThe StdStats class provides static methods for computing statistics such as min, max, mean, sample standard deviation, andClassjavadocPrinceton Standard Library
StdArrayIOStandard array IO.ClassjavadocPrinceton Standard Library
InInput.ClassjavadocPrinceton Standard Library
OutThis class provides methods for writing strings and numbers to various output streams, including standard output, file, and sockets.ClassjavadocPrinceton Standard Library
DrawDraw.ClassjavadocPrinceton Standard Library
PictureThis class provides methods for manipulating individual pixels of an image.ClassjavadocPrinceton Standard Library
StopwatchThe Stopwatch data type is for measuring the time that elapses between the start and end of aClassjavadocPrinceton Standard Library
BinaryStdInBinary standard input.ClassjavadocPrinceton Standard Library
BinaryStdOutBinary standard output.ClassjavadocPrinceton Standard Library
BinaryInBinary input.ClassjavadocPrinceton Standard Library
BinaryOutBinary output.ClassjavadocPrinceton Standard Library
StdDraw3DStandard Draw 3D is a Java library with the express goal of making it simple to create three-dimensional models, simulations, and games.ClassjavadocPrinceton Standard Library